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RE: Slide out motor removal

yes, I agree, a very poor design. After 11 rv's I'm a little tired of getting burned. That's why I always advise people to strike up conversations with the guys that repair them before they buy. Doing that has saved me from buying certain rvs. But I guess a lot of people are gamblers and let the dice roll . If you had known that about the slide removal to access the motor, would you have still bought it , knowing that they use 12v cheap motors in these things ? Nothing is quality in rv's, you have to limit your down time and lack of use.
bobndot 06/05/20 06:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New cargo trailer tires, good news and bad ...

OK, OK, we get it DC . We will set up a GoFundMe page for you :) As I said before, those tires work well. Safe travels .
bobndot 06/02/20 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Pulling 16 Foot Cargo Trailer w.2 Harleys

I would hold off on the new Ford motor until it proves itself. There was a thread regarding that last month.
bobndot 06/02/20 11:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Pulling 16 Foot Cargo Trailer w.2 Harleys

class c 2018 Sunseeker 2350 on a Ford v-10 6 speed with 4.56 rear. I tow tree different trailers from time to time about 1000 miles round trip . MPG empty 9.5 at 55 mph, about 8 mpg towing 63 mph. Mountains out west will eat up a little fuel but the V-10 as described here will do the job, its a bit of a beast. I have done 4k towing and regularly tow 3k utility v-nose trailer and another snomo 2-place trailer at about 3000# with a 24' Ford E450. No problem with any of those trailers. My tow capacity is rated at 7500# My gross rating is 14,500 and my MH sits on a scale all loaded for a trip at approx. 12k give or take. I have a lot of extra payload so I do not feel the trailers I tow. Going up mountains east of the Mississippi are not a problem at all. I have not ventured to the west yet. I got traumatized from watching Breaking Bad. The Ford 6 speed tranny does not run hot and performs very well. I'm very happy with my rig. Because I had the need for this MH to drive like a van more than an rv, I added HD F/R sway bars, FSD and BIL shocks F/R, rear track bar to help with passing trucks and crosswinds and a good positive caster alignment all together make this rig ride real nice and handle the back road twisties.
bobndot 06/02/20 11:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Slide out motor removal

Well Anthony its been 24 hrs. Do you still need help ?
bobndot 06/01/20 04:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Satellite TV .....pros/cons? Tired of tv infomercials!!

Dish Network Tailgater for RV Direct tv does not or did not offer a monthly pay as you go service, so we went with Dish. If you get any system, practice with it at home before you go so you know how it performs. Use the Dishpointer site to view any campsite ahead of time. It will give you a good idea of reception possibilities. My 211k use 110 and 119 sats. Just place the curser on the any campsite in the park to see where the best reception might be. It tells you distance needed for trees to clearly view the sats you need. You need a clear view of the southwest sky. Sometimes it happens, sometimes the dense tall trees don't allow it. The two state parks that we regularly frequent do not offer reception so we only activate our system when we long term vacation somewhere else. You can pay a 'one time activation fee' of $40 or so for DVR service. You just need to add a hard drive to the 211K receiver. The 211k recvr has a constant 110v power draw even when its off. Just being plugged in on standby draws 22watts, fully running is approx. 50w. If you boondock, you have to run it off an inverter of some kind which also uses some 12v power to operate. It takes about 10 mns to boot it up when you first turn it on and after you turn the recvr off and unplug it. If you leave it on standby 24 hrs while boondocking then it will eat up too much 12v power off a standard battery bank in a class C, you have to turn it on/off. The Tailgater antenna uses a single coax wire that supplies a sat signal as well as 12v power. The antenna needs 12v power to change the direction between multiple satellites that the system uses. The antenna spins within its plastic housing . I have used 100 ft of coax to find a clear sat view with no problems for reception. If you ever boondock, then you have to run a small 150w plug in inverter. I use a Samlex PSW Samlex 150w PSW Inverter It has a low voltage alarm built in to the inverter, just in case you have a heart condition. While camping , the alarm sounded when the antenna motor was spinning to locate a satellite as I attempted to change channels. I did not know this and it scared the @#%& out of me and my sleeping family when the 9000 decibel alarm sounded at midnite when I changed channels after watching tv for 2 hours. My DW jumped up and screamed at me and my dog attacked me with her Fox Hound howl. I now hook it up to a separate AGM battery that I carry just for that inverter and 211k. I don't know which was worse, the alarm or the two of them ganging up on me. They work as a pair. :B rvnet thread on sat tv
bobndot 05/31/20 09:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best brand for resale?

Resale value is going to be determined by where our health and economy will be 2 years from now.
bobndot 05/31/20 05:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Prepping for a serious trip...

Endurance, is a good choice, i put a set on my trailer too. Have a save trip.
bobndot 05/29/20 12:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best brand for resale?

