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RE: Difficulty Finding Adaptor This will do it One is lighting male to C female Two is C male to usb A female So you get usb A female to lighting male, which lets you plug in a usb A male to a lighting female port They came in a set I bought on Amazon in April of 2020 Cost was low 7 or 8 dollars, set came with 6 different adapters, all possible data pins are used, these are for data transfer interfacing, device communication, Not charge cord adapters, a camera to lighting adapter is data communication and should also work
MrWizard 04/07/21 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: Aux Start to Boost Cranking Amps

Yes .... Arrive at destination, batteries should be charged from driving, leave engine running, use the jacks to level the RV If you need to use the aux start switch to boost the engine battery, you have 2 problems, a weak chassis battery that should be replaced and a charging system that is not working correctly, because the house and chassis batteries should already be combined when the engine is running, There is an exception to this If your MH has a diode based battery isolator instead of the battery control center box, that is common on many MHs A diode style isolator let's both batteries charge while keeping them separate, if you have this then yes you must press the aux start switch to combine them to provide extra power to the chassis system for the jacks(if chassis battery is weak) The BBC cost more $$ takes more time to install than a diode isolator, so some RVs do not have the BBC, but instead have the less costly diode isolator and a less costly momentary duty relay for the aux start function Instead of the heavier more reliable continuous duty relays used in the BCC
MrWizard 04/07/21 05:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Docking station with USB C

This is a case where you want to sure you get a Data cable not a charge only cable, no data syncing, My tablet has usb C, my phone usb micro, my laptop usb A female, my thumb drives are all usb A male, I have a slew of cables and adapters The most useful are the OTG cables, very short, micro male to usb A female, And usb C to usb A female OTG on the go. Cables let you connect a thumb drive to your android phone or tablet and play video or music from the thumb drive, or transfer files to the thumb drive memory stick, they are 100% connection compatible, easy data transfer While USB C, specs do call for downward compatibility o usb 2 & usb 1, You still need the old desktop to have the correct Driver installed for the printer, that's on the C port dock station or wifi or they will not communicate
MrWizard 04/06/21 01:01am Technology Corner
RE: Android Tablet eReader

On my tablet I have these readers Amazon Kindle ALreader DOCS XODO PDF reader With these I can read all ebook formats and plain text files and PDF files I do buy ebooks from Amazon I also download free ebooks from Bain Books website Free service manuals in PDF or text when I can locate them on other sites Except for service manuals the ebooks are fiction Sometimes something historical catches my interest
MrWizard 04/06/21 12:22am Technology Corner
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

The voltage won't get any higher than the highest set point of the 3 D.C. Power sources, As long as the highest one is below damage level for the lithium battery (most likely solar) everything will be ok, There is no harm in having all three in use, as long as none of them are set too high
MrWizard 04/04/21 02:49am Tech Issues
RE: Releasing Foot Brake after Slides are out?

If i release my parking brake, my levelers will retract, Why would you want to release the parking brake , on a vehicle so large, with slides extended out like sails, you could end up rolling thru the campground, most likely into another camper Powergear system and some LCI will release when the parking Brake is released, BUT, the key has to be turned on. If camped and the Ignition OFF, and you release, the jacks should not retract. If they do, the wiring is not to spec. Doug Doug You are correct and I failed to mention the key being on ! I was thinking of when he got in the Drivers seat preparing to leave, turn on the key to power up the slides and because the parking brake has already been released the jacks retract, but the slides are out, he would no longer be level, and any good wind would be putting additional strain on the transmission parking paw , This is not a situation I would trust, This could damage the transmission if the MH moved, Even more dangerous if the MH has kick down jacks, which have been know to give way and flip up, if the RV rolls forward, it's a feature which prevents damage to the jacks, if the RV is driven forward while the jacks are down How ever it might be described, I think releasing the parking brake , while using leveling jacks and slides , Is Bad Idea There is nothing in the chassis literature that says do Not use parking brake for ???? Or longer tHan xxx PARKED STORED NOT BEING MOVED parking brake should be engaged
MrWizard 04/04/21 02:11am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

