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RE: Battery Question

I was surprised that the starting batter was dead. If I left the radio on (its hot wired to the battery) would that drain the deep cycles as well? I assume that your use of the term "deep cycles" is referring to the house batteries ? With the engine OFF and the battery connect switch OFF, the chassis and house batteries should NOT be connected......unless a previous owner has screwed up the wiring or a battery relay has stuck closed. The radio should affect only the battery that it is connected to.
Sam Spade 12/11/19 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flattest, warmest route to Las Vegas in January from NC

If those two things are "firm" requirements, then South on I-95 to I-10 is about the only route that avoids all the mountains AND gets you out of the "winter" weather ASAP. Don't know what kind of APP you are talking about but most any smart phone will have a choice of several free GPS apps.
Sam Spade 12/10/19 07:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Flattest routes from GA To Nashville,TN

100 miles (approx) longer and having to deal with Birmingham downtown area? Get real! You think Atlanta is a pain? I wouldn't do it.....unless I REALLY wanted a "scenic" route.....but the stated objective was to avoid the mountains. You can't avoid ALL the negative factors with any route.....usually.
Sam Spade 12/08/19 07:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Furnace running very hot...

A "normal" thermometer is the right tool to measure air temperature. While that is essentially true, if the air is flowing out of a metal grate, measuring the temp of the "fins" on the grate gives a good approximation. If the grate is not metal, the reading won't be as good.....but still not useless.
Sam Spade 12/07/19 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: Continental Tires PSI rising 20

One more thing my Tire temperatures were running a few degrees above the outside temps. The tires were not hot at all, only problem is the 20 degree rise of the psi Those two pieces of data don't match. Have you actually felt the tires to see how hot they really ARE ? HEAT is the only thing that will increase the pressure. I think there is no validity to the temp readings of a TPMS.....since the sensor is not mounted on the tire itself. For tires your size, they often are at the end of a VERY long metal valve stem. I don't pay much attention to the actual readings on my TPMS as they aren't very accurate but seems like I remember increases similar to that in the summer time. I have "off brand" truck tires.
Sam Spade 12/07/19 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flattest routes from GA To Nashville,TN

Took 20 from atlanta into birmingham. 65 north to nashville area. Nice, smooth, flat, luxurious. How much does that add to the trip......maybe 100 miles ?? (versus 75/24)
Sam Spade 12/07/19 07:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Furnace running very hot...

“you are getting HOT flue gasses into the inside loop.” Please explain further A gas furnace has a "heat exchanger", which is a metal box with two pathways for air flow. One path handles the hot flue gasses and the metal structure transfers the heat to the other path which circulates the inside air. The air flow in those two loops should NOT mix with each other. If there is a "hole" inside the heat exchanger, you can get the flue gasses inside and that might make the inside air much hotter than normal. That condition would also be dangers because of carbon monoxide. It is impossible for anybody to gauge "too hot" without being there. IF....yours is designed so that the fan does not come on until AFTER the flame has been on for a while, then the initial blast of air when the fan does start can be quite hot.....and will cool down a bit as it runs. And I don't know exactly what part you are trying to touch and finding it "too hot"......but that likely is normal for most of the internal parts, except for the incoming gas pipes and the very outside case.
Sam Spade 12/07/19 07:38am Tech Issues
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Now let the excuses commence...... Did you post this just to start an argument ? Well there should not BE one.....because the Tesla wasn't designed to DO that. Neither was the VW bug and the list goes on.
Sam Spade 12/05/19 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Furnace running very hot...

So I have been noticing that my vent air has been notceably hotter. Like too hot. Which "air vent" ? The one producing heat for YOU or the one expelling exhaust to the outside ?? If it is the inside air, this could be REALLY important as it might indicate that you are getting HOT flue gasses into the inside loop. Also a partially plugged flue can do that. Also an unusually high gas pressure can too. Unless you stumble across something obvious, I suggest a professional repair visit is necessary. Any chance that it's just hotter than you remember from last year ?
Sam Spade 12/05/19 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: 12V TVs - Size from 24-32

