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RE: Sourdough Biscuit Breakfast Sanwich

I like smoothie for breakfast... Especially Strawberry oat smoothie Ingredients: 7 oz Strawberries 1 Banana ½ cup of Oats ½ cup of Coconut Milk 1 cup of Water 1 tbsp Coconut Oil Delicious!) How do you put that on a Sausage/Egg Biscuit?
Old-Biscuit 12/04/19 09:24am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Sourdough Biscuit Breakfast Sanwich

12 eggs...but you have 13 biscuits. (cooks sample!) Yum. I enjoy egg/sausage/biscuit sanwiches
Old-Biscuit 12/03/19 09:52pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Furnace blower stops briefly then comes back on.

Furance Fan Motor is failing......or bad ground wire on motor
Old-Biscuit 12/02/19 08:16am Tech Issues
RE: Have no electrical power and no propane on one side of coach

Whatever the official name of the "salesman switch" is it doesn't completely disconnect the house battery from all of the loads. Mine disconnects some common loads like lights but not the refer and not other safety items. Maybe it should be called "Battery Draw Reduction Disconnect Switch". Even my 2 Monaco installed Battery Disconnect Switches (real mechanical switches) don't disconnect all loads from each battery bank. But the Battery Disconnect Switches I installed do indeed completely disconnect the batteries from all loads. Correct terminology or not "Salesman Switch" uniquely identifies the small switch by the door that activates the latching solenoid near the batteries that disconnects some loads. Salesman Switch COMMON nomenclature used by MANY folks Some folks just love to appear superior by denigrating others
Old-Biscuit 11/29/19 01:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: freezer door seal

Norcold Fridge Door Seals are NOT replacement items. They are incorporated within the door So Norcold wants to sell you a complete new door! Folks have cut the old seals off and used glue on / self adhesvie generic seals Sometimes you can 'reset' the seals Place a cotton ball in each corner under the seal Heat the seal using a hair dryer, warm air heat gun etc until the whole seal is warmed up THen close door and let seal reform to fridge frame After it cools remove the cotton balls and check if sealing has improved
Old-Biscuit 11/29/19 01:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Do you have a bed liner?

I actually prefer a bed mat for my use as I don't like spray liners since they get faded and tired looking after a few years while the rest of the truck looks good. Must have been a lower quality spray in as the one in our 2001 Ram still look great when we sold it last June. Current Ram 3500 has spray in also still looks great. Yeah and Ram dashboards don't crack and fall to pieces in your area like they did here. My Dodge Ram dashboard isn't cracked/falling to pieces nor are any if the other trim pieces Truck is outside in AZ
Old-Biscuit 11/26/19 09:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you have a bed liner?

2006 new truck...had Line-X spray done over top of bed rail Has never chipped. Some fading Nothing slides Durable Easy to clean.....just spray it out Next truck..SAME thing
Old-Biscuit 11/26/19 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lance 2285 Water Heater Shutoff Valve

According to the brohure...water heater bypass & winterizing valve were OPTIONAL 2015 Lance TT
Old-Biscuit 11/24/19 09:08pm Tech Issues
RE: corsair truck camper - sewer valves - near front of camper

With camper off of truck are there any panels that can be removed for direct access?
Old-Biscuit 11/24/19 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: Do your dogs/cats watch TV

As a kid had a Pom/Terrier mix that would go crazy whenever Broderick Crawford?Highway Patrol would come on. Couldn't get him to stop barking until you turned the channel Our Border Collie/Lab would sit next to me and WATCH PBS Wildlife Specials. Any other stuff and she wasn't even slightly interested in She really liked the Zebras Border Collie/Beagle we have now......he's only interested in when is next 'snack'
Old-Biscuit 11/22/19 05:31pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

