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RE: Chromebook

There is a lot of partial information posted do far. I have been using Chromebooks for many years and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are very good replacements for Word, Excel, and PPT. They will download .xlsx, .pdf, .csv etc. format so there are no issues not being able to access your documents. There is also a "work offline" mode to allow working with and saving your files without being connected to the internet. I should put a caveat up that I almost never use either Power Point or Slides, so that might not be as good as Docs or Sheets.
dieseltruckdriver 06/29/22 07:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I will admit to taking a self imposed hiatus from the weight police. I did find myself missing these forums though, so I have been back for several years. I just tend to ignore the posts that mean well but are really clueless.
dieseltruckdriver 06/22/22 09:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Empty parks with no open sites.

If you never showed up, and don't call you forfeit the right to use site. Why should the site go unused? It's not about the money. If you have unforseeable circumstances call CG and expalin when you plan to arrive otherwise you forfeit. There are those wealthy enough to book every site in the CG for an entire month. Do they get to tie up the CG without occupying the sites simply because they can afford to?I agree completely. Day before yesterday we left a campground that had 25 empty sites and 15 of those were reserved. That was on a Monday night. Every weekend every site is booked, and there are ALWAYS empty sites. If you don't show up, you should lose the site, and the chance to reserve next time. I do agree with the option to call the campground and have an excuse. No call, no reservation, give it to someone that is looking for a site. It would make people take a little responsibility for themselves. This was and is at a state campground. Private parks can set their own rules.
dieseltruckdriver 06/22/22 09:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electrical question

There's so much dogma here, and woe be to he who admits to deviating from the orthodoxy. Heaven help you if you publicly admit here that you skipped your water pressure regulator or your EMS. And shame on he who questions whether his setup really requires a weight distribution hitch. Are you continuing to tow that new trailer while you save up for a new truck? Yep, you're overweight. Never fear though, as the rest of us will soon be safe because the authorities have been notified and your insurance will be cancelled any minute. Guess what: I forgot to brush my teeth one time last month and maybe I'm not wearing underwear today. Come at me, bro. Sure, these are exaggerations, but not by much. I think we got a little more rigid during the pandemic too. People got a little edgy and the stress of not being able to camp and now the added stress of higher fuel costs and scarce reservations has distracted some folks from remembering the Golden Rule. I think a lot of people are spending more time behind the keyboard and less time actually camping nowadays, and it's making otherwise nice people say crappy things. It would be awesome if people could use their own backspace keys more often and snip out the ugly things they typed before they post. We're losing that self control though. Love one another. Treat others as you would want to be treated. And by the way, I'm actually wearing underwear today. See? People lie on the internet all the time. (And now you really can't be sure whether I'm wearing underwear or not, because I lied.) This post needs to be at the top of every thread! Maybe except the underwear part. 8)
dieseltruckdriver 06/19/22 10:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet door latch

Last year we changed our door lock from the factory Lippert latch to a keyless one from RVLocks and more. Now we can close the door with a push of your little finger it closes so nice. Friends that camp with still slam our door, but it is not necessary at all. As an aside, our camper came with slam latches for the compartments which I was not a fan of because way too many people slam their doors in my opinion. That's also why I hate motels. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 06/14/22 09:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Turn Your Regular Grill into a Smoker - Easy

We have one of these at home for cold smoking cheese etc. and one in the 5er that we use with our Weber Q120. LizzQ smoker tube. Filled with wood pellets ours lasts around 5 hours. I use less for shorter smoke times. Fire it up for a while before starting your food, and they get great results. Just a tip from experience, if you are going to cold smoke some cheese in a Weber Q100/1000 size grill, build a foil heat shield to protect the cheese from the radiated heat in the small space.
dieseltruckdriver 06/03/22 08:50am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: conceal carry permit SD

Yes, we do have constitutional carry, but this is directly from the states website: "Has physically resided in and is a resident of the county where the application is being made for at least thirty days immediately preceding the date of the application;". It seems pretty self explanatory to me.
dieseltruckdriver 05/23/22 06:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: Solo fire pit

My wifes asthma won't let her sit around a fire in a regular fire pit anymore, so we bought one of the Solos also. What little smoke they do give off isn't enough to make her cough at night. It sure isn't enough to bother adjoining campsites. That being said, we have only been able to use it once and that was at a state park campground because of fire bans where we usually go. It is nice to be around a wood fire again, the propane fire pit just doesn't give off the heat. Before you call a propane fire pit a "fake", stick your hand in it. That fire is REAL! LOL!
dieseltruckdriver 05/21/22 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Discoverer AT3 XLT

I have Cooper HT3s on my pickup and with 10k miles on them I am very happy. Much happier than the Goodyear Duratracs I previously had on it. They seem to be wearing much better. I did use Falken Wild Peaks on my previous pickup and didn't mind them at all either.
dieseltruckdriver 05/21/22 09:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel parts Try these folks if your Outback dealer or mfg can't help. I had to replace the front aluminum cap (in '90) on a 1984 26" Aljo 5th wheel trailer. They were about 12 miles away from me so I dropped the ruined cap off at their place. They matched the tri color pattern and horizontal rib pattern perfectly.Thank you for that link. I bookmarked it for future reference.
dieseltruckdriver 05/20/22 09:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

snipped PS, Use the link and use that glue to do your repair. What I do for your type is to cut out the square area and remove the rubber. Cut a slightly larger piece of rubber and glue in place and then use Eternabond around the perimeter. THAT is why I like reading your posts. As simple as it is I wouldn't have thought of doing it that way but it would definitely work better than what I would have done. I would have cut a slit at the bubbled part, laid it down flat and put Eternabond on the cut part to seal it. I still wouldn't have the repair glued down doing that, even though it would be sealed. I am also a lousy carpenter. ;)
dieseltruckdriver 05/18/22 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

