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RE: Heavy snow in southern Alberta

I have 2 kids living in Alberta. One in Edmonton with her family and my oldest son in Chestermere, just east of Calgary. Lots of snow in the Calgary area and the snow shovels are in use. It's only getting up into the low 80s here today and tomorrow, in the Florida of Canada. Lol
Pipeman 09/30/19 04:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Inside Tire Wear?

Had new dexter axles installed a couple of years ago while on a extended trip to Alberta, Canada. Long story about that but jumping ahead, when we got home my son noticed wear on the inside of the XPS Ribs I had on the axles. Had the wheels aligned at a shop here where we live. It's a process I watched and when the guy used a sledge hammer to more or less bend the axles while watching the electronic setup he had, I was kind of taken aback but apparently that's how it's done. New tires(XPS Ribs) have been installed this year in May because the old tires aged out but didn't wear out. Have done 3 trips this summer and no sign of wear. Next summer we will be heading out west again.
Pipeman 09/26/19 04:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

We have a dually 1 ton, long bed, crew cab. As above no regrets. The crew cab is to be able to have our grand kids with us, etc. The long bed is because we boondock a lot so we can haul a 60 gallon water bladder in front of the 5th wheel along with the 50 gallon aux fuel tank. Between the 5th wheel and the Tgate we put our 2 Honda gennys, 2 5 gallon gas cans and then stuff that goes with them and it's all in a zip up, waterproof container. It's a daily driver and my better half can drive it if she has to. Do your homework when it comes to GVWR of the vehicle you may be looking at. How much weight can you can you actually put in the truck after being hooked up the fiver. You, passengers and anything else you may bring along. Just be safe. The dually is wider at the rear but for me that makes it easier to hook up using the mirrors. My 45 cents worth.
Pipeman 09/16/19 04:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black tank line

I have found in all my trailers that there is residual fluid that just doesn't get drained. It builds up at the sewer cap so you get your feet covered in ..... I put an end of line valve on my sewer line and now no feet getting wet. I also have a clear elbow at the sewer line end of my hose(at the trailer) so I can see when the grey water gets dropped to clean out the black water hose. Look here-
Pipeman 09/15/19 05:46am Tech Issues
RE: Steps recommendations

Torklift glo step for us also. My wife has had both hips and knees replaced and these steps offer a safe and steady step for her. They offer a longer hand rail also but my wife said the one we have is OK.
Pipeman 08/20/19 04:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those with 50 amp 5er's

I have a 50 amp extension cord that I have used a few times. I also have 2 extension cords for a 30 amp hookup, which I will be using next month in a Provincial campground, where the hook up is supposedly 20 meters away( Just over 60 feet). If I would have looked more closely I should have reserved the site right next door where the hookup is only 5 meters(approx. 15 feet) away. I had just cancelled the original reservation to get the present one so I wasn't about to pay cancellations fees twice.
Pipeman 08/13/19 04:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

I was still working as a Firefighter when they forced the metric system on us here in Canada. We were given a 4 hour course on metrics. I went away on long weekend and came back to all the pump gauges reading in metric. Luckily one of the drivers scratched into the steel around the gauges, where it use to read 100 psi. So I got used to it but I rebel, even now that I've been retired for 16 years. My truck registers in miles and gallons and that's the way I talk(Imperial). I suppose you could say I'm I'll have to go look at my GVWR on the door to see if I can stop getting an annual done on my dually which is for personal use only. Thanks for the update gitane59.
Pipeman 08/01/19 04:56am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hot water heater smell

I have found over the years that when on well water, the rotten egg smell shows up. We recently went out for 2 weeks and the campground was on well water. Before going I sanitized the HW tank with bleach. The rotten egg smell started to show up towards the end of our stay there. When we got home I drained and then sanitized the HW tank again.
Pipeman 07/28/19 04:47am Tech Issues
RE: There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

My 5er tires were 6 years old, my truck tires were around the same. I always keep an eye on the tires for cracking,stones in the tread, etc.
Pipeman 07/19/19 04:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: There's a reason to get rid of six-year-old tires.

