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RE: Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

Matt_Colie, That is an interesting route. I will plug it into our streets and trips to see if I can visualize how this works. At my age I need to minimize any surprises. I have had to make 30 mile recovers because of a wrong exit (Cleveland is my nemesis). Haven't taken this route for about 15 years. I am trying to get my overnight locations preplanned so we know where we will stop each night. I know that often plan B has to be added, but at least we have a plan A to start with ;-). Thanks Rolin
Rolin 06/05/22 02:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

Dturm and Germania, Thank you very much for your insights. I will order two I-Pass from Illinois and put one in the foil baggy thing. I don't believe that we will need it for the toad but just in case we want to do some sight seeing on the return trip. It is nice to know that you only need one I-Pass for the motorhome when towing a toad. I was a bit nervous about how this would work...didn't want a big fine to greet us after our trip. Matt_Colie, I totally agree with you about avoiding the Megoplis. Before Covid (to avoid toll roads) we would enter Canada at Sault Ste Marie, exit at Corwall into New York, across Vermont, New Hampshire into Maine. Some beautiful country, but slow and required multiple Canada/USA boarder crossings to get to Nova Scotia. Getting older and this year looking for the most fuel efficient, speediest, and least stressful/tiring route. We have a time constraint on the Eastward route. Plan to take our time on the return trip and do some sight seeing (visit some national parks)
Rolin 06/05/22 10:28am Roads and Routes
Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

It has been a long time since we traveled toll roads. Plus we have never done this with MH and Toad. I understand that you need a transponder for both the MH and Toad. We are out of state so not sure which state would be best to purchase the transponder from. NY seems to have a MH plan but that may only be for in-state persons. Is it worth the trouble/time/fuel to find ways around toll roads? Would it be prudent to get transponders just incase you had to take a toll road for a short distance. Is a Canadian route reasonable. Canadian fuel price minus currency conversion and tolls? I was hoping someone out there has done this and might have some suggestions. Regards, Rolin
Rolin 06/04/22 01:41pm Roads and Routes
RE: Upgrading 2007 Aspect 26A Rearview Camera system

Update on the Voyager camera / Monitor replacement on our 2007 Aspect 26A: Camera is finally installed. The old monitor is color now that I have a color camera. It took some time to figure out the wiring. Used TadiBrothers camera. Their technical support is not much help...had to figure it out myself. There are 4 wires and a braided shield. Red/Black is power, clear and shield is video and I believe the white is audio. Took some time to re-engineer the mounting but it looks like the original camera installation. Next step is figuring out how to connect up the monitor.
Rolin 03/12/22 11:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Upgrading 2007 Aspect 26A Rearview Camera system

Great idea of where to put the microphone. I attached mine to the visor and it keeps falling off. Thanks for the help.
Rolin 01/24/22 03:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Aftermarket engine gauge recommendations

I think the edge insight displays more info than the scan gauge. However, we use the scan gauge because it is smaller and less obtrusive. I already have the tire pressure monitor and the gps on the dash. One more would make the dash awfully cluttered. The scan gauge fits nicely on top of the rearview mirror. Easy to see the parameters I want to monitor at a glance.
Rolin 01/24/22 03:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Upgrading 2007 Aspect 26A Rearview Camera system

Hi Beverley&KEn, Thanks....I believe that we have the same set up. Ours is in a plastic housing mounted to the overhead. It is angled slightly to the drivers side and holds a voyager monitor. One of the photos in this ad shows the monitor enclosure. I will try to make a removal tool from a plastic putty knife and will experiment. Thanks for reply. What monitor replacement did you use if I might ask? Rolin
Rolin 01/23/22 10:08am Class C Motorhomes
Upgrading 2007 Aspect 26A Rearview Camera system

I want to upgrade our 2007 Aspect 26A's review camera system because the current one is too dim and I would like color. The problem is: I can't figure out how to remove the old monitor. Has anyone made this upgrade and have info on how to remove the old monitor? Any help is much appreciated. Rolin
Rolin 01/22/22 06:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

Problems resolved: Engine not starting was because of poor connection in battery compartment. Working great now Dead House Batteries was due to a poor connection from the converter to ground on the frame. Took awhile to locate where the wire attached to the frame. The nut securing the ground wire was loose. Cleaned the area and tightened the nut. Now the converter is charging the new house batteries like it should. Thanks everyone for your help.
Rolin 10/14/21 10:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

Hi Enblethen, - Checked the 12v output...shorted by accident and tripped a breaker. I was in a panic for a few minutes until I found the breaker that was tripped. Working on a friends MH, my goal is do no harm. - Verified 120v input to the converter - Converter has two 30A fuses and verified they are both good with an ohm meter. The Converter is a Magnetek 7400 series. At least it matches the description given on Best Converters website where they list obsolete converters. The converter has one green wire that is grounded to the frame, and two black wires. One goes to the breaker panel, the other I assume toward the front of the MH where I found the tripped breaker. I would recommend they get a new converter but want to be sure we know what the problem is before moving on to improvements. Thanks for the inputs, Rolin
Rolin 10/08/21 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

