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RE: Electric galley slide issues_Slim Rack_2018 Seismic 4212

You still have confidence in your dealer??????????????????? They quote you $5000 and state they doubt the ESC will pay and then come back with no real parts being replaced just a good cleaning and adjustment????????? Look at this video. They wanted $5000???????
dougrainer 02/25/23 10:01am Tech Issues
RE: Electric galley slide issues_Slim Rack_2018 Seismic 4212

1. You have NO WARRANTY 2. You have an Extended Service Contract 3. You need to READ the ESC and see what they cover and what they do NOT. 4. You do NOT have a Hydraulic slide assbly 5. LCI(Schwintek) makes 2 models of a electric side rail slide mechanism Powergear and Schwintek. 6. $5000 is outrageous. They are gouging you. You need to find another service center. DougJust curious if there is any real differences between the Powergear and Schwintek? Similar in operation and looks, but the PG is better. Doug PS, $5000 is at least $2500 too much. This is if it is the worst case scenario.
dougrainer 02/24/23 02:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric galley slide issues_Slim Rack_2018 Seismic 4212

1. You have NO WARRANTY 2. You have an Extended Service Contract 3. You need to READ the ESC and see what they cover and what they do NOT. 4. You do NOT have a Hydraulic slide assbly 5. LCI(Schwintek) makes 2 models of a electric side rail slide mechanism Powergear and Schwintek. 6. $5000 is outrageous. They are gouging you. You need to find another service center. Doug
dougrainer 02/24/23 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Aqua Hot leaking Boiler fluid

I remember that thread, great read. I wish someone could find the other one about taking the boiler apart and fixing a loop that froze. I searched but could not find it. It was another great read. Boiler tank cracks are extremely rare. The Hot Water loop is the most common failure(freeze damage) and also NOT a Aqua Hot replacement part. Aqua Hot states either return the complete unit for rebuild or buy a new unit. Doug
dougrainer 02/23/23 10:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

The 120 input is behind one of those round knockouts. The OUTPUT is the front GFI receptacle. You remove the receptacle and wire the output to those receptacle wires. The original install kit came with a blank plate that replaced the receptacle. Doug
dougrainer 02/22/23 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Aqua Hot leaking Boiler fluid

A few years ago, when I had the same boiler tank type leak on a customer's unit, Aqua Hot stated this is the ONLY part that they do not sell. You either send unit in for them to rebuild or buy a new unit. That does not mean you can disassemble and have it welded locally. Which is what I would do If I had to do that. Doug PS, 3 years ago just before Covid, Aqua Hot sent me a new 450D because the boiler tank had a leak under warranty.
dougrainer 02/22/23 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: class A safety

but , when it comes to safety , and my own, ill nit pick You seem to think safety. I have NEVER(43 years, hundreds) of driving both Dodge and Ford had an issue with hi way driving that made me think to get home and worry. Just like a BMW, you can install/add all sorts of chassis modifications to make the handling better. A LOT of people do add suspension modifications to Class A Fords. Not so much because they worry about safety, but because they want to improve the handling characteristics. You think your Ford does not handle safely? I wish you could go back to the Class A Dodge M series chassis that were used until Dodge went out of the chassis business in 1979. THOSE did have major handling problems. The OEM's do a pretty good job of trying to distribute the weight. Buying a Motorhome is NOT like buying a highly engineered Automobile. Number 1, you could NEVER afford a Motorhome built with the engineering of a BMW. Are positive your motorhome has never been wrecked or had a bad chassis/suspension wreck? 1. Have you had all 6 tires balanced? 2. Are you positive that the alignment was done correctly? 3. Are you running at the correct PSI in your tires? 4. Have you had your weight correctly done by the companies that do that and then give the 4 corner weights with THEIR recommended PSI in the tires? Doug
dougrainer 02/19/23 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: class A safety

