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RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

Folks I have a Freedom 458 series combi inverter/charger, it is a 2000 watt, is this good for running the residential fridge down the road? Is this a sine?
SGTJOE 09/08/19 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

Matt, thanks for all the positive info, I sure can use that about now. Where I am at home in Saint George, Utah we are at around 100-103 degrees for now until winter sets in. I turned the Magic Chef back on today and set the freezer and fridge at the coldest setting, will check it out later tonight. The MH sits beside my house with 50amp hook up.
SGTJOE 09/08/19 05:54pm Tech Issues
Looking for Fridge Suggestions

I just had my old Dometic NDR1292 removed and had a Magic Chef installed. I was really happy until I found the User's Manual and read "not designed to be installed in an rv or used with an inverter" Now if this wasn't enough it also stated "ambient Temperature below 50"F or above 85 F will hinder the performance of the appliance. Working with dealer for not telling me. So I'm looking for suggestions as to what residential fridge would work I need to be able to have a counter depth one where I can open the door to a max of 50 inches. Width 32 inches and height not to exceed 62 inches. For those of you who have residential fridges in your RV can you send me the make and model number. I might be able to work with the height. My MH is a 2001 National Tradewinds model 7390.
SGTJOE 09/08/19 11:56am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Temp Controller

Doug, are you saying that the disconnect of the thermistor for all those days did not cause the leak?
SGTJOE 09/08/19 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement Fridge or New Cooling Unit

Went to the place I bought it from and had a discussion with the assistant Manager. Said she would call me on Monday to see what the manufacturer has to say to me. Said if I don't hear from them her and her manager will get them on the phone. Suggested to her they might want to post a note on the fridge on display that it is not suitable for RV's.
SGTJOE 09/07/19 10:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Temp Controller

Interesting. I had a mobile RV guy come out and he disconnected it. My fridge and freezer were running cooler like they should, but the guy never came back or responded to my messages on the temps I sent him. Then a month and a half later my propane detector and carbondioxide detectors went off, when I opened the MH door the smell was horrible. Did the disconnect of the therm thing cause the ammonia to leak because it got too hot?
SGTJOE 09/07/19 01:55pm Tech Issues
Dometic Temp Controller

If I was to disconnect the temperature control unit to check my Dometic fridge is there a time limit as to how long I should leave it disconnected? What is the name of that thing that controls the fridge temp?
SGTJOE 09/07/19 08:34am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement Fridge or New Cooling Unit

WELL I had the residential fridge installed today. Looks good. When I got home I removed all the clear wrap and tape off it and cleaned the inside. It was 59 1/2 tall, so they had to trim some wood at the top. Depth was just like the Dometic and the width was only 23" in my 33" wide opening. They did a great job on installation. I found the User's Manual inside the new fridge and was reading it when I found that it is not designed to be installed in an RV or used with an inverter. When I was looking for one to fit in the space I had the salesman steer me to this nice looking Magic Chef 10.1 cf, I told him it was for my MH and I even asked if they would cover it under the extended Warranty, he said yes, so I bought it. I even had them deliver it to the RV Service Center so there was no doubt that it was a known FACT that it was going in my MH. I wrote to the Company (tonight) that manufactured it telling them all of this. Tomorrow I go to the Dealer and see what they want to do. So heads up to all of you who are looking to change over to a residential fridge--Read THE OWNER'S MANUAL FIRST BEFORE YOU BUY IT. Total cost=$546.35 for fridge, extended warranty, and delivery charge. Removal of old Dometic and installation of new Magic Chef plus materials=$822.71
SGTJOE 09/06/19 10:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Praying for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
SGTJOE 08/27/19 08:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Replacement Fridge or New Cooling Unit

Well it looks like I may be going to a residential fridge. The shop said they will not install a cooling unit since they recently did one and it actually caused some folks to lose their RV. The Cooling Unit supplier refuses to take any responsibility on their Unit which was installed a few months ago. I'm going to have them pull my old Dometic fridge out and we will measure the height and see how tall a fridge can be installed with some modifications if needed. Fridges I've looked at that will meet the depth and width cost under $500.00, plus I can get an extended warranty for 5 years 95 bucks. Labor at the most will be 5 hours at 125 phr. Over all cheaper, safer and much colder then staying with a cooling unit again.
SGTJOE 08/19/19 10:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Service and Repair??????????????

Originally my fridge wasn't cooling and I had no ammonia leak. When the Certified Dometic Tech came out and disconnected a wire and set the fridge on high cool it started cooling. I kept track of the outside temps and also the fridge & freezer temps in the morning and afternoon. It was cooling really good, like it was supposed to. I placed a household tall fan outside the MH blowing into the back of the fridge and this helped it to cool down even more. After about 3 weeks with no ammonia leak/smell I turned off the fan and a few days later my propane detector went off. I removed it and found that it was 8 years old. No smell in the MH. The next day as I walked by the MH the carbon monoxide detector was beeping. When I opened the door the smell was horrible. Is it possible that the thing that controlled the fridge temp from going too high that was disconnected caused the ammonia leak? The Tech never came back or returned calls.
SGTJOE 08/17/19 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Service and Repair??????????????

Found a shop that is going to look at MH to see if it can be converted over to a residential fridge on Monday and see if cost would be close to getting the current fridge a new cooling unit.
SGTJOE 08/16/19 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Service and Repair??????????????