I run with Michelin XPS ribs on my 5er. I just replaced all 5 of them with new as they aged out not wore out. I did the same with my truck. All Michelin on it and last year changed out 7 due to age not wear. Expensive but safe. They all looked like they just came out of the factory.
Pipeman 07/18/19 02:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tripod stabilizer

Had one, still have it. It's a memento and has been in the shed for more than a decade. I installed the steadyfast system and they work very well on my 35 ft 5er.
Pipeman 06/26/19 04:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: storing power cord on new f'ver

I have a 30 amp cord with an extension and a 50 amp cord with an extension also. I coil the 50 amp and extension into the smallest coil I can and then put them in a plastic bin on end.That's the two cords plus adapters in the bin. The 30 amp cords get rolled on my arm and then placed in an open space in the basement. We boondock and use campgrounds so We carry a lot of stuff in the basement and front compartment of the 5er. My problem is getting the 50 amp cord and extension apart after using them.
Pipeman 06/17/19 04:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fold up stairs blocking door

My wife has had 2 knees and 2 hips replaced and we have the 4 step TorkLift. She finds it much, much better to go up and down the steps. I installed them myself.
Pipeman 06/10/19 04:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: pinery PP

We were there for a week starting May 15 to the 22nd. Got into site 691 again. The place was hopping over the weekend. The lake looks like it is up some. Our son and his family were in the Dunes and they liked the spot they were in but they will be in riverside 4 for Labour Day weekend.
Pipeman 05/24/19 04:49am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Water tank size.... What would you do?

We dry camp most of the time when we go camping. We have a 35 ft 5th wheel. Fresh water is 60 gallons. I have 2 water bladders I can use. One is 60 gals and the other 55. We have a 1 ton dually long box so I can put the 60 gal bladder in front of the 5th wheel as it looks like an over sized AWOL bag. We will be doing that next month when we will go for a week of dry camping. The other bladder goes behind the 5th wheel and it doesn't get filled until after we arrive at our destination but on the trip coming it will not be used. I use a RV water pump which gets plugged into the 7 way plug at the rear of the truck. I have an adapter into which a 12 volt plug in is used to power the pump, which is placed on the Tgate. We aren't stingy with the water as we have showers every morning but they are navy showers. Get wet, water off, lather up, water on to rinse, water off. I have used an air compressor run by our genny to pump water into the gravity feed of our trailers over the years and this 5er has a gravity feed also. I think my set up would work with the systems I read about on the newer trailers. I've also had different water containers, over the years to pump water from but what we use now is the best we've had. 5 gallon plastic jugs, 50 gallon plastic barrels and now colapsible water bladders. I have 3 kids(adults) who also use the collapsible water bladders. Adapt and have fun.
Pipeman 04/26/19 05:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp cords

Maybe some dilectric grease on the prongs, but you really want the connection tight. If it's loose you run the risk of arcing and resistance heat buildup and possible plug failure, i.e. melting. So time to hit the gym and build up those pecs. :) fj12ryder, I'm an old guy, more mature(73) but not weak. I have old mans' skin and it isn't pretty when wearìng a muscle shirt.:B I was still pushing weights but my shoulder screwed up and I'm awaiting an MRI. I guess a screw driver with hydro( a Canadian thing) shut off. Mex, I`m going to check on the dielectric grease when I finish up here. I don`t have handles so that's out. Thanks everybody...maybe I`ll hire a young guy to pull them apart.:R Stay safe all. Bob
Pipeman 03/29/19 10:45am Tech Issues
50 amp cords

When I connect my 50 amp cord to my 50 amp extension cord, I have a heck of a time getting them apart. Anyone know of a way to make that easier?
Pipeman 03/29/19 04:53am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing awning fabric

Or you could do like I did...had it done for me, by the RV repair guy I go to with my 5th's problems. I had the wheel bearings and the brakes done at the same time.
Pipeman 03/19/19 12:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you put in black tank treatment pod prior to storage?

In camping season I always put RV Digest It in the black tank along with a toilet bowl full of water, some laundry detergent and maybe a deodorizer packet between camping trips.
Pipeman 02/03/19 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: pinery

Our site is 691
Pipeman 02/02/19 06:00am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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