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RE: Awning tie downs

Awnings are meant to be rolled up before the wind damages them. With the advent of electric awnings, there is really no reason to NOT roll them up. Ken See i feel just the opposite. awnings are meant to sit under, and keep your stuff dry. We put our's out when we set up, and bring it in when we break camp. Inbetween. It only comes in if there is a hurricane passing by. We usually carport it, meaning we take the legs off the camper, and stake them to the ground, and tie them down to stakes. Believe it or not. I can still have it rolled up in less than a minute. Manual awning are a lot tougher than electric ones.
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do I need sway bar or equalizer?

Which dealer, trailer or truck? Just guessing, it is the trailer dealer, and it's likely you might not need either, given the truck capacity and the size of the trailer. One important detail to stay on top of, regardless of whether you go for those parts, is tire pressure. A Pickup truck, empty, is going to handle best with lower tire pressures, particularly in the rear, than will be needed when you load it up. Too much air in the rear tires when empty makes them ride hard and bouncy. Load the truck up, however, and too little air will make the truck directionally unstable. It'll be squirrely and you might really need the entire roadway. With a 3300 lb dry trailer, you are probably looking at 5,000 lbs or so loaded to go camping. This is well within the 9,000 lbs capacity for the truck, and adding the 500-600 lbs tongue weight to the back should be fine. But you will know for sure the first time a semi passes you on the interstate. If you need a sway bar, it'll be because the semi blows you all over the road. If you need a WDH, it'll be because the rear of the truck sags when you hook up the trailer. My guess is that you won't need either. But you are the one who has to make the call. Adding 500, or 600lb tongue weight will put him OVER the weight Carrying capacity of the receiver, and will require a WDH to get back in spec.
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:20am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

I lived in my trailer for 5 years sitting in one spot the whole time. The only time I ever disconnected the water line was when the temperature was going to freeze the hose going to the trailer. I would disconnect the hose leaving it lying on the ground disconnected from the water spigot so it would drain. I also brought my regulator/filter assembly which hung under the trailer inside and drained both of them. The regulator assembly had a watts house regulator with gauges I added on the inlet and outlet side of the regulator. It was set to 50 PSI. The trailer pump was set at 45 PSI. When the hose was disconnected I would run off the water tank refilling it as needed and then reconnect the water hose when the temperatures would be staying above 30 degrees at night. Never once worried about my PEX tubing rupturing and flooding the trailer when the hose was connected and the water turned on. I only worried about the hose freezing solid or the filter housing bursting. Yep yep
Terryallan 05/15/20 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. Do you turn the water off to your house when you leave? Same thing could happen. Pipes are pipes no matter where they are. I’ll put the quality of my household plumbing up against the the most expensive RV any time. As noted houses don’t encounter many potholes at highway speeds. For the record every time we leave for a night or more I do shut the water off. It takes about 10 seconds and the peace of mind is indeed priceless. :S I guess I been doing it wrong for the last 30 years
Terryallan 05/11/20 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: How to secure storage area while connected to water?

Continuous city water hookup is dangerous IMO. Something pops when your gone and what a mess. Fill your FW tank and use the pump. Do you turn the water off to your house when you leave? Same thing could happen. Pipes are pipes no matter where they are.
Terryallan 05/09/20 09:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Vehicle Advice For Newbie

If I was waking into a 7,000 lb trailer and didn’t already have a TV I would opt for a 3/4 ton truck. The 7,000 lb dry trailer will be 8,000-8,500 lbs. loaded. That being said, if you can find a F-150 with 1700-2,000 lbs of payload and the 5.0 Coyote (the 3.5 EcoBoost is a fine engine, and I would not be afraid of it at all) and 3:55 sir better axle ratios you should be okay. JMHO based on experience. Thanks! Jeremiah Said it was 7000 loaded. And as you said, would be fine with a 5.0, and 3.73. That is what I have, and it does GREAT. Problem is. they are few and far between. Most 150s now come with high MPG gearing, and low GVWRs. I looked at every new F150 on my dealers lot last trip, and the highest GVWR I could find was a 7050lb. There was not one 3.73 on the lot. And the only 3.55 came with a EcoBoost. The rest were all 3.35, 3.15, and higher. They wanted to trade. I told them they didn't have a truck on the lot as good as mine. BYW. i was there for a oil change
Terryallan 05/08/20 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is Friction Sway Enough

I'd hook up and see how much it drops. 36lb tongue weight and it will sway. Need at least 10% which is 240lb. Unless that is a typo. At 361lb you will be close to needing a WDH, as the weight Carrying max for a Expe is 500lbs. and by the time it is loaded. you will be closer than you think. Any thing else you use to level it, will NOT return lost weight to the front / steering axles. and that could cause sway as well. You may get a lighter WDH.
Terryallan 05/06/20 08:30am Towing
RE: Goodyear plans to close their Gadsden, Alabama plant

Gadsden can handle the loss. That area survived the closing of Fort McClellan a number of years ago. That is the plant made famous by the Lily Ledbetter(sp) equal pay lawsuit. Lost a good friend who worked and retired from that plant a couple years ago. He passed from cancers that were common to others who worked there. But can they survive it NOW, with the country shut down, and people already in financial trouble.
Terryallan 04/26/20 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Any one else afraid to travel right now ?

