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RE: no chassis power

Congrats for a fast fix And thanks for posting the problem and solution
MrWizard 03/15/23 08:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach batteries wont charge from shore power

You have several proble ms. The first thing: i would do is disconnect the Batteries, Second: i would connect the new converter directly to the batteries after all it is battery charger, 3rd Thing : I would connect a power cord to the converter, and plug into an extension cord run from the garage or house, now you are charging the batteries directly, Keep charging until voltage at the batteries is 14.2 volts Then unplug the converter from 120vac, leave connected to batteries , take periodic voltage checks at the batteries, This will let you verify the batteries good or bad It sounds like you have multiple problems, your demensional inverter has a pass thru function for 120v, the contacts might be stuck, and not switching to inverter output, or it could just be worn out, its also possible you have a shorted cell in a battery so they do not get fully charged , and then loose what charge was obtained when charging is stopped , you haven't run. The engine long enough to completely charge the batteries, and verify whats going on.
MrWizard 03/10/23 01:46am Tech Issues
RE: Onan generator shutting down after releasing start button

The brushes are for the field winding in the rotor, a stuck or dirty brush can mean no field current which equals low or no output voltage/power, a failed control board also does this,brush problems are more likely to be weather condition intermittent, than control board problem, Check the brushes and the wiring, dirt or corrosion is a possibility
MrWizard 03/06/23 05:06am Tech Issues
RE: Windows Media Player problems

Can you go directly to song , if you open my computer and search for it by name? instead of clicking on a playlist, "Video Lan Player" known as VLC Player , is a free media player that i have used for many years, it will play your windows playlist unless its corrupted
MrWizard 03/05/23 06:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Hotspot (usb tethering) with Visible: Help needed

My opinion your might be different ITunes is comparable to Windows in one respect It wants to control everything on your PC, Its the Battle between Apple and Microsoft
MrWizard 03/05/23 06:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Visible wants me to upgrade to new plan

I received the email, this phone is a Motorola G Pure, 4G 3G phone, (with an option to turn on 2G for emergency calls) I this Bought from visible when i switched, this is not a 5G phone, but it is a unlocked multiple carrier phone, that is GSM compatible , will work on any carrier by changing the sim. I have not done anything yet ! I am under the impression that Visible started as a virtual carrier using Verizon network and was later bought out by Verizon, Visible business address is in Colorado,
MrWizard 02/24/23 02:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Transfer switch

Update The A.T.S. Is working perfectly, I'm very satisfied with it
MrWizard 02/22/23 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

Do have the model number & year of mfg from info plate, to post here or maybe a pictures of the inverter outside and inside, some kind of info that members can compare to a xantrex unit in their rv,
MrWizard 02/21/23 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

You want the start battery to stay charged while parked at one spot, the easiest way, is install a disconnect on the start battery, no extra wire, no switches in the dash, no drain on the battery, Cost About $10 at the Auto parts store Not Automatic
MrWizard 02/15/23 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Verizon or T-Mobile

I had Verizon 2 phones avgering $147 per month, and at&t hot spot, $39 , total $186 first i dropped Att and got the T-Mobile home Internet gateway $50 month, Then i dropped 1 Verizon line and ported my number to Visible $25 month, Total $75 month I am very happy with Both services
MrWizard 02/15/23 01:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Transfer switch

I should have caught that Thank you
MrWizard 02/15/23 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch

This link is for the one that Failed at 7 months of use, Failed ATS Sold under several different Brand Names
MrWizard 02/14/23 04:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch

ATS. in operation This switch has slightly different houseing, but its laid out the same way, mechanically the same thing, it's fast 22 milli second switch over, video has normal normal speed, and slow motion timed sequence
MrWizard 02/13/23 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

I do not understand why I would add a solenoid? Wouldn't I add a wire between the 2 battery terminals on the isolator with an inline 12 volt switch?? This is one way that is simple, another way that you probably have built into your chassis already, is to turn your key to ACC and that should combine both batteries. While plugged into shore power check both batteries to see if you get 13 plus volts. Turning the key to acc is not going to change the way the Diode Isolator functions, Turning key would only work if activating a combiner relay/solenoid Is used instead of diode isolator
MrWizard 02/13/23 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

Yes this is correct for what you are describing use a toggle switch, you can run a wire from the positive aux battery terminal (at the battery or at the solenoid) to the switch then from the switch back to the control terminal on the solenoid, Most Motorhomes, come with an Aux/Emergency start button , which activates a momentary duty solenoid/relay , to connect the two battery systems for a built in jump start. It Might be possible to replace that one with the new continues duty solenoid, then add the extra switch to turn it on , that would eliminate attaching more wires at the Diode isolator,
MrWizard 02/13/23 06:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery isolator charge vehicle battery on shore power