Thetford 42048 Waste Ball Drive Arm $15 Amazon....$17 E-bay Outside the bowl drive arm is Not Broken I think the piece that broke off and was still attached to waste gate drive arm, is from the ball valve, The waste gate drive arm, fastens to ball valve waste gate, with a screw, The correct part to replace would have been the waste gate ball valve And Im not in a location to have taken the thing outside cleanse it with soap bleach and water hose, to install a new ball valve waste gate, don't think the local car wash would have appreciated me doing it there, either, considering that it wasn't mud That toilet and broken pieces are long gone in the trash dumpster last night
MrWizard 03/31/21 01:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

I full-time Ordering parts online and doing without a flushable toilet until they arrive, was not the option I wanted I deemed replacement with a different model a better choice, although more costly Matt It's an Aqua-Magic V, Low profile version, water saver, hand flush with optional hand sprayer for cleaning rinse Plastic and very light weight I prefer the Sealand line from dometic, I like the 310 models with bowls made of China, they are heavier, cost more, but I think they are better quality And that's what I wanted, but they sold the only one yesterday morning before I got there after lunch
MrWizard 03/31/21 01:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Releasing Foot Brake after Slides are out?

If i release my parking brake, my levelers will retract, Why would you want to release the parking brake , on a vehicle so large, with slides extended out like sails, you could end up rolling thru the campground, most likely into another camper
MrWizard 03/31/21 12:40pm Tech Issues
Toilet lasted 22 months, replaced it

MAY 2019 installed new Aqua Magic RV residence low profile toilet Monday the flush broke, the internal shaft broke where the screw fasten to the external shaft Broken part is the Off Color tip with the screw still in it, holding it to external shaft that is operated by the pedal Went to the closest Camping World, about 17 miles, and bought a new toilet, they did not have the parts kit to do a repair on the 42170 residence low profile New toilet with hand flush Hopefully this one will last longer
MrWizard 03/31/21 03:44am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 3.3 Kw Kubota Diesel Genset

Chinese replacement Onan starters are easy to find and cheap, Amazon and eBay , I did that replacement on to different MH's
MrWizard 03/24/21 02:51am Tech Issues
RE: Electrodacus SBMS0

Battery Management System LiPoFe4 batteries Controls battery charge, does cell balancing in the battery OP is asking if any body else is using this specific bms
MrWizard 03/24/21 02:33am Tech Issues
RE: Watt Hrs vs Amp Hrs

One of the comments mentions that Watt Hrs are good when the voltage stays the same as in the stick house. With a battery falling in voltage as you draw from it, does that not make using AH better for seeing how much capacity is left in it? Only If/When using power at the same amp draw as the mfg specs the 20 HR rate If 20he rate is 5 amps, and you are using 2 amps, then the total useable AmpHrs will be greater than spec If you are using 10amps then the useable AmpHrs is less than spec If you have a 100w load that is constant, as the voltage drops, amps flow/use increases to maintain that 100watts of work energy DC resistive loads don't do that, But inverters and DC to DC voltage converter will increase input amps use , watts, HP, btu , calories are all specific energy/power measurements that accurately describe real power use, and can be converted from one to the others And yes calories is a measure of heat energy from a food source, Yes it takes laboratory equipment to do to these measurements
MrWizard 03/23/21 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: 2000 Fleetwood Bounder Are Dash Air Parts The Same?

Isn't the dash air In class A's add on equipment And Not from the chassis Mfg Do they use the stock Ford compressor and dryer ? I thought everything except maybe the compressor. Is add on from the rv builder not from chassis mfg
MrWizard 03/23/21 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cooling external fuel pump

Don yes on the thermal paste, If I use a clamping strap to hold it in place, There is and industrial epoxy that is used to hold heating elements (like those used in rv fridge, in some types of Mfg machinery, it sets Up cold, no heat, ivory white in color, and transfers heat from heating element to metal it's mounted in, but I don't have any and I don't remember the product name, Replacing the burned out heating elements in machines used to plastic weld the ends on some plastic fuel cell canisters, the company was mfg the empty canisters, that were shipped out to be labeled and filled Any way, this is just background info that products exist have bonding ability and heat transfer, and not be a thermal transfer barrier
MrWizard 03/19/21 06:16pm Class A Motorhomes
Cooling external fuel pump

