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RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

All’s I know is it is tiring loading rocks in my truck to bring it up to the other “MAX” sticker (for weight) every time I don’t have anything real to haul on my MAX psi tires... Signed MAX Hmmm. I prefer tossing reels in truck vs rocks. Much more useful, and I still get to haul something REEL useful!???????? Then locally in Washington State, you cans find a print version of "The Reel News" in some places too! The ONLY place to get reel news. Unlike on FOX MSNBC CNN etc..... Marty
blt2ski 10/12/19 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

Oh boy...... Cummins does not IMHO get 100k miles from tire because he JUST follows inflation tables. Does it help. Sure it does! What gets him those miles, is he appears to do mostly highway miles. THAT is the major key. If he did City miles like I do, getting 60k miles is a treat! As each time I stop and start, turn a corner, my tires are skidding, spinning etc. Yeah my butt can not tell, the skidding etc is microscopic, but it is happening. Does it help to follow the charts? You bet it does! It's not over 50% of what miles you will get. Probably less than 30-40%. Marty
blt2ski 10/10/19 02:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire cables or chains

I've found the diamond chains to be easiest to put on. Traction like a link, install like a cable. Don;t generally speaking have to lay out chains, drive on them, hook up. Can do all the above in one place. ALL versions one should drive a few hundred yards, check tension, then do so every so often to make sure they are tight. Otherwise as noted, if too loose, they fall off, tear up the rig etc. From Nov 1 to April 1, ALL rigs over a total of 10K lbs, be it a single rig, or towing, are required to carry the appropriate quantity of chains for the rig in Washington state. I would suggest a chain you know will work, as you can not always trust mother nature, or your days of travel! You may get caught in a freak snow storm, and your ability to wait it out is not legal, or no place to truly wait it out. I was at Timberline in the parking lot, a place I have stayed and been many times in the winter, 60 mph winds, blowing snow into every nook and cranny of window vents etc. Put chains on truck and trainer, down that 10% grade I went to Government camp, spent the rest of the weekend in a parking lot down there. If traveling in the winter, be safe over sorry. Putting on chains is not that big a deal. This is from a person that used my RV trailer as a ski hut, not a summmer vacation traveling home! Hence the license plate I had too "SKIHT46" or truck plate, see handle! Marty
blt2ski 09/29/19 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

If it's got a decent locker in the rear, you will get stuck as often as a 4ad with no locker. 4ad with rear locker is best. Driven all, pulled with all, all the way up to class 6 rigs. If generally speaking, as pointed out, in reasonably maintained gravel and hard surface roads, a RWD rig will work just fine. Marty
blt2ski 09/29/19 10:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Strike

:S:s:s:s Getting a bit personal on last page of posts. Whoever said on this topic, their is no right or wrong answer, only depending on your view point, is probably the correct one. Marty
blt2ski 09/28/19 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: How long is too long to be extended

Said formula is ok, but from my experience, it falls way short of what is real. IIRC overhang/wheelbase times hitch weight equals amount removed. Issue with formula, is it does not take into account the frame from being initially rail high, to later depending on load, to tail low. Reality, is the amount removed initially is less, way less in some cases, than formula. Then it gets closer as more hitch weight is added, eventually, the formula is guessing too low, as you get closer to bottoming out the suspension. It also does not take into account the rear spring rating, or stiffness. I switched from 6400 lb springs, to 8400 lb springs on my 96 crew cab, went from pulling a bit over 400 lbs off FA, to 300 lbs, with 1500 lbs of hitch weight. My experience with said formula is t bcc at it gives you an idea, but reality, it is probably not correct enough for many of us! Marty
blt2ski 09/19/19 10:46pm Towing
RE: How long is too long to be extended

The issue with an extended ball, is you still have 3.5' from ball to trails front. If you extend it say a foot, you now have 4.5'. A little bit of additional hitch weight. A trailer that tows easier, as like a truck with a longer WB, longer distance from ball to axles is smoother. As far as an accident...ANY modification, changing brands tread pattern of tires could cause an insurance issue per say! Not that the tire issue will. I had a local trailer manufacture adjust the hitch after having issues noted above. Add length to.hitch in your circumstance. Their are times, additional length in the ball mount is best too! Marty
blt2ski 09/17/19 07:56am Towing
RE: How long is too long to be extended

