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RE: Truckers Atlas ~ Best ~ most preferred

~~ Thanks ~~ REALLY MISS my Streets & Trips AND all my other OBSOLETE soft ware. Why do they mess up the good stuff ?? Yeah I still have S&T 2012 installed on my computer, but don't use it much anymore. We generally use Street Atlas 2015 but I like the navigation on S&T better. You can import data from RVTW into SA with a little fiddling and also you can send it to googlemaps and excel among others. As for why did the become extinct? People stoped buying it preferring to squint at their 5 inch phone screens instead of the 15 or 18 inch notebook screen. I've had people see the notebook open in the truck with the nav screen up and they are amazed that you can do that. Heh. I had such great hope when I heard that Garmin bought Delorme.... SMASH - - - - I was actually talking to Garmin guy about a defective device, and he said that they think "Base Camp" is as good. I asked if he had used both and laughed as I hung up..... Matt
Matt_Colie 10/13/19 04:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: House Batteries are fully charged but acts like they are not

Dow12, What you are seeing is classic for a bad terminal . The best way I know of to find this is with a test light. This would be a very small (low drain/current) bulb with two wire leads. Attach one to the battery terminal and then walk the other away from then bank until it glows. You problem can easily be as much in the positive side as the negative. Just leave the house lights on until they go dim and then start searching. Best of Luck and good hunting. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/13/19 04:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RULER reading???

I do a lot of metal work. Those pins are usually undersize buy just a little. I would drill the 5/8 and give it a try. In AZ rust won't be an issue, so go tight and it will rattle less. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/12/19 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: wisconsin dells? or somewhere similar

As long as you are planning to be there, go south along US-12 about 10 miles and find the Circus Museum in Barabo. If you are there in season, there is a regular 1 - Ring circus in the back and so much to see. I am not fond of tourist traps like the Dells and Pigeon Forge. Speaking of, House on the Rock is one. There is a lot to see there, and no labels at all. It is kind of like paying a hoarder to look in his basement. Some neat stuff, but not worth the walk in my estimation. Real museums are much better. Matt
Matt_Colie 10/12/19 09:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: new generator time

Now a question for Bobbin Nail and husband. Does the engine part run and it does not make electric that works? Or does the engine not run or starts and quits? If it is the first, call around to shops that repair electric motors. The machine attached is just an electric motor being pushed. (OK, it may have so controls, but they should still understand what they are. If it is the second, then call small engine shops. Onan engines are used on many small things like the giant mowers and little diggers. Good Luck. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/21/19 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: States Visited Map Rules

Your map, your rules. I include all states that we actually visited. Some we did not camp in, like Rhode Island. I lived in Connecticut so RI was just a visit. I often changed planes in Minneapolis-St.Paul and did not include that until we spent time there. We visited 5 museums and attractions in Kansas and I included that before we spent a night there. (Don't miss the Steamboat Arabia in KC). Your map, your rules. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/19/19 08:16am Roads and Routes
RE: 12 volt water pump runs in bursts on hot side only

Tim, I have only seen this once before. There is a flow measuring device in the inlet of the water heater. The heater only fires when there is flow enough. That flow device is a plunger with a spring and a switch on the plunger. When the plunger gets sticky, there is no flow. That poor little pump is trying to do its job and finally the plunger moves, but now the flow is higher than the continues capability from the pump. So after the flow device opens and relieves the pressure, there is now not enough flow to the inlet device shuts up again. If it was that the pump had just lost some capacity, then the water is supposed to flow but at too low a rate for the heater to fire. Good luck Matt
Matt_Colie 09/17/19 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: apps

Just remember the (fake) GPS in your phone only works where there's cell service. Real GPS works anywhere. Modern phones all have real GPS chips for 911 location information, among other uses. Provided you have the map data the GPS app will be able to work without cell phone service. Whether or not the maps are stored on the phone (or need data via the cell phone system or wi-fi to fetch) is another question; Google maps, at least, lets one download map data for an area for offline usage quite easily. Drew, While many of the "upper end" units do have a real GPS, there are still many that do not. So great caution is required here. If you plan to take advantage of the phone's location capability, first look in the setup for the switch to turn the GPS on. Thus far, I have ended up with two different phones that only had "Location Service". This does require at least one tower and when it is working from one tower, the location accuracy is (at best) poor. Both of these made it look better by placing you on a mapped road. This was amusing as we were not on a road at that time. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/13/19 06:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for Fridge Suggestions

