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RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Hello all! Thanks for this great resource! It makes me feel confident about my purchase reading all your experiences. We just got 2008 Majestic 23A EX rental from person that had it for 6 years. Getting ready for 8000KM round trip and trying to get everything in place as a complete newbie to RV thing. I have some questions, I did try to go through this thread but it is overwhelming so please forgive me in the questions have been answered already. I will shoot my questions, please answer what you can. I will do multiple posts to make it easier with photos etc... 1. At some time this unit probably had a generator installed. I see electrical connectors and what looks like capped fuel line. Fuel line is held on by one zip tie so that does not look great. I would like to make use of that space for storage but I am not sure where I can bolt things. I saw video of Tito using same space but he reused generator mounts that I do not have. Next to this place is battery tray and that is just bolted to the floor, can I do the same? I bought Champion inverter generator 3400, so I am not going to use it for generator but batteries would be nice. Thanks!!! I had a custom battery box built for my 19. The bolt pattern I used was the same as the generators and are VERY secure!!!! I added 4 6v batteries to my custom box then had the battery box empty. Had tons of power. I was going to use the extra space for a tool box in the old battery box and storage next to the 6v's but sold the unit before I got to that point. width=640 width=640
Photomike 08/06/20 02:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's changed about camping?

I live in southern Alberta and experience the same thing. Not only for RV'ing but for everything outside. There is a community west of me that is an old mining area. In the 80's the houses were going for $5000 - $10,000 now people from bigger cities have bought them and they are trying to flip for $500,000 with almost no repairs done to the places driving out most of the young families that don't have that money. Reason for the flipping other then money is that they are in nature and only a couple coffee shops / diners to go to when they are there and they are bored!!!!!!!! When they do go out they take all their toys and destroy the back country for others. Campgrounds are the same around here. Lets put our 40' RV in a site that will barely fit a small trailer. Then power up the generator before you even unhook as you need power for the big screen and microwave. That is if you can get a camping spot. Add to that the prices for camping is going NUTS. A guy was telling me last year he went for a trip and found a number of campsites at $60 a night and they were not willing to rent to anyone that was only using a tent. I miss the old road trips where you could pull over and pay $5 for a spot and you never needed a reservation.
Photomike 08/03/20 12:41pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Truck camper battery, or lack thereof

Older converters would supply 12V AC for the lights and might have small DC circuit, like 3 amp for radio and battery charging. Never had a battery so never was designed for charging one.
Photomike 05/04/20 04:25pm Truck Campers
RE: How inconvenient is a cargo trailer?

I towed a support trailer. Most of the time it wasn't an issue. Only time I ran into a problem was if I ended up going down a dead end road or trail. My Dad always told me to park so if you needed to get out you could. Seems simple but so true. Park at the back of a lot, park in the RV spots, park so your truck is aimed to pull out. Use your brains as others probably won't when they park around you. When visiting places if it is close to your campground leave the trailer. If you cannot leave the trailer park in RV spots. Security, I always locked the tongue so nobody could hook up to it. Best advice I can give you is to learn to drive properly and know your units. You will need to do some fancy driving at times so learn before hand what you can do. My worst predicament was puling into a camping spot. Only a couple spots were remaining at the campground. The guy who checked me in said it was EASY to get into. SURE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe if you were driving a bicycle a mini or a Smart car. After several tries my boys and I disconnected the trailer and pushed it back in to the spot and it stayed there for the entire stay.
Photomike 05/04/20 04:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper battery, or lack thereof

Many of the old campers did not have a house battery. They had a converter that you plugged into shore power that gave you 12v or you could pull from the truck enough to power a few lights. Was not very efficient! Also was not designed for running lights for a long time or many at once. My 92 NL was that way, found a spot to put a battery but you could not use the converter to charge it as all it did was make 12v and did not care about how charged up a battery was. I pulled the old 12v converter and put in a unit that would charge the battery properly. Worked great!!
Photomike 05/04/20 09:03am Truck Campers
RE: Camper with East/West bed and cassette toilet

My northern lite had e/w beds and I loved it. Was very lite as well. Not sure what ones have them now. Here is their currant long bed trucks but I never read up on each model. NL
Photomike 04/25/20 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: Guidance Needed

I started out in a truck cap when I was younger. Was sure a lot better then a tent. Put plywood on the floor, covers on the windows and a sleeping bag.
Photomike 04/19/20 07:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Talk me out of my new project.

Vans are the new cool thing to own. They are narrow and have little room, even you spend $80k. They are just not big enough. You are better off with a diesel truck and smaller trailer if you ask me. My van has lots of room for me. Plus I can go from driving to the back without going outside. A trailer is longer, not as maneuverable and not as usable for what I do with my van.
Photomike 04/12/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

I used a 3M boat product that was amazing. The roof took some scrubbing to get the majority off but then buffed up really nice and stayed nice for a long time.
Photomike 03/24/20 08:25pm Truck Campers
RE: How much would YOU offer?

