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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry, Sgt Joe. I'm glad she went peacefully in your arms. Take care and give Rocky lots of hugs from us too.
dturm 09/01/20 06:35pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Safety Cat Travel Carrier Recommendations?

When we had our Henry we had a soft sided carrier that had a rigid frame that collapsed. I've forgotten the brand, but it folded flat and ended up about 2-3 inches wide with the footprint of the bottom of the carrier. They have a huge selection on Amazon or Chewy. BTW, Henry quickly adapted to travel and preferred to sleep on the bed in back during travel. It was a safe location and he didn't try to wander so we just brought the carrier along just in case.
dturm 08/30/20 12:10pm RV Pet Stop

There was a thread closed on the Sturgis rally that started with an assumption that showed a profound misunderstanding of epidemiology and the forecasting models that are a part of epidemiology. It was stated that “only” 103 COVID cases had been documented from the Sturgis rally and this was a good thing, implying that it wasn’t a super spreader event and that the predictions are/were way off base. The 103 scare me for a couple of reasons. Our testing is so deficient that it really only picks up a fraction of the actual positives. Some estimates are that we only find 1 in 10. Could there have been 1030 cases? Some have said that the modeling and experts have been wrong, implying that their information and opinions are wrong and should be dismissed. Modeling is not an exact science. There are so many variables that the eventual outcome should be thought of as a prediction much like weather forecasting. The difference is that the tools we have to mitigate the eventual outcome are in our hands where we are at the mercy of the weather. Also, with a new disease like this novel coronavirus, we learn things about the disease and how the disease is spread that help us refine the models and improve the predictive value. So, early models tend to be less accurate. The reason that the Sturgis rally and other mass events are problematic is because this disease can go undetected and can be easily spread especially with asymptomatic individuals. This leads to an exponential spread. With COVID the estimates are that the number of cases doubles every 4-5 days without mitigation (social isolation, masks, testing, isolation and contact tracing). Those 103 cases could go back to their homes and spread COVID to 2-3 other people (the figure most often used for this disease). Then each of those people spread it to 2-3 other people. Then those people give it to 2-3 other people, and so on. You can see quickly the 103 becomes 206, 412, 824, 1648, 3296… Within a few weeks there could be massive outbreaks in several different places. The only way to prevent these types of events is to not have them. A way to mitigate the effects of them is to test everyone (not in our capability now) and isolate, quarantine positives and social distance and mask up to minimize chances of spread.
dturm 08/29/20 09:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus

Western Washington in late Feb, I'd also be curious. If and when we get a good reliable antibody test, results could tell you.
dturm 08/28/20 07:00pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Sturgis 2020 great news!

LOL...your a bit premature. It may be best to wait for a actual scientific research in a few weeks to come out before you pound your chest and be like some that have egg on their face with opinions like that. Agreed. Exponential growth bias.
dturm 08/28/20 03:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

A couple of thoughts regarding Cookie: Is this a real seizure or a syncopal attack (fainting) due to the heart condition? If it is only heart related, changing/adding heart meds may be useful, but in the long run this condition won't be reversed. It's kind of unusual for seizures to develop this late in life unless there is another health issue causing the seizure (tumors or metabolic issues). Regardless, a syncopal attack or seizure is usually not painful to the dog. As Dale said, they can be extremely fatiguing and post event most dogs do feel wiped out. Regarding end of life issues, most times the dogs themselves will tell you when they have had enough. Just be tuned in to behavior and be sensitive to Cookie's needs. You both need to come to agreement on final arrangements. The service we use offer a cremation and have an option where an amulet filled with the ashes along with the rest of the remains are provided. Most people who do this bury the remains but keep the amulet someplace special where there isn't a constant reminder. Just an option.
dturm 08/27/20 08:29am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

A very heartwarming story about dog rescue pilot this morning on CBS Sunday morning Dog is my copilot
dturm 08/23/20 07:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: A plea to get involved

I voted by mail for the first time in this year's primary. It was supposed to be in May but was delayed due to COVID. I was surprised and reassured by the security measures taken by our election board. There were numbered ballots, initials by election officials on the ballot, then signatures required in multiple places. I suspect there are more ballots disqualified because someone didn't sign or signed in the wrong place or a poll judge didn't think the signature matched that on the registration.
dturm 08/22/20 04:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: A plea to get involved

I see the issue with pole judges, I hope younger people will get involved as voting is so important to our democracy.
dturm 08/22/20 03:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus

That is really cool. We have a couple of nasal vaccines available in Vet Medicine and they are very effective. Kind of difficult to administer to an uncooperative dog, but that's another story :) It looks like this vaccine may be a year or more away as it has to go through phase 2 and 3 trials successfully before approval. The great things about medical science right now is that the techniques have advanced so much in the recent years and there are so many people/businesses and countries working on this that we're probably going to get something that works in amazingly short time in terms of normal vaccine development time frame.
dturm 08/22/20 03:41pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Good plot, bad language