Diode based isolation is a one way device, it lets the alternator Charge the camper while the engine on, but keeps the camper from draining engine battery while camping, it does not charge the engine battery from the converter, too do that automatically requires a battery combiner system, its a two way charging control for charging house and engine batteries, from engine or generator/shore power, yet keeps them separated if there is no charging source available, the last thing most people want is to be boon docking someplace and have dead engine batteries ,
MrWizard 02/13/23 06:16am Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch

I can say this , when using inverter power, and watching streaming video on TV using a Firestick and T-Mobile home internet Gateway , If I Start the generator with the Generator circuit Breaker, In the off position, wait a few seconds then flip the Circuit Breaker to on , the transfer takes place almost instantly, the transfer speed is sufficient enough that the devices are not interrupted, there is No Drop out, No loss of internet, WiFi. Firestick or TV, the video Does Not bleep the sound doesn't burp, i would not know there was a change of power source from inverter/Backup to shore cord/Portable Generator, if i had not done it myself, But it is not drop proof when switching from generator/shore (Normal) to inverter (Backup), I think this is because Of inverter response time, even though it was On, it was in a no load idle condition, and the switching motor can not act as quickly,(micro seconds delay as inverter starts power output) this is only an educated guess but it is a plausible explanation, I do not intend to swap source inputs for further testing, I do not leave the inverter on , just in case the generator runs out of gas, or shore power fails, I'm happy enough to to be able to flip the inverter on and have power and then flawlessly switch back to mains power source when power returns ( fuel is added and generator restarted)(utility shore power restored) i think most of us think the same way, The only way to guarantee Non interruption is to install an uninterruptibile power supply and plug your PC and TV electronics into that. Might try the work light load scenario with it as load connected directly to the inverter, maybe a drop cord work light, so it is already producing power, when the generator/shore input is removed, just to see if my assumptions are correct,(I have a 40 watt 120v LED Flood light) If i do, i will post the results , This opinion may be premature, but i feel like this ATS design is more Robust, than the previous ATS with a board controlling two Relays that use DC powered coils it is the board that failed, this ATS switch is commercial grade, designed for commercial and industrial use,
MrWizard 02/13/23 05:11am Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch

I havent timed the transfer, but it seems faster than that, There's a video demo of the power switching my uding a light bulb on the output
MrWizard 02/11/23 01:30pm Tech Issues
Transfer switch

The transfer switch i added between the 2kw inverter. And shore cord used with the Portable generator , The new ts is not rv centric, has no 30 second time delay, no containment box comes with it , it switches between power inputs very fast, its rated at 63 amps @ 110v, It uses a 110vac motor to select between power sources, Normal being the default source, and backup being the secondary input scoure, i put the inverter on the backup supply, so anytime shore cord is plugged into the generator or shore power that source gets used, and it switches to inverter when there no voltage on the Normal inputs, but there is 110v on the inverter/backup input There is no enclosure box, use as is, or create/buy one, it uses two separate isolation contact sets, has a manual switch mode, each comtactor set is two pole switching hot and neutral, I had to install my own output jumper wires making the outputs common aka linked together I installed this several weeks ago and i am very happy with it And its only $43, half the price of the one that failed, If there is no power on either input , the switch stays where it was last used, ( TS is either or) But anytime there is sufficient voltage applied to the Normal source input it switches over to Normal the default Primary source, it is "Break before Make" Mechanical interlock prevents both sides from being engaged at the same time. Edited for typos and clarity
MrWizard 02/11/23 04:27am Tech Issues
RE: Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Plan

1 terrabyte = 1024 gigabytes 1 GB = 1024 Megabytes 1 TB = 1,048,576 MB Broadcast HDTV 720p or 1080i transport stream avgerages 6GB File per Hr of Video when I recorded "Lucifer" or "Grimm" or "Lethal Weapon", Expand that to 4k video and file streams are exponentially larger I don't have a 4k tv And my equipment doesnt record in 4k Fyi i don't upload torrents and video, What i record from Broadcast or streaming is personal use, just like my vcr days, when i taped every episode of every star trek series including Original, during syndication reruns, "Deep Space Nine" being my favorite series 1st episode of "Halo" streamed and recorded from Paramount+ 30 minutes runtime 720p, 2.4gb mp4 video file ,thats 4.8gb per hr, Streaming services use more data compression, than OTA broadcasting, One reason being software related and two way communication , the receiving device can request any dropped data blocks, it can also be updated when the service introduces new more efficient data streams Oops sorry i get long winded on some topics
MrWizard 02/08/23 10:39am Technology Corner
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