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RE: Load Range G Tires

"Or just buy Sailun S637s and have a lot less failures" I am NOT saying you are wrong, BUT like my friend tells me "prove it". Show GY "G" and "H" tire sales numbers and Sailun's. Then show NON road hazard claims. Unless you do that it's all OPINION. Who had a road hazard on a ENDURANCE and GY replaced the tire??? ;)Oh absolutely, it's all hearsay and anecdotal evidence. But there's a lot of it. :) That's one of the reasons I visit forums is to get opinions, and "news" about what works, and what doesn't. It's 90% opinion and sometimes unsubstantiated "facts". There were lots and lots of tales of the China made tires from 5-10 years ago that frequently failed. That chatter was what made me get rid of my Carlisle tires, and of course the fact the two of them failed before they were 2 years old. :) I don't base my actions on one or two opinions, or posts on a forum. But let's face it, the almost unheard of a failure of a Sailun S637 tire is pretty darned impressive. X2. My real world experience with the Sailuns too has been 100% positive and I will do it again in the future if I am in need of G rated tires. I really tried to buy US made tires, folks, but close to double the price was just a bit too much for this working guy!
blofgren 02/16/20 11:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

I say put $5,000 in the bank and call that your warranty.Good plan But a HPFP failure can run 15,000.00 Better up the savings some. It's more like $8,000. OP, I have a '12 truck and choose not to get an extended warranty and it was the right choice. Your price is low Fish. Dog was right on the money. And this was in Texas. Maybe you get the cuz discount? :BI have never seen a report of 8K... Every one has been over 10K. 15K at the top end And I have seen a lot of them. Not saying it hasn't happened.... But that would be really cheap. And when it happens, you probably will not be in a postion to shop around. Are we selling Ocean Front Property in Arizona again... :B Ford offers a fuel system replacement kit that cost's less than purchasing all the parts separately that cost ~$3,300 for all the parts except for a $70 fuel filter. That leaves an easy ~$5,000 for labor. In addition some independent shops are now doing it for even less than what I stated. Ford Fuel System Kit Is this kit really considered good, Fish? It tells me that Ford knows there’s a major issue with the CP4. JMHO...
blofgren 02/16/20 11:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

I think we have already seen a preview of what the 2020 HO cummins will do. It was essentially a tie with the Duramax although some will argue it was a DRW therefore packing more weight. What I'm really interested in is the HO cummins fuel economy towing 30k at this point. At least we know the GM won’t have a hpfp disaster; this would likely be my new truck if I were currently shopping.
blofgren 02/16/20 10:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F350 6.7. Inspection?

Who would buy a truck like that new and not take care of it? It retailed around $60000. new. Lots of it for a couple of years and trade it in and save a lot of money on maintenance. Plus dealers have mobile retailers come in to cream puff vehicles so that they look like new even though they came in rough. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t buy it with no idea on how it was maintained. It would be far from the first vehicle traded in with that mileage with the factory engine oil in it.....
blofgren 02/16/20 10:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F350 6.7. Inspection?

The truck had 63,000 miles and looks like new. I would also like some verification that regular, preventative maintenance was performed, but the carfax shows none at all. So some sort of prepurchase inspection seems like the best option, however the truck is at the local Ford garage now so who, other than the Ford dealer, could I get to do the inspecting? Was it a trade in? If so, the dealer should be able to contact the previous owner to find out some details for you. I've actually had dealers where I have traded in ask me if I was OK with a prospective buyer contact me to ask me questions, which I have no problem with. Personally, I would not buy a used vehicle without some sort of documentation of maintenance or a good discussion with the previous owner to get a feel for how it was maintained. I would especially be interested on that particular truck how frequently the fuel filters have been replaced.
blofgren 02/16/20 10:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just repllaced TV tires

Of course they were the 10 ply E1 load rating they went on a 2500HD GMC. I have yet to tow the trailer with them but I have had Defenders before on my 1500 before I upgraded both truck and trailer but I am confident they will be quite stable while towing. I never had a compliant with the Firestones sidewall stability either so I am not trash talking them, I just like the Defenders better for the better traction and stopping grip. Just my opinion but reading testimonials like this may help out some people in deciding. Thanks for the report. I'm in need of tires on my truck and have been leaning towards the Michelins but it's good to hear real world experience. I have Defenders on my Yukon and like them, but they're not Load Range E, which is what will go on the Ram.
blofgren 02/16/20 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Load Range G Tires

I believe I paid $1200 CDN out the door for the Sailuns and the G614's would have been well North of $2000. That's a considerable amount of money that could be used for travelling. I already pay for an insurance policy on the fiver so having 2 doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Not sure how your insurance works in the GreatWhiteNorth but down here a claim like that may cause rates to increase. Not usually for a comprehensive (non collision) claim. You are moving. Don't think that gets Comp. Nice try , but it’s comp. Same if you get bad fuel and that cp4 in your new ram when you get it takes out your fuel system Correct, it's a comprehensive claim which does not increase your premiums. I experienced this on my F350 when a top class General failed and caused $1500 worth of damage to the truck.
blofgren 02/16/20 09:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

Wishes for best possible outcomes in your life Larry. Sounds like you both have been able to enjoy the better things in life for more than a while and that is priceless. x2.
blofgren 02/16/20 09:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F350 6.7. Inspection?

