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RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

I just had a real close call. I have an under the sink Culligan water filter that runs to a spout near the faucet. The filter burst at the bottom and I had full line pressure under the sink. Luckily I was home. The damage would of been huge,and we had just come back from a vacation 1 day prior. Never again. Water will be off from here on always.
T18skyguy 08/07/20 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford's 7.3L gas engine

On one of the RV forums, one of the guys report burnt wires and coils with his new 7.3. Cause undetermined as of yet, but adding to the aggravation is the new parts are not even available yet from Ford or the aftermarket. It's too new.
T18skyguy 08/07/20 10:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A nice change from Social Media

A very good, and IMHO very wise, friend of mine refuses to participate in what he calls "ANTI-social media". x2. I'm quite proud that I've never done Facebook or any of them. I don't want to be anyone's product. I see it as a huge waste of time and their data collection a disservice to humanity.
T18skyguy 07/30/20 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Top models in Class C’s

I don't know how much you want to spend, but Newmar makes a Super C now. There are others as well if you want something higher end.
T18skyguy 07/22/20 04:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford 550 Verses Dodge Ram 5500 Diesel

From what I've read, most of the CP4 failures are in rigs that are pushed to maximum horsepower, or get contaminated with water. That pump will explode if even a small amount of water gets in it. The pump has very fine tolerances, and it helps if you use 20% bio-diesel, or run an aftermarket lubrication like Optilube. I put a lift pump on my 2016 Duramax which helps the situation.
T18skyguy 07/19/20 09:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV carport/shelter

I have a 40 by 14 wide and I would agree you need 12 foot before the arch. Fourteen wide was a custom build for the company I went with. I had metal run all the way down the sunny side, 1/2 way up the other side. Enclosed back, and a fill in bib at the front with the cross member at 12 foot high.
T18skyguy 07/12/20 10:39pm Class C Motorhomes

It's a nice mea culpa letter, but I learned my lesson with their stuff years ago. If its a tool for a critical operation, or safety related, or you need it to last, buy elsewhere. I bought their AC manifold pressure gauge set and it exploded in my face, and I was using it correctly. It could have blinded me.
T18skyguy 07/07/20 06:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A useful search engine

I just used it to fine a 16 foot flatbed trailer to buy. I was surprised that I couldn't find any, and a dealer explained to me that all the welders at these trailer companies got laid off cause of Covid, and 16 footers are scarce. Searchtempest led me to a near new one in Portland.
T18skyguy 07/04/20 04:17pm Technology Corner
A useful search engine

I recently put an odd but expensive item on our local craigslist. My town is not that large, and I didn't think it would sell, so imagine my surprise when a guy from Texas contacted me the next day and bought it. So I asked him how he found it, and he used a search engine called It searches every craigslist in the U.S., ebay, and Amazon with one click. Maybe this might be useful for some.
T18skyguy 07/03/20 11:17pm Technology Corner

One of the best books on full time RV'ing is "Complete Guide to Full-Time RVing: Life on the Open Road" by Bill and Jan Moeller. It's a classic and that's what helped me. It's very important how you manage the waste system. You need to know that right away. Regarding your generator, its probably a 4000 watt, and it will burn about 1/2 gallon of fuel per hour. Like stated above,the fuel draw stops at 1/4 tank. This is so you don't run the rv out of gas.
T18skyguy 07/02/20 07:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Strange Gmail Glitch

I did a search on this issue, and it's a known problem. What solved it is like you said, change your google passwords. They think that Outlook or some other server may be joining them together. That's how one guy solved it anyway.
T18skyguy 06/20/20 09:25am Technology Corner
RE: I'm going to replace my Note 4 with ?

I would say stick to the Note also.If your carrier is T Mobile you might get a good deal, or if you switch to them you get a good deal. I have a Note 9 for a year and a half, and their already offering me $500 dollar off on a new phone.
T18skyguy 06/10/20 08:15pm Technology Corner
RE: wind

I learned my lesson about high winds the hard way. The weather predicted severe wind in the Sacramento area. I owned a 22 foot motorhome, and I thought I could handle anything. Well, a gust hit me so hard that it felt like the rig was going on it's side. It actually broke a weld on the chassis. I sought refuge beside the outside of a Walmart, and there we're already 3 other rigs there too. Never again.
T18skyguy 06/10/20 06:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E-450 Spare Tire carriers

I've used bumper mounts on all my rigs and never had a problem, but I torque them just right so nothing cracks.
T18skyguy 06/06/20 07:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

