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RE: Urgent Need of Advice re Winterizing!

make sure you have enough propane to keep the trailer warm. 4 days of cold like that you will burn a bunch of it!
djousma 10/10/19 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank Drain

i discarded the cap, and put a PVC valve on it. Still have to crawl under, but just a 90-degree turn to drain.
djousma 10/10/19 04:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: generator stalls when converter tries to charge battery

I have a Honda EU1000 that won't run the on board charger either. With all 120V circuits turned off, the generator overload cuts out immediately when the trailer is plugged in. Not sure what is going on here. The carb has been cleaned & it runs fine. If you have electric water heater, make sure that is off too. On mine that switch is on the WH itself. that element is a 1500 watt, and would for sure kill that EU1000. Otherwise, is your battery dead or heavily discharged? If so the converter will kick on high output to recharge, and could be your issue too.
djousma 10/09/19 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: No access to forum topics??

Worked for me as well. thanks for finding this.
djousma 10/07/19 12:34pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Error Messages

yea, been that way for a few days now...annoying. doesnt seem like anyone is looking into this.
djousma 10/04/19 10:18am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: generator stalls when converter tries to charge battery

I have Yamaha EF2000iSv2 generator. When RV is hooked up to house A/C and just charging battery (with converter on) my handy dandy watt monitor shows it drawing less than 2 amps. If I connect RV to generator, I can run lights and heater, etc (approx 6 amps) with battery disconnected. However, if I turn off converter and have battery hooked up, with generator running, it stalls out if I then turn on converter breaker. Watt meter is still showing only 1.6 amps as the generator bogs down and stalls. Weird that this doesn't happen with battery disconnected and OTHER 12 volt stuff turned on! Any thoughts?? Ed Ed, I see from your signature that you are in Colorado? At what altitude? Most of the generator manufacturers offer a high altitude kit that is just a leaner carb jet. Its not uncommon for any generator to make less power at the higher altitudes.
djousma 10/01/19 12:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert ground clearance issue

You are kidding us right??????:h I have had 2 5er's with 6 point auto level and yes they hang a little low but I have NEVER had a problem in 6 years of fulltiming with them dragging or being torn off so something is not right with how yours are mounted ,if I had to take my feet off my jacks ever time I pack up i would not bother having 6 point auto myselfMine are the same way (6 point system). One of our first trips I pulled into a mo-dock gas station off the beaten path for fuel. The ground was beaten-up hilly asphalt. The rear jack ended up dragging...dragging...dragging. I got over that spot and on my way. Next stop I checked everything out and the jack pad was gone! I know exactly where it came off, but that was 200 miles ago. Well, we replaced the jack pad at the tune of $50. Ordered it from Lippert, had it in my hands 3 days later. Ever since then, I take the time to remove all the jack feet after I get hitched up. And put them back on right before unhitching. By removing the feet, it gives me about another inch and 1/2 clearance. Never drug one again, and I am keenly aware of the ground surface now too. However, this last week-end, I had to back into a campsite by cutting the corner through the grass backing in. The asphalt was higher on the road and the campsite area. The grass dipped down. The tires went down and when backing up, the rear jack stopped me at the asphalt. I was backing up so slow nothing got hurt or anything, the jack just stopped me from going farther. HOWEVER! the inside of the jack shaft tube was filled with about 4 inches of packed dirt! I had to use a screwdriver and dig out that dirt before I could put the pin back in to reattach the foot. BUT! I've not lost any more feet this way! And I'm NOT looking forward to shelling out another $50 to replace another one. So, I just take the time to remove the feet. It' helps all the way around. I think Dutchman has the 6 point electric jacks. From everything I see they have less travel than the hydraulic jacks and is probably why they are lower to the ground. I have no clearance problems with my 6 point hydraulics.
djousma 09/18/19 11:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert ground clearance issue

6-8" off the ground, especially if they are located where mine are (just before and after the wheels), shouldnt contact anything? As you surmise, you can probably raise them up, but then you will have less available travel to level your rig. I personally wouldnt worry about it.
djousma 09/17/19 12:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any of you guys winterizing with air only?