You don't state what mileage it has, but personally I would want some sort of proof of maintenance that has been done to it, especially since it may have some factory warranty left.
blofgren 02/16/20 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: GoodYear G114 LHT

After the Marathon scam I refuse to buy GY That makes about as much sense as saying never buying a Ford after the 6.0 and 6.4. :B Not necessarily; I went through it. Like the old saying burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me! ;)
blofgren 02/15/20 09:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range G Tires

I believe I paid $1200 CDN out the door for the Sailuns and the G614's would have been well North of $2000. That's a considerable amount of money that could be used for travelling. I already pay for an insurance policy on the fiver so having 2 doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.
blofgren 02/15/20 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

I still get a kick driving our 05 3500 2wd dually. No more towing after we get back home but it will look great sitting in the garage. chevman So it sounds like your RVing days are coming to an end? Hopefully you can still do some local camping; we were in your neck of the woods a few years ago and absolutely loved Lincoln Rock State Park.
blofgren 02/14/20 10:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Cummins soon to take on the Ike

I'm guessing the Ram will run similar to or a bit slower than the Duramax. I'm sure the 6 speed transmission will be a factor in this, although the Cummins has a sweet, flat torque curve that should make this less of a disadvantage.
blofgren 02/14/20 10:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 tires. I should have done this years ago.

They look great, OP! Thanks! That's not the main reason I went this route as I liked the look of the stock Alcoas just fine but it is a nice side benefit! I like the look of the stock Alcoas too, but I really like those Fuel wheels, especially because they're not black like it seems 99% of them are. :)
blofgren 02/14/20 09:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

You have to understand that only two tires are slowing the truck and trailer with exhaust braking rather than eight tires with the service brakes. I have considerably more rear tire wear even with my “weak “ 2011 exhaust brake and have no desire to work them harder, but then I have no standing in the bragging rights club. This may be OK with a smaller trailer, but even then it's not ideal; I experienced this with 2 diesel trucks prior to my current rig. I was blown away by the strength of the exhaust braking capability of the Cummins when I bought my current truck. I very rarely have to use the service brakes at all on even the steepest mountain grades towing my 16k fiver, and find many times that I need to give the truck some throttle because it's slowing down too much.
blofgren 02/14/20 06:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Load Range G Tires

Thanks for the replies. I think the size is right - GoodYear has been publishing the same diameter for at last 8 years. Doesn't mean it's right though. The Sailun 235/80-16 is an option I am considering. My Sailun S637's are going on 5 years old, still look like new, and only lose 2-3 psi each even when sitting for 6 months over the winter. I would go with them again without hesitation, and they were close to half the price of the Goodyears.
blofgren 02/13/20 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: F450 tires. I should have done this years ago.

They look great, OP!
blofgren 02/13/20 07:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 vs '17-'19 Ford 6.7

I just test drove one------ and ordered one. Turbo lag is way better than my '16. Power on acceleration is great... Steering feels good. My '16 is too loose and the '17 I had was too tight. There are ZERO within 5 hours of me to test drive... My dealer called me last night ( while I was out of state ) to tell me they just dealer traded for one from WV and it was on it's way there. Figures, I was out of state...I have found 1 or 2 of the 6.7, but I want the same trim as well to test drive.. Even know I already ordered, I am am getting ITCHY That's strange.....there's LOTS of them on dealer lots around here. :h
blofgren 02/13/20 07:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used 2011 F350 6.7. Do I need to purchase warranty?

OP, the die-hard Blue Oval fans will likely roast me for this, but the 2011 6.7L had several teething pains, some of them quite serious. If you are set on a Ford, go for a 2015 and up (or a good old 7.3L), but be aware that the high pressure fuel pump failure potential is valid for all 6.7L Fords. Some will tell you it's rare, but it truly sucks if it happens to you. At my work, we have a lot of Fords and have gone mostly with gas engines, and it's not because of the initial purchase price......Flame suit on! :B
blofgren 02/13/20 07:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 chevy 1 ton dually

I had new tires installed onmy dually, and they insisted on only putting 60lbs in the rear 4 tires and 78 in the front. i see on the placard it calls for 60 in the rear, they are 80psi tires. i always ran at 80 psi when towing. why 60psi 60 is plenty in the rear of a dually because you have 4 tires taking the load rather than 2. The bonus of this is that the truck rides much better with lower air pressure. I run 80 psi in the fronts, though.
blofgren 02/11/20 07:04pm Tow Vehicles
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