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RE: RV Furnature ???

Where is a reasonably priced place to look for a new couch and maybe recliner, don't want to spend a bundle as we are selling the 5er. Thanks If I were selling the 5th. wheel, I would not replace the couch or recliner. You could end up spending $800 to $1000 and I don't think that will add that much selling value. I don't buy from Camping World but they tend to have the cheapest prices along with cheapest quality.
MarkTwain 10/26/20 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: comfortable ride in an one ton dually??

We are the new owners of a Cedar Creek 33 ft and pulling it with a 2001 Dodge Dually Diesel. She weighs in wet at 15,000 lbs. I have gotten good advise here about this issue of comfort and have done a few things like air ride seats and I am now replacing the shocks with the best out there I have been told. My wife needs a better ride. Not sure of what to do next. There is Kelderman for about 2k. I have tried a new one ton and did not notice much difference. I am wondering if this is just something one deals with. I mean learns to tolerate. Maybe better off with a class a or maybe get the same suspension put on my truck? Buy your wife a 4" seat cushion with a horse shoe cut out and a lumbar back support. Go to a medical supply store. Will make ride much more comfortable. Buy one for yourself also. When you are not towing, lower the tire pressure 20 lbs.
MarkTwain 10/24/20 06:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hard to find a full-time spot

In Lancaster county pennsylvania I was full timing in my 35' Fifth wheel for about 3 years like 4 years ago. Recently I was looking for a campground/RV park and I found out that the townships have put a stop to people who live full-time in their rv's. I found that to be a bit on the discrimination side. So I'm just looking for some input from full timers if they've run into the same problem. I'm willing to hear from anyone that can help me out. I'm not looking to file a discrimination suit or anything like that. I'm just looking for some replies that may help me. Thank you In my experience, you need to look for the larger (more expensive) RV Resort type parks like you find in Arizona, Flordia and probably Texas.
MarkTwain 10/18/20 06:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hard to find a full-time spot

If I were staying in the same location it sure would not be in my RV. I thought the definition of full timing was living in the RV but moving it from time to time to a new location. You got my vote!!!!
MarkTwain 10/18/20 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: camping sites for a 42' fifth wheel?

The question is why did you buy a 42 foot fiver? The answer is because we could. Wonder how many others have such a large size fiver? 42' fifth wheel??? What was the most important criteria for your purchase? Spend $$$ because you have it or choosing a RV that meets all of your RV needs with a minium of RV limitations when you get on the road trying to find RV parks that can accommodate your 42' RV. With my 35' 5th wheel their some RV parks that I can't fit into or are real difficult to use. I like all the extra room a 42' rig offers and you can make it work if you call in advance to the RV Parks to find out if they accommodate your 42'.
MarkTwain 10/18/20 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gas station air/water station water safe?

I would never believe a gas station attendant, as to the water quality. Having worked in gas stations, I personally would not use their for for drinking purposes. And I'm not a water snob. Home water, Yes. Gas station water, NO. Unless they have a water source that's identified as potable. Like at large truck stops. Totally agree!!! why risk health, contamination issues? Use 1 gallon water from markets or stores until you get to an RV park. I fill my fresh water tank 3/4 full when I leave for a trip.
MarkTwain 10/17/20 04:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: camping sites for a 42' fifth wheel?

Hi everyone! We're looking at getting a 42' fifth wheel (towed by an f350 crew cab). We are most likely going to be full time in it and I've found a promising one! My question is, is it hard to find camping spots that will accommodate a fifth wheel that large (and with a crew cab truck)? We plan to go all over the US, Canada (if they ever reopen!) and Alaska. Thanks all! It depends on what states you want to RV in. RVing on the west coast can be difficult,especially in the summer months. Try to make reservations 6 months out but be sure to check what the cancellation policy is. I avoid Southern Calif. like a plague because of traffic congestion and higher RV Park prices. States like Ariz. Texas and the midwest states are less problimatic.
MarkTwain 10/17/20 04:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: camping sites for a 42' fifth wheel?

In National Parks, yes. In USFS and BLM campgrounds, yes. California State Parks, yes. See In Calif. a 43' fifth wheelmight be problem in some of the state Parks, i.e.Refugio in the San Barbara park ( 30' max). In calif. I would call each RV park and ask them if they have sites for a 43' RV before you go.
MarkTwain 10/17/20 04:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: crank up antenna won't crank up

stayed at a campground this past week that had no cable, so I tried to use the crank up antenna. It was not cranking and not going up. What I would really like to know is, has anybody changed there's from a crank up to a fixed antenna like the ones you see on airstreams. Not interested in dishes or very expensive satellite systems (nothing that good on TV to spend that kind of money). Thanks in advance. Throw away the crank up antenna. Replace it with an antenna that has a little dome receiver that covers the old hole. It is only about 3 inches high. it will automatically search and find TV stations.
MarkTwain 10/16/20 04:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: How often..