I still have not heard from the two RV repair outfits. So I found another one that has some of the highest reviews in the area. Went out there today about getting a cooling Unit and install. This guy tells me that Dometic fridges are junk and that the Cooling Unit place he orders from won't make one for my Dometic NDR 1292. He says he would install a Norcold in my MH, because it's a better choice. Gee, for him @ 5 grand I guess so. I'm about ready to just go to Home Depot and buy a small fridge for under $200. and tie it in place behind the passenger seat. So can someone tell me is Dometic really bad or was this one persons opinion?
SGTJOE 08/16/19 02:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: When it rains, It pours--HELP

I don't either understand how a bad chassis battery can cause a fuse to blow when you turn the key on to start, unless when you changed the batteries a wire that was shorted to the frame was freed up. I'm with you, but it's no problem now. My rain cloud is clearing up. 1. New chassis batteries fixed the blown fuse problem. 2. My generac generator (diesel) would run for about 10 mins then shut down. Found certified Generac shop, talked to him yesterday, pulled in today at 8:00am, out before 10:00am. They found a wire bundle that had dropped down towards the genny flywheel which damaged one wire, as he was getting stuff out of the way to fix the wire he found that coolant recovery tank hose to the radiator appeared too long and was kinked stopping free flow from the tank, then he found that somehow that hose had been pulled out of the tank so far that it didn't even reach the coolant. Wire fixed and hose repositioned correctly and now the genny runs great. Took her for a 30 mile freeway ride and both a/c's and the genny never quit. 3. Now, if I can just get one of the local RV repair facilities to return my calls for a new fridge cooling unit (waiting for almost 2 weeks) everything will be great. Thanks to a response I contacted an Amish dealer in Indiana who quoted a great price on a cooling unit and it includes a 3 year warranty and if I pay 175, it can be extended another 3 years. If they weren't 1800 miles from me I would have them do it and tell my locals where can all go.
SGTJOE 08/15/19 02:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generac Generator 75D Problems

Took her on a 30 mile freeway ride with genny and both a/c's running. Not a hiccup at all.
SGTJOE 08/15/19 02:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Generac Generator 75D Problems

Took the MH in to a certified generac dealer this morning. They found some wires that were too close to the flywheel, one of them was cut. They fixed that, but to get to it they had to pull the panel that has all the buttons and oil fill and dipstick are on. Then as he was about to remove the coolant tank he found that the tubing that feeds the radiator when needed was kinked and that for some reason was not down completely in the plastic tank. After fixing both problems, we fired the genny up and let it run for about 20 mins. No problem, then we turned both a/c's and again NO PROBLEM. Total cost with these guys was $143.78. In a few mins I'm going to take the MH out on the freeway for a test while driving. Keep your fingers crossed.
SGTJOE 08/15/19 11:29am Tech Issues
RE: RV Service and Repair??????????????

Hi, I suggest upgrading to a compressor fridge. There is at least one retrofit kit. Could you provide more info on this?
SGTJOE 08/13/19 01:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Service and Repair??????????????

Well heck. If you were in Boise, I'd recommend United RV & Repair. They do all our work and are great! Thanks, I'm in Utah, I'll check them out.
SGTJOE 08/13/19 11:17am General RVing Issues
RV Service and Repair??????????????

Am I the only one who is seeing downright bad RV repair/service these days? My fridge stopped cooling back in June. I called Dometic who gave me a local certified Dometic repair company. He came out, disconnected a wire and said he would be back in a few days to check the fridge. Still waiting for him as of today. In the mean time about 4 weeks later my propane detector went off, I removed it and was told they only last 5 years, the next day my carbon monoxide detector went off and when I opened the door to the MH I smelled the worst smell ever. It appears that my cooling unit leaked out the ammonia. Since that happened I went looking for a shop to repair the fridge. I found one that wanted me to bring the MH in and they would check the fridge, said it would be 60 bucks for a 30 min check. Set the appointment up for 1 Aug and stopped in the day before to confirm the appointment, then the guy says they would need it for 24 hrs to check the fridge and that the labor was 120 phr. I asked about the previous quote and he said I would never say that. Funny thing I wrote it down on his business card. Went home and called and cancelled the appointment. I drove to several repair facilities to get quotes on a new cooling unit, costs were within a few hundred dollars for the unit and the labor was 4-5 hours. Biggest problem was warranty, all but one was 1 year, then I found one that said the cooling unit would have a 5 year warranty. I decided to go with them, when I stopped in to set it up it turns out the guy that I had talked with was no longer there. They didn't have any info on where he was getting the cooling unit so they said they would look into it and call me. This was a week and a half ago--still waiting. So I went to a Nation wide rv facility and was surprised at the two labor rates--Service @ 145.00 phr and Parts 99.00 phr, weird, huh? Anyway the parts guy took my info for the cooling unit last Thursday and said he would call me with cost and warranty, on Friday or Sat. No call, I called him yesterday and he said he would check it out and call me later, guess what NO CALL. Still waiting today. So is it just me or has RV service gone to heck in a hand basket?
SGTJOE 08/13/19 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

The oil is fine, so is the coolant. After I get the fridge fixed I'll take the MH to a certified Generac dealer.
SGTJOE 08/10/19 02:40pm RV Pet Stop
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