From doing a hitch ball extension vs literally extending the trailer hitch, I'll take the trailer hitch extension. Then and only then, is one able to truly Jack knife a trailer in tight situations. It is pricier to do, need an excellent welder etc to Make sure it's done correctly. Not asked by OP about this option,,,, Marty
blt2ski 09/16/19 03:08pm Towing
RE: Towing with a 3500 Van

Fryer5 I said 5 tons, or 10,000 lbs! 5-6000 lbs, any of them will work. But the days of a van being able to tow 50-100% of pickups max capacity is gone. I know a few with the FWD dodge that like them. I would not put much more than 7-8000 for short city hops behind it. The GM could do upwards of 12-13,000. Sprinters I drove, same as your Nissan for max I'd put behind it, due more to power than chassis. Marty
blt2ski 09/06/19 06:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 3500 Van

You have one van worth considering if you want any bigger sort of trailer, ie pushing 5 tons, that is the GM. Having been driving a Ford 250 transit the last 2 plus years or so......really soft suspension! compared to other 25 series ANYTHING I have driven in the past. The sprinter IMHO is probably the best hand over fist above any of the other European styled vans. You can even get a 4wd version! The approx 200/400 6 cylinder diesel is pretty peppy. Marty
blt2ski 09/05/19 09:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 maneuverability question

My 188" WB Navistar out turnes my 155" GM 3500's. Both the dw rwd, and SW 4wd IFS suspension. Don't ask how bad the 05 170 something WB max duly crew cab is in comparison. The 450 and my Navistar have 50-54 degree front axle wheel cuts. Hence why they will turn sharper and better than a typical 35 series with 45 degree wheel cuts. Marty
blt2ski 09/05/19 05:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

My 1981 @ 2000 Chevy C2500 had/has a 9.5" semi floater. A BB, or 6.5TD would have had a FF. Same 88-2000 body style, had FF axles in 1500s with the 6.2/6.5TD diesels. Granted 8-10" versions.... 5 or 6 lugs too. Marty
blt2ski 08/30/19 09:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

To OP, 're F150 struggling with a 5W..... how was it struggling?!? Wheels flat, back end at the ground? Or not going fast enough? Each of the Dr two issues is a separate issue IMHO. Back end low. Truck does not have enough suspension. Does not matter on badging etc. But pulls a trailer like a bat out of he!!, A num Dr of folks on here bought 2500 GM Marx's when they first came out as it had a high tow rating, but could not handle the hitch weight. Back end bottomed out on bumps etc. Too slow.... power inadequate. This could be due to smallest motor in that chassis! Seen this with.older 25/35 series truck when you could get a 125HP 300 cubic inch 6 cylinder. Suspension handle trailer fine. Power sucked! This is not just about a size only issue. It's Any truck on the road can get into a struggling issue, due to power or suspension issues. Marty
blt2ski 08/27/19 01:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Chris, you only get to call it a 1.5 ton when you can put two 4' long pallets end to end in you bed! Otherwise, it's just a grocery getter! :B As far as the rest of this goes.....has not mattered since I started buying trucks in late 70s. I've seen 6 lug GM 2500 badging, a dually with 9-10k gvwr door stickers. I licensed on at 16K, legal at 16K too! Full floating axles STOCK mind you in GM 1500 series truck. Should also note, this is trucks from about 1975 on! I have to license my trucks, as does Chris at 1.5 times empty weight to next highest ton. BOTH of us have had 25/35 series SW trucks that weigh 7000 lbs, manufacture gvwr at 8600-9900, with legal max GVW registrations to 12,000 lbs. Been thru enough scales over manufactures gvwr, with out getting a overweight ticket, to know none of the manufactures badging, specs etc matter when it come to the person with blue lights on roof of vehicle. It only matters to the weight police. OR, as is the case hop err fully with OP, wants to know story behind terms.....which happened in a galaxy a long time ago! :):):) Marty
blt2ski 08/25/19 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seeking Advice from Mercedes ML350 drivers

I drove a sprinter with that drive train for 200+k miles. Including a couple of trailers in the mid 3000 lb range. Pulled with out issues. I always felt it could have pulled a 6-7000 lb trailer. Yeah being the engine was a 200 HP 400 lb/ft of torque motor, it pulled well. I've had the older ML320 version. It's rated to 5000 lbs no matter if you have the small V6 like us, or the turbo 5.5l V8 motor. I believe the new ones are around the amount you state. Again, engine does not matter. Smaller motors a bit slower, less performance than larger powered motors. For me, probably a mid 20' or smaller trailer, that I would max out with gear, water etc in the 6000-6500 lb range, an mainstream or equal that is reasonably aerodynamic would be better than a box. Get something with smooth sides, vs corrugated aluminum. Yes latter is lighter, bit the siding will cause mower use because of wind drag vs the 200-400 lb heavier option with smooth fiberglass walls. My 02 with similar rigs driven. Marty
blt2ski 08/22/19 10:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My 350/3500 is just too big to fit between the lines!

