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RE: Cleaning top of slideout

A slide topper prolongs the life of your roof. No harmful UV rays degrading it. Once installed (2 hour job at most), it will last 15 years.As the OP stated: "I do not want an awning on the slide for several reasons." Let's let the slide topper discussion languish, due to lack of interest by the OP. I guess people like you know everything there is to know. I responded to let some that WILL be interested and do not know everything, so they know how to care for THEIR slide covers. Doug P.S what does it harm YOU to keep a discussion going????????????????????
dougrainer 12/12/19 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning top of slideout

Toppers will mold when retracted wet and not extended soon after to dry. When I stated to retract, you do this to REMOVE the accumulated water and then extend after it sheds the water. Doug
dougrainer 12/12/19 10:17am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic comfort zone furnace turns off after 30 seconds

if it runs 30 seconds then shuts off, then the burner probably has not lit. The furnace then goes to lock out. Odds are the hi limit switch is stuck open. Take a hammer and gently bang on the outside metal exhaust tube for about 30 seconds. Then try to run furnace, if it runs and lights you need the Hi limit replaced. Doug
dougrainer 12/12/19 06:05am Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning top of slideout

1. ALL slide toppers will accumulate rain and then you have to bring the slide in to remove the water. Don't do this and your slide material will stretch and make the problem worse 2. Slide Toppers also need to be cleaned/blown off of leaves and debris. Just retracting will not shed any debris. Pine Needles are the worst. They will retract inside the roller tube when you have a metal exterior cover and jam up the spring and not roll all the way tight 3. Slide covers are great for keeping water from getting inside the slide seals and coming in the RV. Granted the slide seal system SHOULD keep water out but why tempt fate on older rigs. Doug
dougrainer 12/12/19 02:21am Tech Issues
RE: running fridge in cold weather?

We kept all our previous TT's with ammonia absorption RV gas-electric refrigerators running 24x7x365, on both gas and electric (depending). What we found out, after doing this for almost 20 years, is when the ambient temperature around the refrigerator gets colder and colder, the refrigerator has to run less and less. When the outside temperature get's colder than the inside, there is a point when the refrigerator will not run at all. Why should it? The inside is already cold, below the set temperature. Now this worked ok, except for when the ambient temperature got around to 38 to 28 degrees. It at that stage the refrigerator doesn't need to run, to make things colder. It's already cold. The problem is ... the freezer! The ambient temperature is still above freezing slightly, but the refrigerator is now colder than the setting. Result: the freezer doesn't run. So if you have nothing in the freezer, no problem at all. But if you anything that you don't want melting ... like ice cream ... well, the freezer is now not running either, but still not cold enough to retain things in a frozen state. Once the inside of the freezer reaches 32 degrees or less, then things will start staying frozen again. So, it will be fine if you have nothing in the freezer. Otherwise, you have to leave some heat on in the camper so the refrigerator warms up enough to run. Now, what about household refrigerators and what about Coca-Cola vending machines? What keeps them from freezing in the dead of winter sitting outside? They actually have heaters built in them that will keep things from freezing when the ambient temperature drops below freezing. Your premise is totally wrong. As the Refer box is INSULATED, it does 2 things. It keeps the outside ambient heat from getting to the inside box and it does the SAME when in freezing temps. OUTSIDE freezing temps will NOT cool the Interior of the refer. Granted, it will cool easier when you do not have to battle the outside HOT in warm/hot climates. Now, for RV refers, COLD WILL degrade the ammonia process. You will be OK down to about 25 degrees. BELOW that you need to install a 60 watt light bulb at the outside rear of the cooling unit to warm up the area. Once you get below about 10 degrees, the RV refer will not function, even with a light bulb. Doug
dougrainer 12/10/19 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace running very hot...

He stated that he cannot keep his hand on the Furnace casing. THAT IS NORMAL. Doug
dougrainer 12/07/19 08:31am Tech Issues
RE: Hard baseball sized "bump" outside RV

You are lucky to be in Florida. Florida has some of the best consumer vehicle laws. I think the seller/manufacture gets 3 chances for repair and then must buy back. Richard lemon laws----The "3 repair" supposed rule. The Manufacturer does usually get 3 attempts at repair. BUT---It must be the SAME repair, not 3 total attempts on the vehicle on all items. That is why it is important when you take a Vehicle in for repair, YOU do not state what you think the problem is, you just state the Transmission does not shift right or the engine has hesitation. You let the Dealership find the problem and IF the exact same component fails more than 3 times, the Lemon Law will take hold if you want it to. Doug
dougrainer 12/05/19 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jayco TV antenna

I don't understand why you need documentation. It is a simple cheap omnidirectional Antenna. There are no user settings or ways to change its operation. Doug So Doug when you said you went out to your 2020's on the lot so are you and employee of a dealership? Just curious as if you are then if someone asks about the television do you just say on or off just a simple reciever, radio same thing, stove, pump heck all of the stuff in an RV according to you statement is cheap no instructions needed. I am one of those people who like to know a product and how it functions maybe too many years in a the digital electronics world but I guess that is my problem. Good luck to you and your endeavors in life it is after all you are born you live you die simple on off no directions needed. I am a technician(40 years). I understand you want documentation. But, it is not needed once you have the parameters. At this point you and I have more knowledge on this Antenna than probably anybody in the USA including Jayco. Doug
dougrainer 12/04/19 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Jayco TV antenna

