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RE: looking at glowsteps

I think you should measure “at least close”, but the range is flexible to some extent. Also, consider the Landing. the revolutions are for travel trailers and 5th wheels, cant use them on my camper ;) Steve
StirCrazy 08/10/20 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: airtabs

air tabs work, but dont expect a mirical. my buddy ut them on his 5th wheel and picked up 1 mpg, but noted the biggest improvment was in the handling when passing a rif or in high winds. they basicly work like vortex generators on a planes wing tips, this disrupts the airflow and reduces the low pressure drag area behind the trailer which reduces the drag. depending on what your towing they can make a big difference or a little difference. I would suspect the lowest fule milage in crease would be on a conventional trailer and the best on a truck camper. the trailer has two large drag zones, one behind the truck and another behind the trailer so you would have to fix both to get a biger increase. the camper only has one. a fith is inbetween as the nose of the trailer is closer to the truck reducing the size of that drag area. Steve
StirCrazy 08/10/20 05:19pm Travel Trailers
looking at glowsteps

so I have the basic cheep brophy style steps on my camper and they are worn out. all the steps sit at different angles when they are deployed. I have a 4 step setup right now, would I just order a 4 step glowstep? or do I have to put the camper on the truck and measure before I buy them? thanks Steve
StirCrazy 08/10/20 05:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Think your're good at backing? Think again.......

chage that traier to somthing with some weight and double axels and lets see how he does. for a car to accelerate like that, the trailer must weight abnout 500 lbs. Steve
StirCrazy 08/09/20 06:33pm Towing
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

Hi Steve, I do have to ask why you are going with the lead acid GC2 batteries??? A single 100A LiFePO4 battery from LifeBlue or BattleBorn will give you the same usable capacity, faster charging & discharging, and be 1/4 the weight of the two GC2's. Yes the LiFePO4's a expensive.... Pay now, play later :C Cheers -Mark well , I got them cheep on sale and they worked. Plus I didnt know I could build my own 280AH lithium pack for about 600.00 at that time eigher or I would have went that way. I dont have anything that is 110v in the camper, might add a microwave at a later date, so the biggest usage would be my furnace. I have had 4 batteries in m y 5th wheel for 12 years now, they are just starting to show there age, so I will be looking at building a LiFePO4 set up there, just have to figure out where I want to move the batteries to so they will be warm in the winter. I do a lot of camping in temps below 32 also. Steve
StirCrazy 08/08/20 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th Wheel with no dually truck

I tow a 40' 5th with a 2800 lb pin weight and I still have 1000 lbs left over in my 2014 F350 crew cab long box. I do have the 11500 lb GVW option though. thats one thing to look at for the truck, you can get higher payload and GVW packages depending on options. Steve
StirCrazy 08/08/20 06:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

Yes, in the drilled hole, under the bracket and over the bracket. Mount the controller as close to the batteries as possible in a dry, protected place. A closet seems too small. Dimensions? What wire sizes are you using? using 10ga from the panel to the controler as it is only 8 amps and a short run, acording to the charts I can use 10 ga to the bateries also so I might try it and decide if I need to upgrade the clable later. Steve
StirCrazy 08/07/20 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I wouldn't put a solar panel on the roof. I'd set it up to be on the ground with a 50' cable so you could park in the shade and put the soler panel out in the sun. Yes, you have to move it once or twice in a day to catch optimal solar input. Im the opposit, I wouldnt put it anywhere but the roof, I have a 480 watt setup on my 5th wheel and I dont want wires running accross the campground or the extra time worrying about where to put them. they work just fine on the roof. Steve That shows how differently we use our campers. In BC most of the year you want the camper to sit in sunlight, to get some so needed heat. In central states you rather park in the shade to keep it cool. I camp mostly in Southern states and I would pay high premium to have trees available to camp under. Month ago we went to Lake Powell, AZ and mid-week we had about 100 campsites to choose from. Only 1 site had tree about 18" tall so we pick up this one. Turned out that trees in AZ turn the leaves vertically, so sitting under - you still have sunlight on you. Bottom line AC runs 24hr, unless campground forbids running generator at night. Last summer I took front-mounted generator to Alaska. Turned out to be dead weight for 8000 miles. ya for me is is an anomily, I live in the "hotest city in canada" the summer 4 or 5 months it is between 90 and 118 degrees most of the time, but where I go camping it is out of the valley in the mountians, down on the coast or a different provence. so the temps fall to under 90 most of the time. they way they design most of the provincial parks it would be hard to find a site that is full sun, but the pannels on my 5th wheel have shown me they still work. Steve
StirCrazy 08/07/20 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I wouldn't put a solar panel on the roof. I'd set it up to be on the ground with a 50' cable so you could park in the shade and put the soler panel out in the sun. Yes, you have to move it once or twice in a day to catch optimal solar input. Im the opposit, I wouldnt put it anywhere but the roof, I have a 480 watt setup on my 5th wheel and I dont want wires running accross the campground or the extra time worrying about where to put them. they work just fine on the roof. Steve
StirCrazy 08/07/20 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I never use Dicor. I use commercial grade caulk, Sikaflex. What kind of truck camper do you have? I have a 1991 slumberqueen 100WS. it has a 1 piece alumium roof. Steve
StirCrazy 08/06/20 10:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Tracking US travelers

