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RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

Or get a senior dog that will just be happy to have a loving home!
dcason 09/02/19 10:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

Go to a shelter although that really is not the best place to see what a dog is really like but some shelters will let you have a trial run. I got mine from perfect pets rescue (not a sticks and bricks shelter but in foster homes) and I see you are in not far. They have a van transporting vetted and fostered dogs up here every two weeks. Some are adopted right at the van and some stay in foster for awhile until their family finds them. Our girl (48 lb. lab/heller mix) came potty trained (1.5 years at adoption) with instructions where to go. There are so many great dogs just waiting for homes...never assume that shelter dogs have issues....although before we got ours my husband did NOT share with me his thoughts about them having issues. We had Mali for one month when we took off for a two month long trip out west. She had never slept in the same room as us (I have sleep issues so I need what I can get) but she had been in the rv a couple of times. She was great. She chewed the rope (we had her tied to the dinette table leg) twice within the first hour. It purpose was to keep her out from under driver's feet which was easily managed with some training and a big foot blocking. Her bed between our seats or she in my lap. She gets out every time we stop...mostly just to sniff and that satisfies her on the multiway trip out west from NY. We stop at dog parks here and there enroute. She is on a long line when we boondocks and I think she loves the fact that there are constantly new sniffs. She is quiet when we are out (not that much without her). Do it but don't get a little barker! Do a trial run of a couple of days and in the rv.
dcason 09/02/19 10:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: Recommend a sealant or caulk

Geocel Proflex is amazing stuff - it sticks to anything. Forever. Okay I ordered some...thank you.
dcason 08/22/19 03:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Short Class A suitable for boon docking

Another consideration for boon docking is battery bank size. Usually easier to expand battery bank size in a class A. Do class A's typically come with enough for that (frugal usage)? We did add to our C.
dcason 08/22/19 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommend a sealant or caulk

For rooftop use: Dicor self-leveling lap joint compound is the standard stuff. It goes on with the consistency of yogurt, so it's not useful at all for vertical applications (it self-levels down the wall). For other things, I find OSI Quad Max works fairly well and is not too expensive and is available at big box stores. The Max version is definitely nicer to work with than the standard OSI Quad, and the nozzle on the tubes can be unscrewed and cleaned out after storage should it goober up which is a big advantage as far as I'm concerned. This is a polyurethane-based compound, I believe, not too much unlike GeoCel Proflex. For little things like door hold-open catches, plain plumber's putty also works pretty well and is comparatively neat and clean to work with and easy to remove should the need come up. Thank you. No roof stuff at this time just horizontals and verticals. You mention PROFLEX Geocel and that was what i was just looking at...use that?
dcason 08/22/19 01:16pm General RVing Issues
Recommend a sealant or caulk

Hubby is in the process of scraping away old caulk/sealant on class C...around windows, door, compartments. Anyone have a recommended goo to reseal with? AND what do you actually call it. We can use amazon prime or camping world (15 minutes away). Donna
dcason 08/22/19 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Short Class A suitable for boon docking

We currently have a class C and can go a week frugally so tanks in an A would be better! Didn't think of that...thank you! What are you wanting to be different while boondocking in an A vs your current C? Its time might be ending...we have a leak that hubby is fixing (and swears he will fix; he is a diy guy to the max) the cabover. Looking to get rid of the cabover and thus a King bed. He sleeps in cabover; I get the back bed which he only fits in if he sleeps diagonally (not going to happen with me in there). I need room to sleep! Our added water tank (hubby!) gets us a week and that is good...after that I need to move on to new sights. And is just about 15 years old. Donna
dcason 08/22/19 03:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CHECK your seals/caulking yearly

will remind hubby of the lights!
dcason 08/21/19 03:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Short Class A suitable for boon docking

In the "for what it's worth" category, my insurance has a clause that specifically states the rv is not to be driven off a paved or serviceable road surface more than 50'. Any damage - to anything - as a result would be a denied claim. Pretty much most manufacturers make a small Gas class a 26-27'. Most are on the F53 with 19" wheels. Not sure if that would manage where you plan to take it. Smaller A's like the Vegas are on the E450 chassis with 16" wheels. Hubby does all the repairs so what he sows he reaps! If he is going to treat it like an all terrain vehicle, he will be fixing it!
dcason 08/21/19 01:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Short Class A suitable for boon docking

More importantly is the size of the fresh water tank and holding tanks for boon docking. Our old 32H Bounder has 100 gallons of fresh water and 2 50 gallon waste tanks. We're good for 7-10 day before we have to dump. Richard We currently have a class C and can go a week frugally so tanks in an A would be better! Didn't think of that...thank you!
dcason 08/21/19 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How High???