Thanks so much for the replies so far. I'm already thinking that maybe a Class B may be a better choice for us, so who knows where I'll end up in this quest. And I'm glad to hear that condition is the most important factor, as that opens up a ton more options when looking for candidates. If you are looking to travel and sightsee a class B is great. If you are stopping to see the sights or driving most of the day. I had two B's and really enjoyed the compact rv. They are limited for longer term camping in one spot due to limited storage and tank size as well as interior long term comfort. If you are interested in an rv that takes up one parking spot and offers you a bathroom and bed wherever you are , check out the Winnebago line, they tend to do pretty well with resale too. Take into consideration to research lithium batteries if you choose to go that route which is popping up a lot in class B units. "L" models are lithium, I'm not sure if there is service available while on the road for those batteries, might be very limited. I do not have any experience using lithium batteries, I'm an AGM guy and that's not a problem. Look at the Travato 59k twin beds w/king insert option . Rear bath/shower. Dinning option with table between the beds or small table up front using swivel front seats. Good view for tv watching. Travato 59G w/ corner bath but offers a small 48" double bed that folds up for bike storage and such on the floor. It's a tight sleep for two adults. Has a front dinette but, if it matters to you, the tv is in an awkward place to view. The dinette comfort level is so-so. B's are going to be limited in ext storage space, but Travato offers a complete roof rack system with box or basket and ladder. It also offers a rear bike rack. Some owners tow a small utility trailer and some use a rear hitch rack with tote box but be careful of adding too much weight that affects handling on any rv. You don't want a FWD vehicle spinning its tires on wet roads or gravel/dirt roads. Be careful how you load them. Good luck in your quest, be safe.
bobndot 05/28/20 08:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Vertiyak for kayak

I thought about it but did not do it, was looking for a way to carry when im not towing my toad. I was not sure if it would drag on driveway aprons as well as dig in when backing up on an incline at some campsites. That seems to me to be a problem on short wheelbase MH's, like my 24' / 158" WB. If I used a riser on the shaft of the hitch, then the yaks might be too tall for my comfort. You might be able to get around that if you carry 8/9 ft yaks. I bought a Thule rack for my toad and carry my yaks/canoe that way. when I do not bring the toad, I bought a one person Sea Eagle 285 to fish out of. That packs into a storage bag and has worked well for 8 yrs or so. No leaks and it stores right on the rv floor in transit.
bobndot 05/28/20 04:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best brand for resale?

I agree with the condition of. If I had to make a guess, I would think a unit such as Coach House with a uni-body fiberglass shell would be on top of the list. Phoenix Cruisers seem to hold their value as well. What I would research is, the used Sprinter market. I have no idea how people think of the expensive replacement parts of the M. Benz which is going to happen on vehicles that are out of warranty.
bobndot 05/27/20 05:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: F550 Auxillary Fuel Tank

After 250 miles a stop to fuel and stretch is usually a good thing You're not kidding, lost a friend that way as he drove his recurring 12 hours trips to his camp. DVT
bobndot 05/27/20 01:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Blind/Shade replacement options

I was considering these , then my dealer decided he would do the OEM shades for me at no cost as a replacement shade. So I never got to try these Legacy shades but here is the link if you can't find anything else.
bobndot 05/27/20 01:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Prepping for a serious trip...

DC, you are killing us with your pics :B Keep up the good work. Seeing this stuff is keeping us afloat. Thank you. Wish we could get out but mom is recovering from nursing home covid at 96. Even though things look much better, it's still too early for us to know yet. We loved our two wheeler as well. On one bike, all original, 125,000 miles worth of love. While owning an rv at the time , we chose to spend our honeymoon trip to the Florida keys in 75' on a new 900 full dress BMW with our backpacking equipment. We accumulated about 7500 on the odom. Ended up selling that in 98' for new snow machines that we ride on interstate trips up in New England to this day. We are searching for DrewE in VT. :) As long as our friends, family and neighbors think we are crazy, that tells us we must be doing something right. We have one of those Res-Q-Link personal locator beacons that use the NOAA military satellites, just in case. :C
bobndot 05/26/20 10:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thor Four Winds 29G too good to be true?

