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RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

I am of the same mind as Mark Twain, to me tires are the most important items on a trailer (and tow vehicle for that matter). The last set of tires (also Goodyear Endurance) I bought 4 years ago, arrived at the dealer with two year old production date. I was not happy, but the dealer said "take em or leave em". Unfortunately, I was about to leave on a trip so had no choice. So, they are now 6 years old (even though only 4 years of use) and I am shopping for replacements (at $1000 CDN, for 4 trailer tires...jeeez). Under different circumstance (short trips, easy speeds), I would likely let them go another year or two, but our trips are always long distance (BC, Canada - Denver, Co) on Interstate Highways at 64-65 mph and I won't take a chance getting a high-speed blowout in the middle of nowhere. As others have suggested, it probably should depend on your anticipated use (short vs long trips etc) and how well you have cared for them, among other things. Marpel - It is good to know that other people share my opinions of RV tires. I had the same problem with tires not being more than 1 yr. old. I called my tire dealer 6 months before I planned on buying new tires and told them I would not accept any tire more than 1 yr. old. Les Schwab in Calif. They had to search for them but finally got them.:)
MarkTwain 05/17/23 06:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

For me, tires are one of the most critical factors when evaluating RV risks when traveling. IMHO. So, I always bought new tires at 5 to 6 years IF I was going to take any cross country trips, especially if traving in areas with hot tempetures. Short trips I might take a chance on 6 year old tires. At 7 years, I throw them away for new tires. Tires are expensive for sure but the cost of damage to your RV or worst scenerio an accident when you have a tire come apart :(
MarkTwain 05/16/23 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Routing/trip planning app ???

Look at the Garmen unit for trucks. You can actually talk to the unit to give directions or ask questions with using your hands.
MarkTwain 04/22/23 11:06am Roads and Routes
RE: Would you get new tires ?

I bought a set of Toyo's in 2014. They have < 8000 miles on them. Am I going to replace them anytime soon? Unless I see visible signs of rubber degration (cracks/discoloration/etc) it won't be anytime soon. - Mark0. Let us know how about the damage your RV if you get a blow out and how much it cost to fix the repairs. IMHO the price of tires is a sound investment$$$$
MarkTwain 04/12/23 06:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

The damage a blowout can do is much more costly than a set of tires ... especially if you think about family or friends that might be riding on those six-year old tires with you. You've driven 30K miles and six years, which runs about four cents a mile even at the top end of tire pricing. You got your money's worth. :) Lots of places you can save a few bucks, tires are not in that category. IMHO Totally agree 100%
MarkTwain 04/11/23 11:30am Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

Continuing to use tires over 6 yrs. Is like playing dice at Los vegas, the odds of not having a blown tire and possible accident and or damage to your RV ARE NOT IN YOUR Not GOOD !! Buy new tires??
MarkTwain 04/11/23 08:13am Truck Campers
RE: California Highway 20 or 299

Hwy. 20 is the best and the better road when towing trailers. 299 is subject to snow currently and is not the easiest road any time.
MarkTwain 03/29/23 10:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: New Tires

RVing is %100 guaranteed to have "breakdowns" i.e. blown tires. Buy a new tire for the spare!!!!
MarkTwain 02/27/23 11:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wall socket Power in forward bedroom off

Hi all I have a fifth wheel and Al the power went out except for the ceiling in the main bedroom around the nose and slide and ideas the 15 amp breaker is on and the gfi in the bathroom is on The 12 volt lighting is working any ideas where to check Yes, Unplug your electrical plug from the trailer and clean the trailer connections on the side of your trailer and then use some steel wool to clean connectors on the electrical cord. Blow out any debris. Plug in the electrical cord and remove, do it about 3 times. Then plug it back in. This should solve your problem.
MarkTwain 01/23/23 08:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel tank leaks when we fill it

Look for a business that installs after market fuel tanks i.e. "Transfer Flow"
MarkTwain 01/23/23 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Route Planning Question

Hi All, I'd like to find a better way to plan my driving routes. The maps feature on smart phones like iPhone are optimized for the fastest route. That often isn't a good route when you are in an RV. In too many cases, it will lead you down narrow or winding roads that just aren't safe or comfortable. I tried the Good Sam Trip Planner. It has an option to avoid highways. What I'd like to see is an option to show the easiest route - even if it takes a little longer. In many cases, that might mean using highways or interstate rather than smaller roads. What do you recommend for finding the best RV driving route? Thanks. I use GARMIN.
MarkTwain 11/02/22 03:41pm Roads and Routes
RE: Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

Mine better last another 5 to 10 years as I want to really step up traveling once I retire. So far no structural issues... knocks on wood. I make a point to avoid the parks with a 10 year rule. 16 years old is stretching to expect to get 10 more years??. Just expect to spend some $$$ to keep up the regular maintenance and unexpected break downs ie broken rear spring, replace tires every 4 to 5 years, repack bearings once a year, replace batteries every 4 to 5 years. Be sure and buy the Good SAM Roadside assistance plan to use when you due have a truck or trailer breakdown.
MarkTwain 10/14/22 10:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Toyo tires

I have seen a few post on the toyos. I am a fan of toyos but I noticed this new set I have says 125psi cold. But the dealer only put about 95psi? What should I run in them to get the best performance? 2003 DS 42ft Dp When I am towing my 5th wheel 12K loaded, I run 110lbs. when not towing, i run 75 lbs.
MarkTwain 10/13/22 09:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with trip planning from San Diego to San Francisco

I live in northern Ca and want to take my 5th wheel on a southern CA coastal RV trip. I'm starting from the SF bay area and I'm willing to make a long, one-day trip to San Diego, staying maybe at Campland on the Bay at San Diego for a couple of nights. I'd like to start north along the coast and maybe stay one or two nights at a couple of locations on the way back north. Has anyone made this trip and have any recommendations on where to stop over on the way back north along the coast? I know it's crowded down there and will require reservations in advance. I'm thinking my last stop might be Pismo Beach, Avila Beach or Morro Bay. Any tips or suggestions? I recommend taking I-5 south to Hwy. 46, west to 101 to San Diego. I would also try to go through the L.A. area in the evening or very early in the AM and not on the weekends.
MarkTwain 10/12/22 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Routing/trip planning app ???