Even my MDT 24' flatbed dump truck needs two spots as this guy did. I think the most was pulling my equipment trailer behind it. that was 6?! Yeah a bit diaginal, but that is how it goes sometimes. Marty
blt2ski 08/18/19 09:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Real towing advise please

If one has an issue with trailer sway, it rarely ha anything to do with the tow rig rating. 99+% if the time, it is and has something to do with the trailer. IE too little hitch weight, tongue too low, so trailer us not level to name two most common issues. I've towed a 12k trailer with a truck that had a 12500 gvwr, no sway, no white knuckles, frosted over 20k lbs, even had my four kids ages 5-12 with me! Another 2000 or so lbs in the bed. Another time towing the same trailer, total weight 8500, with an 11800 empty MDT, 26k gvwr, 35k gvwr! Trailer was all over the effing place! Went across scale, truck weighed 11800 with trailer attached, trailer axles 8500. I had no blinked hitch weight! Moved bobcat 2' forward on trailer, no sway, no problems towing the trailer. Another issue not talked about, tires that are too soft in sidewall. NOT just P metric mind you... I got talked into putting four Michelin XRV 14 y tires on rear of MDT. Sidewalks were soft so motor homes had a cushy ride! Hauling loads and trailers also was horribly effected. So, as long as new trailer allows you to be under axle weight ratings, trailer is setup correctly, even if over the gcwr/tow rating, you should not have sway or handling issues. Will you go slower up grades vs a light setup, everything else the same. Of course you will. Change from a rating 3000 to 6000 lb trailer, you'll notice that difference too! Just as changing out to a taller trailer with more frontal area that weighs the same. Do you all know, it takes the same amount of increased HP at 60 mph, loading your rig up an additional 1000 lbs, vs adding 3 square ft of frontal area! Lots of reasons one may be having a bad tow experience. Being over, at, or under tow rating, means squat! Marty
blt2ski 08/16/19 11:38pm Towing
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Dan, Hence why using and buying a vehicle from a personal standpoint, buy what you want, as it will not pay for itself! You have the same dollars and cents equations to figure out the actual cost of things. For me, by the time I drive my rigs for 10 years, 150,000-200000 miles, if I get 2000 in trade in, be it gas or diesel, Im doing good! Then again, if you put two to three loads of gravel in the bed of a pickup on a daily basis, it gets body damage so bad, it will not matter what drivetrain you have at the trade in or sales time! At the end of the day, figure $.50-.75 per mile or more in actual costs of a vehicle. Cost of vehicle, insurance, fuel, tires, maintenance etc. If you can write it off, great, if not, buy what pleases you, you're spending hard earned funds for fun! Marty
blt2ski 08/16/19 05:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Cost $2000 for six years.....hmmmm... Let's assume you paid cash, interest you could have earned on $8K at 3% or about $240 per year, time 6 years = $1450 in lost earnings, or potentially interest paid. I'd say said $8000 option cost you $3500 or so. More if interest income is better, less if lower. Another way to look at costs... Plus and minus between the two, their is a sticky post at top, read the twelve some odd years of comments, you will see what is good or bad about the two, time frame also can change which is better vs worst as far as fuel costs mpg savings. You an auto worth $8000 more, comp and collision insurance will be higher, not major $$, but higher..... Lots of ways to look at costs. It Will take many miles to pay for that $8000 difference. Turbo part of diesel at 5000+ feet elevation is really nice. An eco boost or equal Will net the same grin factor at elevation! Choose your poison. Don't look back! Marty
blt2ski 08/16/19 11:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

Farmerkev, A normal person never pays off per say the cost if ones vehicle! So buy what you want, use what you want, call it a day. If you want a diesel, get one! Both fuels, both sets of motors have plus and minuses. Beyond that, it's not worth arguing over. Marty
blt2ski 08/15/19 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
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