I don't understand why you need documentation. It is a simple cheap omnidirectional Antenna. There are no user settings or ways to change its operation. Doug
dougrainer 12/04/19 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Jayco TV antenna

Went to our lot andby looked at a few 2020's. The Antenna is just a simple omnidirectional. You go to the main TV area and just turn the Antenna booster ON and it does the reception. No manual or instructions needed. Doug So when I turn on the booster and get a few pixalated pictures and 2 stations nothing else to do but get a satellite. Now that is sad. Oh did find out the antenna is made and it is not a major player. You can tell from the design and size, the reception radius is extremely small. Good news is, you can install a regular antenna in place of this useless junk. Doug
dougrainer 12/03/19 07:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Jayco TV antenna

Went to our lot and looked at a few 2020's. The Antenna is just a simple omnidirectional. You go to the main TV area and just turn the Antenna booster ON and it does the reception. No manual or instructions needed. Doug
dougrainer 12/03/19 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex Fredom 458 series inverter/charger 20 amp

1. TYPE battery will NOT cause lack on Inverter to Invert. It WILL cause incorrect CHARGE if The 458 is not set to the correct type battery 2. The simplest way to test is to verify that there IS 12 volts positive to the Battery connection on the Inverter. DISCONNECT the remote harness and activate the Inverter at the button on the Inverter. TEST the 120 connections AT THE INVERTER where the romex wires connect. IF NO 120 output, your Inverter has a bad board(as long as you have checked the breakers on the Inverter) probably caused by the battery miswire. 3. When you are NOT inverting and plugged into Shore or Genset, do the TV's and Microwave appliances work?(Pass thru is working on the Inverter). If so, you do NOT have to do the test on item 2. 4. How old is the 458? Doug
dougrainer 12/03/19 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jayco TV antenna

What he wants to know is, HOW does it operate as Jayco gave no manuals with his 2020 Jayco. Jayco has no answer and directed him to his dealer. Even tho I WORK for a Jayco dealer, that Antenna is new and from what I can find out, it is just a small Shark Fin Omnidirectional TV antenna. From its description, will probably have a reception radius of less than 30 miles. Doug
dougrainer 11/30/19 11:01am Tech Issues
RE: Jayco TV antenna

What is your question about it? Maybe that is why Jayco gave him a not great answer. Since he has not addressed his question on this forum:B Doug Remember, Garbage IN---Garbage Out:)
dougrainer 11/30/19 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Newmar

I have not done a Newmar Vinyl but have on Newmar Fabric. BUT, Monaco used Vinyl panels as well as other OEM's. THOSE ceiling panels come in 4 by 8 foot pads. They have the vinyl glued to the wood backer. You replace the complete 4 by 8 foot cutting out for cabinets and such. It is then glued in to the overhead Styrofoam and roof studs. At one time Monaco was supplying rolled foam/Vinyl and you removed the existing vinyl/foam. Scraped the remnants off the wood ceiling backer and then glued the new to the old. Hopefully, Newmar supplies the vinyl only. IF the wood ceiling backer is intact, then remove the vinyl/foam and scrape and glue new on. Newmar used to pay 4.0 hours PER 4 by 8 foot section for the Fabric replacement under warranty. Same with Monaco for Vinyl only replacement. This should give you a time frame on how long the repair should take. Doug
dougrainer 11/30/19 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar

Is it the fabric/vinyl or the complete panel? If the fabric, it is glued to the ceiling luan wood panels. You use standard auto spray glue for a headliner. Doug
dougrainer 11/30/19 06:56am Class A Motorhomes

I told my wife what a jerk you were from your response. She stated, well, it is Thanksgiving. Doug 1. Turn slide switch to OFF position 2. Press and hold MODE (top) and ZONE (bottom) buttons 3. Turn slide switch to ON position 4. Release MODE and ZONE buttons 5. FF appears indicating reset is complete
dougrainer 11/29/19 11:22am Tech Issues

I disagree with Doug being a "professional given his attitude. You ask for help, You IGNORE it. Yes, it is a PITA to try and help people that have no idea what they are doing and refuse to accept help. You need to check and reset the Furnace DIP switch, EVEN if you have not touched it. There are 2 BLUE wires at the AC control board. ONE should have 12 volt power. IF NONE have 12 volt power your Furnace 12 volt fuse is blown or disconnected. MY attitude is, I give FREE help and then you do NOT follow the free help. So, I am the problem? Doug PS, AFTER the DIP switch check and reset, you do a Wall Tstat reset to restore any missing appliance mode. Sorry, I guess you knew that.
dougrainer 11/29/19 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: Have no electrical power and no propane on one side of coach

Switch the 50 amp breaker on the RV park power pole. You may have lost just one leg of the input power. The salesman switch shuts off basic power inside the coach and sometimes gets bumped to the off position. Most are right near the front door. They are NOT called Salesman switches. They are called Battery Disconnect Switches. Doug
dougrainer 11/29/19 11:13am Class A Motorhomes

I can see how that could be it but nothing has been changed. This happened all of a sudden. I have a new furnace board coming in tomorrow so hoping that'll do it. If you are saying you have a FURNACE board coming and NOT an AC board, you just wasted your money. WHY do people come to these forums for help(they obviously know nothing), get advice and then do what they want anyway?????????????????????????????????????????? Doug
dougrainer 11/29/19 07:28am Tech Issues
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