UH YES...when we came to a low bridge once and a questionable weight limit...we have to figure it out! So we measured the height and have it posted lest husband forget. AND we figured out our weight...roughly. A must to know if you take back roads and off the beaten track.
dcason 08/21/19 01:31pm General RVing Issues
Short Class A suitable for boon docking

Might be looking to buy new or used Shorter Class A - 24 to 27' maybe. But needs to be high enough (not low rider) to be taken boon docking/gravel/some dirt roads...but not 4x 4 obviously. Would like a king or two twin bed. Any ideas? NOT diesel as hubby needs to be able to work on it.
dcason 08/21/19 01:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CHECK your seals/caulking yearly

Ah, I thought eternabond was forever (kind of)...that would be a nightmare to remove! Not forever but for a good ling time... " EternaBond® has an expected life (depending on where you live) of 18-35 years exposed to the weather. EternaBond® has a 5 year shelf life" Great!
dcason 08/20/19 02:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: CHECK your seals/caulking yearly

Sorry to hear. Water is definitely the enemy of RV's! I did a ton of rot repair on my old trailer, and hope I don't have to do it to our motorhome, but if (when) it happens, I'll do it. Because it seems to be a part of RVing... In the meantime, check and re-seal everything. Eternabond is good for a few years, not not forever. And scraping/re-caulking may not be good enough since you've already experienced a leak. Especially up in the cabover, I'd remove the 'trim' pieces and re-do the actual seals between the panels, not just caulk over them (assuming it's not a one piece fiberglass cap). Ah, I thought eternabond was forever (kind of)...that would be a nightmare to remove!
dcason 08/20/19 11:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: CHECK your seals/caulking yearly

Thanks for the post, it's a great reminder. I have a lung disease and can't tolerate any mold. We had a Class A years ago that the rear tail light allowed some water in. Well behind the lights is nothing buy plywood and of course it grew mold. I remediated as much as I could but we ended up selling - full disclosure to the new owners and price was reflected as such. I never even considered the taillights of all things would need to be resealed periodically and the issue that came about as a result. Now I check every single thing, every bolt, screw, light, seal etc - any penetration into the RV and probably over do it, but it only takes a pin hole to completely ruin an RV for me. Good luck in your fix, sounds daunting. I hear you on the mold! I got sick (vomiting) when i helped remove mold infested fiberglass from daughters renovation house. I used a dust mask (woefully inadequate and I knew it) and no one else got sick! So don't want to play that game again or worse. I think in a few years if hubby can make it last cleanly, we will replace it.
dcason 08/20/19 11:28am Class C Motorhomes
CHECK your seals/caulking yearly

So this is just a reminder (wish I had that) that everyone should check their seals/caulking on your RV's yearly. We own a 2005 Jayco Escapade class c. We did the roof perimeter with eternal bond a few years ago. We usually store it under cover but this year it has been out in the driveway uncovered being modified/maintained etc. Usually it is used 4+ months per year; we do extended trips of 6 weeks to 2+ months. Our looked fine but dirty...all the caulking/goo around the windows, compartments, strip down the corner of front cabover...old but not cracked. Well hubby periodically checks under his mattress for any possible leaks etc. This time he hit the motherlode and not in a good way. Apparently the caulking on the front corner cabover was compromised...still don't know exactly where. There was furry mold under his pillow area and some black mold on that faux plywood. Exterior: He scraped all the caulking off the suspected areas/parts were brittle but not cracked and recaulked which stopped the water flow. He will soon be redoing ALL of the caulking/sealing around each window/compartment etc. Interior: Hubby tore the plywood off the cabover bed and took one bay (of three) down to the skinny plywood that the fiberglass is glued to......lots of white foam balls all over the place, wet wood/possible or probably mold. Clean up with vinegar. He drilled 2" holes in the boxed in area that is across the bottom of cabover and pulled out wringing wet fiberglass insulation. Currently the AC is blasting, fans running for two days and ongoing. This could have been avoided if he periodically had just spot checked areas by stripping/scraping off the caulk/sealant to see how brittle it was and reapplying. He is doing his best to fix this up (our baby) but I can see a new one in my future.... Live and learn by our mistakes!
dcason 08/20/19 08:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trans Labrador Highway are you going back? Same way or through newfoundland? My two cents...go through newfoundland! Why do you need that toad? donna
dcason 08/10/19 10:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Trans Labrador Highway

Thank you for the update. We did this in 2013 with no problems and decided to NOT get the satellite time I think we will. 25 foot class c with NO toad and won't bring one next time as we use our class c as a roaming hotel and not a base camp. For us 389 was the worst...could not get up to a good speed (40 miles per hour) to let the suspension do the work because it was up/down, weaving winding. BUT I think I talked hubby into driving it again! Next year it is on our list and we will take more time. I hope, Martin, that you have some sort of protection for the toad from flying gravel (protect a toad?)or just go very slow on the gravel...which is pretty easy... Donna
dcason 08/10/19 05:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: dog food for old dog

My rescue girl is regularly fed raw farm eggs (might be dramatically different than grocery store). Dogs digestive tracts are more acidic than ours. I do not worry about contracting anything. Oh and she is a raw fed dog...healthy coat, not aggressive (LOL on that one), her teeth are WHITE not brown and she loves her food.
dcason 08/06/19 08:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: Advice from South Western Snow Birders

In the beginning of your trip in January you will have to stay pretty far south or at low elevation to avoid really cold weather. Boondocking? or campground.
dcason 07/19/19 03:41am Snowbirds
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