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RE: Tybee Island, GA. Rivers End Campground./Info Appreciated

We've stayed at Rivers End with a 34' 5th wheel two years ago. We had a back-in site and found it mildly tight, but workable. Some sites were a bit more crowded. We are speed walkers so we got around the park several times and noticed those sites on the street were not very private. We spent most of our time in downtown Savannah walking the parks, river area, and shops. We also took a nice day trip up to Charleston, SC. If you get up there go to the old part of town and walk the side streets. Some beautiful old homes and yards. On Tybee we enjoyed eating at Bubba Gumbo's which isn't very far from the campground. Not real easy to find, but laid-back and good food.
Parrothead Mike 05/26/20 08:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: MI extended stay at home

Let me see if I got this right. The MI governor is telling everyone to stay home and not travel. Yet her husband called his boatyard, 150 miles away, to get his boat put in the water in time for Memorial weekend? He's turned down so he drops his wife name. So the peons are on lock-down while the state's royalty goes boating far from home? Double standard for the rich and famous? Unfortunately you do not have it right. Our governor has done a great job of taking our opening slowing. Before Memorial weekend two zones, the Upper Peninsula & northern portions of the lower peninsula, were allowed to open various retail, eateries, bars, etc., with reduced seating, based upon actual data showing those portion of our state had much lower infection rates than the lower parts of the state. The northerners are not overly happy to see all the southerners pouring into the north, but if people follow proper social distancing & wear masks where necessary all should go well. We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks. The governor's husband called a boat storage in Traverse City, an area opened prior to the holiday weekend. He shouldn't have asked for special favors and I'm sure he's in the governor's doghouse right now. The term "lock-down" is a bit strong. I live in SW Michigan, although lived in the U.P. and Gaylord for about 25 years, and we are not locked into our homes. Many businesses are open. We go shopping at the grocery stores, hardware stores, get our vehicles fixed, go golfing, go to the beaches, go fishing, and outside of some places that remain closed we currently live a fairly normal life right now. Wearing masks are no problem for a majority of folks because we are doing it for the good of everyone.
Parrothead Mike 05/26/20 08:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Overnight park US-2 W. Iron Mountain

Just west of Watersmeet is the Sylvian Wilderness area. There is a campground there, but I don't recall if there is electric. It's beautiful back in there. There is a private CG on Golden Lake called Golden Dreams CG. There appears to be a CG in Iron River called Klint Stafford Memorial Park. BTW, our governor is doing a great job of trying to keep us all safe. The slight inconveniences are minor. PS: You might want to check out whether the casino in Watersmeet allows overnight RV stays.
Parrothead Mike 05/03/20 04:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fort Wilkins SP, MI

Fort Wilkins camping area is nice. There is plenty of grass and trees. The old fort is right next to the campground and an interesting historic display. The area's history is about mining and forestry. Copper Harbor itself is small, but there are places to have a bite to eat. You might want to drive along the Lake Superior shoreline on M-26 to Eagle Harbor. There is a very good little bakery there run by monks that is worth a stop. Estivant Pines has some short trails for a hike, but it has some virgin forest areas that are very nice. Please note that once you get to the Houghton/Hancock area the trip from there to Copper Harbor is a bit slow going due to hilly and winding M-41 with small towns. If you have time you might want to get down toward Ontonagon where you'll find Porcupine Mountains State Park. There is a state park with electric/showers on the north end of the huge park and a rustic CG at the south end. This park is very large and has many hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenery. One of my favorite places to hike is at the south end of the park near the rustic CG. You can hike both sides of the Presque Isle River from a parking lot closer to the CG or from South Boundary Road (the road that goes around the park away from Lake Superior). There are several falls along that stretch of the river with plenty of overlooks and you can even walk out onto the rocks in places. There is also a small roadside park just north of M-28 & US-41 intersection called Canyon Falls. It's on the west side of US-41 and you'll miss it if you're not looking. There is a short hike back to the canyon and worth the time. In regard to Fort Wilkins being crowded, I don't think you'll have too much of a problem. My last trip up there was about 5-6 years ago in mid to late July and the CG was not busy. Porcupine Mts. may be busier.
Parrothead Mike 05/03/20 04:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A couple of distilleries in early April

A few years back we visited Makers Mark in Loretto, KY, just south of Bardstown and enjoyed it very much. Out in the middle of nowhere, but the distillery is in a nice setting. BTW, Bardstown has a Bourbon Festival every September, I believe.
Parrothead Mike 12/07/19 03:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No one is heading south?

Leaving Michigan for Florida toward the end of the month, but will be watching the travel weather.
Parrothead Mike 11/10/19 01:34pm Snowbirds
RE: Getting couch out of 5th wheel?