Thanks for the replies, and keep them coming. For the record, every single one of these campers has been listed for more than a month (there are more, I just listed 2). At this time of the year that means nothing. Sales start to ramp up next month and run strong till August (in many locations depending where you are). If you were posting this in October and they were up for four or five months then you may have something to help you deal on them.
Photomike 02/26/20 07:30pm Truck Campers
RE: How much would YOU offer?

A lot depends on condition, features, extras, availability, location, etc, etc, etc. Without knowing at least the brand and model really no way to say. It could be a unit that is not very common or it could be a top of the line unit that is in new condition and that is why the prices are higher.
Photomike 02/26/20 12:52pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Superbag

I hate sleeping bags so I use two fiber filled comforters, a couple lighter blankets and flannel sheets. This way I can adjust for the warmth I need and I am not wrapped up. Also nice if I have a guest as we can split everything for two beds easily.
Photomike 02/17/20 05:57pm Truck Campers
RE: My Folding Porch

I always wanted a porch. Not so much to sit on but to have a spot to turn around and to stop on before going down the stairs. To remove wet/dirty footwear. Leave things so they were out of the dirt like packs, and to barbecue so I was not always going up and down the stairs. A number of years ago someone had one with rails and a mount for their barbecue that was AMAZING but cannot find the link. I wanted to build one so bad but it never happened. Only issue is that if they stay down when traveling (for smaller ones) you need lights on them and if they fold up cannot block the license plate or any lights.
Photomike 02/13/20 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Leveler blocks used as recovery boards

In an emergency I would use them. If I was planning I would carry something else. I bought a folding mat that you can toss down, more for me on ice then mud or sand.
Photomike 02/10/20 06:50pm Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

Even seeing pictures of this happening I really have a hard time understanding how or where. It would seem the pivot holes or pins would have to be worn ALOT to absorb the movement (assuming treads stayed parallel when new). On Steves picture there's a good inch loss between each tread. ya and mine are just as bad if not worse. I tightened up every bolt to the point where it takes a bit of effort to deploy and fold them up, cant really feel any slop at all so it baffles me. I am almost wondering if the design of the mounting point is partially to blame as it lets the top support pivot putting the first 2 steps sloping downwards away from the camper. but then my bottom two will slope back towards it. I know I need a longer one and maybe that is what sets off the bottom two. so maybe a different method of mounting them to ensure the top step stays level will help. Steve Steve The steps that came with my TCer were like that as well. I tired everything before I spent the money on Glow steps and they were perfect. Same anchor point as the old ones, same height, same everything except the glow steps worked. Was a great investment!!!
Photomike 02/10/20 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: step solutions

so my new camper came with the accordion style steps (not glowsteps). they are a little to short as my truck is taller, but even if I prop them up they never seam to sit all the same (flat) so I am looking for a different step system that will be, how do I say it, not as sketchy. Glowsteps look like the same design with double cross bars instead of single and glowing steps, but are they rock solid when deployed? and is the price worth it? my other option is to get one of those receiver hitch cargo carries and build something that will deploy from that, maybe even a ramp design to make it easier on the dog? what have people done to solve step issues? Steve Don't fool around and waste time. Get the Glow steps. If you want more stability get a railing. It was shocking how much better they are! I have an extra glow step still in my garage if you were closer. My camper only needed 4 but got five as it was cheaper.
Photomike 02/06/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

This is water-based, cheap sealer, design for saving money while painting new drywall. When you apply it over lacquer or vinyl it will peel off at alarming rate. What kind of RV has lacquer or vinyl walls? Many have vinyl walls as the wall board that was used was covered in vinyl. How about naming one? I've never seen one. The Northern Lite I had used a vinyl covering on the wall board material. It was a thin board with a wrap around the board to give it the texture pattern. Several of the Bigfoot's that I have seen used the same wall board. Also many trailers use the same board.
Photomike 02/03/20 08:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

This is water-based, cheap sealer, design for saving money while painting new drywall. When you apply it over lacquer or vinyl it will peel off at alarming rate. What kind of RV has lacquer or vinyl walls? Many have vinyl walls as the wall board that was used was covered in vinyl.
Photomike 02/03/20 08:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Charging camper batteries with generator?

How do you all hook up the generator to charge camper batteries? Hook generator directly to batteries with the battery cables or just plug the shore power cord into the generator? Speaking to a Northern Lite camper and a Honda generator. Thanks John What is the age of the camper? Older campers had horrible charges. Newer ones are a lot better and will charge faster.
Photomike 02/03/20 08:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Third Brake Light?

You are carrying a house on your back and you are worried someone will miss a brake light? If they don't see the two of them on the camper then one more hidden in all the other things on the back won't help.
Photomike 01/30/20 10:04am Truck Campers
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