garyhaupt, you have to remember that we are dealing with a population of approximately 328 million people. Canada is only dealing with approximately 38 million people. With new leadership, we can lick this thing regardless of the size of the population. But it will require isolation by shutting down completely two borders. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the famous line, ‘there’s 3 categories of untruths, there’s lies, **** lies, and statistics’, Yes the US has ~ 8.6 times the population of Canada but it has 40 times the cases, and more than 17 times the number of deaths. Now compare that to places with a lot more complicating factors, but took serious measures to curb the spread early on, India for example. India has 1.353 billion people, more than 4 times the population of the US, yet they have had just over 1/3rd the number of cases and less than 1/4 the number of deaths. Only 1.46% of Residents in the US out of 336,000,000 million have been diagnosed with the Virus of that number only a small percentage have been fatal. i think I related this before but..Son In Law co-worker is a nurse in a clinic in a hospital not far from our home. She gives the test for the Virus! When someone comes in and is tested and the test is positive they are required to self quaranine for the week, return and be retested the ext week and if positive to self quanratine another week, this is repeated for sx weeks, or until the test is negative. Each time they are tested it is reported to the CDC in Atlanta as if a new case!! Wow, all that quarantine time has really had an effect, the population has gone up by nearly 4 million from just over 328, million only a few months ago. I guess there wasn’t much good on TV..... As for the reports, that’s false, the report says it’s a positive result, and that it’s a subsequent test on a previously reported person. Percentages are a funny thing though, 1.5% of population being sick, and 0.05% dead seems like NOTHING ...... Until you realize that means more 160,000 people died ....... so far ....... To put that in perspective, that’s the entire population of Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi, that doesn’t sound anything like “only” to me. If you go by the numbers of people who caught it compared to the amount who have dies, the US has twice the number of deaths per million cases than Canada has. could be because of a larger amount of elderly people in the areas where it is rampant, but who knows. Steve
StirCrazy 08/06/20 03:25pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
solar project starting to come togeather.

Parts have started showing up for me to install solar on my camper. what I am planing is one 325 watt 120cell split panel on the roof, feeding a Renogy Rover 40 amp solar charge controler feeding two 6V 210Ah lead acid batteries. I ordered the bluetooth modual for it and the tempartue leads you atach to the batteries. I also ordered two 30Amp resetable breakers (one for the panel side and one for the battery side) to act as protection but also a way to disconcect the power to the controler if i have to do any work on the system. One question I do have is when mounting the solar brackets to the alumium roof, do you put the dicore in the bolt holes and under the mounting feet and then over top when you screw it all in? and the other big thing is where to mount the charge controler. can I put it in a closet? how hot do they get? thanks. Steve
StirCrazy 08/06/20 03:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Why so few Murphy beds ?

