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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Yes record heat and electric demand with ZERO rolling blackouts ordered by the CAISO. Of course equipment failures and maintenance happens every single day. (24/7/365) Looks like CA will be ready for both SEMI and transition to 100% EV auto sales on schedule. Breathing cleaner air will be a wonderful transition. But in some people's world, a single incident of a blackout (my sister lives in the Bay Area and she told me, what black out) is some scary **** "rolling blackout" that would make EV unfeasible. California averts widespread rolling blackouts as energy demands ease amid heat wave I did not see this in how California averted blackouts. Emergency Generators
RCMAN46 09/07/22 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Twin Falls ID to Las Vegas NV Advice

I did the trip a year ago in August towing a 5th wheel southbound. I was meeting a semi about every two miles. After meeting semis trying to pass coming at me I decided I would never use that route again. Saw about 2 semi's to one car.
RCMAN46 09/06/22 12:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Hitch

Of course they ALL recommend a pull test. A pull test is no divergent than a visual test, it's a test! My wife double checks me every time as she fully understands how the hitch works. Kinda like "did you put the butt plug in the boat" as she asks me every time before a launch. I really don't care if people do a pull test or not. I think people should do what they feel comfortable with. Lot's of damage can be done not doing a pull test correctly. Expand on the damage that can be done if a pull test is not done correctly.
RCMAN46 08/31/22 05:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Favorite way to skip the interstates?

Just yesterday I had an incident that supports why I use interstates when possible. I was traveling US 20 between Albany and Newport Oregon. I was going about 5 over the speed limit towing a 5 th wheel. A pickup following me decided I was going too slow. He started to pass and when he was beside the trailer another car pulled out from a side road onto the highway in the same lane as the pickup. Now someone has to do something. The car can only brake as no place to pull over as road is narrow with steep drop off and no shoulder. I felt if I were to brake the pickup would not make it around me in time. Luckily the pickup decided to brake hard and wait for me to pass him before he came to the car.
RCMAN46 07/19/22 09:10am Roads and Routes
RE: Quad Steps

Another option is the Torklift Glostep. We have these and love them. A solid step that stores outside. I also would avoid the kind that flip inside the rig. Dan X2 Had mine for 4 years and they work perfect. Easy to open when in a crowded rest area next to the large trucks.
RCMAN46 07/09/22 06:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why do I need a W/D or sway control

A good sway control system is good insurance. You may not think you need sway control but someday you may have someone cut you off really bad or have to make a very radical maneuver to miss a deer, a moose or worse a pedestrian and then you may find out why you may need sway control.
RCMAN46 07/03/22 02:40pm Towing
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

First trip out in our last camper we picked up a 1/2 inch bolt. Discount patched it up and it worked fine. FWIW, if the hole was greater than 1/4" then the "repair" was not in accordance with Industry Standards for a highway tire. Under some exceptions, repairs can be made on punctures up to 3/8" ( LT Steel Cord Body) tires. Of all the tire stores out there, Discount Tire has had the reputation of playing fast and loose with tire repair guidelines. For years they use "rope type" tire plugs from the outside for almost all there puncture repairs. Here's a link to the Tire Industry Association and their guide for PROPER tire repair: Tire Repair/Tire Industry Association The tire I had repaired was done by BigO about 10 years ago. They did recommend I only use it as a spare until I got home. I still had about 1000 miles to go on that trip. BigO did not have a tire of same size so that was my best choice at the time.
RCMAN46 06/29/22 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

Was that on the back tire of the trailer? I picked up a 3/8 bolt once had it repaired from the inside with no problems. Interesting it was the rear tire on the trailer that got the bolt. Yep rear tire on passenger side. I would bet most road hazard flats on TV/TT or 5th wheel units are rear passenger of trailer. Every time hit, but not picked up by a tire the crown of road will likely push it to right. Most of them just work over to shoulder, never damage a tire. Right side trailer tires are most likely to run on the shoulder. Plus, the tires on trailer tandem are running close together. In the lane or not, most time tire hits bolt or nail, it stands up. All other positions, it will fall back down. But when front trailer stands it up, it don't have much time to fall before the rear hits. I agree with your analysis. Mine was on passenger side. My 5th wheel tires track wider than the TV so the TV may push the bolt closer to the shoulder where the trailer tires do as you described.
RCMAN46 06/29/22 07:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Kind of putting the cart before the horse? Got chargers, but don't got semis to use them? Ah well, maybe someday. Makes more sense than having the trucks but nowhere to charge them.
RCMAN46 06/28/22 03:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

First trip out in our last camper we picked up a 1/2 inch bolt. Discount patched it up and it worked fine. Was that on the back tire of the trailer? I picked up a 3/8 bolt once had it repaired from the inside with no problems. Interesting it was the rear tire on the trailer that got the bolt.
RCMAN46 06/28/22 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

One of my Endurance tires picked up a nail and developed a slow leak. I took it to Discount Tire where I had purchased the set. They dismounted the tire and plugged it plus put a patch on the inside. I could hear the tire leaking air as I was reinstalling it, so I took it back. Their tech had ground the inside of the tire into the cords and the inner patch wouldn't hold (nor the plug, I guess). I left an hour later with a no charge new tire. Two companies that stood behind their products/services. X2 on discount Tire. I have had very good and fast service with Discount Tire. Last summer they were the only tire dealer in Salt Lake City that had a set of Endurance tires for my 5th wheel. Even the Goodyear dealers could not come up with a set.
RCMAN46 06/28/22 08:36am Travel Trailers
Dump Valve cable stiff.

If your dump valves have a remote cable and are very stiff and hard to operate take a look at this video. Dump Valve lubricator I purchased the lubricator and it is night and day the way my valves work now.
RCMAN46 06/24/22 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditiioning Air Flow Mod

I did the modification as described in the video. I measured the air velocity with a Radio Shack wind speed meter. I got about 6 mph before the modification and 8-9 mph after the modification at one of the vents. This is more than 40 percent in line with what is claimed in the video. Well worth the time it took to do the modification.
RCMAN46 06/19/22 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

When it gets down to 40, or roughly the temp set point of the fridge area, the fridge wont run enough to keep stuff in the freezer section frozen. I don't think the fridge "shuts down" but it has no reason to run at those temperatures. The inside of the fridge temp is the controlling factor regardless of the outside temp. A residential refrigerator installed in an RV has three sides exposed to the inside temps, with only the back having some exposure to outside temps. Our fridge has worked fine with outside temps down to -4 deg.F and just the lower vents blocked off. LP/electric absorption fridges are much more effected by outside temps, both unusually high or low. The OP is talking about his fridge being in 40 degree temps - around all sides. At least that's the way it's written. My point is, if it's colder on the outside of the fridge than it is on the inside, it's not going to run because it doesn't have to! I believe the OP was asking about a standard residential compressor refrigerator. Not sure why RV absorption refrigerators have been introduced in the discussion.
RCMAN46 06/14/22 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

" But, the T stat in a fridge is located in the fridge compartment.. " It very possible there is also a thermoset in the compressor area.
RCMAN46 06/13/22 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

I had a friend that had a residential refrigerator on a patio in Idaho in November. When he got home he found everything in the freezer had melted and ruined several pounds of prime beef steaks. He was told by the refrigerator manufacturer the fridge does shut down when the temperature goes below about 40.
RCMAN46 06/13/22 02:21pm Tech Issues
Check your AC mounting bolts

I was doing maintenance on my 5th wheel AC unit. I found three of the mounting bolts loose and one had almost fell out. "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
RCMAN46 06/10/22 09:17am Tech Issues
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