The Garmin map and route is the best. Buy the one made for truckers. It has a larger screen and is easier to read as you are bouncing down your RV trip. You can also give verbal commands without using your hands.
MarkTwain 09/25/22 10:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

I don't think the poster asked about the 5th wheels. I have owned and towed many TT, etc plus owned Class C, and Class A motor homes and have switched back and forth between Claa A and TT at least 10 times in the over 60 yrs of towing RVs. I have a 34 ft TT at the present time but I am thinking about going back to a Class A.I have had no problem with towing TT or driving a 36 ft Class A Interesting observation! I thought that tow trailers and 5th wheels were both trailers:)
MarkTwain 09/24/22 05:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailers vs Motor Home

I know this has been discussed before, but I am going to bring it up again. I have 2000 Winnebago diesel pusher that needs some work. I am thinking of down-sizing to a 28-foot 2017 Vibe travel trailer. I would appreciate some opinions from people who have made a similar switch. Right now, I am leaning towards the travel trailer. I would like to thank you all in advance. I towed a travel trailer 32' Holiday Rambler for 10 yrs. and a Big Horn 5th. wheel for 10 yrs. I would recommend a 5th. wheel without question. They are easier to hitch and unhitch and are much more stable with driving down the road. i.e. when strong winds and big 18-wheelers pass you will hardly notice.
MarkTwain 09/24/22 09:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Pulled to the left when being passed by Big Rigs

I'm towing 10,000 bumper pull Toy Hauler. I'm under my Gross weight in both the truck and Toy Hauler.. My TW is 1440 pounds including the hitch. My trailer sits level when being towed. But everytime I'm passed by a big rig or a big box truck I get sucked over. Is there anything I can do to deal with this or is it just then nature of the beast! I use the Reese Dual Cam hitch and have little or no swaying when big trucks pass me.
MarkTwain 08/19/22 11:52am General RVing Issues
RE: What is the best route out of Brookings?

Hello, We are in Brookings,Or with a 43ft 5th wheel. We are heading to Bakersfield. Map shows 299 to I5 but there is a fire warning and 299 seems not to be too friendly for large rigs. It is the shortest route. Any known fire delays? Any advise on a more RV friendly route out of Brookings? MC Skip 299, fires, road construction, and many delays:( Take 101 south to Hwy. 20 then east to I-5. South on I-5 to Hwy 46. East to hwy. 99 then south to Bakersfield. 5 miles east on hwy 58 for a number of good RV Parks. Instead of I-5 you can take hwy 99 south to Bakersfield.
MarkTwain 08/14/22 04:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pulled the trigger...What can I expect?

I have had and used both GS and AAA. I also have had Coachnet but never used them. The general breakdown that I have found is as follows: GS/Coachnet - when you call for service, the first thing they will want to do is send a mobile mechanic to your location to fix the problem. If the mobile mechanic cannot fix the problem, or you can convince them that sending one is a waste of time, they will then attempt to locate a shop that will accept your rig. Once they have a shop confirmed to accept your rig, only will they then start calling to find a tow truck to move your rig. That means they won't schedule the actual tow until the shop is confirmed. On weekdays, this is usually not a problem as the shops are open. But late nights, weekends, and holidays, they are unlikely to be able to reach a shop to get confirmation, so you will be sitting for a long time while they confirm a shop, and then even more time for them to then engage a tow truck. However, if you are in an area unknown to you, they do all the work for you in locating a shop that will take your rig. You do not have to make the calls yourself. AAA - they do not care where you have it towed. You call, you tell them where to tow it, they send a tow truck. If you are fairly local and have a known shop or want it towed to your home, this works well. Simply because AAA isn't concerned with locating a destination, but just obtaining the tow. If you are in an unknown area, then you have to find a destination before they will tow you. The AAA Premiere will tow you up to 200 miles. HOWEVER, that mileage is based on a standard tow truck rate. The tow truck required to move a motorhome has a higher rate - so you may get less than 200 miles. Each company has its own rates, and they can vary greatly. In addition, some will charge the mileage from their home base, to you, to the destination, and back to their home base - significantly reducing the actual tow mileage. Personally, I suggest getting both. AAA Premiere runs about $120-200 (for 1 or 2 members) per year and you can use it for any of your vehicles or any vehicle you are driving. It gives you one 200 mile tow and three 100 mile tows per year. GS/Coachnet is more expensive but offers unlimited towing. Between the two different types of roadside service, you are most always able to get towed by one of them. Between GS and Coachnet, Coachnet gets better marks. GS tends to fail at the call center point. If you can get past the call center and actually get the truck dispatched, then you are unlikely to have additional problems. The other thing to remember with all roadside assistance is that the longer the tow distance, the less likely they can engage a tow truck. That's simply because towing your rig 200+ miles (4+ hours) and then driving back to their home base on the contracted rate doesn't pay enough. They will get more money by making multiple local tows during that 4+ hours. So, the further you want your RV towed, the fewer tow companies will be willing to accept the job. I hope that helps. There are areas,cities and states that don't provide AAA towing service. Check with AAA before you make your decision.!!
MarkTwain 07/28/22 08:58pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
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