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RE: Best leveler for travel trailer?

I used wood for years. It works OK. No slippage. Wood can soak up water. That makes them weigh more when transporting, and make a wet spot in the bin. But they are cheap, and if they break you throw them on the campfire (assuming you haven't painted them.) Now I almost exclusively use the Lynx blocks. They are lightweight. Do not soak up water. Hose any mud or dirt off, leave in the sun for few minutes to dry. We have 4 sets, we got them for free. Each rig we bought over the years came with a set. One set came via a door prize at a RV show, another was a gift. I carry 4 pieces of plywood 18x24 to put under them on soft ground or grass. Give them a bigger footprint and do not sink into the ground. The two different brands of plastic blocks (Lynx and Camco) are not interchangeable. They do not interlock with each other. So you must keep buying the same brand if you want to interlock them.
dave54 09/02/22 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: tire pressure

I use the pressure noted on the tire, not the pressure printed on the vehicle.No, no, no...just no.:S So if one tire on my dual axle trailer is flat, I should inflate the other tire on the same side to 160, right? The two of them average to 80, which is the recommended. I would be good to go without changing the flat! ;)
dave54 09/02/22 10:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Sticks and bricks security question

Good neighbors you trust. We have a Ring System, cameras front and back, window and door sensors, broken glass and flood detector, motion detector inside. Monitored 24/7 and viewable on phone app. The sheriff dept does not recommend any specific system, but strongly urges homeowners to get one. It's handy when UPS or FedEx makes a delivery while we are gone. The front motion detector tells us someone approached the door. We look on the phone and see the package. I then text my neighbor to retrieve it for us. I do the same for him. He has a similar system. It has a SIM card and battery backup, so if the internet and/or power goes down (frequently) it still works via the cell system. Our homeowner insurance gave us a 25% premium break after we installed the system. Also handy when I was working in front yard and my wife was gone for the day shopping. She tried to call me on my cell but it was inside the house. She opened up the app and saw me on the front camera. She then called me over the camera speaker, told me to call her on my phone. We notify the Sheriff Dept and they put us on a vacation watch list. The patrol drives by more frequently and looks over the house as he slowly drives by. The other poster claimed 'Police will not do anything unless it is murder'. That may be true where he lives, but not here. They post burglary security video on their facebook page and "If you recognize this person please call us" with a reward offered. Sometimes it is a person already known to law enforcement. "We recognize him. We will go pick him up right now." :)
dave54 08/04/22 06:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

Carry one. Seldom use it. Only if the ground is uneven or gravel (low spots and gravel poking holes in the hose). I have run across a few campgrounds that require them. One time the hookup was so far back behind the site I had to go buy a second support to reach. Another time the site was so uneven the in-ground sewer drain was above the rig drain port. Had to repeatedly walk the hose to the drain.
dave54 07/29/22 10:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Trip report: Sequoia after the fires

We drove into the Dixie Fire to see how some of our favorite boondocking haunts fared. Not well. All our old favorite campsites are all nuked. Even the soil is cooked. I had hoped some of our spots would have been spared or only lightly impacted, that the mosaic effect of many fires would have protected something. No such luck.
dave54 07/12/22 10:23am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

Too many other RV forums. I get confused on which thread is where and when I visited them last.
dave54 07/11/22 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire longevity

The Rule of Thumb for ST tires was 5 years max. Mine were manufactured in 03/17 and have been on the ground since 02/18. They are due for replacement now, but a lot of other unexpected expenses have slammed us in the past few months and the budget for new tires is simply not there. I have babied the tires, kept properly inflated, covered when not in use, never drove hot, etc. They are G rated tires, way overkill for my rig, so never overloaded. I am hoping I can get another year out them.
dave54 07/05/22 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

Some stations offer the cash price for debit cards, some don't. For those that do, you can set up a separate debit account just for your fuel, and only use that card for all fueling. Transfer money into that account as needed. OTOH...rare is the debit card that offers cash back, and many credit cards do. So... is the cash/debit discount greater or less than the CC cash back?
dave54 06/29/22 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: The price of fuel is not nearly high enough

No one likes the price of fuel. What most people like less is cocooning at home and forgoing the activities they want to do because of the fuel prices. We all have only so many years we can go RVing before health and age force us to park the rigs. I am not going to waste those years worrying in fear over the cost of fuel. I'll cut back elsewhere and continue to enjoy life. I'll save fuel when I am in my rocking chair and reliving my adventures through memories.
dave54 06/12/22 09:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Thanks to the VA Healthcare....