What bothers me as much are the incessant "beeps" used on so called reality shows. I don't watch them, but DW does and the beeps are like nails on a blackboard to me and I can hear them from anywhere in the house or RV. That certainly dates me as there are no longer blackboards :B It's not like we don't know what the people are saying behind the beeps.
dturm 08/20/20 04:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coronavirus

Really neat possibilities.. I also read this morning that a saliva test for COVID is being more widely used (the one developed for and paid for by the NBA). They are using it at the U of Illinois for students and staff. They have repurposed the veterinary lab to process the tests. They get results in 2-3 hours and reliability is close to the PCR swab test. This type and speed of testing is really necessary to safely open schools and businesses. It allows for almost immediate isolation of positive cases and effective contact tracing to reduce spread.
dturm 08/19/20 11:07am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

August is half over. Labor Day 3 weeks away. Camping season for us this year was waisted with the fear of the virus. Don’t know about Winter travels yet. With a surge of new cases and a second wave still expected don’t really know what the future will bring. Sounds like even if a vaccine is ready not many are interested in getting it. Maybe just maybe 2021 will bring a healthier year and more of normal life. What ever that will be. I feel pretty confident that a vaccine will become available, but probably not widely available until the first half of 2021. If we get good protection with the vaccine, it should allow us to more freely move around with some sense of safety regardless of how many people take the vaccine. We're also wondering about winter travel. I suspect the virus will be everywhere, so your chances of picking it up will be due more to your own habits than where you are. We've investigated the two areas we normally go and we're able to get grocery pickup or delivery. We would rather be without snow, ice and below zero temps isolating in warmer weather. We will still be able to get out and walk on the beach as it's pretty deserted that time of year. We'll make decisions a little closer to the time.
dturm 08/16/20 10:46am RV Pet Stop
RE: Taking the dogs with

There are some state laws that may affect your plans depending on where you plan to go. Animal law Heat is an issue, as has been pointed out. I read a study a couple of years ago that measured the CO levels in the bed of the pickup and the levels could be a problem with extended exposure especially with a dog that has other medical issues. Doug, DVM
dturm 08/15/20 04:44pm RV Pet Stop

There are some problems with the herd immunity approach that allows the disease to infect a population. Among them is the fact that a health care system would probably be unable to deal with the amount of illness as the disease goes through the population, would also be true in the US as well. Also, we are learning that there can be some "long term" health issues even in individuals that have mild and asymptomatic disease. We don't really know how long the "long term" issues last, but that issue worries me. The best way to achieve herd immunity is through a vaccination program, hopefully that can be achieved through the first half of 2021.
dturm 08/12/20 09:25am Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Dan, sorry about your SIL. Boy have they made progress since the middle 80s. My dad had lung cancer and with the best therapy at the time he lasted about 8 months. Had metastasis just about everywhere when he eventually died.
dturm 08/08/20 08:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Coronavirus

A new study recently published about Corona in animals. Summary: A couple of Canadian researchers may have figured out why cats get COVID and dogs don’t: a mutation in the gene that provides a vector for the novel coronavirus. While a few noted dogs have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, no dogs have been diagnosed with COVID-19 to date. Researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, published a study in which the authors write: “A single genetic change in the host receptor for the virus inherited in cats, but not dogs, correlates with feline susceptibility.” In other words, during SARS-CoV-2 infection, the virus targets the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 protein (ACE2). Dogs have a mutation in their ACE2 that gives them a natural resistance to the novel coronavirus. Cats don’t. That seems to apply to all cats, large and small: the researchers determined that, along with cats, a number of different feline species—cheetahs, leopards, tigers, and lions—are likely to be susceptible to the virus. So are ferrets. Dogs, bears, pigs, chickens, and ducks are not.
dturm 08/07/20 02:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: Birthday Girl Nell

She looks great for 14!! Happy Birthday Nell.
dturm 07/30/20 07:26pm RV Pet Stop

We're continuing to get just about daily updates on animals and COVID. To date only a few have had coronavirus isolated from their bodies and none has died with over 4 million human cases. Today a German Shepherd from NY that had previously had coronavirus isolated died, but he had lymphoma and that was the cause of death. Take precautions to not spread it to your pets, but don't get overly concerned about catching it from your pets. We're learning more daily, but this is the best information at the present time. Doug, DVM
dturm 07/30/20 01:26pm Around the Campfire

The people invoking the "pro choice" mantra ignore the fact that they are making a choice for MY BODY as well. As has been said before, you don't get to drive 70 mph down a residential street as free choice because it endanger others.
dturm 07/28/20 04:09am Around the Campfire
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