generaly most rv ceilings are not tall enough for a north sought murphy bed, so that leavs you with a east west so one side of the bed is inaccessable with out crawling over your partner. Most people dont want this and they want a bedroom they can just close away and not have to make up to use the table or the couch and so on. I know I bought a bunkhouse that has its own room so the kids can sleep or what ever while I am in the kitchen doing stuff. Steve
StirCrazy 08/04/20 07:27am Travel Trailers
RE: DIY 200Ah LiFePO4 battery < $900

you can build 280ah ones for less than that now, look around, go in with a few people to reduce shipping costs and you can do it for about 500 US. I noticed there is a company now selling on amazon prebuilt systems in an alumium case. Steve
StirCrazy 08/03/20 08:15am Tech Issues
RE: Ford 6.7 Class action lawsuit

dont you need more than one plantif for a class action? Steve
StirCrazy 08/02/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: rockies or smokey's

I turn on the cruise control when ever I am towing on the highway. in the big mountians I use the tow haul but the rest just normal as all the tow haul in my ford does is hold shift points a little higher, all the other features of speed holding down hills and such work with the tow haul off. Steve
StirCrazy 08/02/20 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

I’d be very surprised if the majority of people could get within 20 degrees of the actual temperature when using there hand.It's not the actual temperature they're after when using their hands, it's whether the warmth feels all about the same. Since I have one it's hard to argue the benefits one might argue by not having one. But, mine takes pictures and allows you to see where the heat is. I can tell you from experience, that the tire heat is on the tread, but the bearing heat is not on an area you can touch from the outside of the tire or hub, it's on the inside. You can't touch that area and some bearings can be over 200 degrees. Good luck with your hand. Also, heat is relative, so you are looking for all to be about the same, not an absolute number. In addition, a failed brake has no heat. You're not going to feel that with your hand. thats not true, if you put your hand on the centre hub cover you will feel if the brakes or berrings are running hot. if it warm your good, if you pull your hand back you may have an issue. you said your self it is over 200 degrees, its all metal and the hub cover will give a bit of air space so you dont instantly melt skin. now you wont know if it is brakes or a berring with out a little more investagation but your not trying to do that on a quick stop, just checking to make sure tires and centre hubs are running at simular temps, this tells you everything is good. if I feel a hot one I will start looking deeper which may mean gettin gout my gun and trying to find the hotest part of the hub from the back. Steve
StirCrazy 08/01/20 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Checking on Wheel Bearing Heat

I check the hub and tire temp when ever I pull over during a trip. I dont use my heat gun, just my hand. Steve
StirCrazy 07/31/20 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ignore the rules...get the fines.

Noteven, agree that the article was vague and your question was a valid one. Your question also leads to the point that the national boundaries in that area (to include some of the islands) have been in dispute for years; it has been a long, long time since my college years, but I think since before Canada was its own country. Since both the US and Canada have agreed to disagree on certain boundaries (rather than shoot at each other), the RCMP gave them (probably commercial vessels making money) low fines and said "just go away." there is no disput on the boarder and has never been since proabably during the colonial times, but it was a funny read. Steve What’s funny to me is that you live out there and still don’t know about it. Discussion of Canada US border disputes. no what is funny is you said there are island ownerships in dispute, there isnt, there will always be water way disputes where theyere isnt the 300 miles between the countrys land masses. but the west coast ones are all fishing disputes due to the salmon runs. Personaly I think they should make it so any disputed waters niether party can enter untill it is resolved. then things will get hammered out fast. international water rights are disputed all over the world, nothing new and will go on for ever I imagin. Steve Actually it was charlestonsouthern not me that mentioned an Island, of which there certainly IS one in dispute between the US & Canada, it is discussed in the article I posted. Clicky-clikey for Machias Seal Island ah ok sorry haha. Im not that familier with the east coast, spent my 20 years in the Navy on the west coast. Steve
StirCrazy 07/28/20 06:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: a comparision of two different LI chemistries

Price is $600 cd per 100 amp-hour jar. that soesnt seam like that good of a deal, you can do a Lipo4, 12v 280AH for 320 plus shippingwhich is stupid but if you get a few people in on it, it becomes not bad and that gives you 3000 cycles at 90% I will do some more reading on them though. Steve
StirCrazy 07/28/20 06:43am Tech Issues
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