I just had my old Dometic NDR1292 removed and had a Magic Chef installed. I was really happy until I found the User's Manual and read " Now if this wasn't enough it also stated "ambient Temperature below 50"F or above 85 F will hinder the performance of the appliance. Working with dealer for not telling me. So I'm looking for suggestions as to what residential fridge would work I need to be able to have a counter depth one where I can open the door to a max of 50 inches. Width 32 inches and height not to exceed 62 inches. For those of you who have residential fridges in your RV can you send me the make and model number. I might be able to work with the height. My MH is a 2001 National Tradewinds model 7390. Sgt Joe, Were I you, I would leave what you have right where it is.... Because: (Let's tackle that first paragraph) "not designed to be installed in an rv or used with an inverter" It is not designed to be installed in a RV because 5ers and TT bounce down the road and they never included vibration in their testing. The back of some Cs can get rough, but if your Tradewinds got that rough, you would have to plan to collect the dishes at every stop. Or used with an inverter.... If you have enough inverter to get the pump (compressor) started as fast as line power, you have no problem. If you are wondering, open the back side panel and have someone shift the temperature control until it starts. If it starts right up, you are good. You probably have enough house bank (2*GC2 is good) and a 1500+VA inverter. You are good there. The 50° and 85° are another issue that won't matter much. The 50° is probably where the automatic defrost won't work and the 85° just means it will have to work harder and maybe the ice cream will be soft. Now, there is a little Gotcha here.... RV reefers are all cooled by a rear coil system and outside air that comes in the back panel and goes out the roof vent. No residential is made that way these days. The cooling is done on the sides of the unit, so you can't build it in tight. It will want an inch or more of clear space on both sides that is open to the living space. This also means that the outside air can come around the sides of the installed unit. That, you have to figure out on your own because I can't see what you have there. You may also have to invent some way to keep the door(s) closed. I have had good success with three installations (after the first that was not so good, but still worked). Matt
Matt_Colie 09/08/19 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace GENERAC generator in a Gulfstream

I occasionally fantasize about replacing the Onan generator in our rig with a Honda - I've had occasion once or twice to use portable Honda generators, and you can't hear them running when you're standing next to them! At one time Honda made two great RV generators. 4010 and 6010 were great packages. Notice I said WERE. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/08/19 06:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Using My Class C RV

I always urge new owners to camp in the driveway first. You will discover a whole lot real fast and correcting it will not be too inconvenient. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/07/19 09:39am Beginning RVing
RE: Terrible Trucks

How is this different than those that buy (mortgage) a diesel pusher for 1k$/m for 20 years? Matt
Matt_Colie 09/07/19 09:37am Beginning RVing
RE: Henry Ford Museum

We are locals and have been members of the museum for most of the time we have lived here. We have also been volunteers in our younger years. When we host friends, we advise that they plan a day for the museum, another for the village and if they want to do the Ford Rouge factory tour, that is another. Wear comfortable shoes..... Parking at the museum is OK for many vehicles and now that summer is over, weekday parking will be pretty good. Matt
Matt_Colie 09/02/19 08:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Found a new way to test brake wiring and magnets

My coach is way too old for that. The brake control Kelsey Hayes and is Teed into the rear brakes and is activated by the brake pressure. I like it because it actually tracks the applied brake pressure. Maybe I will look for something newer when the flints where out. -OOPs wrong technology. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/31/19 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Chassis battery

Kemer, It didn't used to happen? What have you added? A CO or LP monitor that should have been on the house bank? No? You have probably left on a light in a closed compartment or maybe a small fan somewhere. Just keep looking and you will find it. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/31/19 05:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Found a new way to test brake wiring and magnets

I used to get out a compass and have DW hit the brake peddle. When I held the compass near the brake, the needle would swing. If it didn't, I knew I had found a bad brake. I do hope you found all the chewed wires. I hate that. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/31/19 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: I didn't buy an RV

As a lifelong waterman, a licensed mariner and pathological sailor, I can assure you that those people are every where. I keep having to remind people that the only thing it takes to run a powerboat or motorhome that does not require a special license in the home state is.... A Credit Rating (and a pulse?) There are some idiots on sailboats too, but they can't get very far and can't go very fast. Oh, I almost forgot... There is one BIG difference between an RV and a Boat.... Water can leak OUT of an RV. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/30/19 06:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Heading to Dearborn MI from South Jersey...have questions..

Read the above. Also, for a nicer and way less expensive ride, as soon as you get near Cleveland switch up to RT2 and take that to 280 and north. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/29/19 08:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

I think that the author of that piece is practicing to become a politician. Party is not specific, but the lies and cherry-pick facts are. We did the (maybe fly) car/restaurant/motel thing when between RVs. I can tell you (as an engineer that lives on the bottom right corner of a spreadsheet) that what we are doing is both more convenient and less costly. Have a cool antique coach is just icing. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/29/19 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Personal experience with having slides and no slides?

Cheryl, Yes, I bet you didn't find this discussion before and I am so glad you asked the question. This comes down to the "How are you going to use the unit" question. I am not going to try to answer it, but I will hopefully provide some thinking direction. Slides do add "free" floor space. Friends have one that is very nice. They have never had trouble with it, but as Dutchman noted, they do require additional maintenance. In my opinion, this cannot be overstated. Another issue that stopped us from acquiring a unit with slide(s) is that with one unit we looked at the galley and/or head (I really don't recall what) access was made difficult with the slide(s) in travel position. This may be less of an issue to a solo. This is a very unit dependent issue. If you are a big time traveler, the beauty of slides is diminished. Only diminished and not eliminated. The slide mechanism is all a purchased part not unlike the chassis of most coaches. So, if you are considering a specific unit, get to the group for that unit and see how common difficulties are with the slides. I do know of some that have been flawless for a very long time. They are not all that way. Our current coach was on the road about two decades before slides came it the general market. (The earliest I have seen were part of the GMC Futurliner (c.1939) We just live with it, but we also had a small sailboat for a while and that was good practice. So, there is a great big non-answer that (I hope) may help your consideration. Matt
Matt_Colie 08/27/19 08:44am General RVing Issues
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