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RE: 1995 Bounder Fuel (gas) leak

True But not the point I was making A gas station pump will shut off It will not top off all the way to the fill cap Car or truck That is done manually by the person filling the tank Do that forced top off, with this design, and you the driver create the problem
MrWizard 05/23/20 05:15pm Tech Issues
RE: 1995 Bounder Fuel (gas) leak

Double post
MrWizard 05/23/20 11:53am Tech Issues
RE: 1995 Bounder Fuel (gas) leak

On the Ford chassis the tank is behind the rear axle, the filler inlet is behind the license plate , The height drop from gas cap to tank entry is very shallow, with a very long filler inlet hose, Topping off the tank at the inlet, results in an Over Full tank and 8 ft of inlet hose that is full of gas, it Will leak, No IFS ANDS or BUTS
MrWizard 05/23/20 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: Aux Start Schematics 1997 Fleetwood F53

I have a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder on the 96 F53 460 Are you talking about the Battery Control Center aka the BCC ? Metal box with fuses and relays On the drivers side, under the front access hatch, Above the Battery A picture of where you are taking about would be helpful Use this link to upload pictures RV Forum picture host Simple to use, After picture uploads, copy the location link address And paste it in your posts here on the forum
MrWizard 05/18/20 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery wiring ???'s

On the small black and white pair Most likely Black is Positive and white is Negative It's a carry over from the first days of trailer building when the only wiring was 120vac inside And running lights on the out side New RV lights still come with black and white wires, not red and black, even though they are 12vdc lights
MrWizard 05/12/20 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Yellow powder in fresh water tank vent tube

Why the concern about the dump valve seals when sanitizing , do you drain the fresh bleach water through the gray tank ? Mine goes out the drain valve on the fresh water tank and down the driveway to the gutter
MrWizard 05/11/20 10:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: "Normal" refrigerator temps

For what ever reason ? My RV fridge works better on propane than electric, The electric heating elements 'on mine' do not produce the same btu's of heat energy, I have not checked them, but I suspect that one of them might not be working Yes this fridge has (2) 115v heating elements You might switch to propane for testing purposes to see if it cools better using LP, under the same ambient conditions
MrWizard 05/09/20 01:46am Tech Issues
RE: generator isolators

I think the word you want is "dampers" Aka Rubber Mounts, or spring mounts Yeah the seller called them Isolators They should support the generator , but should have some give so as to absorb the vibration In my experience, big soft round donut style, Hole in the middle No built in mounting stud Work best Those in your link are more like stiff rubber feet you screw onto the bottom of the generator Around these forums Isolator is used to mean 12vdc power and battery separation
MrWizard 05/08/20 01:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Time to replace windshield /side curtains

I made the windshield drapes for our Bounder Bought the Fabric online Roc Lon, two tone insulated reflective light blocking fabric
MrWizard 05/03/20 07:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Microlite 4000 Generator Issue

fill the gas tank at least 3/4 full of fresh GAS, the pickup tube for the generator is located approximately at the 1/4 full level, this is so running the generator will Not leave you stranded with an empty GAS tank, once gas gets below that level the generator will not run , it has no GAS, also check the oil level in the generator, they have Low oil sensor, that will shut down the generator
MrWizard 05/03/20 04:13am Tech Issues
RE: Where did the Gas go ?

Btw. Quick short update a test, with the pump in the rear, and using the 'generators' fuel pickup the engine stated, ran, no problems, pushing fuel toward the engine, works better than sucking it forward Having a Tag axle makes for headaches trying to attach to the OEM line this far back
MrWizard 04/24/20 03:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where did the Gas go ?

Yes some did That scenario doesn't work with this RV construction and floor plan Cutting a hole in my floor, above the tank Would open into the basement area where the black and gray tanks are, I would need to cut a hole in that floor also, provided the plumbing was not in the way
MrWizard 04/24/20 03:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where did the Gas go ?

Yeah I know the generator pickup is at a differing level in the tank, and a smaller diameter line, but it might help In diagnosis and decision making I wasn't thinking about the pump having a check valve There goes that idea Thanks for reminding me
MrWizard 04/22/20 07:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cheap way to isolate and charge gel cell- relay or diode ?

1972 Revcon Old Magtek converter A diode is not going to do what you want Either get a different battery Or Install a different converter Even then you have to deal with the alternator voltage , Unless you disconnect the house from the alternator/isolator/combiner And have no charging to the gel battery while engine is running Are you sure it says GEL on the battery And not Sealed AGM ? Many people come on here calling any sealed battery Gel AGM does not require any special treatment, other than a slightly higher max charging voltage, Much better suited to RV use than Gel
MrWizard 04/22/20 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas under $2--rig parked

$2.55 for 87 octane regular $2.85 for 91 octane premium
MrWizard 04/22/20 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where did the Gas go ?

New fuel pressure regulator Spring 2019, Before I installed the external fuel pump, At least that seems to be doing its job I did not know the fuel return was connected at the pressure regulator, The chassis manual I have does not make that clear, At least for me, with my lack of experience with these systems, It does not show the system as a diagram, It has drawings of component locations You have to already know how it works, and what you are looking for and looking at, Really appreciate the help I get here
MrWizard 04/22/20 12:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where did the Gas go ?

I'm cashed strapped , don't have a $1000 too drop the 70+ gallon tank and install a new in tank pump ( there goes the stimulus check , IF it ever arrives ) I'm going to try blowing compressed air back thru the main fuel line, I might even try a test, connecting to The generator pickup tube, My biggest priority until now, was to get airlifts installed at the drive axle
MrWizard 04/22/20 12:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Calling Computer Video Buffs..

X2 for video help forum Another program is Avi2Dvd It converts most pc video formats to DVD I have used it extensively in the paste, but very little: the past year I still have it and use it, just not as much as before I am not using anything else instead, just not creating as many DVD from self produced camera video,
MrWizard 04/22/20 04:40am Technology Corner
Where did the Gas go ?

Apparently there is a clog in the fuel pickup in the tank and or the In Tank Pump has finally gone to pieces, Last year I installed an external inline pump on the frame Right now little too no fuel is reaching this pump, In a bid to move the RV to another location close by, I connected the input of this external pump to a gas can "hillbilly style", And pulled the power fuse of the OEM in the tank pump It started and ran, but it pumped 3 gallons of gas from the can in a few minutes, going less than one mile, No fuel was spilled, No external leaks, No fuel on the frame, or the engine, or the ground/street, No fumes, No smell, Is it possible the fuel somehow went thru the return lines into the tank ? Or Maybe dumped into the engine by a blown open injector ? 1996 Ford 460, F53 RV chassis
MrWizard 04/22/20 04:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Calling Computer Video Buffs..

You don't want to burn the mp4 file to CD You need to Author a DVD, and yes that is what the process is called The mp4 is turned into a Set of Vob files and and other associated files that are used for indexing chapters and scenes used for DVD format That collection of files is burned to a DVD disc to create a DVD that will play on any DVD player This is a multi step process, even if the software of choice is a one button click The first step is the conversion into DVD files Which then get turned into a DVD image file Which then gets burned to the DVD disc
MrWizard 04/21/20 10:30pm Technology Corner
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