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RE: replacement for Directv

You can not use a Hopper with the Winegard Pathway. I tried using the Hopper and a Joey with a tripod and the correct LNB but it was too big of a pain to take the Hopper, Joey and Access point out to the rv. Not to mention DISH boxes have a slow meter so it was a pain to align the dish. Now I just leave them at home to grind away downloading shows and use the Pathway. I hope someday Winegard or someone comes out with an auto align dome that works with a Hopper. Yep, the hopper is limited to full sized dishes. Since we have dish at home, it just makes sense for us. No extra cost to use it on the road after we paid for the proper equipment. I mentioned the hopper since the OP stated he has Direct already at home, he might consider switching home as well for convenience. Yes, thanks, I would consider changing at home as well. Can the Hopper be taken out of the RV and used at home with a fixed dish antenna? If that were the case, I would not use the "pay as you go" program. I would do what I now do with DTV and just use the Hopper as one of my home receivers and transfer to the 5th wheel as needed.
dryfly 11/11/19 02:56pm Technology Corner
winterizing black tank flush with air

I've always been successful winterizing by just blowing air through my water lines. I know there is an anti-siphon valve in the black tank flush system. Will just blowing out this line clear water from it?
dryfly 11/08/19 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacement for Directv

Bill, Interesting. I guess I assumed, since the DISH Playmaker Bundle with Wally provides HD that the DTV auto antennas did the same. Have you ever tried the single/triple LNB on one of the old 18" X 20" antennas? Any chance it would receive 99,101&103? I fully agree satellite TV is on it's way out, but for residential use I'm not so sure the new OTA ATSC 3.0 may be the future.
dryfly 10/27/19 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: replacement for Directv

I know there have been endless discussions on Directv vs. Dish on this forum. I'm interested in the latest update. I personally use Directv at home and will transfer one of my receivers to the 5th wheel when traveling. Only needing standard definition, I've carried an 18" round dish for years, and when unable to aim at a satellite, I enjoyed the recorded programs on the DVR. Well, now it's getting close to Directv's ending of the broadcast of SD signals, so what's my best/cheapest solution? Get one of the Directv self aiming cube type antennas that will receive HD signals, or look at a Dish system that can be dedicated to the 5th wheel, and only activated for one month periods when needed? Any suggestions appreciated. If you want to continue to use DTV after they drop the SD broadcast you "might" be able to use a portable dome. Right now, the portable domes cannot receive ANY HD programming. When the change-over happens the domes WILL be able to receive HD programming (assuming you are using a HD DTV receiver (model # starting with an H). The problem is that you will only receive the DTV programming coming from the 101 satellite and it is my speculation that this means you will only get 1/3-1/2 of the DTV channels. I am pretty sure that there will be NO local Network programming (but possibly DNS Networks). No telling what else might or might not be there. If you want ALL of the DTV programming in HD today and the best of DTV programming in the future you should purchase a Winegard Trav'ler and never speak of satellite TV issues again! Current domes won't receive 110 & 119 satellites?? I'm wondering if they might move more HD content over to 101. It's already up there and you would think they gotta use it for something.
dryfly 10/26/19 06:57pm Technology Corner
RE: replacement for Directv

I’ve had both and DISH is WAY more RV friendly. You can reauthorize your sat box with your smartphone. DISH doesn’t care if you change locals everyday. I bought a carryout auto seek dome Winegard Pathway X2. It does HD. You can’t use a Hopper but the Wally is ok. You can add a USB drive to use DVR feature, no monthly fee. Just a one time $40 DVR fee. Way better tech support than DTV. Yeah, anything would be better than DTV tech support!! Your suggestion is one of my considerations, but cost wise, I'd probably be better off using one of my current DTV receivers and buying a new HD automatic sat antenna. The Dish Wally/antenna and $40 pay as you go is ideal if you are just getting started, but I'm not sure if it would be best for me. I'll sure keep it in mind. One thing I've noticed is that the Dish portable automatic satellite antennas are a little less expensive than those for DTV. I assume they all work well.
dryfly 10/26/19 06:53pm Technology Corner
RE: replacement for Directv

