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RE: Woodall's Family Camping Blog Seeking Writers!

The link given does not work.
Scottiemom 08/10/20 05:47am Family Camping
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Dan, so sorry about your SIL. Praying for good results from the treatment. Dale
Scottiemom 08/08/20 06:30pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What do you shut off when leaving for a trip

Here is Florida we shut off our water. We have a tankless water heater so no worries there. We set our T-stat on 80 and set the humidifier back. That was what our Hvac guy told us. If we don't keep a/c on, we will come back to mold. Don't want that. Dale
Scottiemom 08/08/20 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Mississippi Coast campgrounds

Buccaneer State Park. click here We like Buccaneer State park as well. We first camped there in the 80's and then it got totally wiped out by a hurricane. . . not sure which one. It was eventually rebuilt. Now all FHU sites and paved. Lovely park and they rebuilt the water park out front as well. Dale That hurricane was Katrina. Waveland was where the eye came ashore and literally wiped parts of town off of the map. Nice museum in town depicts the damage and recovery. It's a nice little town with casinos if you are into that. Yeah, I knew that, just had a momentary lapse. I didn't know about the museum. Will have to go next time we are there. So glad they rebuilt. Love that area. Dale
Scottiemom 08/08/20 04:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Think your're good at backing? Think again.......

I need lessons from this guy. My Dad drove an 18-wheeler and they belonged to a camping club. On Friday nights when he would get to the campground, several of the rigs were waiting for him to be parked. LOL He always dispatched them quickly and didn't complain. Dale
Scottiemom 08/08/20 04:26am Towing
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Glad to hear from you Richard even if the news was not as good as we would like. We continue to pray for your recovery. We are taking both motorhomes next weekend and camping with our son's family. He's taking the little one. Had to work on our refrigerator in the Phaeton. It's trying so hard to give up the ghost but we aren't ready to part with it. The seals around the doors have been leaking for years and that causes moisture buildup in the box. We have added tape, etc., to stop the air infiltration, but it has gotten worse. Norcold does not sell the seals. You have to buy the doors and the cost is very close to a new refrigerator. While we had it off, I totally cleaned it up, we tested to see where air could intrude and added some more weatherstripping to try and help. We shall see. It was easy to stay on top of it when we lived in it, but this summer we have been flying back to Indiana to bring more of our household stuff back, so we've shut it off. They just work so much better if they are never shut off. We have made 4 trips back to Indiana from Florida since March. The first trip was a week when Mom was in the hospital. The next three were to bring stuff to our new home from storage. WE have completed all that and we now have everything here. Surprisingly, I only have about 8 boxes still to unpack. They are all our pictures, framed and unframed. Most I have already scanned in and will be pitching. Some framed ones will go up on the walls. I just can't believe we did all that by the middle of July. WE flew twice and we have been back 2 1/2 weeks, so we made it without getting the virus. Yay! We got to see Mom each trip, socially distancing of course. She doesn't want people visiting because at 95 she wants to stay cautious. Good for her. Take care fellow FOOF's. Dale
Scottiemom 08/08/20 04:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: Mississippi Coast campgrounds

Buccaneer State Park. click here We like Buccaneer State park as well. We first camped there in the 80's and then it got totally wiped out by a hurricane. . . not sure which one. It was eventually rebuilt. Now all FHU sites and paved. Lovely park and they rebuilt the water park out front as well. Dale
Scottiemom 08/07/20 06:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

We have 3 mattresses from Dynasty. No fiberglas. Dale
Scottiemom 08/03/20 05:28am Travel Trailers
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

How are you doing, Richard? We haven't had an update in a bit. I hope things are improving and you are doing well. I continue to include you in my prayers. Dale
Scottiemom 08/01/20 04:18am RV Pet Stop
RE: Birthday Girl Nell

Doesn't seem possible Nell is 14. She really looks good. Miss hearing much about your dogs. Sam and Wendy too. All dogs are special. Happy Birthday, Nell! Dale
Scottiemom 07/31/20 05:30am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Scottiemom 07/27/20 05:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Last Saturday we flew from Tampa to Ft. Wayne, Indiana. On Sunday we celebrated our great niece's high school graduation with a lot of the family. Monday we picked up our Penske rental truck and loaded up our remaining household goods in Nappanee. It took us 3 1/2 hours to do that in the 85° heat. We had to stop and rest several times for Terry, but we got the job done. Once that was done, we returned our rental car to the South Bend Airport and headed south. We made it to Scottsburg, Indiana, as it was 5:00 before we really got started south. The next day I drove over 600 miles stopping south of Atlanta for the night and then Wednesday we drove on to our home in Polk City. Yesterday most of the truck got unloaded, but we still have some to go. We will finish unloading this morning because we have to go to Melbourne this evening for our granddaughter's 7th birthday. As you might guess, the house looks like a war zone, but I have already unboxed and put a lot of stuff away. When we had to take a break from the unloading, I would come inside and work. That is actually the fun part. It will take several days to get it all finished, but we finally have all our stuff here. Whoo hoo. Last evening at 9 p.m. I couldn't stay awake, so we went to bed early. Got up at 6, so I feel pretty good except for being sore. LOL Hope all of you are doing well. As soon as our stuff is all settled, we plan to take out one of the motorhomes and enjoy a weekend of camping. God bless you all. Dale
Scottiemom 07/24/20 04:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: B+ motorhomes

