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RE: Missing couple camping on Padre Island confirmed dead

I had just watched one of the videos by Grand Adventure on You Tube, he was there a couple of weeks ago and had gone on the beach near the end of South Padre , showed the River there and people in the middle of the river apparently going back and forth. They didn't camp there for that reason. The couple's bodies were found on Padre Island, not South Padre Island. They were camping 175 miles from the border in Brownsville.
Rice 11/05/19 10:08pm RV Lifestyle
RE: NYC - Central Park

About 20 years ago, a friend and I took what turned out to be a private bike tour of Central Park. It was a couple of hours, and the girl leading it showed us her favorite little places, like the Bow Bridge and the Ramble. Having a bike makes it possible to see a LOT more of the park than walking. That said, I was poking around and noticed a "hidden secrets" walking tour. I know nothing about it other than reading the website. If Central Park is a high priority for you, then using a bike to cover more distance and sights, and adding the "hidden secrets" tour or something like it, might be a good combination. The same year I took the bike tour, I took a tour on one of the open-top double-decker buses, and when going down 5th Avenue along the park, the guide pointed out Harlem Meer and said it was the Reservoir. Argh. Suffice to say the park was best done with someone who loves it in particular. As for burgers, in my opinion they are too variable to name a "best" because it depends on what a person likes, but an interesting place is Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian hotel on 56th Street. The entrance is in the lobby of this fancy hotel, behind a curtain, marked with a neon hamburger. Just burgers and fries in a very small space (best to avoid lunch hour), but interesting because it's just so odd that it's there.
Rice 08/21/19 04:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AC question

Fridge won't eat up much utility cost. It depends on the unit. My four-door Norcold uses about 7 kwh/day when it's on electric in moderate conditions. In the summer in South Texas, it will be running close to 24 hours/day, which would be about 10 kwh/day. That accounts for about half my electric use if I'm not using the air conditioner.
Rice 08/09/19 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can't report posts to moderator

The top of each forum section tells you moderator of that section. Aah, thank you. I hadn't gone to the "table of contents" part, and have now sent a PM to the moderator. And thank you to Iraqvet05 for letting me know it's not just on my end that this is a problem; I had very marginal internet service and wondered if the "report" was just taking too long. Apparently it's a system-wide issue. This has been a learning experience, not least that irony is alive and well in this little corner of the internet.
Rice 08/07/19 11:41am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Can't report posts to moderator

Is there an alternate way to report posts? Yep just PM them.:S PM who? I've been using the "notify moderator" link that's on every post, and that's what's broken.
Rice 08/07/19 10:33am Forum Posting Help and Support
Can't report posts to moderator

I've tried at least a dozen times, over the course of several days, to report a post for political content, and every time I get this: We're sorry. An error has occurred. We are unable to process your request due to an error with our site. If you receive this message again, we may be experiencing some system difficulties. An email has been sent to our development staff to diagnose the problem. Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience. Is there an alternate way to report posts?
Rice 08/07/19 08:22am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

There are two types of this kind of coverage in an auto insurance policy: medical payments (Med Pay) and personal injury protection (PIP). In some states, PIP coverage is mandatory, so people might already have it without realizing it. PIP covers more than Med Pay (e.g., lost wages), and is generally more expensive. The details vary by state. But your suggestion made me think about what I have. I know that I opted for Med Pay on my RV policy, but I'm not sure whether I have Med Pay or PIP on my toad's policy--they are with different companies, and I shop the RV policy heavily, while I've had my toad insured with the same company for years, so I haven't thought about the toad's insurance in a long time. I need to check into that.
Rice 08/05/19 11:15pm Full-time RVing
RE: Can’t insure full-time camper and truck