As kids we were always excited....Mom/Dad looked forward to it BUT they had to deal with the prep/packing etc All done in secret. See my brother would get SOOOOooooooooo excited he would make himself SICK. Physically SICK. So Sick we wouldn't get to go So Mom/Dad had to do everything on the down-lo, late at night or when us kids were gone.....and then on that fruitful morning wake us up EARLY, pack us in the vehicle and finish all last minute stuff, Then off we went. Camping trip, vacation trip, overnight trip to relatives etc. Didn't matter.........if we were going it was a SECRET.
Old-Biscuit 11/22/19 02:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hot water pressure drops

YEP^^^^^^ Check Valve in WH Tank HOT OUT is restricting the flow of hot water. Plastic plunger/spring/O-ring junk.
Old-Biscuit 11/20/19 01:01pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Pin box

That is what it is designed for........changing the pivot point for everyday towing. Unlike a slider that moves hitch/pin back in bed of truck for manuvering only
Old-Biscuit 11/18/19 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe

I say gather up all of them flat-earthers and push them off the edge.
Old-Biscuit 11/18/19 01:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: What a bunch of junk.

RECALLS.....the 'standard' in manufactoring processes. Look at the Auto Industry. Years and Millions of vehicles across the spectrum entry level to high end Heck even have recalls on waffle irons, dog food, Lettuce etc RVs nothing new. No REAL penalty in Recalls to the MFG. If so they would no longer be in business (YEAH!) or would just get bailed out (bankruptcy, gov. etc) Consumer left holding the bag....which is probably under a recall too!
Old-Biscuit 11/18/19 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is the purpose of low point drains?

If all the plumbing was sloped towards the low point with absolutely no sags, then maybe it would work. But RV's are built any which way and you can't count on draining properly. That is what I was thinking, so I was wondering what is the point of having them there in the first place. Because W/O the Low Point Drains HOW would you get the water out of the Hot/Cold water lines??? Open the Low point Drains.....then with an adapter connected to City water inlet you can BLOW air thru the Lines and remove majority of water in the system Course there is the issue of the water pump. RV Anti-freeze pumped thru the Cold & Hot Systems (out faucets/showers/toilet AND Low Point drains you get rid of the water and protect with anti-freeze W/O Low Point Drains that would be hard to accomplish. doesn't have to use them
Old-Biscuit 11/18/19 12:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Atwood 8531-IV DCLP Furnace Not Working

It seems like this narrows it down to the relay or the wire between the furnace and the relay. No idea how to trouble shoot the relay. No Duo-Therm relay board with the part number 3107541.009 seems to be available. This is a problem when you have no idea what you are doing. That P/N is for a Analog DOMETIC control kit. That is the Module in the housing and the wall tstat with the AC mount bolts. 3106996.022 should be the analog module only. FYI, NOBODY says Duo Therm. That term has been obsolete for over 35 years. DOMETIC is the Brand name that is used. Doug You information would be so much better received if you were NOT so condensending in your relies. Lighten up....good grief
Old-Biscuit 11/17/19 03:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood 8531-IV DCLP Furnace Not Working

What Brand/Model is your AC Unit? Need wiring diagram for the AC to understand how the DC is incorporated with your Furnace.
Old-Biscuit 11/17/19 12:27pm Tech Issues
RE: what kind of batteries do i have?

Two 6V batteries (Series) VS Two 12V batteries (Parallel) height=500 width=500 6V wired in series.... POS on one connected to NEG of other battery You would connect your Power Dolly cable to POS of one and NEG of other 12V wired in parallel..... POS connected together and NEG connected together You would connect your Power Dolly cable to a POS and NEG on just one of the batteries (Same Battery)
Old-Biscuit 11/17/19 12:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Atwood 8531-IV DCLP Furnace Not Working

It is NOT the 'sail switch', NOT the 'limit switch', NOT the on/off-circuit breaker otherwise jumpering the 2 blue wires would have NO affect. Jumpering the 2 blue wires allows DC circuit be to completed......from thermostat You stated..... " I do NOT have continuity between the 2 blue wire when they are disconnected and tstat is calling for heat." That means the thermostat is the issue............replace it. See pg 29...thermostat troubleshooting Blower does NOT run Service Manual
Old-Biscuit 11/17/19 11:46am Tech Issues
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