Sounds all good. Did you, or are you, going to tow the Miata? I’m pondering a toad to pull behind my M211. It was always our intent to pull the Miata behind the B+, but it's not quite ready. Got base plate on and wiring done. Terry can add more. Dale
Scottiemom 07/15/20 04:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Residential Style Central Air - NOT Roof Air Question

You don't say where you are located, but if you are close to northern Indiana, you could see Leon at National Refrigeration in Shipshewana. He is a young Amish man who owns the company and works on any and all RV AC/s and refrigerators. He is very good and very reasonable. Dale
Scottiemom 07/11/20 06:13am Tech Issues
RE: Fleetwood American Tradition Washing Machine/Dryer Problem

It is a 21 year old dryer. Just saying... Yes, when our w/d was less than 10 years old, the belt slipped off the back and we had Westland in Elkhart look at it. It had to be pulled out, but the repairman said the bearing in the cross piece (looked like an X) that held the belt was bad and seized and that caused the belt to jump off. PART NO LONGER AVAILABLE, so it would require replacing the entire unit. He offered to put the belt back on. Said it might run once or twice. We said okay. That was several years ago and it continues to run to this day. My point is that parts for those units are not always available. But at least in our case, we didn't quite need it yet. Dale
Scottiemom 06/30/20 06:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnetic Induction Cooking And Pacemakers?

My husband has a Medtronic ICD. Medtronic publishes an Electromagnetic compatibility guide and I often refer to it when I have questions about his device and risk factors. That guide says to maintain a 2-foot distance between your device and the induction cooktop. Kinda hard to use if you have to stand away from it. Here is a link to the guide. We chose not to jump on the bandwagon with the induction cookers. They sound really neat but not worth the risk to DH. Dale
Scottiemom 06/13/20 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Diverticulitis

My Dad lived and RV'd all his life with diverticulitis. Once you get healed, you should be able to be asymptomatic with proper diet. But if I were you, I would find a good GI doctor and have him/her treat your illness. My dad did not have to take anything for infection or pain after he was healed and if he stayed away from his triggers. Much like any other chronic illness. Dale
Scottiemom 06/12/20 06:14am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

The way Terry's doctors have described it to us is that they legally cannot take your license away but with certain heart issues (Terry has an ICD) they prefer you not to drive for six months after an episode. His "episodes" would result in passing out. . . actually his heart stops. Then it would restart. As it got weaker, they added the ICD which will "jumpstart" the heart. The last time this happened was 10 years ago. The device also regulates his heart rhythm which hopefully keeps the heart from stopping. He has had a few incidences of passing out, but no heart stoppage. Those times happen when he isn't feeling well and during those times, Terry does't do much till he feels better. When his instances occurred ten years ago, he voluntarily gave up driving the motorhome. Okay by me. It's just not a situation where a passenger could intervened before the 45,000 lb. rig would careen off the road or into another lane. When he is not feeling up to par, he chooses not to drive anything. It's been about 4-5 years since he became very ill and he was on a roller coaster, but never feeling up to par. So he has not driven much. Lately, this past year seems to have been a healing one for him and things are better for him. He is starting to drive the car a bit and that is a big help to me. He was always an excellent driver. . . that had nothing to do with it though. . . it was his health and being alert, etc. We just drove a rental car to Indiana, with Terry helping, and we drove the little motorhome back to Florida pulling the trailer. In ten days we are flying back up and driving the Miata back. He's going to help on that driving, although he will not drive the "Tail of the Dragon." He's never liked mountain driving and will prolly have his eyes closed! This works for us. I have always loved to drive and I don't mind because it's still something we can do together. We met another couple in a Class A years ago. She did all the driving and everything else because her husband was going blind. He had a work related condition that caused his blindness, but they wanted to RV so they bought one and they go anyway! Once they get your heart more stable, I assume they will relax their stance. I don't consider Terry any more a danger than someone who has seizures. They can still get a license depending upon how long it's been since their last one. Other people with conditions that cause blackouts, etc., may still get licenses to drive. I believe it would be easier to intervene with an impaired driver in a car, but big rigs are a different matter. Don't be discouraged, Richard. Now that they know this, they should be able to help. And feeling tired is very NORMAL after any kind of heart problems. It takes a while. A couple years ago when they were trying to get Terry to go on the heart transplant list, physical therapy gave him some exercises that they said they give all their heart patients which work to build up their core. He has faithfully fully done the exercises every day and they have surely helped. We normally walk 1.3 miles daily, although we've been so busy working on the house, we've fallen off doing that in the heat. But we are hauling furniture around, etc., so he is still getting exercise. Good luck and we will be praying for you and Sue! Dale
Scottiemom 06/12/20 06:05am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry to hear, Richard. Prayers for a successful procedure and for you and the doctors. Dale
Scottiemom 06/09/20 05:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We made it back to Florida today, got home, got the food out of the motorhome and in the house and unloaded all of the trailer except for my organ, which I am hiring out. It rained off/on yesterday and today. That storm in the gulf sent its outer bands over Florida and we had periods of torrential downpour on the interstate. A gal in her Mercedes hydroplaned and put the nose into the guardrail. Lot of damage. She was moving pretty fast. Fortunately, most of the others slowed down in the downpours, but kept moving, so we covered the rest of the interstate we needed in good order. We got off and ran the last 60 miles on red roads which were not heavily traveled today and got home without incident. The house is a pit. We just unloaded boxes into the living room. Our new furniture will not be delivered till the 19th, the room WAS empty, which was good. We ordered out pizza and are looking at relaxing and sleeping well in our new bed. Hope all is well with all of you. Dale
Scottiemom 06/06/20 07:42pm RV Pet Stop
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