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RE: Are the new WFCO's as crappy as the old ones?

I think of WHIFFIES in the same light as I do ten-for-a-dollar junk store disposible razors. Yeah. That laughable.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/19/23 05:49pm Tech Issues

Duration of protection for the latest vaccine? Meaning recommended 2nd Ómicron booster?
MEXICOWANDERER 01/15/23 12:24am Around the Campfire
RE: burbing fridge

Sal at Kool Fun and I spent a lot of time tracing down blockage issues with Dometic and Norcold. Since he built absorbsion cooling units and was a warranty station for OEM he was no backyard boltstripper. We filtered out manufacturers welding SLAG from cooling unit media. Could be slop right out of manufacturing UF ring or broken loose later. Before hassling with removal try shutting the unit down for several days. If it then operates normally Slag is percolating slowly but surely up through solution and will re block the same orifice. Aftermarket replacement cooling units did not exist at that time so I have zero information about their success rate. I do know with giant lithium bromide chillers used for mass cooling the manufacturers spend an enormous amount of time and resources flushing and reverse flushing their production line products. Violent velocity scrubbing to remove manufacturing welding slag. Again remove the heat from your RV refrigerator and let it sit in place for several days then try it. The practice of "burping" absorbsion refrigerators began 90 years ago with Servel brand stand alone units. They were made in Sweden with much thicker high alloy Swedish steel. Hope this helps
MEXICOWANDERER 01/12/23 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Voltage Drop - NOT Park Problem

Gotta be smarter than the problem... Get a temperature reading point and shoot gun Load the system down to replicate Trace the system with the thermal reader. It would be impossible to get high resistance Voltage drop without A LOT OF IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS HEATING. Pay close attention to junctions, fuse panels and busses.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/05/23 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Leaf Spring Failure - Replace the Others?

Question? Are springs now coming from China and if yes, when did that start?
MEXICOWANDERER 01/04/23 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Off topic re Pet Peeves

I was gifted long ago with the intelligence to awaken on New Years Day without alcohol poisoning
MEXICOWANDERER 01/02/23 09:26am Around the Campfire
RE: LTO batteries

Since they are rated to 10° F and use with "electric skateboards" I would make sure they are "Thunder Proof"
MEXICOWANDERER 01/02/23 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO WF-8955 amps in absorption mode

Just for funsies I drilled out the Whifffco circuit boards and substituted No 6 DLO cable. No change. And to change the vertically mounted power resistor cooking one of the electrolytic capacitors in the finals would be absurdly complicated. Did I mention the dollar three ninety eight Chinese components in the Whiffco? It's like trying to modify a Yugo to become a Baja 1000 off road racer.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/31/22 10:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Arctic Blast

This is all B.S. The winter of 68 had seven feet of ice on the roof of my parent's lake Tahoe house. I remember entering friends house in Truckee California in 1951 through the 2nd floor window. The power poles had wires six feet above the snow and a hand dug underpass to walk under. Theyve obliterated the NWS history of 117°F in August 11, 1971 in Martinez California. Now I utterly ignore global this and histironics that. A buncha self serving ****.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/29/22 04:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Three-pronged plugs

"Expensive" is a freezer full of beef, Elk, or native trout. A Couple of disasters have me ripping the original plugs off of appliances at risk of disasters. I use 10/12 gauge #6 spade terminals, solder them onto the wires then clamp them bejesus tight with the screw. It turns out to be a "you bet your life" lifetime connection. No fumbles, no excuses. All it took decades ago to set the mouseketeer grade garbage original appliance plug lack of integrity. The 12 receptacle utility bar across my work table has spec grade sockets. The changed cord plugs are all transparent green dot hospital plugs. The interiors were painted with 3M conformal coating. They've lasted forever in a sopping damp salt air environment.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/29/22 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Arctic Blast

Sandbag against flooding now Not later wearing hip boots.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/27/22 11:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Three-pronged plugs

Want to scare the hell out of yourself? Open up an "adapter" or power strip and stare at the utter garbage used for conductors and Mickey The Mouse design of how they try to clamp pins and slots tight. I make my own extension cords up. Usually with industrial spec or green dot hospital grade plugs and receptacles. It's a shame the garbage grade utility receptacles they use in RVs these days. Don't compound the problem by ten by using suicide grade adapters.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/27/22 11:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Three-pronged plugs

Side note: Houses down here have standard receptacles. But ground is left unconnected. I disassemble the receptacle, drill a #8 hole in the concrete and drive a self tapping screw holding a ring terminal and green wire running to the receptacle. I tested this with a direct short to ground and it blew the 30 amp breaker repeatedly. Hodgepodge workarounds are the name of the game south of the border.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/24/22 11:23pm Tech Issues

Would penetration of the eukaryotic cell membrane be a viable target objective? I believe Pfizer and Moderna's point imperative is this... Thank you
MEXICOWANDERER 12/24/22 02:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Three-pronged plugs

I got tired of this as converted power tool plugs to 20 amp design. Spare plugs stayed in drawers and universal sockets and receptacles made for hassle free connections even with factory 15 amp molded plugs.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/22/22 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Arctic Blast

I use to chain up the clear night before a snowstorm in case of emergency runs.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/22/22 03:16pm Around the Campfire

Comparison possible The government of UK just shipped (reportedly) close to a million doses of messenger RNA covid vaccine to China. If a analysis ever becomes public, it will show mRNA efficacy versus China's deactivated virus Sinovac vaccine. My interest is how a messenger RNA vaccine may affect the outcome of seasonal influenza epidemics.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/21/22 08:48pm Around the Campfire

I sought definitive information about the danger level (percentage) of fully immunized seniors (65+) who end up in intensive care with (solely because) any Covid or variant. Information eluded my search.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/14/22 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Suggestions for using "wasted" solar power?

I powered an indoor garden set up on a dining room table. Cherry tomatoes, radishes and dill. I use a power supply 50 watt UV LED chip.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/06/22 07:34pm Tech Issues
RE: generator/welder issue.

Yes I always assume a poster has done his homework before posting. Having had to diagnose issues with 12 pole 600 RPM machines nothing can be left to chance. Early Onans with saturated field (volts per Hz) and Delco RR Detroit volts per Hz machines called for careful and methodical troubleshooting. Thank you OP !!!
MEXICOWANDERER 12/06/22 03:49pm Tech Issues
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