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RE: 35-foot fiver in Grand Canyon Mather?

We also have a 35'LOA 5er. Last time at the GC we took a drive through Mather scouting the possibilities. The pickins were slim. There were a few, very few, long enough however there were very narrow access roads, tight turns & hazards like trees & boulders making using any of these sites all but impossible. We are not easily discouraged. 30' limit CGs have never stopped us. Get a site in carpark styled Trailer Village & be done with it. You don't go to GC for the camping experience.
Veebyes 09/24/20 12:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: help with skirt fender

You might also consider through bolting the skirts, preferably using non rusting stainless fasteners instead of OEM cheap & nasty prone to rattle out self tapping screws. Use some Lock Tite on the threads & fender washers to spread load.
Veebyes 09/24/20 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weather stations

Here is mine. No power or connectivity required. Drips when raining. Points direction of wind. Tells wind velocity. Blows away in a storm. "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
Veebyes 09/19/20 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: alaska 2021 ???

I would think that most of those who had planned for this year simply rolled the trip over to next year. We went, supposedly our last trip to AK, in 2018. The itch to go again for the 'last trip' is growing. It won't be next year. Figure the North will have a busy year 2021. Maybe 2022. There is a magnet up there that keeps pulling us back.
Veebyes 09/18/20 10:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: water pump

Follow the pipes. The pump should not be far from the FW tank. The pump is something that can be expected to fail at some point therefore should be in a reasonably accessible location.
Veebyes 09/18/20 09:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Decals cracking

Even with 303 it is a losing battle. It all starts with cheap low quality materials that builders use.
Veebyes 09/17/20 11:40am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

Some are auto pay. A couple times a month we will use a library if something more secure cannot be found. Never use a fast food or similar place.
Veebyes 09/17/20 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel landing gear damaged need new

There are 2 leg lengths. Quote the number on the gear cap.
Veebyes 09/17/20 11:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: AGM upgrade

AGM is still a lead acid battery so no need to change your charging system. BTW you will not be upgrading by switching to the AGM as it won't last 8 years. If you don't already have one a multi stage, multi battery chemistry, battery charger is advisable. Coming from the marine world, where you don't want batteries gassing into the bilge of your boat, I am a big fan of AGM batterys. Expect up to 3 times the service life out of an AGM compared to a wet cell. I got 9 seasons out of my 4D Lifeline. It performed well to the end when death was quick. It was never left on a battery tender during its typical 5 months of storage each year. 2019-2020 the battery was left without any attention for 9 months & had power to operate 5er legs & slides before it was connected to a charger. No they are not cheap. The payoff is in years of maintenance free service.
Veebyes 09/17/20 11:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30’ 5th wheel

Rule of thumb. Add 1'6" to 2' to a model number to get a true LOA exterior. JMO but new is not necessarily better unless you have 'new' money & are prepared for all the possible new unit glitches. There is nothing wrong with well taken care of used quality. Be patient. Do your research for a few strong model possibilities & don't be swayed by a model that really is not what is wanted but is 'such a good deal'. We started the hunt trying to stay at or under 32'. Bought a 34 model number, 35'10" pin to bumper, & have had relatively few problems for sites in SPs. 14 years later a model has not been seen that we like better. No itch.
Veebyes 09/17/20 11:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

There is no need to keep a battery on trickle charge 24/7. If the trailer is 12V 'dead', no parasitic drains, the battery will hold charge for months without attention. Just be sure it is put into hibernation fully charged & watered. Think about it. Farmers & construction companies leave machinery untouched for months at a time in the harshest of conditions. Doubt if they think about the well being of batteries anywhere near as much as the average RVer.
Veebyes 09/17/20 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing two 6 volt house batteries with one 12 volt