You have two different problems that might require two different solutions. At home, if you have good internet speed, you really should try one of the "streaming" services. They could even save you some money. Most allow you to buy your own "tuner box" (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV). So you only have a "one time purchase" (between $30 and $150 per TV). You can easily move the device from your house to the RV. Your choice of services includes Hulu, Sling, PS Vue, AT&T TV, YouTube TV, Fubo, Philo and I am sure more. This are almost all "no contract", "pay as you go" and include some "cloud based" DVR storage. From about $50-$200 month. Channel selection differs greatly. They do limit the number of simultaneous viewer (2-5). You have to do your homework on this. As I said, these all require a good internet connection. Most campgrounds do NOT have "good internet" and if you boondock, you need another solution. As long as you don't camp to far "off the grid" and can get an AT&T cell phone signal (4G preferred, but I think 3G is adequate for SD TV), then you could use AT&T AT&T ToGo Roadlink. $400 for the device and $360/year for unlimited data. Actually, there is no reason you can not use that as your home internet. More on AT&T ToGo Roadlink This talks about successful RV installations and use with internet streaming TV. Interesting you should mention streaming services. While I have no interest in these for RV applications, I am currently playing with Hulu at home. I have relatively high bandwidth and having no problem on that end, but I find for my needs there are some features that are lacking. Available content is fine but some of the user interface abilities vs. Directv (and probably Dish)are just not there. Hopefully these can be fixed in the near term and I can cut the cord and save some money. For the trailer I don't want to have to depend in an internet connection. Also, I enjoy loading up the DVR with programs for when we are in an area where satellite (or internet) is not available.
dryfly 10/26/19 01:35pm Technology Corner
replacement for Directv

I know there have been endless discussions on Directv vs. Dish on this forum. I'm interested in the latest update. I personally use Directv at home and will transfer one of my receivers to the 5th wheel when traveling. Only needing standard definition, I've carried an 18" round dish for years, and when unable to aim at a satellite, I enjoyed the recorded programs on the DVR. Well, now it's getting close to Directv's ending of the broadcast of SD signals, so what's my best/cheapest solution? Get one of the Directv self aiming cube type antennas that will receive HD signals, or look at a Dish system that can be dedicated to the 5th wheel, and only activated for one month periods when needed? Any suggestions appreciated.
dryfly 10/26/19 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Wheel Bearing Grease

Page 53 here is one example. The Dexter website has links to many topics. Thanks. Good info. This was what I was looking for.
dryfly 09/24/19 05:38am Tech Issues
RE: Wheel Bearing Grease

Dexter has/had a list of "approved" greases in their manual. Some years back, I had an episode where the garage wanted to use one of the listed ones, but I checked it on-line and its viscosity rating was under Dexter's specs. Phoned Dexter and they said, "Oops, we will fix that list." They did. Point being, you can get the actual specs for the grease and compare that with what Dexter (or other) requires in their specs. Where does one find this "manual" you speak of? I have searched online and find no specific Dexter recommendations. Directions would be appreciated.
dryfly 09/23/19 09:45pm Tech Issues
Wheel Bearing Grease

I've been using Lubriplate High Performance wheel bearing grease for years with good success. It's rated 0F to 400 F. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem as thick as other bearing greases. Any suggestions on a better one??
dryfly 09/22/19 08:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Not A Joke Top Off With Gasoline or Diesel

It's the price of the SPECULATORS set. Analysts are incorrect because of the extreme chance of war. Analysts are graduates of the University of Guesswork. We have J Stars aloft at all times in the Gulf. The Speculators are saying they do not know the origin of the rockets. Gimme a freakin' break, they know to the square foot where the rockets originated. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Saudi Arabia's demand for higher crude prices while speculators are drooling. Copy your reply and review it on the first of October. The USA exports more oil than it imports but that has nothing to do with anything these days. Use wisdom. End my comments.If you are so sure that it is "Speculators" driving up the price of oil, buy some oil futures, or buy some stock in oil producers, or oilfield service companies or whatever else would benefit from whatever or whomever attacked that oil facility. Oil is a global commodity. No individual, no group and no single country has the ability to unilaterally set the price. Supply and demand is the operative in play. I feel you are correct, but just like the equity market, short term, emotions become a factor.
dryfly 09/14/19 08:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Timken bearing sets