If all else fails, you can remove a window easy enough. Just take out the screws around the inside edge. The inside trim comes right off. You'll need to use a putty knife under the outside frame to loosen it but be careful as it starts to loosen and be ready to grab it. Put it back with a bead of butyl caulk and you'll never need to worry about it leaking. Run a bead of silicone around the frame for appearances only. OP here: Yeah, I've replaced a window in my Silverback before and it still doesn't leak. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will likely have to disassemble it in some way, possible the Sawzall. In an older Cardinal 5th wheel we had I disassembled an attached jack knife sofa and put in 2 La-Z-Boys. The couch I want to remove now is nice and like new, but if in the end I want it out, the means by which to do it will depend upon how bad I want it out. :) Thanks again!
Parrothead Mike 08/31/19 07:19am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Getting couch out of 5th wheel?

We've decided to get rid of the 6' couch that has a queen size mattress when it folds out. We rarely use it and once slept on it when we had visitors (last time for that ****). We purchased a queen size blow up mattress in case we need extra sleeping space. The couch is like new (2015-same as our Silverback). Since we use our 5th wheel quite a bit and live in it in FL for the winter we'd prefer to toss in a card table and a couple of chairs for use when using a laptop or working for days on a puzzle. Now the problem appears to be how to get the darn thing out of the door of the 5th wheel. I measured the door(27 3/4") and the couch (6' long, 35" from feet to top of back - might be able to remove feet for 3" less), about 36" depth. I'm give it away free, but will stipulate that the lucky folks have to remove it themselves as I can't lift heavy objects. I checked and it doesn't appear to have a removable back portion or any other part to reduce the size. Plus it's a tight turn out the door due to our kitchen counter across from the exit door. Has anyone else removed their couch and how did you do it?
Parrothead Mike 08/30/19 01:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Slide floor mushing,,,

you wouldn't have their number,,, This is the phone number I have for Amish Family RV in Topeka, IN from 2017. 260-593-0951 What you'll find out when calling: Orvan (if you speak to him) will have you send an e-mail to: [email protected] explaining your RV issues. The email service will fax your email info to Amish Family RV and then Orvan's wife will call you to set up an appointment. They are in high demand and you will likely get an appointment that's several months away. Orvan's family is somewhat Amish traditional in that they don't have a motor vehicle, although he told me he had an older Cedar Creek 5th wheel, but someone had to pull it to a campground for them. His facility is electric, but his home, which is close, is not electric. They follow certain procedures in running their business in a way that adheres to Amish traditions. Their address is: 11681 N. 600 West Ligonier, IN 46767 although the repair facility is at Orvan's home which is just a mile or two south of Topeka, IN. Orvan knows Cedar Creek products very well. He worked there for 17 years and his BIL worked their for 15. They have some other workers on staff that likely worked for CC. The CC factory is on the west side of Topeka, which is a fairly small town surrounded by a lot of Amish farms. He did a nice job on my 2015 Silverback and took care of several items I hadn't known about. He's very thorough and a good guy.
Parrothead Mike 08/20/19 08:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Battery Question

Original poster here. Bought the Duracell 27MAGM Platinum w/ CCA-580 & MCA-900. Was on sale for $138 + tax. Had to get it at Sam's today due to the one day sale. Thanks to everyone for your input.
Parrothead Mike 08/03/19 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: New Battery Question

In the OP aren't they all "starting" batteries? You want a "deep cycle" battery. At least get one with "DC" in its name even if it is a hybrid starting/deep cycle type. Look for AH rating at the 20 hr rate. Should be 90 or so. More is better. Yeah, the 20 amp hour rate: 92 according to the website description. I agree, I don't need cold cranking, but deep cycle.
Parrothead Mike 08/03/19 01:35pm Tech Issues
New Battery Question

Today, August 3, Sam's club has a sale on Marine/RV batteries. Since my current Interstate is getting to be 3+ years old I'm considering purchasing one of the Duracell Marine/RV batteries at Sam's & keeping the Interstate currently in the camper as backup. My Interstate hasn't been holding up well when dry camping at music festivals we attend. I do use my Honda 2000i as a backup charger, but would like a longer lasting battery plus one festival doesn't allow generators. Any background or experience with Duracell Marine/RV batteries would be much appreciated. Two batteries under consideration: Duracell 27MAGM Platinum w/ CCA-580 & MCA-900 price: about $160 Duracell SL34MAGM w/ CCA750 & MCA 850 price: about $120 This is for my 2015 Cedar Creek Silverback 29RE Current Interestate - CCA-550 & MCA-690
Parrothead Mike 08/03/19 12:38pm Tech Issues
RE: yellow stone np

I know you're heading to Yellowstone, but be sure to spend time at Grand Teton NP. It's not as crowded.
Parrothead Mike 07/20/19 05:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Wanting to replace furniture

