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RE: Looking for a junker Onan 4000

Here is a Facebook group you might try.
blownstang01 06/30/20 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Extreme Mold & Water Damage: I need help!

I hate to say it, but this one is toast and time to move on. From your pictures I can see a bunch of delamination in the fiberglass on the front of the trailer too. So the front is just as bad if not worse than the rear. Once water damage gets this bad they simply are not worth the time and money to fix. Been there, done that. You'll have a ton of time and money into a band-aid fixed trailer that's worth maybe a couple grand. Time for your friend to sell as a hunting cabin. Good Luck !
blownstang01 06/30/20 04:18am Travel Trailers
RE: 2008 Itasca catalytic converter & pipe stolen

Cats are being stolen all over as the scrap prices are up for them. Storage yards are easy targets using their also stolen dewalt sawzall. Scrap yards aren't looking or going to look for Vin #'s. Edit : Treed ^^^
blownstang01 06/28/20 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

I have a 2013 Explorer Limited with the factory tow PKG. I was towing 3 snowmobiles (around 2k lbs with the trailer). the engine will not stay in 5th gear, you`ll be lucky to keep it in 4th most of the time. I wouldn't tow anything more than a large PuP. I`ve seen people tow TT`s with them, I don't know how they do it. The 4th and 5th gen Explorers are nothing like the 1st and 2nd (and even the 3rd gen for that matter). they are car based. the early ones were more truck based. This is your answer ^^^. We have a 2014 Explorer (with tow package) and before we bought a M/H we "tried" to tow our 3,500lb camper and the Explorer 3.5 would struggle just to go 60 mph and would stay in 4th and even downshift to 3rd on slight inclines. Luckily, we still owned our 1 ton diesel dually and used that as this generation Explorer won't get out of it's own way towing anything heavy. I couldn't imagine what fuel mileage would have been. Not to mention wear and tear.
blownstang01 06/26/20 04:26am Towing
RE: liquid roof

If I needed a roof replacement, I'd go to FLEXArmor where they remove all vents, AC units, etc, do spot repairs and spray on their product on, then back it up with a lifetime guarantee that is transferable to a new owner. If my RV was 10 years newer and I was sure I was keeping it forever, I would definitely agree. Expensive, but will outlast pretty much any RV.
blownstang01 03/06/20 05:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

I thought this wasn't a political site ? Pics of "the wall" during your travels are fine. The inevitable replies are old and tired. I'll make one statement people. Your side hated illegal immigration until the other side hated it, now everyone has flip-flopped. Another cycle and the other side will welcome it while your side hates it. But the good sheep will still jump on these types of posts and defend "their" side....until the next flip. Back to RV-ing......
blownstang01 03/06/20 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: virginia Beach

As been said it's perspective, I loved the fighter Jet's! We stayed at the KOA a few times, but we were there for the National wrestling tournament, so little beach time. There is also a nice looking campground across the road from the KOA.
blownstang01 02/25/20 05:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: “Oh Oh, I’m not going to make it” stories that ended well

We had 2 very scary incidents a few years ago on the same trip, the same road. We were going south on I-81 in Virginia driving our Bronco and trailer with lots of traffic - mostly semi trucks. The first one - we were in the right lane behind a flat bed truck with a load. All of the sudden his huge white tarp blew off and was floating in the air ready to wrap us up including the windshield. I'm thinking we are done - how could we even come to a safe stop without being able to see? Luckily there happened to be an opening in the left lane and dh whipped us over there and we lived. Don't know what happened to that tarp or traffic behind us... The second one was later that day and we were in the left lane. Pickup truck in front of us with no tailgate. Case of beer falls off the back right in front of us. It held together really well - landed upright. I'm thinking OMG - there goes the oil pan, the exhaust system and then the trailer's tanks and who knows what else... Again dh was able to whip over into the other lane and avoid the catastrophe. Don't know who ended up running over that case of beer... I am so glad we have a Hensley hitch. And that my hubby has quick and safe reactions. :) I've also got one of those mountain road and brakes stories with my first car (a '63 Falcon) in the Colorado Rockies - but you all know how that went... I have a real Love/Hate relationship with RT81. As in I Love to Hate it..
blownstang01 12/24/19 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: “Oh Oh, I’m not going to make it” stories that ended well

