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RE: Upgrade V-10 to Turbo?

Vortech has a kit for v10 intended for trucks. Not Turbo but dependable. Bear in mind more power exposes all the weak links. Rebuild the engine with stouter components and so on first.
down home 12/11/19 12:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What jack to have onboard for roadside tire changes?

Pert neer 1978, From Russelville, Ark, past Mt Juliet. A sign next services 200 and some miles. No motor home then a 4x4 Dodge pickup. And I could change a tire. Change a 22.5 tire and wheel of over 100 lbs on the side of the road with wrench and bottle jack. at 71, I don't think so. Back then no sech things as cellophones. Wife's Aunt and unlce lived at the bottom of mtn in a cabin. Lots of Elk and Bar, and other critters that screamed during the night. I been thinkin of a 2 meter radio, hoping their are relays for tire changes in the middle of this bit patch of sand and mtns. Maqybe wife could take one end of the wrench and me the other and loosen the, how many lugs is it; 10 @ 240 lbs torque each, I don't know. She's stouter than she looks. Can use the 2 meter radio for 911, after the heart attack.
down home 12/10/19 10:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 15 Amp Service

down home 12/09/19 11:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extension cords

We adopted the Southern Standard Building Code s many years ago I have forgotten but it was 10 gauge, Romex and so on. Right after that the new International (garbage) building code was forced on everyone. I don't really know all that was in it. however our new home built in 2007-2008 has ten gauge wiring to all plugs and switches. I know because they used the cheapest Chinese switches available in 2008 from Lowes. I've had to replace two so far and I'm not as stout as I use to be. Our LEO came by and twisted those stiff wires around for me in that small box. If I was to buy another new home it would be a custom builder using the old codes.Not the International Building code for cardboard and particle board houses made to last until the mortgage is paid off.
down home 12/09/19 10:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extension cords

Also if by chance there is only a 15 amp breaker in the panel change it to a 20 amp. DO NOT do this. The only reason there would be a 15A breaker in the panel is that the house wiring connected to it is 14 gauge wiring, and "upgrading" to a 20A breaker would be contrary to the electric code and arguably a fire hazard. Who has a code allowing 14 gauge wire? You couldn't run but one plug in on it. Our last home built in 1970 had 10 gauge solid wiring.
down home 12/09/19 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 15 Amp Service

down home 12/09/19 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Worst RV Brand List

Weell ah ... A warranty on mu home is a fraction of what it is on a lot less but not inexpensive Motorhome. Before...but but bu tgets agoin, Home endures hail, snow which it can't escape, heavy rains, high winds and so on. if they built an RV to a design, of not having to be brought back unless in a wreck or hit by catastrophe, it would slow down assembly time about 10% and add 5% to materials costs. Sell a lot more units to repeat Customers and a lot of people would be lined up for used units keeping value high.
down home 12/09/19 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class A and Taco Bell Drive Thru

Mayve he just wanted it chopped and slammed and didn't have saw and alkyhol said g fer it, it will work just fine.
down home 12/09/19 01:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extension cords

Agree with everyone else. Just buy a heavy extension cord that you can use again. Romex is stiff and not ideal to deal with for something like this and cost as much as the cord. Also if by chance there is only a 15 amp breaker in the panel change it to a 20 amp.
down home 12/09/19 01:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: It is no wonder

Ima posting to see if I'm still alive. I see it therefore I fer now.
down home 12/09/19 12:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: New coffee maker

Wif bought another Keurig with glass whatchamacallit and the single do-hikie for just one cup.Gonna have to buy a new larger coach. Sometimes you get a decent cup an sometimes you just trow it out with single serve or flood the counter when you hit the wrong button. A porcelin perculator gives the best coffee I think. Convenience before taste! Shes modernized.
down home 12/09/19 12:58pm General RVing Issues
Good thing bad thing

We all know not to run a vent fan when flushing the toilet..unless a window is open and maybe not then. We've encountered some sewer systems wit a positive air pressure, usually those that are just tanks that have t be pumped every little bit. We are on a normal hookup with n problems. The pipes etc are all good. Never notice this before but with the vent fan on and gray tank open we were getting sewer smell. Hadn't been leaving a window partially open because it had been rather cold. Nice to know the coach pert neer air tight...but gonna have a window a bit even if it is raining cat and dogs.
down home 12/09/19 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: jack pads

The 2x12s will break on this soil. Work fine on hard surface though. The plastic orange ones will simply bend and sink,which won't help any. Found some made by dica. 18 inch 11/2 inch thick unbreakable, 70.00 each anywhere so far on the internet. Really don't want to spend that much but.... AND no this is not a commercial for them. No experience with them.Can they be doubled up with second layer rotated 90 degrees? Tripled? Probably could but I'm not at home. Cutting multiple pieces of treated 1" plywood and gluing and screwing three pieces together I'm pretty sure would work especially if I could find plywood laminated out of oak not jut the last venner. I haven't seen any in years but understand it would break the bank. If the handle factory is still running I might be able to talk them out of some hickory pieces to put between the plywood. That stuff is so hard it ruins bits and blades.
down home 12/07/19 11:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Water Pump