The TV itself sucks. I would get a regular 120v tv and a small inverter. NOT a good solution. My 12 V TV runs directly from 12 V. Don't see any advantage to having a 110 to 12 "adapter" to accomplish that. Mine does not "suck". Got it from CW but don't remember the brand. Note: If you do get a 12 V only model AND want to use it without shore power or gen active......don't go too big. The current drain might be more than you want.
Sam Spade 12/01/19 03:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Flattest routes from GA To Nashville,TN

Just like to be nice to my equipment if I can. Lol If.....your "equipment" is properly sized for the job, going up and down a few hills won't harm it in the least. You can sometimes get yourself into a BIGGER mess by trying to avoid a little one. I suggest that you just take I-75. The only really bad part, in my opinion, is Chattanooga. If it is daylight and not raining, even that part isn't too bad.
Sam Spade 12/01/19 08:13am Roads and Routes
RE: Moderators. HELP

Why do we keep getting error messages when trying to contact mods?? Your profile indicates that you have been on here for THIRTEEN YEARS. In all that time, have you never seen a discussion of the bad portals......and suggestions to use a different one ?? I just did a test by reporting this post. It worked fine.....from "" That is about all the "help" you will get, because the people running the server don't really know how this software works. You NEED to help yourself.
Sam Spade 11/27/19 08:01am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Trickle Charging Chassis battery

What about just getting a set of ring terminals...... No, NO.....WAY too easy. If you can't make it complicated and confusing, it's no fun. Or so some here seem to think !! :B
Sam Spade 11/23/19 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Why no continuous furnace fan option?

but the furnace only has an auto position. Why is this? Under what conditions are you likely to use the gas furnace ? When you don't have access to shore power and don't want to run the generator all night, maybe ?? The gas furnace is there mostly for use when on battery power only. Running the fan continuously would accomplish little to nothing BUT would sap the batteries rather quickly. It is designed that way on purpose.
Sam Spade 11/20/19 06:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trickle Charging Chassis battery

Battery solenoid? Do you mean starter solenoid? No of course not. Many/most class A and C units have a heavy duty battery relay (solenoid) that connects the two strings together for charging and splits them when not charging. Asking if it is a 24 volt system is just wasting everybody's time.
Sam Spade 11/18/19 08:44am Beginning RVing
RE: Trickle Charging Chassis battery

That’s a battery switch in the middle which seems strange for starting battery (s). Not strange at all. It is very common to have a "battery switch" and associated control circuitry to charge BOTH banks when either charging input is active......and to break that connection when there is no charging input. That is the same solenoid that closes when you push the "emergency start" button in the cab. It is also common for that relay/solenoid to fail, in which case there will be NO cross-charging from either input source......and the emergency start function likely won't work either. If that has failed, it is important to get it fixed.
Sam Spade 11/17/19 09:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Unfair Reservation System?

They are catering to their best, most profitable customers. Nothing wrong with that. This is free enterprise after all. So.....if it ends up HURTING their total income, they will stop doing it. But I suspect that likely won't happen.
Sam Spade 11/16/19 05:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trickle Charging Chassis battery

First, are you assuming that the chassis battery doesn't charge when the coach is plugged in......or did you actually test it to be sure ? You NEED a multi-meter, for this and future questions/problems. Neither of my two units did either.....but they were supposed to and the fix was fairly simple and inexpensive. The bad "battery relay" caused the coach batteries not to charge when going down the road either. P.S. If you find that you do need a separate charger, it needs to be an automatic tender type and NOT a cheap trickle charger. The difference is important.
Sam Spade 11/16/19 05:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

have begun to think about contracting with Camping World to sell it on consignment. Big, BIG, huge mistake. While you will take a "hit" with any consignment sale, CW likely will be much worse than most others......given their track record with everything else. You live in Florida, where there are literally hundreds of RV dealers, sometimes within a few miles in some areas. There MUST be a better alternative. I am nearing the same decision point next spring......and haven't decided what to do yet either. I think I will talk to RV Swap Shop first. There is one near to me.
Sam Spade 11/16/19 07:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Fault Code 2- Low oil pressure

Fuel pumps seem to be a "high failure" item. It can fail after 1 minute, one hour or half a day.....or fail to start at all. And if you share a gas tank, it must be above 1/4 full.
Sam Spade 11/13/19 07:28am Tech Issues
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