I'm going to "brake" the rules (get it....he he). My story wasn't a camper, but I was towing a 40' gooseneck race car hauler. Towing from Upstate NY to Epping NH for a X275 race with my F350 SuperDuty, 7.3 hopped up Diesel and a 40' Featherweight trailer. All loaded with race car and equipment I was towing around 12,000 lbs, and about 18,000 total. The truck had a western hauler bed made out of 1/8" steel and was HEAVY. Anyway, even with tip top brake pads and shoes on the truck and trailer, I always thought the brakes were marginal especially at highway speeds. So, my dad and me are towing along @ 65 mph with traffic and came to the I84-I495 split towards Boston. I was in the right lane and a woman drove by us in the passing lane texting on her phone and I immediately thought, good thing she's in front of me in case I need to stop as traffic was picking up immensely.The highways merge from one set of 2 lanes into 4 lanes with the 2 additional lanes coming in from our right. With the heavy traffic coming on my right, I moved over into the left lane ....1/8 mile or so behind texting woman. We came around a curve and because she had been distracted she had to do basically a panic stop as the merging traffic had bottlenecked in front of her( I always watch the tail light of the car in front of me entering blind areas...doesn't work well when they have to panic stop, lol ). So here we come probably close to 70 mph barreling down on essentially stopped traffic.To make matters worse the area where the bottleneck was happening was on the onset to a flyover bridge, so imaging the left side shoulder disappearing and an armco barrier arriving from my left and tapering to the bridge. I go into a full on panic stop, brake pressure couldn't get much higher, I set the left side of the truck on the shoulder as I was approaching the stopped traffic. Now I am literally next to the car in front of us back by their left rear door and coming fast to the armco that had started way down in the median and is "V-ing" up to the bridge where you end up with about 18" of shoulder. My plan was to hit the guardrail first (at this point I was only a couple inches away from the rail on my left) and try to minimize the damage inflicted to the cars in front of me. I fully expected to take out the texting car, the one stopped in front of her and possibly one in front of that.By the grace of God the right hand traffic had slowed just enough to have some space in it and at the last second the texting car, the one in front of her and the one in front of him all dove to the right lane simultaneously as they saw the wreck coming. I eased the rig off the guardrail just in time to look in my left mirror and see the rear of the trailer miss the rail by what seemed like thousandths of an inch. This all happened in seconds, no time to talk, yell, tell my dad to hold on, nothing. When I whipped it back in the driving lane it was a good minute before dad or I said a word. And I'm pretty sure the first words were regarding the smell (and smoke) coming from the brakes. I drove for another 15-20 miles to let the brakes cool before stopping at a rest stop. Thought I was going to puke, Still not sure to this day how we got out of that one, but it was a real eye opener about traffic distance. Luckily I was always adamant about setting up my brake controller to not lock up the trailer brakes. Too close.
blownstang01 12/24/19 04:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

Well, it looks like things happened waaayyyy sooner than I ever thought they would. We are now owners of a 1999 American Dream ! I never thought I would buy one this old, but I am very impressed with the build quality of this coach. Spartan Mountain Master chassis, 330hp Cummins ISC, Allison MD3060 trans. I'm actually quite excited about upgrading the minor things we would like to change, like TV's etc. Also has 6 Michelin's with 2 year old date codes. Coach was a 1 owner and it shows that they took care of it. It drives very nice and handles like a dream (pun intended, lol). I'm sure there will be some mechanical gremlins that creep up on a 20 year coach, but hopefully they will be minor and I do all my own work so...fingers crossed !
blownstang01 10/22/19 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Modern Food?

We very much dislike chain restaurants. Everything frozen and pre-prepared , worried about preservatives, and of course taste. Unfortunately we are living in a world that family diners cannot survive in. Some of the freshest and tastiest food I've had recently is from Food Trucks. When we do go out to eat, we expect large portions of quality ingredient, made to order food. Sadly, it's getting harder to find on the road when you don't know the area.
blownstang01 10/16/19 04:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Campsite Sanitation - Beware

I'm Leary of everything in a campground. Just walk into one of the bathrooms in the am, what the hell happens at night ? People are gross and most don't care to clean up after themselves.
blownstang01 10/16/19 04:13am General RVing Issues
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

