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RE: Illinois I-55 or I-57

I-55. I've traveled both extensively. Live just a few miles from I-55.
Wadcutter 09/10/23 09:30am Roads and Routes
RE: New Orleans in April 2024

We've stayed on the north shore at Fairview Riverside SP and Fountainebleau SP. Both nice. You are correct about the drive time into the French Quarter. We've stayed at several in the NOLA area. Both OK but a place to park. Sites generally are fairly close together Our preferred location is Bayou Signette SP in Westwego. Quiet. Clean. Well maintained. Camp sites are not on top of each other. It's a short drive into the French Quarter. If you're coming from the west it's an easy drive to the park without going thru the city.
Wadcutter 08/31/23 08:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Didn't deploy all stabilizers now slide doesn't fully extend

Should not make any difference if all the stabilizers are down. I'd check to see if there's anything that is blocking the slide from going completely out. Pull in the sides about a foot/18". Look around the edges to see if something hasn't fallen in there. Last trip we had a small kleenex box get between our wall and slide out. One of the grandkids had left it in the 5er and we didn't see it. Then look under the bottom edge. Maybe take something like a yard stick and sweep under the edge. If you've ever dropped anything on the floor it always seems to find its way under a slide.
Wadcutter 08/09/23 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Refrigerator not cooling

If the freezer is working fine but the refrig part is not cooling here's something you might try. Depends on the make/model of your unit. Open the refrigerator door and look in the inside on the back wall. In back of the refrigerator section there are probably aluminum fins. On those fins may be a small clip with a wire connected somewhere. Make sure the clip is slid over one of the fins. Check that the wire from the clip is attached to its plug. Then slide the small clip down on the fin. This will tell your unit it needs colder air to refrigerator part.
Wadcutter 07/12/23 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing an EMPTY tow dolly behind a Fifth Wheel east coast.

Oh, and local law enforcement knew EXACTLY what I was talking about when I asked about "triple towing." "Oh you mean a truck and two trailers? Not legal here in NY." I know the LE knows the correct terminology. Many LEOs are trained extensively in the FMCSA. When we complete an inspection report a copy goes to the feds. Every state has to use the same terminology so that when all those inspection reports are collected by the feds they all are the same meaning. On that inspection form is a description of the unit being inspected. While the RVer isn't subject to FMCSA the terms from the FMCSA are what carries over into other statutes. The reason is simple. So everyone is talking on the same page. I have no doubt those LEOs you called also know when they get a question from the public they know the person doesn't know what they're talking about. Calling 2 trailers a triple tow explains that quite well. That comes from years of answering questions from the unknowning public.
Wadcutter 07/11/23 02:42pm Towing
RE: Towing an EMPTY tow dolly behind a Fifth Wheel east coast.

It's probably too late to change the vernacular. Literally every article on this subject calls it "triple towing." The vernacular was changed by those who didn't know what they were talking about. The legal definition, as used by the feds and states, of triple towing is as in the picture posted by Bionic Man. It's really not that difficult to understand if one would just think about what they're saying. Look at the phrase "triple towing". Now think about it. "towing". It doesn't say "number of vehicles in combination. It's "towing". Now what is "triple"? 3. Put those 2 words together. What's it say. Towing 3. Not "how many in combination". Towing 3. Now why does it matter? You say you can't find the law. That does not mean it's not in the laws. It just means you don't know where to find it. So if you call your state LE and ask "Can I tow triple?" they're going to assume, erroneously, that you know what you're talking about and you are describing "towing 3" as in the picture posted by Bionic Man. And they're going to give you the law for the combination in the picture. Is that the answer you're looking for? That's about as simple explanation as I can give for those who don't understand definitions and the law. If you want to know what's legal then you need to learn the proper terminology. Do not rely on some internet search written by those who also do not understand defniitions and the law.
Wadcutter 07/11/23 08:15am Towing
RE: Towing an EMPTY tow dolly behind a Fifth Wheel east coast.