Motels? NO WAY JOSE. My 5'er is the safest place to sleep, other than my home. My wife, a retired L&D RNC will not allow us to venture far right now. I want badly to drive to Phoenix to see some of the grandkids (800 miles). No way she'll let me go right now. Arizona's covid19 rate is still on the rise. Florida? It's gonna get REALLY bad there because of the way they are treating this thing. Horsefeathers. Florida hospitals are under utilized, there’s no model even showing a resource shortage (and we know now how pessimistic those bogus models are). There’s no correlation either to demonstrate that states with more restrictions experience less infection. Truth. A normal healthy person has a .02 percent chance of dying from Covid. Millions of people have already had it and don't know it. Making the death rate even lower. I fully understand the OP with his blood clots not wanting to travel. but for most people it would not be a problem. Remember. They have been lying to you all along. Right down to wildly inflating the covid deaths. So take reasonable care and most would be OK. Again though 84 with blood clots. You might want to stay put. However. Red Roof Inn because I am a card carrying user sent me a E-mail describing how careful they are being. sanitizing the rooms and such. yeah I know was no answer at all. It really comes down to you. Your life, your choice.
Terryallan 04/24/20 08:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Banks Electronic Exhaust Brake

Try your local truck repair center.
Terryallan 04/20/20 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone have a favorite RV wax ???

Lots of them give the gratification of an easy wonderful shine. The difference is the durability of that shine. The difference here will be found in the quality & price of the product. No matter the quality the labour to apply it is about the same. How much is your time worth? Me, I'd rather use a well respected marine product which cost $10 more a bottle & is good for once a year than go cheap & have the unit looking like it needs doing again in 3 months. agree, and Not only that. but care between waxing is important. Never use dish soap, It strips the wax off.
Terryallan 04/18/20 02:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone have a favorite RV wax ???

Before I use Meguiars Cleaner Wax or Meguiars Gold Carnuba Wax, I wash our Jayco with Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax. About $8 for the wash and wax bottle and about $8 for the wax container at Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, supermarkets. Nothing fancy, not expensive, not hard to find. Turtle Wax Ice, Mother's, and Chemical Guys are also good products I've used. :B Did you think Turtle wax was hard to get off? Seems to me it was much harder to get off than MeQuires. I'm pretty lazy you know. I like easy.
Terryallan 04/16/20 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone have a favorite RV wax ???

I use MeQuires cleaner wax. takes off oxidation, slight scratches, and leaves a super slick shine.
Terryallan 04/11/20 10:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1974 Chevy Truck Comparison to Ford

Fun to see the old trucks. Seems a bit odd that they compared the Chevy to an F100 instead of F150. But I'm sold; the next time I buy a '74 pickup it will be Chevy. :D Chevy's worst advertising nowadays is out on the road, every time I pass a work truck or van with paint missing from the hood, I know it's a GM product. And I think, why would I trust a company that can't even get their steel properly prepped for paint? Those polyester leisure suits and hairstyles bring back the memories. Have to remember. That was before the days of the F150. the F100 Ranger was the 1/2 truck for Ford, as F150 came later. IN 1975 AND IT WAS ONLY sold in 4x2
Terryallan 04/11/20 10:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CDC and the government may be loosening the lockdown

PawPaw, good points you made there but you left off a BIG one for lots of us: Going to church or worship services, particularly on one of the most important weeks of the year. Our kids are doing well with with distance learning but attend a small private school and were getting good grades. I don’t know how everyone else is doing in their school. The “homework” my sister’s public school child was given was extremely dumbed down. The public schools are still working to get their feet under them a few weeks in. I am concerned about those students. While there is plenty of personal whining on here, many are concerned about others who are not in the same position financially. I am working an engineering job from home with full pay yet I know there are plenty of others will be hurt in this. I have compassion but it’s not limited to the virus medical victims only. I suspect these forums are a huge case of observation bias with a disproportionate number of retired, wealthier, older folks. Truth is. this in NOT affecting my personal finance. not even my camping season yet. But it is friends of mine that cannot go to work, cannot put food on the table because they have not had a paycheck in 4 weeks. and No. they have not had a sign up check, Why? because the Government servers can't keep up. Many haven't yet been able to even to open a claim. IF this keeps up. The economy will be killed, there will be not only riots, and house breakins, but countless suicides. You never know what a person that can't feed their children will do. So while it may not be earth shattering for most of us. For tens of millions of others. It is. The country by necessity has to go back to work, and live thru a virus that is more than 98% survivable. and do remember. The ones saying no stay home for many more months, are the one that this is not affecting.
Terryallan 04/09/20 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: CDC and the government may be loosening the lockdown

