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RE: 6 Volt Interstate batteries

The reviews on the Interstate batteries at Costco are poor. Not sure why, on here they get mostly good reviews. I went with the 6v at Batteries plus. These are Duracell. They have 3 different choices, I went with the middle ones. Good price, seem like a good battery. I have only had them since August so time will tell. My previous were 12v from Batteries plus. They came with the trailer but the guy at Interstate said they were old, he hadn't seen that label in a long time.
Thermoguy 09/29/20 01:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fitness Watch??

If she has an iPhone, get the Apple watch series 3 - $169 at Walmart or $199 at other places. Best watch for many reasons. How much are the other ones? Unless they are $50 or so, they don't even compare.
Thermoguy 09/25/20 05:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter cover for TT

A tarp will get mildew underneath. It will scuff the surface of your RV if it moves, and if long exposure the tarp will start to deteriorate with weather and wind. A RV cover is much higher quality than a typical tarp. And probably not that much more expensive when you start looking at how many tarps or the cost of a large tarp that can cover most RV's.
Thermoguy 09/25/20 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

I have never experience this, but I have rented lots of vehicles. Often your typical rental agency, Hertz, Avis, etc, don't want you to tow with their rental vehicle, or take it off road. I've even had to sign a wavier about not taking a rental off road. On top of that, unless your trailer is minimal, then a typical rental truck might not be properly equipped. On top of that, when you get in an accident, unless you have some kind of special insurance, the company will only rent you a car that is like $20 per day, so compact if your lucky. I think you would have to wait, or find a specialty rental agency at your cost. I could be wrong as it has not happened to me, but I would be surprised if a rental agency even had a vehicle that could tow anything but the smallest trailer.
Thermoguy 09/25/20 01:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: help with skirt fender

Thanks for posting this. I broke one from a blow out this summer. I have looked but didn't find what I was looking for. The linked website looks like it will have what I need. thanks
Thermoguy 09/24/20 01:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front Rock Shield

Mine has diamond plate - seems to work great.
Thermoguy 09/23/20 01:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tires for my 16K fifth wheel

My tires had a date code of 1513 - thought I could make it one more season, I didn't... They looked fine on the outside, no cracks, no wear, great tread. I actually caught one before leaving for a trip, you could see a big bulge forming that would have blown. It's not the wear, it's them drying out. On another trailer I had a set I drove 10 years on, they were an LT tire, never had a blow out, changed because of cracking. So, it's a gamble - feeling lucky?
Thermoguy 09/23/20 01:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cover for a 40' older toyhauler

I have an Adco - not a toy hauler. I have zippers where I can unzip to access entry door, also the back has zippers on both sides. I'm sure you can open the ramp. No, you can not open the slides. Mine is going on 5 years old this winter. Lots of posts on this forum about covers. Some like them some do not. I think if you get it really tight so it doesn't blow in the wind, it won't rub the sides. I like that I clean the camper in the fall, cover, then it is clean when I take it off in the spring. It is a lot of work so I put it on once and keep it on all winter. did your Adco fit true to length? I'm at 39'11" and thinking I should move up one size as Adco choices are 37'1"-40' or 40'1"-43' You buy one that is longer than the rig. The back has straps to take up the excess cover material. Mine cover is much longer than the 5th wheel, but never had a problem. I have also had some good wind, but never an issue with the cover. It also does not rub, I do use the material that came for the downspouts and have protected a couple sharp edges.
Thermoguy 09/22/20 08:59am Toy Haulers
RE: cover for a 40' older toyhauler

I have an Adco - not a toy hauler. I have zippers where I can unzip to access entry door, also the back has zippers on both sides. I'm sure you can open the ramp. No, you can not open the slides. Mine is going on 5 years old this winter. Lots of posts on this forum about covers. Some like them some do not. I think if you get it really tight so it doesn't blow in the wind, it won't rub the sides. I like that I clean the camper in the fall, cover, then it is clean when I take it off in the spring. It is a lot of work so I put it on once and keep it on all winter.
Thermoguy 09/20/20 02:47pm Toy Haulers
RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I have AAA Plus RV - they will tow you up to 100 miles. We recently had to use them and went great. He had to take the rear 2 wheels off our 5th wheel and tow it nose low. Chained up the rear axel, etc. Did a great job, really nice guy. It did take him a while to get to us but we were quite a distance from the town he was coming from. We were actually lucky to even have cell service where we broke down in the ID mountains. Anyway, I've been happy with AAA.
Thermoguy 09/19/20 02:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Winter cover for 5th wheel

I have an ADCO on my 5th wheel. Going on its 5th winter this year. I have a couple small tears, but should be good to go. Just be careful putting it on. Also, strap it down well when it is on. It should not blow around when on or it will wear the surface. As for price, they change every year. Wait for the big sales in the fall. Shop CW or Amazon, about the same prices.
Thermoguy 09/17/20 01:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Another Battery Question - Are my batteries OK?

So, not to bring up an old thread but wanted to update and have a new question. After the first night of our trip, batteries proved they were going to be an issue, and with the cold weather ended up running our furnace for just a little bit in the morning. So, to not have to worry, stopped and bought 2 6V GC batteries. Piece of mind is nice. Not sure if I could have gotten away without and just struggled, but didn't want to struggle especially with overnight lows in the 40's. So, now my question. My battery boxes are too small for the 6V GC Battery, they are taller. I have a 5th wheel so the boxes are vented with a tube, not open like a travel trailer box. I have been searching a few websites and have not found the taller boxes. I went to a local RV supply and they can order them, but I gave up when the guy couldn't find how to order them or what the cost was. He admitted he wasn't the parts guy. Any ideas where to find these? Also, is it better to buy the same 2 boxes like the original batteries or buy a single box that fits both batteries on the one side. If I go with the original setup I have to figure out a new battery cable as my original cables were for a 12v setup and don't have the correct connections to go straight from battery to battery. I would want to replace that wire with the correct size battery wire and new connections. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
Thermoguy 09/10/20 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Recommendations on a +/- 30 footer for a family?

