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It's a bit (IMNSHO and FWIW) of a conundrum Stupid question - what do these acronyms mean? Thanks
cross21114 06/27/19 06:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Trip Planning

Ken, I had a typo in previous post. Aerial view is only available when on line. Road view can be used off line if maps are downloaded. By the way, I agree with your earlier post about Mapsource being much easier to use than Base Camp. I was able to install in on my Windows 10 computer so I can still use it. If you still have an installation disk, give it a try. Chris
cross21114 06/27/19 05:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planning

If you have Windows 10, there is a good mapping program called "Maps". Look in Microsoft. Not much instructional information available (that I've found). More I use it the more I like it. You can download maps to use when not on line, although when on line, only the road view is available. I also use 2 standalone Garmins. In addition to being able to use when not in cell range, they have tons more capability than any phone based system.
cross21114 06/26/19 03:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Matt, Another feature. When you add Favorites, they stay as favorites every time you open Maps. I've been adding spots we stop at for the future plus i have added locations I have been at since 2000 when I started saving waypoints. You must use the format xx.xxxxxxx -yy.yyyyyy. You can also share but I don't do that or know how to do it. Chris
cross21114 06/26/19 03:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Matt, Biy I hear you. I used MapPoint (business version of Streets) and miss it terribly. Maps is hard to figure out. Try a simple test. Enter an address (like your home) and search. Expand and see if it is where it should be. Switch to aerial view and check again. Switch back to road view. Click the direction tab on the right side of the information box. Enter another address you know. Click "get directions". You can change settings to avoid toll roads, etc. (see the Gear button). Here's an output map from a route I just calculated. From here, you can add locations and recalculate. Hope this helps. Chris
cross21114 06/26/19 03:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: crazy accidnet

sorry for the double post. mods feel free to delete. No problem. As noted, your article contained a lot more information. Thanks
cross21114 06/25/19 05:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Survey-- City Water vs pump

100% tank all the time. Unlike others, no bad experience...but I've ready of plenty other bad experiences, so that's enough for me. Pressure is better (more consistent) running on the pump anyway. Every evening, I top off the tank. Ditto. Make sure your overflow line is not plugged when filling with water, or if you can watch the water level as it fills. Don't ask me how I know.
cross21114 06/25/19 05:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Continuation of above post. Don't know why it cut me off. You can save favorites, get GPS coordinates, change travel settings, and others. Been using it for a few months. There is little documentation available but have been figuring it out little by little. It does not (at least I haven't found it yet) have a search function like Streets did. Give it a try if you use Windows 10.
cross21114 06/25/19 05:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

We always planned with Streets and Trips and later with Street Atlas. Both were good for both planning and enroute navigation. With those gone, and there being no real replacement. ll. Matt Pretty solid suggestions with Excel. We usually do what others have suggested. Start where your goal is and work backwards. We also prefer to wing it (at least I do, wife not so much). Boondocking is Ok for us for several days, then a campgrouond to fill and empty tanks and do some wash. There is another Microsoft program for navigating. It is standard on Windows 10 and is called Maps. You can download maps so you can use more features such as a Google Earth=type view. it off line but you have more v
cross21114 06/25/19 05:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: mild rant, contractors and repair folks

I think some of the problem is employees. I have a close firend who has a construction company. He only employs citizens, many from the inner city. He pays really well, great benefits, etc. He had 8 callouts today. We think that he pays so well (way north of the $15 number) that employees really don't need to work a full 40, much less OT. Of course, they are not saving for retirement, other than the K1 he furnishes. Doesn't explain the last of communications but makes it harder to stay on schedule and increases stress.
cross21114 06/18/19 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Friends from the "OOP'S" thread.

Not much going on around here. A little rain now and then, but the really bad thunderstorms missed us. Temps have been in the upper 70s/low 80s. So that should be good for fire season? Prayers for Art.
cross21114 06/14/19 03:24pm Around the Campfire