A lot depends on what you want it for. Record keeping, A good business model On line (or offline gaming other than solitare) a good gaming model Simply browsing the web and online business. Hard to beat a chromebook in terms of bang for buck.. I run two of 'em most of the day.. One doing "nuttin-much" (Publishers clearing house) and the other.. Well I'm typing on it now. Not much storage (But the will hold a few hours of video HD video) Not much productivity software I need to use a Windows box to print (Either move the file or as a server) But for the value it spends all day on the internet with battery left. Yea, it doesn't need any fan to cool it cause it doesn't overheat. That saves a good bit of battery. I don't know how much, but I would think it's a significant battery draw.
T18skyguy 05/31/20 07:43am Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you mainly do internet, maybe light word processing and spreadsheets a Chromebook would be perfect. My mom has the first one I ever bought, and it still works like new. It has to be 5 or 6 years old now. Both my wife and I use our Chromebooks much more than the Windows 7 or 10 machines. Edited to add: You can work with spreadsheets and word processing without internet, and you can get by with a $200 to $300 computer that will work faster than Windows 10. Just wanted to add that before someone says they don't work without internet. Chromebooks are not a real substitute for all things "PC". You do realize that a Chromebook is nothing more than a highly crippled Android OS? Has very limited processing power, very limited on board RAM, has very limited onboard drive space, pretty much all of your "APPS" sit out on the "Cloud" not on your Chromebook, your "data files" sit out on the "Cloud", your printing sits out on the "Cloud".. Want to install some PC software you have, NOPE, not going to happen on a Chromebook.. Can your Chromebook PRINT directly to a printer without the Internet? NOPE, not going to happen there.. Have to use an Internet printing app.. Can you plug in anything USB? Nope, not even close, some do, most do not.. The ones that might have a USB port, well most likely will not support say optical drives, printers or anything other than a flash drive.. Heck an Android phone has pretty much everything you need except for a bigger screen. But Mex WAS asking about a PC, not a wannabe pretend PC, a PC where you can install your own software LOCALLY, store all of your FILES locally, operate at 100% even without Internet. Sure, it may be possible to do SOME very limited stuff on a Chromebook, but to REALLY do most anything it REALLY NEEDS 100% Internet connection, something that Mex does not have the luxury of. The only thing the Chromebook has going is the cheap, cheap price, it really does not compare to a real Laptop running a Windows version of some sort for compatibility with the world.. If you want limits and be cheap then Chromebook is definitely your cup o tea.. :R I deleted most of what I originally replied because it was getting too long. You are right about the printing, I forgot about that, and should have mentioned that. Many of your other points are incorrect. Standard USB is available on every Chromebook I have seen. Every USB device I have tried works the same as on a Windows machine. This includes keyboards, mice, and optical drives, I have several 1 and 2TB external drives that work the same as Windows. No they can't run Windows software, that shouldn't even need to be said. Expecting them to is honestly ridiculous. I stand by my original post, if all you need is offline Word or Excel compatible work and online surfing, a Chromebook CAN NOT BE BEAT for the price compared to a RAM hog Windows machine. 4 GB of RAM is more than enough for most casual users. Plus there are no moving parts inside a Chromebook to go bad, so they handle vibration much better, in my experience. One of the reasons Chromebooks are so speedy, is that their only pushing 4.5 million lines of code compared to Windows 50 million. They don't need the fastest processor or the most memory for a number of reasons. Their designed to do one thing extremely well and that's surf the net. Just as in everything else, you get what you pay for. A low end Chromebook is just as disappointing as a low end PC. Another Chromebook advantage is you don't have to buy or run antivirus. Google takes care of that. Plus no hourglass or blue screen of death. I use to use google cloud print, but that's being discontinued the end of the year, but there are replacements like I haven't tried it). I think Microsoft, in trying to be all things to all people, has become a bloated scruff filled mess that can't get out of it's own way. I think that's partly the reason people look back fondly on Windows 7. I didn't know that PC's are specially made for Walmart? So the Walmartian's get their own class of junk? Not surprised really. Walmart also gets all their eggs from China. I won't be eating those either.
T18skyguy 05/30/20 04:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you want rippin performance in a PC, this one with it's Ryzen cpu can dust a lot of much more expensive models, but it has a few drawbacks.
T18skyguy 05/29/20 03:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Hard Core Shopping: Best Laptop Buy For The Buck SSD ?

If you don't need windows for a specific application, you might like a Chromebook. Their really nice for web surfing. Googles Pixelbook Go is a top choice, and list for $649. How much do you want to spend?
T18skyguy 05/27/20 09:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Shark bites for plumbing

I'm 68 years old so I may not outlive any Shark bite. I think their especially good in close clearance area's where you can't fit a tool. But if you have a bigger project and you need lots of them, it can be spendy enough it might make it worth it to buy the pex tools. There are guys who have done their whole house with Shark bites. A good review of all the pex tools and different fittings is on youtube by a plumber named "the old kid" He's used them all and shows their strengths and weaknesses.
T18skyguy 05/23/20 08:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: V10 Eng, desperate in need of help

I have a 2003 Ford with the V 10, and the fuel pump started to go out at only 50,000 miles. Does it also need extra cranking when starting? With a new fuel filter in it, have them measure the fuel pressure for starters. Also check the IAC valve(Idle air control), on the back of the engine and check the plastic lines and rubber connectors. The rubber will sometimes deteriorate and leak vacuum giving strange symptoms. When the fuel pumps get old, the centrifugal force of a turn can ground them out internally and stall it. Another thing to try while it's running: locate the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, and give each a very light tap with a hammer. If it's going bad the engine will stall.
T18skyguy 05/22/20 05:00pm Tech Issues
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