None of this applies to those of you who’ve had your insurance for years - you all have your individual solutions and for the time being these are working. But really, you never know insurance is actually working until you file a claim. Furthermore, as was alluded to upthread but not made really clear, one of the things a fulltimer policy gets you is the liability coverage that a typical homeowner's or renter's policy includes. Using the suggestions here will not result in having that coverage. That's a risk someone might want to take, but they should know they're doing it. In the case of my motorhome (I know I'm in the truck camper forum), the fulltimer liability portion is less than $100/year, so obviously the really high "true" fulltimer quote you got wasn't high just because of providing that coverage, and the other considerations you mentioned must affect the rate for truck campers. Me and wife don't make accidents so I am buying liability only coverage. Something I found out that surprised me is that if your vehicle is damaged by a hit and run driver who is never identified, it's your own collision coverage that covers it. Or, that's the way it is on my policy (not in a no-fault state--I don't know anything about those). That surprised me, although I'll admit I'd never given it a lot of thought. I always associated collision coverage with protecting myself only from my own acts, but that's not the case. I have never been at fault in an an accident in 38 years of driving and thus enjoy very low premiums but I am the first to realize I am not infallible. We don't have loans on our truck or camper but I really wouldn't want to repay for these things out of pocket in the event of an accident. The comprehensive part of the bill just isn't that high to take the risk. Maybe in 5 years or so... I agree that comprehensive coverage isn't very expensive, but that doesn't cover anything in a wreck where you're at fault. Comprehensive is for damage not caused by another vehicle, like hail. Collision is what covers your car if you're at fault in a wreck, and it tends to be pretty expensive.
Rice 08/05/19 12:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

Have you considered getting one of those Medical Evacuation / Air Ambulance policies that will fly you back to your home state where your regular insurance will cover you? ... Hope that helps . . . I think it does! I went to the link you gave and it looks very interesting. I did quotes for people under 75: for one person it's $525/year, and for two people it's $725/year. Of course the devil is in the details, as always, and I wouldn't get it without first looking at the actual plan documents. And it's of no help for fulltimers who are interested in a way to get routine medical care while traveling, but for healthy people who can't get insurance with a nationwide network and don't want to get wiped out because of an emergency, it might be a viable option. Thanks for throwing something new in the mix!
Rice 08/05/19 11:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

Or another way to put it is that insurance was required, and if you didn't comply, you incurred a financial consequence if you got caught. Compare it with auto liability insurance--if you don't have it, you incur a financial consequence if you get caught. But you never hear people talking about how those without auto liability insurance are merely exercising their choice not to have it, and instead choosing to suffer a consequence. And sure, you have to wait until open enrollment to get insurance once you're sick, but the ACA's disincentive to do so is no longer applicable, so those who want to gamble and wait until they're sick are better off than they were before.
Rice 08/04/19 12:06pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

The travel insurance is through DAN. Divers Alert Network. I also have their dive insurance (different plan) put it is not required if you just want to buy the travel ins. policy. We have not used it yet. I plan on usually paying cash or cc then submitting it for reimbursement. We are 58 and 59 yrs old. We pay 500/yr. I found their website, and of course it doesn't have many details. Is incurring the expenses and submitting for reimbursement how the plan works? It could be, since they may not care how much you're paying as long as there's a cap on what they'll have to pay, and if you run up an unnecessarily large bill, that's not their problem. Also, do you know what your policy defines as a "trip"? The website said it had to be more than 100 miles from home, which is no problem because one's regular insurance would cover the stuff close to home. But I'd want to be sure that being away from "home" for a year or more at a time would still be considered a "trip." I'll also note that it excludes coverage for pre-existing conditions. But I'm thinking that for people in a state that has Ambetter EPO policies (18 states), an arrangement like this might be an option, assuming a person has access to Ambetter's network in whichever states it operates, regardless of which state the policy was issued in. I don't know. And Ambetter doesn't offer any out-of-network coverage at all, but then again neither do HMOs. At least with Ambetter, there might be options other than going to your home network, if all states where Ambetter issues policies are considered in-network.
Rice 06/15/19 09:55am Full-time RVing
RE: MH trip to Keys & New Orlean lessons

For the life of me I can't understand why a statue of Andrew Jackson must be banned when we have schools streets and other things named Malcolm X all over the U S. and nobody sees a problem with that. There are only a handful of streets in the U.S. named Malcolm X, and even then, it might not be an actual renaming, or it might be just a short stretch of a street. Like Lenox Avenue in New York City--both "Lenox Avenue" and "Malcolm X Blvd" are officially recognized. There's a street named after Malcolm X in Lansing, Michigan, which is where he grew up. And Boston, where he moved as a teenager (and it's just a little portion of a street). The only others I know of are in Brooklyn, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. Same with schools--just a few.
Rice 05/28/19 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tough times - Help