Same deal with the "double" vs "triple/tripple" towing. It's a regional thing based on how the politicians put it in the books. Actually no. Unless you can actually back up that statement by providing the statute. The FMCSA defines double towing as pulling 2, triple as pulling 3. The power unit is not a towed unit. They even have pictures for those who lack reading comprehension skills. What's the deal with the extra p anyway? Maybe it's actually "tipple" towing? Here's why it's important to call towing by the proper terminology. If you call a LE agency, DOT, or other enforcement office and ask if it's OK to triple tow they're going to go by the proper definition. Triple tow is 3 units being pulled by a power unit. And if you ask about triple towing who ever you call will assume you know what you're talking about, altho a silly assumption on their part, and will give you the appropriate legal information for towing 3 units with a power unit. But if you ask about triple towing but you don't know what you're talking about (obviously) and you only mean 2 towed units and 1 power unit then you won't get the correct information and you'll continue to be uniformed. BTW, I taught FMCSA for a lot of years, enforced FMSCA and 2nd division laws, and commanded those units. I didn't get my information from some internet page written by someone who didn't have a clue what they were talking about.
Wadcutter 06/30/23 05:37pm Towing
RE: Rodent repellant

Hedge apples. Keeps mice and spiders away. Place a few in something like 1 gal milk jugs. Set several around inside and in the basement. The hedge apples will soften and begin to rot during the winter with the freezing and thawing so the need to put them in something like plastic jugs. But when they soften and start rotting they put off a sweet smell which not only keeps the critters away but gives the camper a nice smell. I'm in the country where crops are all around the house and camper. Hedge apples have worked for years keeping critters out.
Wadcutter 04/08/23 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Omaha to Peoria US 34?

US 34 is definitely slower than I-80. It goes thru lots of small towns. Not really that much difference in miles. Can't say it's more scenic than I-80. It goes thru Iowa. You'll see corn either route. If you want to see something other than interstate then US 34. I use to live along US 34 and have driven it alot. I've seen that area so it doesn't matter to me to see it again. I'd take I-80.
Wadcutter 04/01/23 08:30am Roads and Routes
RE: New Orleans

Second for Bayou Segnette SP. How bearable NOLA is during the summer depends on what you're use to. Millions of people live in that part of the country and manage the heat and humidity. But it's going to be hot and humid. Hot and really humid. In the morning it feels like a sauna then it starts getting hot and really humid. There is always something going on in NOLA but during the summer things slow a bit.
Wadcutter 01/30/23 02:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVIA Certificate?

Obsessed with the truth, the fact they’re legally required on an RV and the fact that there’s actually required for safety, yes, absolutely. No. Always funny when someone says "it's the law" and they don't have a clue. RVIA is a trade group, nothing more. No manufacturer is required to join nor abide by whatever RVIA wants. Private trade groups do not write laws. Here's what RVIA is from their website. "The RV Industry Association is the national trade group representing the manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs manufactured in North America. Our organization unites the diverse RV industry and forges alliances to form a strong, single voice. Working with our members, we advance the industry and drive growth and innovation across the outdoor business landscape. Membership is available to companies and businesses actively engaged in manufacturing RVs and Park Model RVs as well as those providing a product or service, directly or indirectly, to an RV manufacturer, Park Model RV manufacturer, component supplier, aftermarket supplier, or other wholesale participant in the industry. There are membership categories for RV Manufacturer, Park Model RV Manufacturer, Supplier, Manufacturer’s Representative, Finance Firm, and Associate."
Wadcutter 01/20/23 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: CGs Near Osseo/Eau Claire, WI w/o Minimum Stay Requirement?

There's a concession operated military campground on Ft McCoy WI that is open to the public. It may fit your needs. It's been a few years since I've been to Ft McCoy so I have no idea what it's like now. Description, prices, pictures here. Pine View Recreation Area, Ft McCoy WI
Wadcutter 12/03/22 08:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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