The Ford chassis are aligned when they leave Ford. BUT, that is the NO LOAD alignment. The Motorhome Maker then aligns and WEIGHS EVERY completed Motorhome when it leaves the factory. Then it is driven to the selling dealer. Ideally, (we used to do this, but do not have time and the personnel), the selling dealer drives the Motorhome before accepting from the Transport company. The PROBLEM, is, there can be anywhere from a few hundred miles to a few thousand miles driven by the transport driver. They can hit potholes, ANYTHING, that causes the alignment to go out of spec. YEARS ago, we used to get an honest report from the drivers that stated any handling problems. They stopped, because ANYTHING they state may cause extra costly damage reports that the transport company may have to pay. The NORMAL way a NEW chassis is handled when sold is, ON THE TEST DRIVE, if there is a handling/control issue, Ford in conjunction with the OEM maker will step up and pay to have the Motorhome aligned. THEN, it is on the retail customer, who accepts the Motorhome and test drives and goes home. IF THE MOTORHOME IS USED ON A RETAIL LOT, Then it is up to the customer to test drive and if handling issues are noted, then the dealership pays for the Alignment. IF a dealer refuses to do an alignment, then why buy from him? We have had NEW motorhomes that had to have 2 alignments done(they did a bad alignment) and all 6 tires balanced, to get a happy customer. BUT, the main thing is this, FORD builds millions of Class A chassis, and if handling was a huge engineering issue, there would be major lawsuits. Doug
dougrainer 02/18/23 08:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge in freezing weather

1. Leave the refer door open 2. There is NO temp control for the freezer 3. Last, you can't. Doug
dougrainer 02/16/23 05:15pm Tech Issues
RE: class A safety

I have been an RV tech for 44 years. 25 as a Master RV Technician. Ford Class A chassis have ALWAYS had handling problems. It usually boils down to a simple fix. GET IT ALIGNED BY A QUALIFIED ALIGNMENT FACILITY. Balanced Tires and CORRECT Alignment fixes Ford handling issues. The Steering dampner does NOT fix handling issues on Ford Chassis. BUT, once the alignment is done, a Steering stabilizer is a good thing to have. IF not aligned correctly, a Steering system cannot fix mis alignment issues. It can actually aggravate the issues. Doug
dougrainer 02/15/23 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aqua Hot leaking Boiler fluid

If NOT winterized properly, the fluid would leak out the overflow reservoir when water pump or city water was connected. If you have fluid leaking out that elbow, have you smelled that fluid? A non firing diesel burner will leak out excess diesel at that elbow. The ONLY way to verify a bad weld or inner tank crack is to pull the Aqua Hot and remove the various outer shells and insulation. If this is the case the ONLY fix is to buy a new unit or send back to Aqua Hot for a rebuild. Doug
dougrainer 02/14/23 01:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ok who knows there toilet/black tank systems

Everybody assumes it is Black odor. Maybe, but after 44 years as a RV tech, most of the time it is Gray tank odor. Most people(SMART people) use a Black tank Deodorizer and break down chemical. Very few use a Gray tank chemical. What I do is dump and flush BOTH tanks. Then I install Pine Sol(about a quart) in the GRAY tank and then drive the RV. IF you get Pine sol odor, then you have a Gray tank problem. 1. IF prepped for a washer Dryer, odds are the P trap has NO water and that is the source. 2. Air admittance valves Install a plastic baggy over them and test, OR just replace they do not cost much 3. The down pipe for both the black and gray may not be sealed or installed to the top of the tank. To check fill both tanks to over full. Water coming up into the toilet bowl and water coming up into the shower pan, IF you get water flowing out off the top of the tanks, that is your leak. 4. The roof top tank vents, make SURE the 1.5 inch ABS pipe extends ABOVE the roof line and the pipe is sealed where it comes thru the roof. VERY COMMON PS, IF a Black tank odor, the Flange rubber seal may be worn and bad.
dougrainer 02/14/23 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Finally fixed toilet odor problem.

You NEVER need to use any sealant on a RV rubber toilet gasket. If installed correctly it will not leak odors or liquid. Doug
dougrainer 02/12/23 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Winnebago HWH Hycraulics

I can not help directly but I believe this link may help Also you may want to go over to the Winnebago owner forum for some good info also
dougrainer 02/09/23 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago HWH Hycraulics

SINCE YOU HAVE THE SOLENOID, REPLACE IT. If it still does not extend check the RF jack fuse. Doug
dougrainer 02/08/23 06:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago HWH Hycraulics