Those are pretty good notes. I don't think there's any legal reason to need to avoid carrying ammunition for guns you don't have with you through Canada (subject to the 5000 round limit), assuming it's properly declared etc., though it may well make them more likely to search your vehicle at the border--as they have every right to do in any case. Many people do this on the way to Alaska if they have a handgun shipped separately there in care of a gun dealer. Canadian regulations are unclear on this. This is one statement "Within the prescribed limits, non-residents can import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes, or up to 1,500 rounds duty free for use at a recognized competition." The other is the reference to 5,000 on the same website. I have carried, and will carry this year, only 200 shotgun shells which fit the 2 shotguns I will be using in Alaska to hunt birds with (one is a 28 gauge which might be hard to find in Tok). In 2005, I shipped a handgun to Tok and bought ammo there for it and left all of it with my Alaskan friend before I dropped by handgun at an FFL in Tok to ship it to my FFL home. I am not shipping a handgun this year. Declaring ammo to fit a handgun will put them on edge. With the availablity of ammo almost as soon as you enter Alaska, I don't see the risk being worth it. Just my 2 cents.
cross21114 06/11/19 12:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Help getting out of NYC

Here's a comparison of 2 possible routes.
cross21114 06/10/19 01:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dawson City > Chicken > Tok AK

Just for reference for those who plan to drive the Top of the World Hwy. or the Taylor Hwy. route during October : For those planning to cross the International Border in either direction that late in the season, there is a current trend that travellers might be out of luck in doing so as CBP and CBSA Poker Creek Station had recently decided to close the border crossing earlier than usual..... In 2017, the border closure was effective on September 25th. In 2018, the border closure was effective on September 23rd. They were posted scheduled closures not due to any typical bad weather or road related conditions either as in the past when it was a more random decision upon when to close the border for the season, so keep that in mind. Thanks for this. I had actually looked at this and thought I had found comments about it closing later than your report. Will do some more research. I think I could get through OK if it closes Oct 3rd. Hope so because I would really like to drive the Robert Campbell again.
cross21114 06/09/19 02:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson City > Chicken > Tok AK

Funny reading the comments about different drivers perspectives on road conditions. I did Top of the World in October, 2005 in a truck camper. Going to do it again this October in an 2 year old coach. By the time I get done spending September in Alaska, the rig will be a mess anyway. I'll probably clean it up after I get back to the states. It'll be really messed up by then. Can't wait - will be my 1st time back to Alaska since 2005. This was a ice cloud on the ToW road approaching the border.
cross21114 06/06/19 07:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Supervisors that CANT supervise?

I think it is a combination of a lack of development of leaders with more of a push of lower paid "supervisors" and people's inability to admit they don't know something.. I don't believe a person has to have done a particular job to be the supervisor of those who do the job, at least for most things. Some technical fields would more likely require someone in a leadership position have experience in the field. But the breakdown is in the development of the people into leaders. A leader would go into that situation, gather everyone up and make it clear that the people doing the job are the experts and he/she will defer to their training and judgement on the technical aspects of the job. At the same time, the leader will then strive to learn about the job duties, why things are done particular ways, pitfalls, wants of the employees, etc. They know that I'll be fair and treat them professionally. They know that if they make a mistake and it is an honest mistake, I've got their back with the higher ups and will take the heat for them. They know that if they come up with a good idea, they will get credit for it and if I come up with a good idea, they will still get credit for it as a team. I agree with this 100%.
cross21114 06/05/19 06:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Using EZ Pass while towing

In many cases, the combined toll is more than each individually. So if you disconnected and pass thru the toll booth and then hook back up, you can save money in some states. Sounds like a real PITA to save a nickel IMO? It is but imagine the savings if you unhooked and drove separately through the entering toll booth on a turnpike, hooked back up to travel the entire state, unhook before going through the ending tool booth? Could be significant. Probably not legal if caught.
cross21114 06/05/19 05:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Using EZ Pass while towing

Make sure you remove the toad's E-ZPass and store in the shielded bag so both tags don't register. The NY Thruway E-ZPass Motorhome Plan requires a separate tag available when you send in the application and a copy of your registration. To further explain - both passes will register. The RV will carry the tolls of the combined unit and then an additional charge for the toad will be charged. We take the Ezpass off in the toad and put it in one of the special foil bags they provide to prevent the double hit. In many cases, the combined toll is more than each individually. So if you disconnected and pass thru the toll booth and then hook back up, you can save money in some states.
cross21114 06/05/19 09:35am Dinghy Towing
RE: EZ pass

Yes you can buy a EZpass from other states but why wouldn't you buy it in your home state unless it's cheaper from another?
cross21114 06/05/19 09:30am Dinghy Towing
RE: Chaser and Chasee

We prefer to tow for a lot of reasons but sometimes if we are moving a short distance, we will not bother to hook up.
cross21114 06/05/19 09:22am Class C Motorhomes
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