I have a bunk house that is 32' long. Older, but lots of models with a similar design. I would definitely look at a bunk house or toy hauler as your kids will not get smaller, only bigger. Lately I really like the mid bunk, which might work great with a crib, but I think they are longer than what you are looking for, as are many toy haulers with a separate garage. All I can say, as is the kids get older, they need their separate space. So, unless you plan to upgrade again in a couple years, get what you need now.
Thermoguy 09/10/20 08:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Champion generator

I have a dual fuel from Champion also. Works great, but I have only ran it on Propane. 3rd season now, no issues. I don't use it that much, but had 3 days where I had to use AC this last month so ran it pretty hard those days. But, to the topic - I have a great service repair place near me. After I bought the Champion, was in there with a lawn trimmer. Asked them about Champion, said they won't touch them. Didn't have an answer as to where I could take it, but also haven't had issues so haven't tried.
Thermoguy 09/09/20 02:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: do you really need a battery?

Just out of curiosity I tried to open my slide yesterday. My battery was disconnected, so I hooked up to power and tried the slide. Wouldn't open. Had to connect the battery just to open the slide. In WA, Costco, Walmart, Batteries Plus. I don't think Les Schwab would be a good place to get a good price on a battery.
Thermoguy 09/06/20 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First Fifth Wheeler

I use Garmin RV 770 LMT-S GPS. It is set up for RV's. You enter your 5th wheel height, length, width and weight. It will help plot you around the country, but like all GPS you still have to be alert, especially on secondary roads. Also be careful at fueling stations with low canopies. Tom Tom has a similar GPS that allows you to program the vehicle height and length.
Thermoguy 09/05/20 10:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

There are some good video's on youtube about low temperatures in an RV. One thing to not forget is your fridge. If it is propane, I think the refrigerant can gel or something? Can't quite remember all the details. You did not say if you have power? Even so, using your furnace all day and all night, you will need a lot of propane. Do they have a supply at the mountain or do you have to drive somewhere to get more? I have thought about using mine as we have a great mountain with power hookups, no water, but in the end decided it is too much work. Mine is not a 4 season, so no heated tanks, underbelly, etc. If it had those features, I would figure out what was needed to do it. We see RV's at the slopes all the time.
Thermoguy 09/04/20 01:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

If I shut up and let her drive, she does just fine. She probably has as many hours as I do behind the wheel, mostly large trailers. She drives our 5th wheel just fine, and can back it to. Her biggest problem is hooking it up and unhooking, but she can do it. My advice, let he drive in an open space with low traffic. So, if you are on a trip and have a good stretch of open highway, that is a great way to get comfortable behind the wheel. If you have a good setup and the trailer pulls well, then a good highway where there isn't lots of lane changes, or stop and go, etc, is a great way to get comfortable. Once she is comfortable going, pulling on and off the roadway, then you can work on backing. If she helps you back a few times, then she will get the idea of what it takes to back. The biggest part is to take is slow - and be better than me and just shut up...
Thermoguy 09/03/20 02:17pm Towing
RE: Western US Itinerary Help

Sounds like a fun trip. We have been to Yellowstone and just went to Glacier this year. I would be concerned about the time of year. You might not be able to get in to much of Yellowstone and Glacier had only 15 miles of road open this year until June I believe. Based on where you are going and coming from, the east side of glacier is where you want to stay. It was closed this year so I can't say much. Definitely a place to get out and hike, plan on hiking up hill as it is just a mountain and all the trails are long and up hill... In Yellowstone we stayed at Fishing Bridge. Not great, but not bad. But, a good location since most of the park is a drive between places to view. One year we had snow on the 4th of July when there. So, you never know. I would start booking camp spots as soon as they let you. It fills up fast. Same with Glacier.
Thermoguy 09/01/20 06:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trailer brake advice

I'm going to go the opposite as everyone here. The issue with not having trailer brakes is in emergency situations and that no brakes can be hard on your truck brakes. You would still have the emergency e brake, so if the hitch came undone or something, the chains and brake pin would pull and trailer would stop - hopefully. But going 35 miles isn't a big deal if you are careful. Don't follow close, start stopping way in advance of a red light, etc. If anyone here has a newer chev - not sure about other trucks - if you get the dreaded "check trailer warning" you no longer have trailer brakes. This happened to me a handful of times just a couple weeks ago coming home, a couple hundred miles. I pulled over more than once to check my connection, check my brakes with my controller, etc. More than once, I didn't have trailer brakes. More than anything it is just hard on the truck. My last stretch leaves the freeway then goes 10 miles of stop lights with a large hill. Near home I realized my trailer brakes were again not working. I think it happens when I hit a bump. Anyway, no issues stopping - my trailer is 11K lbs. Not ideal, but in no way was anyone near me in danger. I often don't even use my brakes as I start slowing down way in advance. It doesn't take much to take your foot of the gas and let the drag slow you down.
Thermoguy 09/01/20 05:48pm Travel Trailers
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