We all look at the numbers, and they are scary. Which is what they are designed to be. We are only now seeing them admit that the numbers are skewed to scare you. Every one that dies is being listed as dying from the the virus if they did or not. Notice heart attack deaths have disappeared, as have victims of strokes. Now as of last report. The Gov is actually doing a study to determine how many have in reality died from the virus, and how many have died form natural causes. once the study is finished. There will be a drastic reduction in the real death rate of the virus. and the 98% survival rate will rise to a much higher survival rate. Take that for what you want. But just realize you are being fed fake numbers to scare you.
Terryallan 04/09/20 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: CDC and the government may be loosening the lockdown

The “flattening the curve” is hocus pocus, feel good math. All it means is that people are staying home and not getting infected. It doesn’t mean the virus is going away. A golfer hits golf balls into the pond every-time he plays. If he quits playing, it’s a safe bet he will lose less golf balls. The pond is still there, so if he starts playing again he will lose golf balls. Maybe a condition for him to start playing again is to get some lessons. At some point we have to get back to work. We have learned a few things over the past two months about the virus and how to live with it. The folks in charge at all levels should focus on what procedures, what conditions must be met by a business (and their customers) to open for regular business. Some are obvious and should not have to be stated. If you’re sick stay home, do not go to work, do not go to restaurants. We already get the third degree, all but stripped searched when you go on planes. What’s one more test to see if you sick. And these stay at home orders are giving the scientist that needed time to work on a vaccine. I myself would rather be safe than sorry. Others don't think that way...they think haphazardly, putting MILLIONS of people at risk. Of course, that's just my opinion. Really think it is reasonable to keep the country shut down until there is a vaccine? After all it is over a year away. The country will not survive that long with out people going back to work.
Terryallan 04/09/20 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

I’m leaning towards the Ram 2500. I already own a Dodge and I’m happy with it. The next step will be a 6.4L Hemi vs a 6.7L Cummins. A little about myself. I’ve been driving trucks for UPS for about 27 years. We use Freightliner tractors with Cummins engines. I’m mostly pulling a 53’ trailer with 30,000+ lbs. I don’t like these trucks going up hills. Going over the Devore pass I sometimes slow down to about 30 mph. Since I’m not a linehaul driver and do all local work I frequently run into the regen light coming on which I hate because it’s usually a parked 30-40 minute wait for this process to finish. I understand it will do a regen while driving on the highway but I never drive enough miles for this to happen. What I like on the diesel is the engine and transmission brakes for coming down a steep incline. For comfort level I’m leaning towards the gas although the diesel has better towing capabilities. I’m planning on test driving both just to get a feel of how they drive. I’m basing all my knowledge of diesel trucks on the rig I drive. I know a pickup will not be as loud. But want to see the difference if there is any on cabin noise at freeway speeds between gas and diesel. The comfort level on big trucks has come a long way with air ride suspension and air seats. The one plus that is huge for me on a diesel is the engine braking function. Overheated brakes are no fun. With the new "quiet" diesels you should have little noise, unless you put a aftermarket "loud" muffler on it. As for the engine braking. Gas engines naturally have great engine braking, as long as you gear down. There is nothing you have to add on a gas engine to make the engine brake.
Terryallan 03/31/20 02:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

The 150 will probably pull it. From past posts I’ve seen some people would hook onto a 53’ cargo trailer at 80k#’s and tell you they can’t tell it’s back there. Ok, exaggeration but that’s the idea. Also remember you have to stop the thing. You’ll really notice the difference when you have to stomp the h*** out of the brakes. If you’re touring all of the 48 you will hit some long steep grades. I’d much rather rely on a high compression 6.7l than a low compression 2.5l to hold the thing back so I’m not cooking the brakes on the way down. Maybe get on you tube and look at some of the roads with an eight hundred foot drop off and an 18” shoulder. Mmmmmmm. If you are talking about a 6.7 diesel. you should know diesels have high compression only only on the front side. the back side, The side that would provide engine braking, has no compression, only a huge hole. That is why Jake brakes, or some other type of exhaust brake was invented. to give diesels the same engine braking as gas engines. Now days there is more than one type of diesel engine brake, and even a transmission brake. But a diesel with out some sort of add on, has no natural engine braking.
Terryallan 03/30/20 10:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Just bought my first travel trailer

You going to need at least a F250. or 2500 series. Maybe more
Terryallan 03/29/20 04:14pm Travel Trailers
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