I use dental floss. Push it through so it comes out the other side, and pull back and forth.
dave54 06/10/22 09:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Spare tire pressure

Off topic, but kind of related; Spare tire on TV. Most people at least look at tires on the ground every day but often do not check the spare. I always air my spare up to max sidewall on the theory it is more likely to have enough when I need it. Yes, I have a compressor, can air up spare. But it is quicker to reduce pressure and over inflated is safer than under inflated. SOP with me. After every trip I crawl underneath with a mechanics mirror and flashlight, looking for anything amiss (stick or branch wedged up somewhere, chunk of mud, loose nuts, wear spot on wiring or piping, etc. Check pressure while under there. A cheap Walmart yoga mat saves your clothes and back from the inevitable thorns and sharp rocks on the ground. I also do not wait until the day of departure from a campsite to check underneath. I check it the first morning there. Then I have several days to fix any problem rather than have my itinerary delayed from a problem discovered on day of departure.
dave54 05/05/22 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer necessities

You always think of something. Many people suggest keeping a notepad and pencil. That never worked for me. While puttering around outside the rig I'll think of something. The notepad is inside the rig. If I am busy I make a mental note to add my thought to the list when I get back inside, and usually forget to do so. However... I always have my phone with me. I have a notepad and list making app on my phone. I whip it out and add the item right then.
dave54 04/18/22 10:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

If you have a TPMS, you might want to try an experiment. Wait for a hot Summer day with the sun beating down on the pavement. Watch what happens to the tire pressures when you start out at the cold pressure corresponding to the maximum load rating. After the tires cool, try the same experiment starting out at the maximum inflation pressure. You will likely see the roughly the same final operating pressure and may even see operating pressures higher for the tires that started out with lower pressure. Tire manufacturers already know pressure goes up on a hot day and hard drive. They allow for that when setting the max pressure for the tire.
dave54 03/29/22 12:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Time to prepare

Still have one string of Christmas lights I cannot access due to buried under snow and ice. Shady side of the house. But the rest of the yard is clearing fast. Dragged a rake around the exposed grass today. That much less to do later! We already kiboshed one planned trip to Washington State due to fuel prices (plus a whole a bunch of other unplanned expenses popped up suddenly -- new water heater, new refrigerator, medical expenses). So we will stick closer to home and boondock a lot. The RV needs new tires, I am hoping we can go another summer without any tire problems (1217 date code, on the ground 02/2018). Kept them fully inflated and covered when parked so I should be OK.
dave54 03/18/22 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing in 2022

If you are coming to California stop at the last fuel station before entering the state and top off to the max.
dave54 03/18/22 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Gear and Technology

Cell phone booster. It will not create a signal out of thin air, but in marginal signal areas it makes the phone usable. In good signal areas the booster with a MiFi card and Firestick allows us to stream movies. Tire monitors. I like them. Pressure and temperature without having to stop the truck, and fish out my IR sensor gun and tire gauge. Propane tank sensors. Handy when they work. Hard to keep them sending. They lose their syncing frequently and it is a PITA to get them working again. The tank levels are displayed on a base unit inside the rig or our phones. Per DW's wishes I started carrying a PLB when out hiking, fishing, or mountain biking by myself. Also bear spray. Some real handy phone apps out there now. The National Park Service app (free) shows information and maps for any National Park. Download and store on phone for non-cell coverage areas. The similar US Forest Service app for National Forests. The free Avenza app has National Park maps from the Park brochure -- the same map they hand out at the entrance station or visitor center. Download it, and the phone GPS will track you along the Park roads. The NPS and FS OHV maps are free. They want money for most other maps. There are a lot of other mapping programs, but often want a subscription fee for what the FS and NPS apps do for free. I usually down the latest mapping app to check it out and end up deleting it because it offers the same functions (or fewer) as my existing apps. Our local library is a member of a library net, and has tens of thousands of e-books available for download through the Libby app. We send them to our kindles via the cell booster and MiFi. Also audio books for the long driving days. Download to a phone and bluetooth the phone to the truck sound system. You can download from anywhere, accessing the library collections from anywhere in the country.
dave54 03/18/22 03:14pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping

We have been lucky. No one in our family or in our circle of friends has had any problems. One nephew and his wife had a mild cold-like symptoms for a few days. They tested positive for the omicron variant. Everyone else -- nothing. We had the vaccinations and the booster. Got the seasonal flu shot. I joke I am like the family dog -- current on all my shots. Life goes on. A face mask has become part of my EDC even though it is seldom required anymore. Every time I go out I grab my phone, glasses, keys, wallet, and mask. It is just part of the routine now.
dave54 03/01/22 11:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Would $7 per gal effect your RV lifestyle?

Won't stop our trips. We'll just have to budget for it. Good financial planning is spending your last dollar with your dying breath...
dave54 02/24/22 06:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Our planet is getting too crowded......

Not worried. Not all of them want to go boondocking. So as long as I have plenty of room to camp with no neighbors, I have more pressing things to worry about.
dave54 02/19/22 06:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: pocket knife

A credit card knife in my wallet always. I carry a folding blade (or two) as EDC. A nice single folding blade for 'dress-up occasions'. A multitool for other general purpose errands. Sometimes 2, as one does not have a folding pliers, but I can open everything with one hand. The blade of the multitools do not have good ergonomics. They do not fit my hand well and using them as a cutting blade is awkward. So sometimes I carry a multitool and a 4" folding blade that is comfortable in my hand and can control it better for delicate work. A fishing knife as part of my tackle box. A previous life as a firefighter I carried a 4" OTF switchblade. I could open it with one hand while wearing gloves. Don't carry it anymore with the knife laws in California. Used to have a blet buckle knife too, but no longer wear it. Again, knife laws even though it is technically legal. I am well knifed.
dave54 02/16/22 08:05pm Around the Campfire
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