I have been replacing tires every 5 years with at least a D rated tire. 5 years, G rated tires balanced. I repack the trailer berhings every year.
MarkTwain 10/15/20 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Robbery South of Penasco

Who travels in Mexico without Insurance? People who want to go to Mexican jail if they get into an auto accident!!!!!!!!!
MarkTwain 10/08/20 11:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: TIP for financed passenger car

Just double checking... Last I knew financed car owners needed a letter of permission from the title holder to get a TIP. In Maine we do not get a title until the vehicle is paid off. I am used to providing a title - will a letter and a registration suffice? I had the letter of permission notarized.
MarkTwain 10/08/20 07:43am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Quartzsite 2021

The big tent event is happening again in Quartzsite January 16-24. Anybody on this forum planning a trip to the show? If so and why it's in the Mexico forum, Naomi and I are making plans to be there with information on Mexico RV travel..just saying if it all works out please stop by and say HI! Its like 5K RVers dry camping in the desert who drive 2 miles into a an area next to I-10 where you will have a bunch of big and small tents who are selling everything ever made for an RV. Its a place that people either love or hate it. I did it once for a few days and that was all I ever needed.
MarkTwain 10/04/20 04:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fifth wheel towing

I have a F-150 XLT, 3.5 twin turbo. Would i be able to tow a 8000# fifth wheel, if I added E load range tires and air bags? what are your towing expectations? Going up hills, down hills, going against head winds, side winds, passing or being passed by 18 whells trucks, how will your engine and tranny handle the 8000 trailer plus 400 ponds of personal supplies, 2k to 3k lbs of water??? What is the rating of capacity recommended by the mfg. of the truck?
MarkTwain 10/04/20 03:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to figure out best 5th wheel? Advice appreciated

Wife and I are retiring next spring. Have looked at many brands of 5th wheels. Our wish list on this is: 1. Easy to tow-aprox. 30-33 ft so we can get in state parks(have a ram2500 diesel-2020)-Next summer traveling out West for a couple months. 2. Has to be cold weather capable given we have boys in college playing D-1 sports in spring and fall in upper MW. We will be up and down many freeways... 3. Wife wants a newer model with the newer lighter interior. 4. Would like a model that we can access the bathroom and refrigerator while traveling. 5. Has to be sturdy/well built given the time we will be in it and I am not handy. Somewhat narrowed down the list : GD-reflection 150 -260rd 30ft Pinecrest-looks to be well built and everything I read on it looks good.305rlp Montana High Country - perhaps to long at 34 ft?295 rl-however meet a pastor yesterday that just bought 6 months ago and swears by it. Artic fox and outdoors rv- tougher to get being in Atlanta and not cracked on interior Ok- am I missing anything Jayco -half ton Wildcat...... Appreciate any feed back. Regards, Jim One factor in culling through RV choices is to first determine the max number of your budget. This number will weed out RV's .
MarkTwain 10/04/20 12:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I be concerned about my hitch?

Buy a new hitch!!! Why run the risk and worry about if the old hitch is going to be safe and possibly cause an accident!!!
MarkTwain 10/01/20 11:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Travel on 101

I want to go from Oregon to Southern California in mid December and want to travel the 101. I have a 36' 5th Wheel. How are the roads during this time... thoughts??? I would not pull a36’ fifth wheel on Hwy. 1!!!!
MarkTwain 10/01/20 10:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Travel on 101

Enblethen, thank you for the response. I am getting on the 101 in Florance, OR and coming down. MarkTwain, thank you as well and I plan on doing that as I have. CalTrans and CHP app on my phone. As far as SoCal travel I don't really have a choice as that is where I live... LOL... I am going up in November for my daughters wedding and returning in mid December but I live in the desert so I don't have to mess with LA traffic. We usually take the 5 but don't travel in the winter so I wondered if I can avoid the snow by traveling the coast. Thanks everyone.... very helpful! Where do you live in the desert??
MarkTwain 09/30/20 05:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winter Travel on 101

I want to go from Oregon to Southern California in mid December and want to travel the 101. I have a 36' 5th Wheel. How are the roads during this time... thoughts??? First call the Calif Dept. Of transportation or check their web every you are planning to travel. 101 is a good hwy. to tow a trailer in Ca. and Oregon. Always check the fire situations to sure the Hwy. is open. IMHO, I would not tow a trailer within 100miles of Southern Cali ca. On top of virus concerns, the traffic on southern ca. Is a nightmare plague of congestion. Santa Barbara north through Oregon is great. If you have to go into SC , leave your trailer there and just drive your car. If you have Diesel engine, I use truck stops so I can get my trailer in and out easy.
MarkTwain 09/30/20 03:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heartland Big Horn Fifth Wheel Trailers

I am not a my brand is best type guy as it depends on what works for you plus how you spend your money is none of my business. All I can do is relate what we found. We looked at Big Horns, GD Solitudes, Redwoods, Villanos, and Jayco Pinnacle's for over 6 months earlier this year, off and on, before deciding on the Pinnacle. I would have looked an Alliance Paradigm if I could have found one within a reasonable distance. We were able to compare several models at an rv/boat show in January and actually liked the Redwood best but we were never able to find the model we wanted as none were available, anywhere. We finally boiled it down to the Solitude and the Pinnacle. We liked both but the Pinnacle had a few more features and most of all had a 2 year full warranty plus a 3 year structural. All the others were one year. We've got about 40 nights in it and so far the only issue was a locked compressor on the bedroom ac from day 1, which was immediately replaced. It was easy to cool on a 97 degree day and heated nicely on a 20 degree night just a couple of weeks ago. The wife really likes the Insignia residential style range/oven. I really haven't found anything I would consider shoddy workmanship but I also understand that it is not a high end fifth wheel so my expectations are made accordingly. There was a model of the Big Horn we particularly liked but I can't remember which one it was. Have a 2012 3070 RSL Fifth wheel 34 ft.. It has been a great with few issues that were all taken care by the Heartland warranty service. I was always able to call their tech support to help resolve issues. Replace all the tires before you ever drive it off the lot. All tires on new trailers are cheap which give you flat tires and damage to your rig. Buy LT G rated tires. I have always used Goodyear. The dealer in Oregon has a RV park lot across the street where I stayed over night to check out and learn how to use all the systems.
MarkTwain 09/27/20 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
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