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RE: NuCamp Avia- what others compare overall?

The prices on all trailers appears to be ridiculously high right now. Water leaks can happen on even the most expensive units. You can pick a more reasonably priced unit and do some preventive maintenance right after purchase. I found many potential leaks on my trailer when purchased new, and spent a couple afternoons and $100 to prevent them. It's been outdoors for over 16 years with no leaks. Grand Design is no longer considered to be above the rest, but they do have some clever designs that really makes great use out of available interior. Their Imagine XLS 22RBE is almost as perfect a floorplan as I could "imagine" in a shorter, fairly light weight trailer. Full size walk around queen, large bathroom, lots of counter space and storage in the kitchen. Very clever layout in my personal opinion. Outdoors RV has a couple smaller models that are very comfy inside and are considered to be well made. If nothing else, they are stout.
TurnThePage 09/20/20 05:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

I use one of these purpose built water jugs. It fills each cell uniformly without over filling or making a mess. It makes the whole job quick and easy.
TurnThePage 09/14/20 11:51am Tech Issues
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

I just had to add water for the first time in over a year, and I also keep my trailer plugged in full time at home. Since I'm strictly a recreational RVer at this point, and have a generator (and 150 watts of solar), I don't worry about the batteries too much. I have a TM-2020 meter that tells me their current state of charge. I exercise them once in a while, but no set schedule. I otherwise pay little attention to them. I've gotten over 8 years of service from each pair of 6 volt batteries with that routine.
TurnThePage 09/14/20 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: replacement air conditioner

It's nice to see these options out there. Definitely expands my future RV choices.
TurnThePage 09/14/20 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Panel Wiring on Rubber Roof

I'm going to "third" the suggestion for Eternabond. You can cut just a few strips to stick it down in a few places and you'll be good to go. Mine has been attached that way for about 15 years. And I did in fact also use the Hengs roof coat a couple years ago over the top of all of it.
TurnThePage 09/08/20 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Significant hiatus but I'm back!

Appreciate the feedback. I’ve heard great things about the Equalizer but have also read that its pretty loud. I’ll look into the Blue Ox, any quieter?I have heard NOTHING about noise when using the Blue Ox.
TurnThePage 09/05/20 12:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

And on the other hand, tipped employee minimum wage is $2.13/hr. This is false information. You are quoting a specific part of the requirements for tipped employees, while leaving out critical information to mislead. $2/13/hr is the portion required to be paid directly by the employer regardless of how high the tips are. BUT if the total hourly rate with tips included is less than the minimum wage, the employer is required to make up the difference. Net result, no one is making $2.13/hr. Reality is most tipped wait staff make double or more than minimum wage. There is a reason, they don't fight to switch to a straight wage system and outlaw tipping.This is NOT false information. Employers are "supposed" to make up the difference, but there are many ways to get around that. I have several relatives who do that kind of work in Indiana. They are dirt poor. Now back to your RV quality conversation.
TurnThePage 09/04/20 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Significant hiatus but I'm back!

I've been using my Equal-I-zer for 16 years and it's been perfect, aside from the groaning and popping. I'm seriously looking into the Blue Ox Sway Pro for my next one. It looks like it checks all the boxes.
TurnThePage 09/04/20 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Question about tires

The door sticker is for best ride, but for towing heavy, you need to air up to get full use of tire load capability. Like mentioned full pressure in rear, and try about 42 in the front. A bit of trial, to know what handles best, after all hooked up and towing. Jerry Nope! That's not right. The inflation pressure on the sticker on the door frame includes the max load (GAWR's) and unless specified otherwise, includes the towing limitations published by the vehicle manufacturer.That may be technically accurate, but I know from plenty of experience that airing the tires up closer to their max, yields a significantly safer and more stable ride. My Ram 1500 recommends 41 PSI on both axles, which IS enough for stable and safe towing.
TurnThePage 09/03/20 01:22pm Towing
RE: MH Manufacturer of Choice - Poll

At the moment for me, it would probably be Fleetwood/Holiday Rambler simply because they have the floorplans and features I want at a price point I could live with. I too am intrigued by the new Ford F53 chassis. And since I would not likely be fulltiming, a gasser would do what I needed.
TurnThePage 09/03/20 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

And on the other hand, tipped employee minimum wage is $2.13/hr.
TurnThePage 09/03/20 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