OP here - First thanks to IAMICHABOD that link told me I have an EPDM roof - Now the follow up question - what adhesive is the correct one to repair a section of the roof? Thanks! josh How big of a section are you needing to repair? If it's a tear, get Eternabond tape. If it's a small hole, the I would use Eternabond and then Dicor self levelling.
dieseltruckdriver 05/17/22 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

^^I agree, there is a reason the Watts regulator costs more. The RV Guard model looks like the Valterra regulator. Bad thing about a cheap model, just more expense, when you decide to toss it, and get a proven high quality one. Myself...I quit using any, just fill my 60 gal fresh tank as needed, and have a great, consistent water pressure. Nice too, in case you ever have a water leak, you catch it right away. Jerry I curious....How long have you used this approach, and how many water pumps you replaced? I like this idea, but am always hesitant to, as I'm concerned that the water pumps they put in RVs, like many other RV components, aren't meant for prolonged use. I'd be concerned that if we used the water pump all the time for everything water related like you are advocating here, we'd be replacing a lot of water pumps. How has your water pump held up under this kind of constant use?I do not use external water connections except to fill my fresh tank. I have faith in my Sureflo pump. In my last 5er, I accidentally left my pump on for a day and a half, running dry. I was sure I ruined it so I ordered a new one and replaced it. I am still using that pump to pump water from my 60 gallon bladder to my tank in my current 5er. I haven't done a thing to that pump yet. We had our last 5er for 8 years, this one is on it's 5th year, and we stay over 100 nights a year in it since we like it better than our home, but can't afford to full time yet.
dieseltruckdriver 05/16/22 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need help understanding how to set up an ARP device

The instructions for my ARP device were NOT well written. Also, I couldn't get the device to change settings. I learned the hard way that a "TAP" of a button was not enough. I had to "HOLD" the button to make changes. Richard I agree. Poorly written instructions, and lots of "refer to something or someplace online." That's not handy when boondocking. I am glad I have the unit, and offhand I would recommend checking to see if maybe your heat sensor is too close to the heat source or not firmly against the metal.
dieseltruckdriver 05/15/22 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

I have to agree that the impacts are annoyingly loud. I was walking early one morning, 6ish and some a$$hat decided that an impact at that time of the morning was the tool he needed to use so he could go home when most were sleeping. I did say something to him and he looked clueless. Love the "all about me" people. Late morning to early evening and the impacts are just an annoyance. Earlier or later than that and they are just rude. Using a quieter tool doesn't affect anyone, and a drill is MUCH quieter than the little impacts. That being said, I have auto levelling, so I don't even need a drill.
dieseltruckdriver 05/15/22 08:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric bikes !!

SNIP I'd be afraid if we had E-bikes, we wouldn't get as much exercise riding. Temptation would be to get lazy and let the motor do a lot of the work. The only time I do that is after happy hour!!! And I love it! :)
dieseltruckdriver 04/26/22 06:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric bikes !!

I would love to have a electric bike. But, as a 58 year old, balding, jeans wearing, heavy set guy, I think I would look stupid on one and people would laugh at me. Could be worse. Around here if I rode a bike wearing a spandex outfit and a helmet like I see people on TV doing they would beat me up or something. lolHey, I'm 58, and jeans wearing. You wouldn't look stupid on one, and if someone said you did what do you care at this age? The exercise is great for you. Don't do the spandex. EVER!
dieseltruckdriver 04/25/22 06:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: secureing sofa in slide

We pulled the jackknife sofa out of ours and replaced it with a dual reclining loveseat about 4 years ago and it's not fastened down. The original one wasn't either. No problems yet.
dieseltruckdriver 04/24/22 04:31pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need big collapsible bowl for salad for 4

I bought a couple of these in the original size, they have a lid and a cutting board is part of the collapsible bowl. Just a heads up, my shipping was very slow but it is a good quality product. Drip EZ I specifically did not want a drain in the bottom so I could use it to marinate meat without worrying about leaks.
dieseltruckdriver 04/22/22 05:44pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 80 amp charge controller

Epever seems to have a few issues periodically and is considered low end value product. I have not used this controller so just going on what I read. I've read the same thing but then again, I have read what trash Renogy is but I haven't had any issues with the two I have, other than smallish connection ports..I'm looking to get an MPPT 20 amp controller here very soon soon..Epever was on my short list but I may just go Victron and be done with it .. I have respect for Renogy, I have some of their components and like them. They have gotten used used daily for a few years now and no problems at all. That being said, I am going to go with Victron for my MPPT charge controller, and most likely my next PSW inverter. I have one of their 375 watt inverters now and am going to go with at least a 1200 watt unit.
dieseltruckdriver 04/22/22 05:37pm Tech Issues
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