In our old 5th wheel I did the same as a previous poster, got rid of the couch and replaced with 2 lazy boys. Wish I'd done it a couple of years earlier. In our newer 5th I'm once again considering getting rid of the couch just for the additional space. RV couches are not well made or comfortable. Our newer one has a fold out bed and we slept on it once and that will be the last time. We purchased an Intex inflatable queen mattress in case we get guests. Otherwise I'd like to just have a card table with folding chairs so we can do puzzles and have workspace when needed. (we spend about 4 months in our 5th wheel during the winter down in FL)
Parrothead Mike 06/25/19 07:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Bed alterations

Our first travel trailer, a 20 footer, purchased new back in '94, had a cornered bed with a small slice off one corner. Sounds a bit weird, but we were younger then (40s), it was our first camper after tent camping for 20+ years so we were just happy to get off the ground. Our bedding didn't fit well with one corner lopped off. We'd just crawl over one another to get in and out. Our next camper was a 5th wheel with a queen walk around bed. It made a big difference and was more like home. If this is your first RV and you're going to spend a lot of time in it then I'd make sure my bed was very comfortable and easy to access. Other posters have pretty much described the issues with layout and how the mattress might rest upon a storage area. But if you're handy with woodworking you might be able to make the necessary adjustments. If it's just you in the bed then all the easier, but 2 adults in a bed limit your options.
Parrothead Mike 06/25/19 07:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: RV vs Park Model

I've never owned a park model, but our snowbird location in FL has recently put some park models in the past 2 years and I checked one out. Had a friend that sold his 5th wheel during last winter and then moved into a park model for about 6 weeks. Park models are usually more stable than a camper. Not that a trailer or 5th wheel is wobbly, but they sometimes can be depending upon the setup underneath. I think there's more storage in my 5th wheel than most park models I've seen. The park model floorplan is designed for living in rather than traveling with the sort of "stuff" you need to travel/camp with. There may be some storage in park models, but I think it's somewhat limited. Sometimes kitchen workspace (counters) is limited in an RV compared to a park model. That's about all I can add with my limited knowledge of park models.
Parrothead Mike 06/25/19 07:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: Michigan & The Great Lakes bound, July 2019

I've lived in Michigan all my 69 years. Mostly in SW Michigan, but also 25 years split between Marquette in the U.P. and Gaylord, about 1 hour south of the Mackinac Bridge. My job required me to drive the north and U.P. those 25 years. The U.P. has some excellent waterfalls, especially around Munising. In far western U.P. is the Porcupine Mountains SP. Some of the best hiking trails anywhere in the Midwest. The wilds abound in the U.P. In the L.P. I'm partial to the west side along Lake Michigan. It's very popular, especially in the summer. Use to search out private campgrounds in areas you might be interested in. Still, don't avoid the Lake Huron side of the L.P. because it is less crowded than the west side, although there aren't any sand dunes like the west side. U.S.23 along the northeast L.P. offers some nice state parks and views of the lake. The west side of Michigan has several fruit & vegetable growing areas. Summer is a great time to look for cherries and blueberries along the lakeshore. Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in the NW L.P. is very beautiful. You might check out Indigo Bluff campground (private) just east of Empire, MI along M-72 as a good spot to visit Sleeping Bear, Glen Arbor, Glen Lake, and the Leelanau Peninsula (Leland, Northport, and Suttons Bay) and just NW of Traverse City. PS: I almost forgot Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore near Munising. Take the tourist boat trip, but you may have to make reservations in July. There is also a neat little campground in Grand Marais, MI called Woodland Park. They don't take reservations, but you may likely find a camping spot during midweek. Brimley State Park just east of Sault Ste Marie is very nice too. Enjoy Michigan, we certainly do.
Parrothead Mike 06/21/19 08:09pm Roads and Routes
RE: I-69 in Michigan

I-69 westbound west of US127 was poorly constructed about 20 years ago. First time I was on that section with my old 5th wheel I thought something was wrong with my rig. I avoid that section when possible and use US127 around the east side of Lansing. I-69 south of Lansing is falling apart. A major reason for this is the heavy truck traffic. Michigan allows the highest gross vehicle weights (GVW) in the Midwest. Most states allow an 80,000 pound GVW while Michigan allows 160,000. This is the result of the auto industry's need for steel and is a left-over allowance for the industry since the 60s. Trucking companies will try to tell you that additional axels/wheels spreads out the heavy weight, but that is BS. Other states in the frost/freeze states do not allow such heavy weights and their roads last longer. Michigan's falls apart quicker than their roads.
Parrothead Mike 06/21/19 07:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best vacuum

We picked up a Shark Rocket stick vacuum recently. We've got an vac system in our Silverback, but it's a PITA to vacuum with and I don't like the way it does the carpet areas. We really like the Shark and picked it up at Sam's for $169 while the same model (S351/V345 - same model, but Sam's is the 345) was $219.99 elsewhere.
Parrothead Mike 06/10/19 06:56pm Beginning RVing
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