I haven't researched any of this, but all the talk in here about the Utility filing bankrupt, lawsuits, and shutting power for 5 days at a time sounds like the utility is playing the get the "people" upset card to get the government to step in ($$$$$$$$).
blownstang01 10/11/19 11:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

Thanks Smitty77 and CA Traveler good posts and what I was looking for. A few things I am kinda set on. Realize, I do all my own maintenance. - I like the idea of a side radiator for engine access alone. - Propane/Electric water heater is fine as that's what we've had and make it work fine. Aqua-hot sounds interesting, but sounds like more to break. -Definitely want a 3-way fridge, I know residential units work better, but again, we are used to propane and it's drawbacks and I don't have to worry about always having electric. We do boondock some. -Large propane supply, due to above two reasons. -definitely experience inside with slides in, with our current RV there is almost the same maneuverability with the slide in, we learned that real early on when looking at C's. -Raises Rail / Full basement is basically a must have. -We actually like a mid-entry door, but coaches that have them are few and far between. - Don't have much an opinion on air vs hydraulic leveling, tell me your experience. I'm aware on how both work....just not pro's and con's. -NEVER Heated floors....the wife would expect them at home. :) -Jake Brake preferred, but not a deal killer if exhaust brake. -Larger tanks the better, we stay at a lot of State parks that have electric only.With larger tanks we can avoid the line at the dump station and just head home. We have a county dump station at our local fairgrounds for free 2 miles from our house.
blownstang01 10/09/19 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

Thanks for all the replies. For clarification, we still have 2 of our kids that go with us, even if for only a few more years, our youngest is 15. Plus we look forward to taking and spoiling grand kids once we have them. Plus 3 weeks or so on the road with my beautiful wife .....let's just say a smaller than our current 31' isn't going to cut it. Also, our plan (LOL, I know how these change) is to have this one until closer to retirement and then buy a newer one.
blownstang01 10/08/19 02:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help Switching to 40' Pusher

Perfect LOL, except it's over 3,000 miles away !
blownstang01 10/08/19 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
Help Switching to 40' Pusher

I'm going to be buying a Diesel Pusher within the next year and looking for advice on what to expect moving up from a Class C. A little background, we have had TT's of various sizes and moved up to a 31' Class C - 4 years ago. While I have never driven a bus-sized vehicle, I'm not concerned much at all, I've towed everything from a small TT to my 42' 5th wheel race hauler. So, I'm not too concerned about learning to drive the bus. I'm looking at 40' pushers, 2008-2012 vintage, most with 330HP ISC's, 950 lbs ft, some with 400 HP ISL's, 1,200 lbs ft. Single rear axle, no tag's...mostly due to price and extra length, I have heard they drive better though. Mostly what I'm looking for is what to expect being different than camping with a C. My wife and I are looking at retirement in 12 years or so and want to get our feet wet travelling for several weeks at a time. We don't expect to fulltime, but once retired 3-4 months during the winter we would chase the nice weather.So, besides the obvious height difference to watch out for, what else is majorly different I should be looking out for? Thanks in Advance.
blownstang01 10/08/19 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPO roof adhesive

Go to a local commercial roofer and ask them if they have any. It comes in 5 gallon pails, so bring a quart size paint can you can get at Lowes, etc. We give stuff like that away all the time to do-it-yourselfer's . While you are there, ask around for a roofer who might want to make a few extra bucks. If it's TPO like you state, he can cut it open, glue it down and weld a patch over it. Yes, you can use eternabond or a peel and stick TPO product for the patch. But if a new piece is heat welded to the area, it will again be a monolithic preference by far. Good Luck !
blownstang01 10/08/19 07:06am Tech Issues
RE: Upholstery needs to be redone

Where are you located? Here in Upstate NY we have a company called Capabilities. They hire and train people with disabilities. Anyway, one of the services they offer is an upholstery shop that does very good work at a cheap price. I believe they are government funded, so their pricing is very reasonable. I've had them do some work on a buddies boat and the craftsmanship was very nice...and it was cheap. Maybe your area has a similar facility. I have no idea if this is a national program or just local.
blownstang01 10/07/19 04:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Well if you have the money they will build it

MAN 8x8I wonder what that chassis is ? MAN, German truck manufacturer. Make and sell a lot for various military use.
blownstang01 09/30/19 08:22am Class C Motorhomes
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