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RE: Got forced into MS 365

Let's get real here. Most computers are Windows based and that is what most people are familiar with. The vast number of users do not want to mess with Linux. It seems like any time someone has problems with Windows someone will suggest switching to Linux. That is just not going to happen. People also suggest doing a clean install of Windows by downloading it and creating a bootable USB drive. The average user will have no clue on how to do this. If your computer is really messed up, about the only option is to do a reset. If possible, prior to doing this, copy off all your documents, photos, and videos. Also save all your bookmarks for your internet browser and all your login passwords. Doing a reset will put your computer back to a condition when you first purchased it which includes all the required drivers.
Tom_M 01/30/23 05:16pm Technology Corner
RE: $519 3800w generator available on woot for a few more hours

Woot is part of Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime shipping is free. I've purchased a few things and it has worked well.
Tom_M 01/12/23 02:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: cheap solar panels

And how about this 1800 watt power pack with 100 watts of solar for only $89:
Tom_M 01/08/23 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium batteries

The best YouTube source is Will Prowse. He tears apart lots of batteries. Some of the cheaper LiFePo4 batteries have no low temp sensor. He checks this by dipping the sensor in ice water.
Tom_M 12/02/22 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Connect multiple portable solar panels?

It's best to have the controller close to the batteries. If possible remove the controller from the panel and install it close to the batteries. Do not place the controller in the same compartment as the batteries if they are flooded lead acid.
Tom_M 11/22/22 03:14am Tech Issues
RE: Alternative to bumper sewer hose carrier

I use 5 inch vinyl fence post and a section of vinyl gutter which acts as a tray: width=320 width=320 width=320 width=320 width=320
Tom_M 11/20/22 02:37am Travel Trailers
RE: How does this work? TV antenna

Since your antenna is almost 30 years old, I would suggest replacing the whole assembly. Your present antenna is probably a Winegard Sensar II. The latest is a Sensar IV. The Sensar IV has an added UHF element that sticks out the front. If you decide to upgrade, check your present antenna and make sure there is room for the new antenna when it is stowed. The Sensar IV is considered the best RV antenna. Also make sure that your coax cable and connectors are in good condition. Here's a link to a Sensar IV assembly on Amazon: Winegard Sensar IV on Amazon.
Tom_M 11/06/22 06:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

I have two phones which were purchased from Visible. One is a ZTE Blade 11 Prime and the other is a Motorola one 5G UW ace. I just checked and both allow more than one connection. I don't recall if I ever checked but am pleasantly surprised. I have a wireless router and have been using it for a while. Perhaps I no longer need it.
Tom_M 10/29/22 04:21am Technology Corner
RE: Refill small propane cylinder

I removed the regulator from my Buddy heater then using a hose plumbed it to a tee in the line that feeds my cooktop.
Tom_M 10/28/22 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

Most phones sold by Visible only allow one device to connect to the phone's hotspot. Connecting the phone to a wireless router allows multiple devices to be connected.
Tom_M 10/27/22 07:40am Technology Corner
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

Hopefully this will enlighten some folks. Most of Visible's smart phones allow only one connection to the phone's hotspot. It appears that iPhones are an exception. You can connect to a wireless router either by a USB cable or with a WiFi connection. The router will allow you to connect to multiple devices. The SIM remains in the phone. The router is the only device connected to the phone's hotspot. Visible limits the hotspot data speed to 5 Mb/s. There is a hack that you can apply to the router that disables the limit. This might violate Visible's terms of service. Here's a link to a lengthy thread on iRV2 forum:
Tom_M 10/26/22 03:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Visible Phone Hotspot

I have had Visible since May of 2019 and it has served me well. Here's a link to a document posted by gsgriffin on the iRV2 forum describing how to set up a Visible phone and using a GL.iNet router: Towards the end of the document he describes how to circumvent the 5Mb/s data rate limit. I am using the GL.iNet GL-MT1300 Beryl router and it works great.
Tom_M 10/26/22 06:19am Technology Corner
RE: Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado

I had a bag of Cheetos explode.
Tom_M 10/01/22 11:11am Roads and Routes
RE: EEZ reading wrong

Swap sensors. If reading 49 51 before swap and 51 49 after, then problem is with sensors. If the same, problem is with monitor.
Tom_M 09/26/22 03:04am Tech Issues
RE: Cheap Win 10 laptop

So far this notebook has been working great for me. It activated fine and did an update with no issues. I installed Microsoft Word and Excel 2007. Also Microsoft Streets & Trips and VLC media player. It plays videos just fine. I was lucky enough to get the last LTE version. This version comes with a cell phone modem installed which would allow you to insert a SIM card and connect directly to the internet. You can remove the modem and plug in a M.2 SATA SSD. You can purchase a 256GB drive for about $20. I have a 10" tablet running Win 10 home 32bit with 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage. I have this mounted in a cup holder on my console. It's my navigation and media player device. I run Streets & Trips for navigation and play my music and audio books on it. I've had it for several years. It had Windows 8 when purchased and upgraded to Win 10 with no problems.
Tom_M 09/23/22 08:16am Technology Corner
RE: Queston on towing Smart Car

The transmission in the Smart is actually a manual gearbox that is electrically shifted, therefore you don't have the issues of a typical automatic transmission. You must leave it in neutral when towing. I tow my 2013 Smart with all 4 wheels down. Since the Smart is rear wheel drive, towing on a dolly would have the same issues. First put the transmission in neutral and then turn the key as far counter clockwise as it goes. It will not turn fully counter clockwise with the transmission in neutral and can not be removed. Wait for the instrument panel to go dark then disconnect the battery.
Tom_M 09/21/22 01:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Cheap Win 10 laptop

I would guess that it is not upgradeable to Win 11!You are correct. I tried Win 11 on my other laptop and didn't care for it, so I reverted back to Win 10.
Tom_M 09/18/22 09:45am Technology Corner
Cheap Win 10 laptop

For anyone near a Microcenter store here is about the cheapest Windows laptop. $59.99: Evolve III Maestro 11.6" Laptop Computer It comes with Windows 10 Pro Education installed. Quote from Microsoft: "Windows 10 Pro Education builds on the commercial version of Windows 10 Pro and provides important management controls needed in schools. Windows 10 Pro Education is effectively a variant of Windows Pro that provides education-specific default settings, including the removal of Cortana*. These default settings disable tips, tricks and suggestions & Microsoft Store suggestions". I've had one for three weeks and have had no issues.
Tom_M 09/18/22 04:17am Technology Corner
RE: Solar panel system fires

So what. May be important news for first time RV solar panel users including DIY dudes. Over the years I have read several tragic stories of RV fires due to DIY electrical modifications. Some bright folks have to tinker with everything till they burn the house down. Cheers to those with common senseUnless I missed it, there was nothing said about what failed.
Tom_M 09/05/22 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Video Transfer.. Help

Handbrake is an excellent freeware program that will transcode about any video format. As mentioned, the output format is pretty much limited to Mpeg-4. Handbrake will not strip copy protection without adding a file called "libdvdcss.dll". Handbrake download: libdvdcss.dll download: Another freeware program for converting video is Vidcoder. It uses Handbrake components and simplifies the process a bit. It also needs the "libdvdcss-2.dll" file to strip copy protection. Vidcoder download here: Once you get the DVD ripped you will need to copy the resulting file to your tablet. I suggest installing VLC video player on your tablet which will play about any format of video. Go to Google Store to get VLC.
Tom_M 08/21/22 06:52am Technology Corner
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