Does the RF jack FULLY retract? No shiny part visible. THIS IS IMPORTANT Are you using Auto Level? Have you tried to manually extend just the front jacks? IF just extending the front jacks AND both jacks fully extend, then your fluid level would come into question. Doug
dougrainer 02/08/23 02:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago HWH Hycraulics This link shows what the solenoid looks like. Page 28 shows how to tell which solenoid is which. You look at the solenoids from THEIR side. The center ones are the front jacks the outer ones are the rear jacks. Now, you have changed your statement. You originally stated the RF jack would not operate, then you stated it came down 2 or 3 inches. Which is it? There are NOT 8 solenoids for the jacks. ONLY 4 for the jacks. Which are mounted side by side. If you have other solenoids, then those are for the Slide out rooms 2 solenoids per room. These are mounted on EACH SIDE of the HWH manifold and are BELOW the 4 jack solenoids. IF the jack will NOT retract fully in STORE mode, you need to release the T handle(old 2004 solenoids have these) on all 4 solenoids. Newer oones have the spring loaded release. This will open up all 4 solenoids and see if the jack retracts(all 4). With the manual release open, if one jack(RF) fails to retract, you need to use a pry bar like an 8 foot 2x4 to lever it fully retracted. IFTHIS RETRACTS THIS JACK, The jack cylinder needs replaced/Rebuilt as the inner seals are bad. This is a seperate problem from NOT extending. Now, IF you have the manual solenoid releases open and you operate the pump, all 4 jacks should extend while the pump is running. Have someone observe this while somebody operates the jack pad. It will take a few minutes for all 4 jacks to extend and hit the ground. IF you stop the pump before they extend fully, the jacks will retract(all 4). IF the RF jack extends fully, then the solenoid is the problem. BUT, It can be 2 problems. The fuse for it is blown and sends no signal to open the solenoid. OR, the jack solenoid electrically is bad. A BAD solenoid will sometimes blow its fuse. So, replacing the solenoid is the thing to do since you already have it. Doug
dougrainer 02/08/23 12:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aqua Hot not igniting on Monaco Dynasty

odds are you had a air bubble in the fuel line between the Filter and the Unit. It does not take long for a unit to cycle off on Diesel. It probably ran just long enough to use the fuel between the Filter and the Aqua Hot. Then setting a month, caused the air bubble to block off fuel. I was going to post previously. I was going to ask if you had a strong smell of Diesel by the exhaust OR you had Diesel dripping out the down pipe elbow for the exhaust. THAT would indicate fuel IS getting to the unit, but the spark is NOT happening. When it failed to start, IT DID time out and the webasto shut down after a few minutes? It should have. I usually have to run a flooded unit up to 1 hour to get rid of ALL accumulated residual diesel to get rid of all white smoke. And NO, the fuel nozzle should not have a problem from a month of inactivity. ALL Aqua Hots, need to be run monthly on Diesel and activate the furnace section also. This keeps the furnace section check valves from sticking. THIS is a usual cause when the Aqua Hot Furnace section is not used for a long time. Doug
dougrainer 02/05/23 11:47am Tech Issues
RE: Defroster workaround

Have you verified the AC system 12 volt VACUMM PUMP is functioning and pulling a vacuum?. ALL Diesels require a 12 volt vacuum pump. This pump supplies the vacuum needed to operate the Dash AC/Heater blend doors. Also, the normal result of NO vacumm is default to defroster ducts. But, you year might be different and requires vacumm to move the doors. Doug PS, this pump is located on the outside firewall and easy to see. They usually look like this link. Then connects to the reservoir.®ion_id=674469
dougrainer 02/04/23 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold N611 acting odd, affected by interior coach lights

Jeeez, ALL these posts and at no time, did someone suggest to check the 12 volts at the BACK of the refer. You need to check for 12 volts plus. ALSO, you need to check that your Power Converter is functioning. IF SO, your 12 volt system should show 12.9 to 13.5 volts. Also, ALWAYS post Year, Brand/Model of RV. Do you have Fluorescent interior lights in the RV. The ones that you can turn off and on to cause the refer to malfunction? IF SO, older RV's with Fluorescent lights had what is called AC ripple, from defective Ballasts in the light assbly's. Even tho the lights are 12 volt, defective ballasts can cause AC ripple in the DC system and cause appliances to act up. Respond with answers to these questions and the voltage readings I suggested. Doug
dougrainer 01/30/23 02:14pm Tech Issues
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