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RE: Alternator

Google lariat, yr, model, Your trim package, specs My experience with FORD , Is your trim package, electric seats, a/c. Defrosters, automatic doors, Windows, etc.. Decide the alternator load and size needed I'm guessing BUT i say 130 amps Wrong guess, quick look shows, it's between 220 & 320
MrWizard 11/13/19 08:26am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter use.

I have a 2000w > 4000 psw inverter I installed the inverter In a storage bay close to the converter and batteries, Ran new 20amp 12ga cord, to bay with the shore cord, and plug into the shore cord with an adapter, I have whole house power in the RV, just turn off the converter breaker, which is a dedicated circuit in this RV, but I limit my MW run time, 2 minutes for a cup of hot water or warm up coffee, 20 seconds for some precooked mw bacon Anything longer than 4 minutes I use the generator 10 minutes for the coffee maker uses a lot of power, and means more generator runtime when charging batteries, 10 minutes for the mw is a terrible idea Since I retired some years back, I don't believe in 5 am wake up I don't need to silently make a pot of coffee at 5am
MrWizard 11/13/19 01:01am Tech Issues
RE: Extended run gas cap for Champion Digital Hybrid 4000?

Pulse pump,.vacuum operated, kit comes with spacer with hose nipple on it, spacer goes between carburetor and intake manifold, manifold vacuum, drives the pump,
MrWizard 11/11/19 03:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Extended run gas cap for Champion Digital Hybrid 4000?

Nobody makes a correct replacement cap that I'm aware of How ever SuperGen used to sell a kit for champion generators, came with a vacuum operate pump,, connecting hoses, nipple etc, A diy install, I put one on a 3500 CAT5 inverter generator, worked fine as long as both were on the same level ground, my champ was on a sliding compartment tray/drawer so I would put the extension tank/can on a snack table or chair next to the genny, sorry don't have a link, using my phone not my laptop
MrWizard 11/10/19 10:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Does anyone use Google FI for their cellular service?

$20 + $10*6 = $80 No that's not cheap, when you are streaming video data
MrWizard 11/07/19 06:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

There is little data difference between streaming the news for one hour or watching a one hour of TV movie Its still data 30 hours of news is about 15 gigs . Of data The networks are ALL HiDef all the time A hotspot Is Wi-Fi on your end Your own personal Wi-Fi You said the RV b park has no Wi-Fi, no cable, there is NO other internet access to use You want the news, it's either OTA Broadcast or cellular Hotspot You do have a PC of some kind, you are here on this forum, you want to use your PC this winter for internet, you need a hotspot, or a phone that can give you the same service, because you said they is no cable at the park, No internet Or did I miss interstand your question
MrWizard 10/31/19 08:56am Technology Corner
RE: Mobile hot spots

1 gigabyte equal 1 internet streamed movie $12 per movie Use Redbox it costs less Check out They have hotspot plan promotion 30gigs per month $25 per month, It is 30gigs total period, Not 31gig or 35, IF you hit 30 it stops, until the start of the next billing cycle But if you can live with 30 gigs it is a good deal The current offering uses the Sprint network, All of these Value Added virtual carriers use one or more of the "real" Telcos systems
MrWizard 10/31/19 08:34am Technology Corner
RE: Netflix forces newer TVs

I don't have a smart TV My Vizio does have 3 HDMI inputs and I use other electronics to feed it hd video from the web, usually my laptop, but some times my tablet, it works great with my blu-ray player or my hdmi recorder
MrWizard 10/30/19 06:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Update on the 96 Bounder MH gifted to me

6v interstates are common got house battery, my Bounder came that way, They go in series to make 12v, if you put 2 wally 12v in series that is 24v and will destroy anything 12v that is connected to them, including the engine battery If you got new 6v wally batteries and connected them parallel neg to neg, pos to pos, they Will all most a short circuit to the 12v chassis battery and charging system
MrWizard 10/27/19 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

This was last night, Got it towed When it quit running and would not start, on the middle of traffic
MrWizard 10/23/19 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Voltage Spikes as Gen Runs out of Fuel?

I would not worry about inverter genny it's been mentioned many times its synchronous generators And the damage is mainly to the generator, not to converter
MrWizard 10/21/19 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Predator 3500 - surge capability while in eco mode?

2000w surge, 1600w run Verus 3500 surge , 3000 , almost double the power in either surge or run about 80% power increase
MrWizard 10/14/19 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Cellphone boosters

no signal OR too weak to work boosters .. boost a weak signal a booster with a directional "YAGI" antenna Might help you get a signal and boost it but NO guarantees the only way is to try it
MrWizard 10/13/19 11:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Wiring neutral/ground when splitting panel for MultiPlus?

If this has a 50 amp internal RV transfer switch Just install it correctly Both sides get either inverter or shore power your Idea Only one leg feeding inverter and then one side of breaker panel and one leg direct to panel Doesn't make sense to me , it might even be against NEC Unplug shore cord, inverter is on, stick hand in panel get shocked any way Sounds like trouble too Me
MrWizard 10/11/19 03:47pm Tech Issues
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

" So historic building which equates to old, and flooding in just the past few years. Doesn't add up that the historic buildings were the problem but rather what ever was built or changed in the last flood" If that is the same news story I saw on TV this past year That was unprecedented flooding that had never happened on that scale in over a hundred years Lots of things change in a hundred years Concrete and pavement where it never was, blocked Creeks, less trees or maybe more houses and less crops Possibly even Historic buildings that did not exist the last time this occurred
MrWizard 10/11/19 02:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: run problem with Onan Marquis 5000 BGM

thanks for the info another thing to check i have purchased a used champion 2000i generator and using that to power the RVs on board 75amp powermax converter, MW etc.. it won't the A/C compressor, but it will run the blowers and move air around the compressor surge is just too much for it, with these old A/C units
MrWizard 10/11/19 12:33am Tech Issues
RE: How to tell if fuel pumps are running by current draw?

current in the motor will drop, ONLY if the hot pump has an open circuit a hot pump 'Stall' with out open circuit, will Increase current drain and the pump motor will get hotter unless it has an in motor temp over load AKA 'clik switch' the ampmeter is the right idea but better yet is to insulate the fuel lines, especially that big 'tin can' fuel filter i'm ordering some 'Hot starter' shield wrap to insulate my fuel filter and external fuel pump
MrWizard 10/11/19 12:26am Tech Issues
RE: Roku in motorhome

Whose WiFi, your mobile? Starbucks ? A neighbor using a proxy or VPN so the location data is different ?
MrWizard 10/10/19 12:39pm Technology Corner
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

Learning more about this every day IT would be best to properly trim trees and maintain lines. Or bury the lines But when PG&E sends out tree trimmers residents send lawyers "THey are ruining our trees" and now that they are turning off power "They are spoiling our food" will be the lawyer's claim.. Sadly I suspect the residents will pitch a complaint if they bury the lines too.. but .. Well.. Part of what you say is true Although I don't think Any Utility in the this Nation Buries 100,000 volt grid transmission lines in open country And this is what is being discussed These are the lines being whipped back and forth and snapping, and falling to the ground, sparking fires
MrWizard 10/10/19 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

I don't live in the central valley and I don't live in the mojave Or the inland empire, etc But I can't remember anytime there w was five days non stop high winds I think they are stating the worst possible case, Instead of the most likely disruption Very good idea to keep the RV ready
MrWizard 10/09/19 11:21pm Class A Motorhomes
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