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RE: Modern Food?

Restaurants are providing what most people like. If they don't, they won't be around for long. It's far too tough a business to be successful in, if you aren't pleasing your customers. Few restaurants survive for long. Only the best make it. Best is defined by the customer. So what that means is, if you don't like what most restaurants are serving, you just happen to have different tastes than the majority. There isn't anything wrong with being different, just like there isn't anything wrong with the popular restaurants of today.
bpounds 10/16/19 02:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar wiring route?

Faced with a similar situation, it was a long round-about to reach the fridge stack, I chose to snake it inside an interior wall. But it all depends on your floor plan. Personally I would exhaust all other ideas before I ran wires down the outside. If I had to use the route you're thinking of, I would probably prefer to lay the wires along the outside of the awning channel, and cover them with Eternabond tape.
bpounds 10/16/19 01:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Add to camping to do list...

Come on's for a sign. Obviously a funny decorating thing. I don't know what oxoxo is. Is that where we insert our own ideas? LOL If so... Collect Rocks Shop Sit and Think
bpounds 10/16/19 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing drum brakes ???

Do you recommend reusing your drums? If so, how many times? Do you get them turned? Does turning include resurfacing the magnet track? Might do brakes this spring. Not sure if I should do new drums, even though they look good. Seems like a set of drums with hubs and bearings costs as much or more than the brake sets.
bpounds 10/15/19 03:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sewage Follies

Wow, that fly's in the face of the plumbing code. "I 107.9 Sewer inlets shall be 4 inch diameter and extend above grade 3 to 6 inches (76 to 152 mm). Each inlet shall be provided with a gas-tight seal when connected to an RV, and have a gas-tight seal or plug for use when not in service, and shall be protected from traffic." and... "I. 107.13 No sewage, wastewater or any other effluent shall be allowed to be deposited on the surface of the ground." Hmmm, just about every dump station I've ever seen violated at least one of those rules. None of them are above grade. Few if any have any type of seal on the brass cap. Must be something about being a temporary facility. Most of the hook-up sewer connections meet those rules, or at least close to it. But not dump stations.
bpounds 10/15/19 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Sewage Follies

A properly vented tank will never colapse. navegator This is my opinion too. If your roof vent is clogged, you're going to have other issues showing up. I only mentioned it because it has been discussed on the forum in the past. Comes up in pretty much every honey wagon discussion. I guess I didn't get a photo of the rear of their tank, but it had a slogan across the back. "We take [email protected] off anyone"
bpounds 10/15/19 08:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Sewage Follies

my guess is the trough was in response to the mental midgets who couldn't manage to connect their 3" hoses to the sewer connection. Yeah, probably. I kinda figure it was an effort to minimize the mess, and minimize maintenance staff cleanup effort. The area around it was very clean, at least at the moments we were there. In that first photo you can see just the edge of a metal grate, which covers where the actual drain is located. It had TP and stuff hanging from the grate. I suspect someone pulled up very close to that curb, which meant jumping their tires over the trough, and dumped directly onto the grate. And I guess I can't blame them for that, because there wasn't any kind of direction as to how you were supposed to use the thing. As it was, I could have pulled a lot closer to the edge of the trough, but I had no idea what I was pulling up to, and it wasn't worth backing up and relocating. It would have shortened the "river" of waste and if I ever use such again I will know.
bpounds 10/14/19 01:28pm General RVing Issues
Sewage Follies

Well, not really follies, just stuff that was new to me and might be to others too. First, Nevada has dump stations at several of their rest stops along I-80. We used this one near Winnemucca. First of its kind that I have seen. Instead of a hole with a clamshell brass cover, this was a concrete trough that you pull up next to and let'r rip. A pushbutton opens a spray of water to flush the trough. I used a hose to keep splashing to a minimum, and it was super windy too. I don't get the reason really. It seems more complicated, because there is electrical needed for the water wash pushbutton, and I don't think it keeps itself cleaner, although that might be the reasoning. Definitely more smelly and overall, not a pleasing system IMO. Best thing I can say is that it is free to use. width=640 The other event I have been aware of, but never actually observed it in person before, is the "honey wagon" sewage pumping service. It's been discussed here before. Some were afraid of waste tanks being collapsed from the suction. Some said they dumped into, and sucked out of, a bucket. I'm happy to say none of that was an issue. The pump is engine drive, seems to be like any other sewage/waste style pump. Simply hooked up a hose to the camper outlet and started pumping. The hose was about a 2.5" dia, so a little smaller than the outlet. There was an adapter that I think was probably a back-flow preventer but I'm not positive on that. A young lady was providing the entire service and didn't know much about the equipment design, but was very efficient at doing what she was trained to do. Cost was $30 - $35 depending on the size of your trailer length, not the size of your tanks. height=640 height=640 height=640
bpounds 10/14/19 12:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Overnight helpful??