I always play music for my dog. I think he will be barky at first but will settle down as the activity becomes normalized. I hope you're right. As you're aware, campgrounds can be pretty close quarters, and having an unattended barky dog next door is pretty miserable. At least if you're monitoring it with a webcam you can see that it's happening; dogs can smell their owner coming and invariably stop barking before the owner can hear it, so they usually don't even know it's happening. We leave our 10 gallon heater on electric all the time and it actually runs very little to keep the water hot. You may actually use more power by letting it get cold and re-heating it from cold over and over again. When I am outside by the vent I hear it turn on and shut off and it's usually on for maybe 3 minutes. Just curious--what kind of water heater do you have? My 10-gallon water heater makes a roaring sound on propane, but it's completely silent on electric. Although I think newer ones may have a relay that might make noise on electric--is that what you're hearing? I ask because one of the issues I have with Hydro Hot units is the noise they make that nobody ever mentions, and I'm wondering if electric water heaters are now making some sort of racket. My biggest worry: a leak when Im gone. I shut off the water when I leave now but what if I forget and something comes loose? Disaster! Why not just fill your holding tank and run off that? And if you're super nervous, you can turn off the water pump when you leave. I fulltime and never stay hooked up to city water (and don't turn off the water pump when I leave). The sight of those hoses under such pressure makes me nervous, and constant use of the fresh water tank keeps the water in there fresher.
Rice 05/21/19 01:28pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Refrigerator Circulator Fan

I went into that issue blindly not knowing about the fan bearings and how fast the bushing type would start making noise. peeled the sticker/cover off the back of the fans and put a dab or oil in the bearing. Walla they run like new. i recovered the exposed bearing with a little chunk of the aluminum duct tape. Have don it 2 or 3 times now. Hey! I tried this and it worked! I have the blue one with an alligator clip and like it (except for the noise, of course), but they don't make it any more, and I was vexing over what to replace it with. Now I don't have to. Right this minute, anyway, which is good enough for me. As a thank you for posting, I will let you know that your "walla" is actually "voila," and more accurately "voilà." Might come in handy for the next miracle you come up with.
Rice 05/21/19 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

Check out the Escapees club. I believe they offer some plans for full timers. They don't offer major medical insurance that has access to a nationwide network, which is what fulltimers want.
Rice 05/15/19 12:40pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

We're going to set up our domicile with MyRVMail in Crestview, FL this summer. I called concerning ACA PPO plans and they are still available in the area. Just because a plan is a PPO doesn't mean it has a nationwide network, and that's what fulltimers need. I ran across this a couple of years ago, where there were PPOs (yay!) that turned out have only a local network (boo!). It took some digging to get the details on the extent of the network. In Florida, if you go with a Blue Cross PPO (as opposed to their HMO plans), you'll have access to their nationwide network. But in other states or with other insurance companies, it's imperative to investigate how broad the network is, and not just whether it's a PPO.
Rice 05/13/19 08:16am Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

Used to be covered in an emergency. Starting in 01/17 BCBS ACA HMO plans only cover when you are in the emergency room. Get admiited to the hospital upstairs and your coverage ends. That is what happened in AZ anyways, CT was probably the same. I've always been uneasy about what would happen in the case of an emergency while traveling. Obviously the emergency room would be covered, but I've never found anything even remotely definitive on what happens after that--like when the "emergency" ends. Worse, I assumed it was up to the insurance company to deem when the emergency ends, and they have a financial dog in that fight. That's one reason I've always thought having some of out-of-network coverage is important--so there's an insurance company to at least be involved in fighting it out with the providers, even if the insurance company isn't really on your side. But out-of-network coverage is becoming increasingly hard to get. But like I said, I think Connecticut might be one of the states that does have an ACA plan with a nationwide network. If so, it's apparently not the one the OP chose (understandable, since Blue Cross insurance tends to cost more than other providers), which is causing the current predicament. But as to the OP's delema,I remember buying special medical coverage when traveling outside the US.I did a short search and found several sites that offer insurance both inside and outside the country. I didn't look at costs but plans are out there like this one: In the one you linked to, it appears that the pre-existing condition exclusion means only that they won't pay for treatment of that condition, and not that you are prohibited from getting the policy at all. That's encouraging, and could be a good option.
Rice 05/06/19 09:04am Full-time RVing
RE: Refriderator replacement

The OP is talking about replacing the gas absorption cooling unit in a Dometic refrigerator with a compressor-type cooling unit that runs only on electricity; it uses the same box that's already there. The company that makes it also sells replacement gas absorption cooling units (which also use the same box already there), which are often referred to as "Amish cooling units" as a generic, to distinguish them from cooling units made by Norcold or Dometic. I'm also interested in the compressor-type cooling unit, but have never found any data on how much electricity it uses in a 24-hour period, to compare it to a residential refrigerator.
Rice 04/30/19 11:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