If people keep buying the cheapest RV they can find, that's what the manufacturer will make for them. You get what you pay for. If you get a cheap one don't complain later that it is made cheaply. What was that saying, "A poor man buys everything twice" Unfortunately there's very little choice as far as quality manufacturing is concerned. Grand Design set a pretty good standard when they were new, but appear to have fallen in the with the rank and file since. I would gladly spend an extra thousand or two for a known higher quality unit that is otherwise identical to the rest. Ever look at a small trailer? For some reason in the RV industry small equates with cheap. Only decent small trailer is an Airstream, but they are not worth anywhere near the price they ask. RV industry also equates small with entry level. Hey RV industry. I want a SMALL 22/24ft high quality trailer. I do not want entry level, I do not want cheap,I will never want large! Are you listening? Actually, there are some quality smaller trailers out there. Lance, Outdoors RV, and Northwoods all manufacture some pretty good units. Yeah, the quality control bug bites them too, but the materials in general are a step up. Then there are the fiberglass shell trailers: Oliver, Bigfoot, Escape, Casita, etc. Some of those are definitely pricy now, but you do get a much more robust package in my opinion.
TurnThePage 09/02/20 12:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

Back in the '70s I welded a crescent wrench to the fender well doing just that. Man that thing got hot fast!
TurnThePage 08/31/20 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: 30 foot run of sewer hose--downhill?

I have about a 3 foot drop over a 50 foot run. It works fine. I've been doing it for 16 years now and have never run into a problem, aside from cheap hoses. I've never had any surprises left in the hoses.
TurnThePage 08/31/20 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator storage for travel trailer

Y'all that want to put a 100+ pound generator 5 or 6 feet off the ground, Where would a generator be stored that it would need to be 5 or 6 feet off the ground?Two of the three posts before the one of mine that you quoted referenced the Stromberg-Carlson tongue storage tray, which puts the gen above the propane tanks. For my trailer that's about 5' off of level ground, and much more in certain circumstances. I might still consider it at some point, mostly because my generator came with wireless start.
TurnThePage 08/31/20 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Generator storage for travel trailer

Y'all that want to put a 100+ pound generator 5 or 6 feet off the ground, let me know how you intend to get it up there, down from there, refill the fuel, and just how quiet it is while running. I actually installed that tray with the same thoughts, then realized it's probably not the greatest idea. It's a high flying advertisement to thieves too. I think I would rather hang the generator off the back, where it sits much lower and easier to refuel and service in general. Currently, like many others, I just leave the gen in the back of the truck.
TurnThePage 08/30/20 11:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Need tires on my Ram Tow Vehicle.

I think people routinely overlook the fact that P rated tires are rated significantly higher than the GAWR. That's still true after derating them by 10%. I've been towing with overloaded half ton trucks for almost 20 years. Properly cared for and aired up P rated tires work fine. Nothing wrong with LT tires, just don't sell the P metric short.
TurnThePage 08/20/20 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need tires on my Ram Tow Vehicle.

The Wranglers didn't last that long, but they were a great towing tire when I had them on my Ram 1500. I just aired them to their max pressure and it handled very well. I replaced them with Cooper ATs which ended up being a downgrade as far as towing was concerned. That was before this newest generation of Cooper tires though. I'm currently running Nitto Ridge Grapplers in a P Metric size and they perform admirably. I definitely understand peoples urge to go to LT tires, but I don't think it's necessary at the weights you're talking about. JMHO
TurnThePage 08/20/20 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dodge RAM payload

Does the factory GVWR, axle weight ratings, and payload change at all depending on what wheel and tire is selected on the order?Not for Ram 1500s. They have a standard lowest common denominator methodology. However, I have seen their numbers magically increase by a couple hundred pounds to accommodate a longer wheelbase that happens to weigh about 200 lbs more, with the exact same components underneath.
TurnThePage 08/19/20 10:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hellcat Powered 2021 Ram 1500 TRX debut

It looks like it can tow a respectable trailer, and has just enough payload to make it happen. Lots of great places in the west to make excellent use of it as a tow vehicle (to a destination) and a recreational vehicle (at the destination). No need to bring additional toys. It's out of my price range, but I'd gladly take and test one.
TurnThePage 08/19/20 02:47pm Tow Vehicles
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