I suppose you meant, since domain is for sale. At $25/yr it would not be worth finding out if it is worth using, or not. At least on my side of the country, finding a place to park overnight is a no-brainer, with a minimum amount of effort.
bpounds 10/09/19 04:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

Concur ! Anyone with solar who boondocks a lot, needs a generator. The sun does not shine every day. Just finished a 15 day hunting/fishing trip, to the Sierra and then over to Casper WY. We're running 230w of battery bank, and 400w of solar. Many would consider that a bit of overkill on the solar versus battery, but it works great for us even in partly cloudy weather. At the end of 10 days we had been getting near full charges and were running the space heater a lot, most every night. Then WY had a front blow in, socked in solid cloudy, rainy, even foggy. The solar didn't contribute much for 2 days, and on the 3rd day I broke out the Honda 2k and ran it for a few hours. The battery bank was still above 50% (they are brand new), but not knowing how long we would be under clouds, the prudent thing to do was to burn some gasoline. Popped some popcorn while it ran, and was proud of myself for digging out the gen on my own timetable, rather than getting poked in the ribs during the cold night. First time we've ran the Honda since I installed the solar, other than exercising it at home. Having the solar now, I would buy a cheaper generator if I had to replace the Honda, because it just sits too much. Based on the real-life example above, I would not want to be without some kind of generator.
bpounds 10/09/19 10:20am Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

I do think Honda is the gold standard. Lately I have seen a lot of used Honda 2k on places like Craigslist. Since the 2.2k came out. I figure a lot of people are upgrading so they can run A/C, at least in their minds. Used to be you would save almost nothing by buying a used 2k Honda, they were so respected, but lately the prices have become more realistic. You need a generator first. Solar second.
bpounds 10/08/19 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

It's not that i'm worried about it, it's more that i'm upset that nobody told me i purchased a camper that had been repaired. It's not a very good repair! Yeah, I would be ticked too. I've heard it is quite common with brand new cars too. I think I even owned one in a 1977 Datsun. I expect it would be similar with RV's, and they have no obligation to tell you.
bpounds 09/20/19 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Check Your Battery(s) batteries are hidden down below the tanks I thought I'd take a look... Good situation for a remote watering system. And then, go AGM for your next set of batteries.
bpounds 09/20/19 09:51am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

Looks like a repair to me. Could have been done at the manufacturer, could have been knicked by the dealer and repaired there. Could have even been done by a delivery driver, and repaired to keep the info from the dealer. Stuff happens. Why are you worried?
bpounds 09/20/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: black water holding tank valve opens but won't drain

My strategy is to use the park's restroom for the big jobs and only deal with it once! Wish I could convince the wife. I do use a packet of laundry detergent with five gallons of water on my way to the RV park. I then drain as soon as I get there. It is amazing how much stuff comes out even after previously using the black tank rinse. I would be leery of using a whole bottle of dish detergent. I'd be afraid of brown suds discharging out of my roof vent. On to a more appealing thread! Suds. That's why I use Dawn automatic dishwashing soap. Suds are a problem in automatic dishwashers too. OP wasn't specific, but did say dishwashing, not laundry. I use the sachet packets because they are easy to drop down the toilet, no spilling, no measuring. And anything that will cut grease is worth the expense IMO. Human grease is basically what holds a turd together. As far as ice and that guy's test videos, I can't say whether ice will work, but I don't accept that his imitation feces is a proper test media.
bpounds 09/19/19 01:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Will fifth wheel front hit truck back window?

If you go far enough yes, regardless of 5th wheel or truck.. Certainly not true. OP; Much depends on any combos particulars.... hitch location how much the trailers front corners are rounded/notched... how long is the trailers pin box.... all can be players in cab to front corner clearances. Not absolutely true, but I would venture 99% of short bed pickup trucks with non-sliding 5 wheel style hitches. Unless your pin is more than 49 inches away from the cab, it is going to hit in a 90° turn. And if you've got a wide body 102" fifthwheel like so many of them are, then it's going to be 52". On unlevel ground, the limits are worse. It's pretty rare to ever actually turn truck and camping trailer to a 90° corner. Most people will only do it as a test, not while actually parking. Possibly in a U-turn situation. You'll be abusing your trailer suspension as you do it. Clipped camper corners only lessen the angle at which the collision will occur. A statement which is true of long beds too, although that would be at an angle of more than 90°.
bpounds 09/19/19 01:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

At the risk of wandering off topic... For years I didn't use the rinse system much. If I did it was because I was on a site with hookups and I was generally bored and had a WTH moment. Never did it while at a dump station. I did however sometimes use gray water to back flush, which took maybe 1 minute extra. Then for the last year I've been using a Sewer Solution and dumping tanks at home. Now there is no "gusher" to help move stuff. So now I'm more diligent about using the rinse system. And why not, I've got a hose out anyway, and plenty of time to do it. Never anyone waiting in line behind me either. I still think adding a bit of water before storage is important. I don't want the bottom of the tank to look like a dry lake bed. That mud might go back into solution, or it might just float loose in chunks. Why risk it?
bpounds 09/19/19 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Planning to replace a cracked fender

Here is a recent thread on the subject; Plastic Fenders
bpounds 09/18/19 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Planning to replace a cracked fender

Jerry, Icon direct sells through Amazon. I replaced my fenders this summer. I used the Icon site to figure out what part number I needed, searched it on Amazon, and found it. It was priced a few $ less than direct from Icon, and shipped for free. Win-win, as I prefer to purchase things through Amazon. I was happy with the product. I'm not sure it was thicker or better than the original. But it was at least equal, and I do know that my installation technique was a lot better than the factory.
bpounds 09/18/19 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaving the RV World for a while

Sounds like the right move at this time in your lives. We went through a similar period where the kids were too busy to camp, which made us too busy too. Someday, sooner than you expect, you'll be ready to start up again.
bpounds 09/18/19 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
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