Honest question--I don't know---can a single 12 house as the Aux, start the Diesel engine, which now has two 12s for it, if those two 12s are dead? It is all in the switching. Via battery switches you can use or combine any battery bank for any purpose. I have a boat that had 6 grp 31 gel cell batterys arranged in 3 battery banks. I could use any of those 3 banks for starting, house or all together. The drill was to put all together when running & take one bank out of line when anchored leaving the amperage of 4 grp 31s available for the house. Something like having 6 6V GC batterys. If you like to dry camp battery power & water capacity are king.
Veebyes 09/17/20 10:38am Tech Issues
RE: Wishing to stay out of I-95S through Washington DC

Two options, both involve the Eastern Shore. 301 S, over the Bay Bridge. No toll westbound. Continue 301 S over the Potomac & then whatever after that. 301 continues to more or less parallel 95 but is a real nice, quiet, 4 lane road for a long way. The other is 13 S through DE & on to the CBBT to Virgina Beach. Who told you no propane on the CBBT? They are WRONG. Done it many times. SB, pull over just before toll at N end & turn the propane off. That is all that is required. The trip over & under on the CBBT is an experience all by itself. 20 miles of bridge & 2 deep tunnels.
Veebyes 08/31/20 03:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Replacing two 6 volt house batteries with one 12 volt

Rather than have 2 12V grp 24 or 27 batteries I went with a single AGM 4D. It produces about the same amperage as 2 6Vs but eliminates the 2 extra possible problem creating connections. It is heavy, about 115lbs, but being no maintenance & having a lifespan of at least 8 years I can deal with the installation challenges.
Veebyes 08/31/20 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Roof coating help or advice

Just finished doing mine using Hengs Rubber Roof coating. Thoroughly washed the roof using the usual car wash soap. Rolled on a 25% clorox/water mixture to kill all mold or anything organic. Mine had LBTs (little black spots). After drying gave roof a good rinse. Next came the Hengs. Did not remove anything. Nothing was leaking. Applied the Hengs over everything using a short nap roller like I use for applying boat bottom paint. The Hengs is thick stuff. Smells like silicone. Three coats applied. Might get another gallon & make it four coats. Did the slide tops as well.
Veebyes 08/31/20 02:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: rockies or smokey's

Must be my 30 plus years of vehicle ownership before getting my first automatic but depending on grade I am in the manual mode often especially on the downgrades. As smart as the truck is, it cannot see ahead of itself & shift ahead of a grade one way or another. Easy enough to make it kick down a gear going uphill before the truck thinks that it is time. I am another who seldom uses cruise control unless out on open mostly flat highway.
Veebyes 08/29/20 10:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Two features a must in a fifth. Who builds them

The only stops we make are for bathroom breaks....we carry snacks and sandwiches in the truck to eat on the no need to open a slide until we reach our destination. When at home its no big deal opening the slides....and we really only need to open one of them if we have to. To each his own. That is about it. We can get access to the fridge & potty. Basic needs covered.
Veebyes 08/29/20 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: rockies or smokey's

After 35 years of driving nothing but manual shift vehicles I guess that I am set in my ways. I like having control & seldom use cruise control except on light traffic flat highways. Cruise control can't see a grade coming up ahead & speed up a little to get over it in top gear. Cruise control downshifts to a much lower gear on long downgrades resulting in a screaming engine as it tries to maintain set speed. I prefer to put it in manual mode & control which gear is used myself for the downgrades. Let it get up to 2600rpm or so, a short burst of heavy braking to knock speed & RPM back down, let it build again, repeat. Shift back to auto tow mode near the bottom of grade. I imagine the newer trucks are even smarter than my 06 but going uphill a little twitch of the foot will make it downshift sooner than it will on it's own.
Veebyes 08/02/20 05:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Way “All” 5th Wheels Frames Should Be Built

At RV shows or dealerships the first thing to be done is get on hands & knees & inspect frames, especially in spring hanger mounting areas.
Veebyes 08/01/20 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

Wheel lug nut toucher at every highway stop here.
Veebyes 08/01/20 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
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