Ok, The generator problem was a user mistake....on Winnebago you have to plug the power cord into the AC plug next to the generator, then there is a switch from shore power to generator. Its not my MH so still learning. Found a ground wire from the converter to the frame that was loose, cleaned and tightened but still no charge to the batteries. At this time planning to use an external battery charger/maintainer until the converter problem is fixed. On the 2006 Winnebago Sunova the converter is inside a hollow space beside the fridge, mounted against the inside wall. You can only see/access it if you remove the cold air return panel to the furnace and a black DC breaker panel. Well hidden.
Rolin 10/07/21 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

I am helping a friend so I am not real familiar with this MH. Located the 120v panel and checked all the breakers. Found that the Converter is located next to the refrigerator but need to put the slide out to access it. Further testing indicates that the generator (which we can start after installing new batteries) will does not provide AC to outlets. This is getting more strange the more I investigate.
Rolin 10/07/21 09:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

Got back to MH today. I think the problem was the combine switch. Got the Engine running. The house batteries were totally discharged. I think they are toast. The converter is still not charging the house batteries. The house batteries do charge when the engine is running. Need to check the converter but can't find it. The MH manual shows what it looks like and its a 7300, but does not give a location. Sort of like an Easter egg hunt. Its a pretty large egg---shouldn't be that hard to find.
Rolin 10/04/21 06:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

MoutainAir05 and enblethen, I will reconsider the dremel option. I have a wire brush for the dremel. Will look for De-Ox compound Will get a new battery ground wire and new connectors and connect to engine battery. Just work on one problem at a time. Eating the elephant in one bit increments ;-) The engine battery was charged and in good condition. All batteries (House and Chassis) are just one year old.
Rolin 10/01/21 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

CA Traveler, The reason I believe it is a ground issue is: 1. All DC ground seems to be connected to the same buss bar that is welded to the frame. 2. All DC items in the motorhome (both chassis and house) are affected. 3. Engine will not turn over, no head lights or running lights 4. Generator (uses house batteries) will not turn over. House lights very dim. However, sometimes I can focus on one problem source without considering that there may other issues. So I am trying to keep an open mind.
Rolin 10/01/21 10:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

Thanks for the reply. I will not have access to the MH for a few days, but will verify output of converter at that time. The buss bar is steel and it is rusted. Had to remove the batteries to get access to it. It is rusted and was unable to remove the bolts which secured the battery leads. I will use a penetrating oil next time to see if I can remove them. I was surprised that using a jumper cable to connect the battery ground to the frame did not fix the problem. Perhaps it was not making a good enough connection. Or maybe there are other issues. Will use a Dremel tool to grind the rust off of the buss bar if I can get the bolts out. Didn't know if I was missing something. Seems like everything points to a ground problem, but maybe I am not seeing the forest because of the trees.
Rolin 09/29/21 10:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow hall mode

2007 Winnebago Aspect 26A on 2006 Ford chassis. I use Tow haul quite a lot. Like the control it gives in traffic and in mountains. I don't know if using it will impact longer term maintenance issues of engine or transmission. So far at about 60,000 miles everything is working great no failures or noticeable changes in engine/transmission performance. On the 2006 Ford chassis the scangauge shows about 38mpg down hill at 4000 rpm with tow haul on. Going downhill without tow haul at 2500 rpm the scangauge shows over 45 mpg. So I assume on the older Fords the fuel is not shut off during downhill coasting. Interestingly my Chevy Motorhome would show 99 mpg when going down a long hill. I think 99mpg was its way of showing no fuel flow during coasting. I notice more of an impact on mileage with different fuel grades than with towhaul. Get a little over 9 mpg with 89 octane. However at 87 octane I seem to get closer to 7 mpg.
Rolin 09/29/21 10:00pm Class A Motorhomes
2006 Sunova 12V ground problem.

DC power status: - Chassis battery is 12.6Volts - House battery is 8.5V Troubleshooting information: 1. Very low current from charged chassis battery to engine and gauges. Gauges light (barely) and engine will not turn over. 2. Converter/battery charger does not charge house batteries. 3. With external battery boost to house batteries the generator will not turnover. It appears that all batteries are grounded to a buss bar welded to the frame. I assume that the chassis frame is common DC ground for Engine, Generator, and Converter. I tried using a jump cable to ground the batteries to another spot on the frame. It seemed to help a small amount. Could get the generator to turn over but not enough current to turn the motorhome engine over. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have.
Rolin 09/29/21 09:28pm Class A Motorhomes
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