Probably sale 10 sets to every one piece individually sold and packaged in a single box. Next time our bearing rep drops by I'll ask him. Yes, I would assume a price break in any item sold as a "package or kit" vs. individual components. But when the kit costs less than either of the individual components, to me that's a strange marketing concept. However, I'm just happy to find out about the savings because individual Timken products are costly, and I'm about to replace all of my bearings, getting rid of the Chinese ones. I found out several years ago that Timken manufactured all over the world. I don't think that's of any concern as overall, they probably hold their quality control to a high standard, regardless of country of origin.
dryfly 09/14/19 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Timken bearing sets

I know they are the best! Everyone knows! The question is why are the sets so much less expensive. I keep thinking there is no such thing as a free lunch.................
dryfly 09/13/19 08:51pm Tech Issues
Timken bearing sets

My 5th wheel has Dexter axles that use bearings L68149 and LM67010. I noticed these bearings are available with the cones as Timken Set17 and Set6. These are made in USA and when purchased as a set are a fraction of the price when bearings and cones are purchase individually. What's the deal?? Are these sets inferior to the individual components?
dryfly 09/13/19 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Landing gear question

With 5vr still hitched Raise the Inner tubes up fully Extend the Outer tubes until you hear then click/clack Retract then 1" and paint a RED Line -----that is the MAX extension you want to do so you do not damage drive nut/shaft/gears Are you saying that fully extending the outer legs (without any load on them) until they make a noise, will not damage the gears?
dryfly 09/03/19 05:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

all so clean the exhaust stack. OP says fridge works fine on AC. Wouldn't an obstruction in the vent stack affect that also?
dryfly 09/02/19 04:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wet bolt on suspension

The wet bolts are supposed to be installed only at a certain angle to help in the addition of grease. They do not rotate in place as they are grooved to prevent them from doing so (at least in the case of the MorRyde wet bolts). As others have said, simply take a little pressure off each wheel until the grease goes in. You will find the sweet spot and the grease will go in easily. I have a couple that I have never found the sweet spot, removed, and repositioned at either 3 or 9 o'clock . They take grease fine when they are out, so I know they work okay, but just cannot get the grease in them with the weight on them or not. I pulled them out again this spring when I repacked the wheel bearings, and replaced the MorRyde shear springs, repositioned them , and they still will not take grease. Next time around I will replace them. I am not too worried they have been in there now for about 9 years ,initially greased when installed, there is very little grease around them anyway when they go in. They looked great ,even the two that I have not been able to grease . No wear that I could see. Thats 9 years with just the initial grease when installed 9 years ago. The bronze bushings were still good, and the wet bolts have no slop in them. What process did you use to remove them? I believe the are splined so I assume you drove them out. Did you use a hammer and punch, or did you use some type of a puller?
dryfly 08/29/19 08:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

I dont know if this is any help, but I am a huge fan of the 5th wheel hitch from Andersen Hitches. It is super light weight and easy to install. Let me know if you have any questions. I had not paid much attention to the Andersen hitch until about 6 months ago. They are really developing a big following on this forum and others. The folks that own them really seem to like the way they perform.
dryfly 08/27/19 03:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Basically what some are saying is they never forget to do all those things, you know what they say about never . And, I'm sure there are those who "never" forget to do a pull test. Everyone has to have the hookup routine that makes them feel the most confident that they have done everything possible to prevent failure. Also, they pay the consequences of their actions if they are wrong. Sounds like there are different opinions out there. After reading lots of posts through the years I've found there are lots of good brands of hitches and everyone has their favorite, as well as their own hookup procedure. I still enjoy learning from everyone on this forum.
dryfly 08/25/19 09:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Let me re-phrase my question as I am not asking about the pros and cons of a pull test. I've heard the arguments for the proceedure, and they are all worthwhile. I'm assuming one can see the jaws are wrapped around the pin correctly, the handle is closed correctly, and the locking pin is in the pull handle. Based on this, couldn't you "visually" tell if you are high hitched or not? If NOT, is there any way you could drop the trailer on the bed, unless the hitch had a defect?
dryfly 08/25/19 12:50pm Fifth-Wheels
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