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RE: 1987 37' Winnebago Elandan for Sale >$45,000< ??

Creepy. Who would want it for any price? How long was the dead body in there? Not for me. Hannibal Lector:B
dougrainer 10/16/19 01:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1987 37' Winnebago Elandan for Sale >$45,000< ??

The Pic using a wide angle lens makes it look 45 feet long. Remember, it is a 30 amp RV. 20 years of lot rot. probably worth 5k to 10k depending on the condition of the engine and chassis drivetrain. Doug
dougrainer 10/16/19 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basement Heat Pump

Never heard of cheated 50 amps. That might be it. Up to date KOAs and nice Corps of Engineers parks work well. Problem occurs at older parks. Can I check amps with my little volt meter? NOT amps---line voltage. Connect your voltmeter between the 2 HOT legs. TRUE 50 amp will show 220/240 volts. IF NOT, then you have cheated 50 amp service. Doug PS. I call it cheated, because most parks charge extra for 50 amp hook ups. IF NOT true 50 amp, then the customer is cheated. Charging for 50 amp but not supplying 50 amp.
dougrainer 10/15/19 02:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Basement Heat Pump

Heat Pumps---The compressor operates the EXACT SAME as in COLD mode. ALL a Heat Pump does is REVERSE the flow of coolant to remove cold that results in heat by a REVERSING valve. What is the outside(ambient) temp where you are located? HP's do not function well in temps over 65 degrees. It will cause the compressor to work harder and pull more amps. What type of noise is it making? IF on TRUE 50 amp service(which is actually 100 amps), you should have no issues or voltage problems. IF you are on CHEATED 50 amp service, then you will have voltage problems. True 50 amp is a total of 50 amps on each leg. Cheated is 25/30 amps on each leg. AND if Cheated 50 amp service you should not be paying for 50 amp service as they are not giving you true 50 amp. Doug
dougrainer 10/15/19 08:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

While you have not specifically stated such, it sounds like you might have a residential frig rather than an RV type frig. If that is the case, then yes, you need the inverter on to keep the frig cold. It also might help if you tell us more about the system such as type of inverter and inverter remote control. Lot's of good advice here. I have an RV style fridge - shore powered or propane - a Magnum Standard Remote Control, and a Magnum ME Series Modified Sine Wave Inverter The magnum can be conveniently wired to your Onan Quiet Diesel Generator to operate in "auto gen start" mode which will start your genny automatically if your batteries get low. You have the option of setting the "low" voltage where it starts. This is all done on the magnum operator panel, the one with the rotating know. I believe I can set the AGS from inside the RV, though there is also an Auto-Gen unit/control box inside one of the external bays... need to investigate that better... Magnum has 2 owners manuals. One for the Magnum Inverter and one for the Remote operation. The module in the storage bay is REQUIRED for the Auto Genset function. You do indeed set up the Auto Genset from inside the RV on the Magnum remote. This should be your remote instructions. Doug
dougrainer 10/15/19 06:06am Tech Issues
RE: Pickle on My Entry Door Grab Handle

Our heat pumps are not loud enough to be noticed on the outside.If you listen closely you can hear some white noise. Your white noise may be annoying noise to others. Especially if the others are in a tent. I don't like to say this, but I will. This is a DUMB response. White Noise is now a threat to peace and prosperity? Oh, forgot, we are talking camping. I guess NO NOISE at all is the mantra now. Whisper, don't talk and heaven forbid your Cell Phone goes off or your door closes too loud. No sitting around the Campfire talking. Might disturb the neighbors. Guess the solution is to SEGREGATE Campgrounds. NO NOISE---MILD NOISE--MEDIUM NOISE---LOUD NOISE. Or Camp next to Deaf people:B Doug
dougrainer 10/15/19 06:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide moving out

OK... This is real crazy and does point to hydraulics. I was using the automatic levelers and as it was leveling itself, the main slide started moving out from closed position. Does an RV guy fix this hydraulic problem or go to a truck repair shop? Jack and Slide systems are NOT worked on by Truck shops. You need to find a qualified RV service center. Call them and state your Year/Model and type slide/jack system and ask if they have worked on that type system before. Only go to a shop that has knowledge of your system. Since the Jacks operation causes the slide room to move, that points to a pump area solenoid. BUT, some LCI slide systems did have a hose connected to the rear jacks. That would point to a slide ram internal leak. Go to and find your manual for your system. Doug
dougrainer 10/14/19 06:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil stick problem - need help

On long Dipsticks, you can sometimes take a pair of pliers and put a small twist at the end in the first inch and that will slip past where the outer tube goes into the engine block. Doug Have the same problem. I have to turn the dipstick as I push it in to get it to go all the way. I'll try putting a twist on the end. How much of a twist do you need? Just a slight twist. Doug
dougrainer 10/13/19 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

Seems you were running on inverter for your 120v needs and that ran the batteries down enough so the inverter shut down. There would still be enough battery to run the usual 12v things -lights, fans, etc. When off-grid, you need to "power manage" what the inverter is running so the batteries can keep up. Put the fridge on propane, WH on propane, limit use of 120v appliances. When not watching it, unplug the TV set, don't just turn it "off", which leaves it on. All kinds of tricks to get by longer before you need to recharge the batteries. At some stage you do need to recharge them, no big deal, but best if they can be done during the day instead of at 3am! :) My rig is a 2017 Newmar Ventana LE. My understanding was that if I needed to run ANYTHING - i.e., my lights, tv, clock radio, microwave display - that the inverter needed to be "on"... the fridge does run on propane when not plugged into shore power, as does the WH. Yes, you really need to go to a NEWMAR dealer and have him explain the system. The Inverter should NEVER--NEVER be ON when on solar power or even boondocking, unless you have a need for the 120 appliances that run THRU the Inverter. You do NOT need to keep the Microwave clock ON. Lights are straight 12 volt and do NOT need the Inverter ON. The clock radio and the TV's do need the Inverter ON when boondocking. When on Genset or Shore Power, you do NOT need the Inverter ON. It has pass thru 120 power so it is not supposed to be ON. Your solar system CANNOT keep up with the 12 volt draw having the Inverter ON draws. Turn the Inverter ON when you need those 120 appliances ON when Boondocking and then once done turn the Inverter OFF. Doug
dougrainer 10/12/19 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Oil stick problem - need help