Thank you Rice for all the info. We are in Colorado but getting ready to leave. So are you saying for health insurance your mail service address is enough for these companies? I'd thought we tried that a few years ago and the first one to complain were the banks. They seemed to know it was a mail service and said it was not good enough. We do use a mail service in Florida. Maybe we'll try to see if it would work for a Fla Blue policy. Different companies have different rules on what is an acceptable address for their purposes. One bank may accept a given address while another won't. And a bank can change its policy, and no longer accept what they used to accept. As stated frequently in these forums, health insurance is based on where one resides. Where they reside is obvious for the vast majority of people--it's their home. And it works for them because they use local providers for their health care. This scheme is a problem only for traveling fulltimers who change their residence too frequently to be able to get new health insurance in each new place they reside. In the case of people who alternate between two residences (e.g., snowbirds), ACA documents tell them they can switch their plan when they move (but deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums reset when plans are changed), but they might be better off getting a plan with a nationwide network that covers them wherever they are. Traveling fulltimers differ in that they have many residences instead of just two. The ACA doesn't address their situation, but if you insert their facts into the advice given to snowbirds, traveling fulltimers should get a plan that covers them wherever they are. The sticking point is where that plan should be based. It seems to me that the fulltimer's domicile is the only practical answer. Now, what constitutes domicile is a completely different subject. I'm not sure what your situation is, but to change your insurance at this point, you'll have to qualify for a special enrollment period, so it's not a matter of deciding you want to have insurance in X state and getting a policy there. In fact, if the Anthem/Blue Cross policies in Connecticut do indeed have access to the Blue Cross nationwide network, you can't switch to that from the plan you have now without a qualifying move to a new residence. Not alot of people think about the fact that when they are on vacation or traveling, THEY ARE NOT COVERED. But they are covered in an emergency, and that's really the only time a non-fulltimer would seek out medical care away from home. For routine care, they see their doctors in their hometown.
Rice 04/30/19 11:04am Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help on how to get health insurance while traveling

This is correct. Your insurance will have a provision for out of area, out of network coverage whether you have a PPO, an HMO or any other type of policy. Your out of area or network copays and deductibles will likely be higher. Actually, there are a lot of policies that provide no out-of-network coverage for non-emergency care at all. HMOs are the worst about it, obviously, but increasingly, even PPO policies are moving to smaller networks, with no out-of-network coverage at all. You get either in-network coverage or emergency coverage; if you want to see a famous cancer doctor in Houston who's not in your network, it's simply not covered. Fulltimers without sticks and bricks houses generally pick among South Dakota, Texas, and Florida as a place to domicile. South Dakota and Texas don't work for pre-Medicare people, because they don't have PPO plans that offer nationwide networks. However, Florida does, and traveling fulltimers who domicile in Florida via the major mail services down there get health insurance through Florida Blue (EPO network with nationwide coverage), using the mail service's address. And a move to Florida will qualify for a Special Enrollment Period under the ACA (assuming you can compile the documentation to support your move). Generally, even if a person qualifies for a SEP because of a move getting new ACA insurance in every new state he resides in is impossible for fulltimers who move frequently because of the logistics involved in getting the new policy (applying 15 days in advance of when coverage starts, etc.). If the OP is traveling for only six months, then it's possible to just rely on the emergency coverage under the current policy and delay any routine care until settled down again. That's the sticking point for most fulltimers--getting routine care while on the road. There are millions of people with coverage that extends only to emergencies when out of their local area, but they never even think about it because they're on vacation and the only time they would seek medical care is in an emergency, and they're covered for that. There are also short-term medical plans available, but there are no standards on those (unlike ACA plans), so shop carefully, plus they don't take people with pre-existing conditions. A quick internet search also came up with a travel policy by Blue Cross; it requires an underlying insurance policy and is good only for trips of up to 70 days, so it wouldn't work for the OP but there might be others out there that would. ETA: I looked at the plans available on the exchange using a Hartford zip code, and Anthem/Blue Cross offers PPO plans. I've never known what exactly Anthem is, but in Florida, Blue Cross's insurance is called Florida Blue and the EPO (similar to PPO) plans have access to Blue Cross's nationwide network. It's possible that Connecticut's might, as well. It's certainly worth investigating. Of course at this point, the OP can't change insurance without qualifying for a SEP, and I don't know enough about the circumstances to know whether that might be possible. But it appears there's at least the possibility of a plan with access to Blue Cross's nationwide network, unlike in Texas, where Blue Cross offers only HMO plans.
Rice 04/27/19 06:15pm Full-time RVing
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