The aqujet specs good. We have an aquflo spec the same as the aquajet.Can't find their pump now n the internet. Bought ours at RV rally from Amercan Coach for 149.00 Inside the coacih e don't hear it much. Best pups are like in the Prevost and closer to and more expensive ell pumps. They are vane type true pumps not diaphram. Had the tie and a bit younger I would do some measuring,wiring and abilityof50 amp to run it, plus a larger water tank.
down home 12/07/19 11:06pm General RVing Issues
Cancer about to claim another

We are near Kingman, to help with wife's sister ho is terminal. Got the call several days days ago from wife's Cousin's wife that he was being life-flighted to his new home south of Phoenix. Got a call three days ago, that he has a mass on his liver and several spots in his lungs. he's been fighting cancer in his hips and on his spine, I think for some time. he endured having his testosterone producing organs removed to hopefully slow or stop the cancers.. he's been fighting a long time and with never a complaint and s smile for everyone.. he doesn't want to know how long he hasbut he's down to 116 lbs on a 5'10" frame and Hospice is now in charge. He as of right now gets up and around a bit.ed in a wood working shop. he has been an avid RVer for over 30 years i think, spending winters mostly near his now last, here he work home,and most of summers in southern Michigan where he wa sborn and raised. I thought about posting his name and address and asking every one to send him a Christmas card for his last Christmas among us.He would love that but I knew from the onset of the idea it was not a good one.. I'm quite sure some of you know him even though he never posted here, I think. Stanley N. has been the best friend and example for me over thirty years an to everyone else. I just gave his first name. I ask that you offer a prayer for him and his family. God knows which Stanley N. it is.
down home 12/07/19 05:04pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Neighborhood bear

You live where there is wildlife, you have to learn to coexist...and defend yourself if need be fr4om them. Bears like all animals have their own personality. Black bears in areas whwre there is plenty of food they don't have chase down are likely more sociable but when it comes to survival instinct the obtaining of food or sex you better not be in their way. Th early days in the Appalachians their were tens of thousands of bears and cougars,and wolves. So the Settlers killed them all out because in Europe hence they came they did not know how or want to live with wildlife and it was viewed as a resource to be harvested and a danger to be eliminated. Bears show up in our yard I will tell a neighbor that raises beef and has some chickens, My kids have chickens to. And the bears may very well go after them. Making a pen bear proof is hard. I wn't kill the bears thugh even in season unless they start presenting areal danger.
down home 12/07/19 02:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Battery charging slow

The batteries charge faster on the generator or engine. We had new batteries installed in 2012. Going down the road with generator running the it took perhaps hundred miles for the batteries to show full charge on the panel. Older batteries might benefit from the desulfate setting. Read the manual on charge level and have battery compartment door open. However just getting them to full charge might be all that is needed. Check the level in the batteries too. We rarely use our battery bank, of flooded cell T105s. When we do it is by error. We left vent fan on for a month. They say to fully discharge our batteries sometimes, so we did that, and they were dry too. Filled up and charged they seem to be alright, but we will have them checked.
down home 12/06/19 05:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 15 Amp Service

We had a 50 amp box installed at our Relaatives for our stay for 120.00 including the box.however there were two 50 amp brekers installed in the breaker box in their garage. Two breakers should cost about 30-50 dollar, if you have room from them in the service panel wherever it is installed in the home or garage.If not call an Electrician and have him look at it. Might require another smaller service panel. It is cold at nigher herein the Mohave, and many times the Heat pumps kick out and the furnaces kick in using a lot of propane. Might cost you snd or relative 300.00 but how much would it cost to stay that amount of time in a good RV park. If you sewer access and 50 amp couldn't ask fro more. No sewer access, gettting a plumber, who knows sewer systems to install an RV fittign aand piece of pie to swer tank or line might cost as little as 200.00 or as much as..... On 15 amp or 20 amp all yu can run is the refrigerator and lights, and small tv. Whatever you can run on a 15-20 amp single circuit at home,Most kitchens have at least two circuits one per 20 amp breaker such as the kitchen plug ins at home is all you can use in the RV.
down home 12/06/19 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mens' belts left or right

I have always started it left but my belly and butt always distort the shape of even my most expensive belts, so I switched directions and never realized how hard it was to change. Just like when I had shoulder surgery. Never dreamed how difficult it was to preform some tasks with the left hand. I wear a 2 1/4" gun belt . It has a stiffener sewed between the two pieces of leather. it still sags from my gut. Paid over 100.00 for it. They make one that has a stainless steel trip sandwiched between the two pieces of leather. Guaranteed not to sag.I think I will order one but would like to see it before ordering.
down home 12/03/19 09:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Why cats don't like the desert

the ravens will get them.
down home 11/30/19 04:15am Around the Campfire
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