On long Dipsticks, you can sometimes take a pair of pliers and put a small twist at the end in the first inch and that will slip past where the outer tube goes into the engine block. Doug
dougrainer 10/12/19 02:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Main Heat Pump buuumr on heat

Doesn't do it on cool. Then you have another part causing the noise. What is the Outside ambient temp when running in Heat Mode? Doug
dougrainer 10/12/19 10:28am Tech Issues
RE: Main Heat Pump buuumr on heat

Does it Heat? The compressor will make the same noise in COLD mode also. When on AC mode, does the compressor make the same noise? And, does it cool? Doug
dougrainer 10/12/19 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Slide moving out

To move out 6 inches points to a HYDRAULIC slide. Disconnecting the battery will not affect ANY slide to prevent going out in storage. HYD slide pooch out when they have either an internal leak(most common) or external leak (you can see the fluid). That means you probably have a Lippert HYD slide from owning a Georgetown. If no external leaks, then either a manifold solenoid is seeping internally or one of the slide rams has an internal ram seal bypassing. Schwinteks CANNOT extend. Accuslides CANNOT extend. Slides with a motor Brake(Powergear) will only pooch out about 2 to 4 inches max. Doug
dougrainer 10/11/19 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch? Newmar

From E trailer. Doug I have 36’ motorhome on a Freightliner Xc chassis with air bag suspension, I am heavy on the ball, will a weight distributing hitch work? The auto adjust air suspension won’t raise the coach and I do t think the Wd would have that much in it, but would it take weight off the ball? Being a “V” nose trailer the motorcycle has to go in 1st I then back the car in to put the engine rearward of the axles, so not much load adjusting left Thanks asked by: Mike Expert Reply: Yes, you can use a weight distribution system on your motorhome while towing a trailer. Since you have airbags, you will want to couple the trailer and then let the airbags adjust. Once the airbags adjust, you can then set the spring bars on the weight distribution system to take the remaining sag out of the equation. In order to select the correct weight distribution system you will need to determine your total tongue weight (TTW) which is the loaded ready to tow tongue weight of the trailer added to any cargo stored behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle. Please keep in mind that the hitch on your motorhome will also have to be rated for use with a weight distribution system in order for this option to work for you. I recommend taking a look at the Equal-i-zer Weight Distribution Systems. These system are one of the best on the market with integrated 4-point sway control which will work to both reduce and prevent trailer sway. I have attached the tongue weight ranges of this system for you.
dougrainer 10/10/19 03:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch? Newmar

For a 5K trailer you do not need or want WD. What do you base this statement on? I have towed a enclosed 2 Motorcycle Trailer behind a Denali Yukon with air suspension. The weight was around 4500 lbs total. I used a WD tow arrangement and also did not use the WD(as a test). The WD handling was far superior to NO WD. Now, behind a large motorhome, you may not feel a difference. BUT, the WD was used for SAFE towing distribution. I felt that the WD gave me more positive control on the trailer in wind and passing. I would believe the same is true behind a motorhome. Now, I do not know the particulars for WD with a motorhome air suspension. But, I have had customers using WD behind the motorhome. Doug
dougrainer 10/10/19 06:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: inside lights dim

Voltage before changing batteries was 11.3 volts after 3 hour charge at 10 amps. Batteries were disconnected during charge. Voltage of batteries after replacement was 12.5 VDC with converter connected Either the Converter is bad or there is a fault in the charge wiring from the Converter to the batteries. Doug
dougrainer 10/09/19 06:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter Problem

1984 SHOULD HAVE PUSHMATIC BREAKERS. No need to replace the complete Magnetek converter. IF you are talking 120 breakers. Doug
dougrainer 10/08/19 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPO roof adhesive

If you have a small bubble, HOW are you going to get the adhesive under the EPDM????? If the EPDM is in good repair, I would NOT cut a hole just to install adhesive. Why destroy the integrity of the roof seal? Monitor the bubble. If it gets larger, then cut a slit and install adhesive. Doug
dougrainer 10/08/19 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: Help. Antenna/Cable switch

I have never seen or heard of a switch system like he has posted. What I "Think" he has, is a standard Winegard Cable/OTA switch plate assbly NOT mounted where is it accessable. The OEM installed that switch to activate the normal ON/OFF switch on the Winegard switch plate. By leaving the Winegard ON all the time, all you have to do is kill power to the Winegard to make it the default Cable input. Can the OP respond, does that wall switch have a built in light? Doug
dougrainer 10/06/19 07:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Atwood Furnaces 8531 & 8520

Depending on what gasket he is talking about, wonder why he did not replace it while in there??? my thought exactly! Because very few service centers have the required Gaskets. INCLUDING my Service center. It is extremely rare for a professional to damage or lose the required gasket. There is only 1 and that is the plate gasket that holds the burner in place. Doug Thank you Doug - that makes sense. Wish they had told us that. I can get any gasket from our supplier in 3 hours. Doug
dougrainer 10/05/19 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
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