I will attempt to share with you what I have experienced over the last 50 years of rv ownership and dealership experience. Not to say this is a bad or good unit but during normal times rv manufacturers tend to push them off the line at a rapid rate. In 2016 Thor was responsible for a third of rv demand. They tend to leave the tweaking up to the individual dealer to deal with. It saves them time to build and sell new units increasing their profits. Now it depends on the dealer. If this unit was bought from one of those good caring dealers then it might be a decent unit offering the original owner trouble free service and his reasons might be valid for its sale. If it was bought from a busy superstore then you would have a lesser chance of the unit being a solid sale. They too, do not do good prep jobs and push them out the door to leave YOU, the new unsuspecting owner, to deal with it . That's one of the reasons we see a lot of 3 year old rv's on the market. People get fed up waiting for rv service appointments and not having use of their rvs. This is a reason to buy a slide model rv with a useable floorplan while having the slide in the "IN" position, just in case you need to use it that way for any period of time. There are a lot of used newer rv's on the market and that is why NADA prices and such carry little weight on the real used rv market . Dealers use a black book as part of their negotiations process regarding trades. These owners have to come up hardship stories in order to sell them privately. Taking trades is a necessity for dealers and is often problematic for them, they tend to under price the value because they have to warranty it for a period of time. This forces private sales. Things not in your favor, the floorplan , Poking large holes in rv sidewalls to compromise its construction as well as placing a lot of weight on one side over the other. Depending on storage locations, you might be starting off driving an unbalanced rv. Multiple slideouts and having a kitchen in a slide. Plumbing, electrical and gas lines must flex in order to go in/out. Therefore as others with experience have suggested , hire someone, a professional to inspect this unit. It could be a good unit, but there are a lot of variables to investigate because of all its moving parts. There also is a higher tendency for failure. When you inspect any rv, make sure the roof vents and windows have been fully closed for a day before you inspect it. Your nose and a flashlight to inspect dark compartments will be your best tools. Cheap clearance lights and seals around roof installations have been a known leak source on all rvs. Water intrusions will seek the lowest levels to settle. Check those horizontal areas where sidewalls meet the floor or cabinets and bed platforms in-between ceilings and floors. Check for newly added carpets especially under the slides. Most water damage is hidden under the carpet and stains are not visible unless the carpet is removed. I have helped replace worn carpets from slide wear and found water damage while replacing it. The owners never realized they were leaking. We had a slideout fall onto the ground when we deployed it. It was due to rot from water damage. The owner claimed he never realized it. The first thing I would do is check to see if the seller really has an eye doctor.
bobndot 05/26/20 09:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2017 Chateau 23u water leak?

Does your MH have an outside tv ? Check the seal on that door. I once caulked a leaking light but it still leaked. Once I removed the plastic lens, I found water inside the fixture, the lens cover was leaking. I had the same type of leak on my FR MH as you are having. 2018 with a Solera awning which I think you also have. Leaked while parked, stopped when awning deployed 6-12" . I have a Solera electric awning with an LED light strip. If you have a setup like mine then that rear arm might be the problem as it was for me. See where the awning wires pass thru the exterior wall to the inside of the MH. That entry point could be a leak source. If your MH is sitting slightly off level nose down when parked, then water could run down to the stove area from the rear awning arm. That's where my wires entered my unit. The hole was behind the vertical arm attached to the rv itself. When you deploy the awning, look at the vertical arm bracket that's installed onto the MH, it has a snap out plastic cover on the inside. Once I popped it out with a flat blade screwdriver, I found a 1" hole where the wires ran thru to the inside of the MH. That hole has a rubber seal that I had to caulk into place to stop it from leaking. The factory caulked mine but didn't allow the caulk to dry, when the folding awning arm was closed, the wet caulk sealed itself to that plastic cover causing the rubber plug to not seal. That leaked but traveled downward towards the front of the MH. It that's your problem and you caulk it, leave the awning deployed till the caulk dries .
bobndot 05/25/20 01:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Residential Fridge versus three-way in a Class B or C

Don't know if you viewed this or not. There is a lot of info.
bobndot 05/24/20 03:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: tapping the top of awning to project it from the sun

I know someone that tried flex tape and it didn't hold up to UV, short term fix was ok. The Eternabond tape being rv specific is a much better more durable choice.
bobndot 05/21/20 01:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Class C Winnebago, 47,000 miles too old to buy?

Suggest you are a good candidate for renting a Class C. Renting prices are out of this world, $300/day, and limited to 100 miles/day, unless I am not looking at the right vendors average Rates: this one was sent to me by a friend in NY which has very high insurance rates reflected into those prices. There are rv dealers in other states that rent, that do not advertise it. You have to place phone calls and ask various dealers. I would rent a unit in two stages. Do a few weeks on a southern tour then another few weeks on a northern loop with a break in between to break up your out-of-pocket expense. • Weekend $1395.00 with 500 Free Miles • Weekly $1945.00 with 1500 Free Miles • Add extra days for $225.00 which will include 100 free miles per added day • Any weekend package that exceeds 750 miles, the extra mileage charge will be .75 per mile due to our weekend mileage cap, which is why we can offer weekend rates • Rental will be Required • Extra Mileage 36 Cents per Mile
bobndot 05/19/20 03:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: F550 Auxillary Fuel Tank

I thought they had a 40 and a 28 = 68 gals . I think there is a F550 4x4 with a crew cab in a super C , maybe that model has the smaller single tank ? That’s the one we have - the crew cab was a huge point for strapping in kiddos. It’s got a 40 gal tank. Since these were built for rentals for the Canadian outfit that build them didn’t exactly option them out fully. That’s ok for us, it’s really all about the crew cab + diesel + 4WD. Maybe Transfer Flow would carry a replacement tank in a larger size.
bobndot 05/18/20 10:27pm Class C Motorhomes
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