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RE: DVR - how to record using Verizon cell phone hot spot?

My only internet access is by using the wifi hotspot generated by my cellphone data plan. I'd like to record some over the air (OTA) TV shows. Can it be done? How? OTA TV and Internet don't go together. You need a DVR with a built-in tuner and an appropriate antenna. Your phone and the Internet don't figure into it at all.
Sam Spade 03/19/20 07:02am Technology Corner
RE: converter runs constant

As was said, not enough information. The converter is SUPPOSED to run constantly, dropping to something around 13.3 Volts to "float" the batteries when they are fully charged. If the voltage really stays much higher than that seemingly forever, then only two real likely causes: Bad converter or worn out batteries.......or after a while on a bad converter, maybe both now.
Sam Spade 03/05/20 08:31am Tech Issues
RE: Water pump problem Winnebago Sunova

Well you are gonna have to prove whether or not there is power going to the pump. For that, you need a meter and access to the pump......and you can look for a breaker on the pump while there. If it IS getting power, then the pump has failed.....or the pressure switch which is also part of the pump.
Sam Spade 03/01/20 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: Built in Trickle charger on AC unit

Unfortunately, where I have to store it, leaving it plugged in is not an option, just bought a trickle charger for the chassis battery, just don’t know about the house charger I hope what you bought really is a smart tender type automatic charger and NOT a cheap trickle charger. The difference is important. THEN....if you have a place to plug in a battery charger for the chassis battery.....why can you NOT just plug in the whole rig ? OR get a second tender for the house batteries ?? Of course, if you have a "good" solar charger with a charge controller and it sits out in the sun, that might be all you need for the house batteries, once you figure out how it works.
Sam Spade 02/25/20 07:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Built in Trickle charger on AC unit

First, this has nothing to do with the AC unit. Second, you need to find out what make and model of "charger" you actually have. It should be a "smart" tender type battery maintainer and NOT a cheap trickle charger. Then, you need to invest a few $$ in a multi-meter so you can test things like this for yourself to be sure. get anything near to a good answer, more information is needed.
Sam Spade 02/23/20 08:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Look for Data Plan that throttles to greater than 3G

Anyone know of a LTE data only plan that.... beyond 50 GB is throttled to above 3G around 1 mbps (Besides Simple mobile) that is around $50 to 60 bucks a month? Thanks Several things about this question that doesn't make sense to me. First, does ANY cellular phone carrier really offer "data only" plans ? I doubt it. Then....why the concern and unique requirements for what happens beyond the first 50G ? Several carriers offer "unlimited" plans but each has their own definition of what "unlimited" means. I think you need to be a bit more realistic here and conform your "needs" to what is actually available.
Sam Spade 02/22/20 07:06am Technology Corner
RE: Pilot RV Plus Card

Pilot/ Flying J are not worth the hassle! Many are more expensive then competition across street even with the so-called discount! While that used to be the case, I have been all up and down the east coast and that is NOT the case most locations.
Sam Spade 02/17/20 10:59am Good Sam Club
RE: Pilot RV Plus Card

I don't think you read my post completely. this store DOES accept the card at the fuel pumps, GAS and DIESEL, And DOES ACCEPT THE CARD IN THE STORE. So, it's NOT a dealer location per your description. It is a Pilot station that is violating rules. You don't have a full grasp of the situation. Accepting the credit card.....and allowing a discount......are two DIFFERENT things. The credit card part is likely really a VISA or Mastercard "branded" card. I still say that the pumps should be clearly marked.....or a message should come up on the screen indicating that there in no discount. NOT doing that is fraud in my book. AND...suggesting downloading another invasive APP is NOT an acceptable solution.
Sam Spade 02/17/20 10:57am Good Sam Club
RE: Mh Interior 12 volt LEDs

Do pull the covers before you order anything. Mine were all bayonet style except one. I would not pay less than $2 apiece because the real cheap ones are junk. Most are bright white; not blue but not "warm" either.
Sam Spade 02/17/20 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pilot RV Plus Card

What they told you is true.....about not being a "company" store. But I agree with you that the pumps should be clearly marked in those cases.....and/or the discount card should be rejected.
Sam Spade 02/17/20 07:12am Good Sam Club
RE: Repalcing Onan

Just wander if someone was successful to replace Onan with other genset. That might depend on your definition of "successful". I think examples of that will be slim and none. Visit an RV dealer or 3. Look at what kind of generators that various style and make of units have in them. Then think about being out on the road when it is 100F and having no A/C because the generator is down. You might decide that the price of a new Onan.....or a newer used-rebuilt one is well worth the money. Might try looking up Cummins/Onan dealers in your area. They might be able to help with a "deal". Almost any decent unit these days will be computer controlled to some extent.
Sam Spade 02/14/20 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class a toy haulers that can fit a smart car

Any reason why you want to buy an RV with so much space dedicated to a car when you could tow it and have the space for other things? A lot of the recent models have a convertible garage area......which converts to the bedroom......or a second bedroom when the vehicle is out. But none of them are "budget" models.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 01:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class a toy haulers that can fit a smart car

In the past Gulfstream made a toy hauler called the Outlaw. The brand name is Damon, not Gulfstream. I have one.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 01:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class a toy haulers that can fit a smart car

budget minded class a RV is that will fit a smart car in the cargo area? No such thing exists. Class A toy haulers are EXPENSIVE and used ones are hard to find.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holding tank monitor panel replacement

Most of the time, when it might appear that the "panel" is not working anymore, that is NOT because of the panel itself but because the sensors in the tanks have gone bad.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: slideouts not working

you know my son told me just to take an old car battery and hook it up and probably completing the circuit would make it work. thanks everybody for your help. Well THAT is bad advice too. YOu need a healthy supply of 12 VDC to open the slides. The only 2 ways you can get that is with a healthy battery OR if you are plugged into shore power. Note the previous comment about the slides being disabled while the engine is running.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 01:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: slideouts not working

I had to pull the batteries out, but assumed the slideouts would still work. Is the fact that the coach batteries are not hooked up the problem? What ?? Where do you think the power would come from with no batteries present ? BAD assumption. Yes, that is your problem. NOTE: With my Damon, the slides are locked out when the engine is running.....meaning they won't move on purpose.
Sam Spade 02/13/20 06:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where to park on 2 day travel from park to park

Truckers do NOT like you taking one of "their" spots are rest areas. Places like WalMart allow overnight parking in some places.....but not all. So when are truckers the only one allowed to stop at a rest stop? I did NOT say that, now did I ?? We are talking about staying overnight, not just stopping. And while I don't totally agree with it, I can understand their point. Driving is their JOB. Laws require them to stop every XX hours and places to do that are not abundant. In some states, even the "rest areas" only have a few spots. If regulations don't prohibit it, go ahead and park overnight in a "truck" spot at a rest area. But expect that you might not get much rest.
Sam Spade 02/06/20 07:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Where to park on 2 day travel from park to park

You search out an RV park about half way. That way you have power and water if needed. Truckers do NOT like you taking one of "their" spots are rest areas. Places like WalMart allow overnight parking in some places.....but not all.
Sam Spade 02/05/20 11:51am Beginning RVing
RE: RV gasoline life span in long term storage

Without stabilizer and with ethanol, "over a year" is not good. It kind of depends on how much over a year......and what the quantity is. A large tank will fare better than a small one.
Sam Spade 01/31/20 03:59pm Class A Motorhomes
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