I guess it all depends....I used to just blow the lines, and pour AF down the drains in my old TT, but it was a simple setup. Now in my 5th, I use AF. I specifically went with AF because my 5th has a lot more to winterize that simply cannot be done just by blowing the lines out. Ice maker, Dishwasher (not just the water line, but the drain pump/line), Clothes washer (same issue as dishwasher with the drain pump, etc). For as much as I spent on my 5th, a few $$$ on AF is just part of the maintenance and upkeep.
djousma 09/12/19 11:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hydraulic fluid for Lippert Ground Control

Here is the link to the Lippert doc:
djousma 09/11/19 11:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winterize or Not

Do as others have said, and keep an eye on the longer term forecast. I'd go out and buy the RV antifreeze to have on hand, in case a cold snap sneaks up on you.
djousma 09/09/19 05:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Let's talk generators - again.

I think the issue of having a built-in gas generator is having EPA approved tank/vents/safety requirements. Toyhaulers typically meet this requirement because they also have on-board fueling stations at the rear of the unit, where I'm guessing the gas tank is also located. To add gas tank, etc to a standard 5th, would be a tougher upgrade(not that it cannot be done), but there additional risks to consider. If I were doing this upgrade, I'd stick with propane, even though I'd prefer gas as well.
djousma 09/03/19 07:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slight smell where the LP Gas cylinders are located normal?

Not normal, however Propane gas is heavier than air, and is why, I assume that the "floor" of my LP tank compartments are open mesh to let any excess gas escape. I dont know if all enclosed LP compartments are made that way, but I'd almost guess its a requirement for this very reason.
djousma 08/27/19 06:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What options?

For me: FischerPaykal Dishwasher, stackable washer/dryer, 3rd AC, Heat pump, rear hitch for bike rack. What I'd skip next time: Generator prep. I dont ever see us with perm generator, just take the 3K Champion for the 1 time a year parking lot camping for football game. The gen prep really messes up the front storage space.
djousma 08/23/19 11:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those with auto leveling systems

From a strength perspective, it's not needed. However, with wheels off the ground, you will get more wiggle. I try to add a board or two under the low side to help avoid that.
djousma 08/17/19 07:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: shower acces panel on cougar 5er

Sounds like you had a winterization problem... pull the knob fixture off the shower wall, I'm guessing the lines just screw on. That said, is this the first time you've put water to the trailer this season? Hopefully just replacing the fixture is all that is needed...
djousma 08/16/19 08:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those with 50 amp 5er's

Yes. Buy another section of the correct 50a cord. I found one on Ebay. Only had to use it once, but good insurance for those unique situations. I bought a 50' section.
djousma 08/13/19 07:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Add leveling jacks

That's the same system I have. Frankly, your buddy should have complained to his dealer and KZ about it while under warranty. Likely the wrong capacity jacks were installed at the factory. I'd certainly check what the capacity of them are and replace them with larger jacks. Pretty simple; 4 or 6 bolts on each jack and 2 wires. Frankly, I'm surprised a Gold had only a 4 point system on it and not 6. Lyle Lyle...he did get them swapped out for the 6-point, when he traded the KZ in on a Cedar Creek Hathaway edition. :D
djousma 07/16/19 10:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pullrite Superglide or Demco Hijacker?

I've been using the Demco autoslide for 4 seasons now. No issues. No need for a capture plate unless you are using the Mor/Ryde pinbox. I do have that pinbox, and the capture plate is no big deal. that said, my next truck will be a long bed, mostly for the larger fuel tank, so I would be switching hitches to a B&W at that point.
djousma 07/15/19 04:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaky waterhose

I used a zero-g hose for one season. Water started tasting like the hose at the start of the second season. I have since replaced the zero-g with Flexzilla hose and have had much better results. Biggest is that the hose is 5/8", not 1/2" like the zero-G so water volume is improved again(noticeable when showering), and second, there has been zero hose taste now since I started in April with these. Since my waterbay is inside the basement of my 5th wheel, I bought: These stay connected to the city water connection all the time: 90 degree hose adapter 3' Flexzilla lead in hose Hose Quick connect then just connect the 25' hose when arriving. 25' Flexzilla hose 50' Flexzilla hose
djousma 07/12/19 05:17am Fifth-Wheels
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