Kicking around the idea, of mounting a Peltier solid state cooling unit , on the external fuel pump mod. The pump failed Monday afternoon and left me broke down, this pump was less than a year old (replacement pump was was a warranty exchange), not near the exhaust or anything hot, except for the street! I'm thinking Filing-Grinding to shape the cooling fins of the Peltier unit to fit the curve of pump body, mount with epoxy, JB weld, or hose clamp as mounting strap. Wire IT to the pump terminals so it is powered and cooling when ever the engine is running Anybody else ever try this What do you think
MrWizard 03/19/21 01:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can a generator get rained on?

Here is what I think The generator is better off covered up IF raining while the generator is not running and off the ground if possible, table, bench, chair, crate,,blocks of wood, anything that keeps water from pooling inside, most inverter generators do have small openings in the bottom plastic While running there is heat and air flow, which will IMO limit and mitigate water collection, help with drying out all components My portable champion is on a sliding tray in a forward storage compartment, when in use the compartment door provides a roof over the generator for wet weather the exhaust end is pointed out away from the RV, the intake air comes from inside the protection of the compartment, as a bonus it is above ground, I can add a tarp to this if I deem it necessary, Not everyone has the space accessible, not everyone wants to do something like this, It also provides easy safe lockable storage when not in use, and traveling, (yeah I know most RV compartments are not "job box" secure, neither are RV entry doors, and you do want it, stored out of sight, when away from the RV) For me it solves weather use, and storage/ transportation and keeps it readily accessible in the event of horrendous sideways winds during a rain storm, Hopefully I will have already put it away, If not, I will probably have more pressing matters to be concerned with
MrWizard 03/13/21 10:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Blocked Caller Question

Hummum Maybe that relates to specific geographic areas I have Verizon cellular, block callers,goto my voice mail On my phone it is auto reject list I have always wondered why it wasn't called DIGITAL virtual answering machine From Verizon's website: Callers you have blocked will hear "Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The number you are trying to reach has calling restrictions which have prevented the completion of your call." People attempting to text to your number will get a notification that delivery failed.
MrWizard 03/12/21 02:35am Technology Corner
RE: Replace Mobley

I remember unlocking my Mobley SIM and changing the lock code from default, then moving the SIM to the netgear hotspot router, it's been on pretty much 24/7 ever since then, runs on battery when the inverter and/or generator are offline, I bought my netgear 815S in June 2018 I think Feb 2018 thru Sept 2018 will have the most postings about the Mobley SIM to Netgear , service, sims, etc.. I can't be sure on the date but I think it was Feb 2017 when I gof my Mobley and started service, possibly even 2016 Will have too look up my AT&T account for start of service date, when I'm less tired and more awake,
MrWizard 03/11/21 03:19am Technology Corner
RE: Wiring Disaster

I am a retired electrician , worked years in commercial residential and industrial, I don't recall any NEC that says a generator installed in a mobile vehicle on land, has to bond the neutral to ground, Bonding the neutral to ground creates a 120v hot to frame/chassis hazard, while an unbonded neutral offers a lower 60v hazard from either wire to chassis/frame, RVs are considered a remote sub panel, neutral bonding is only Done at the main service drop from the power utility or the installation of a fixed generator location, even secondary sub panels in the same building , do not bond neutral to ground at the sub panel, The RV breaker panel is a sub panel, shore power, portable generator, installed generator Here is a picture of my Breaker Panel "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Ground Buss Bar on left Neutral buss Bar on bottom aka white wires Mounting screws holding Neutral buss are insulated None of the ground wires on the ground buss bar connect to the neutral buss, None of the white wires on the neutral buss bar connect to ground Buss or the box,this is a floating neutral Yes generator ground is connected to ground, but generator neutral is Not Bonded to ground Some may think that the very bottom ground wire on the left, is connected to the neutral buss, ...... look again closely that wire crosses over the neutral buss and goes into a Romex clamp at the back of the panel (not visible at this angle) and is connected to a circuit in the RV,
MrWizard 03/11/21 01:10am Tech Issues
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