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RE: Exterior plastic trim cracked

And the lessons that keeps on being hammered from veteran RV owners, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. This isn't from lack of maintenance if that's what you're implying. There is nothing to maintain. I found it doing maintenance. The trailer is a 2018. We got it earlier this year as a left over. I'm really disappointed that it cracked this quick. It may even be covered under warranty. Thanks everyone for the suggestions on replacement options.
LoudRam 10/07/19 05:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Exterior plastic trim cracked

Thanks, that's what I needed to know.
LoudRam 10/07/19 01:06pm Travel Trailers
Exterior plastic trim cracked

Today as I was conditioning my slide seals I noticed a plastic trim piece had cracked. It looks like a cover piece for where my roof is attached. It's hard plastic. The crack is about two inches long. Is this something I have to worry about? I don't see any water damage inside because of it and I think it doesn't lead inside anyway. Just wanted your thoughts. I have some JB Weld to fix it. Any other suggestions? Here's some pics
LoudRam 10/07/19 10:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Discount off MSRP

This isn't for everyone and the selection is less but our last two trailers were new left overs. That's where you get some good discounts. The MSRP of our trailer now was almost 31k. The original dealer list price was 26k. We got it for 16,5k. At the time I found about 15 identical trailers around the country and this one was the third cheapest and it had a couple of upgrades that the other trailers didn't have.
LoudRam 09/17/19 06:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Trailer Day!

Congratulations, Nash is a nice trailer. Have fun in it.
LoudRam 09/12/19 07:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

Thank you to those who pointed out that using the GVWR to buy a trailer isn't always necessary. You just have to know how to figure out all your weights. In my case my trailer has a dry weight of 6628lbs. We might have 500lbs to 600lbs of stuff bringing my total weight into the 7200 to 7300 pound range. Yet my CCC is 3012lbs. As stated earlier and often on this board, you'll run out of payload before hitting your max tow. That's the number to watch.
LoudRam 09/11/19 03:30pm Travel Trailers
CCC, GVW, UVW, and hitch weight basics explained. (Video)

Here's a good video I came across explaining what CCC, GVW, UVW, and hitch weight all mean. It covers the basics pretty well. I posted this in the TT section but more people might find it useful so I'll post it here. GVW, CCC, UVW, and hitch weight basics explained
LoudRam 09/01/19 11:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Newbies

Weight ratings Here is a short basic video explaining the different weight ratings.
LoudRam 08/31/19 04:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Removing debris from slide out

Ladder here too along with a snow brush. I use the Harbor Freight version of the Little Giant. Most of the time it's $109 with a coupon. Once or twice I've seen it for $99. Great ladder for the price. Very sturdy but a bit heavier than the telescoping ladder someone else linked to earlier in the thread.
LoudRam 08/26/19 07:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is this normal for a 30 amp breaker

Again we're talking about small TT AC units not log splitters. I'm not going to argue about motor efficiency for every piece of equipment. For trailers the manufacturers use residential code and a 20 amp breaker is enough. Sometimes like with my trailer a 15 is enough. I'm trying to keep this on topic.
LoudRam 08/19/19 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is this normal for a 30 amp breaker

We're talking about TT AC units not household or commercial units. My trailer AC unit is on a 15 amp breaker. If that has a 50 to 60 amp draw at start up, there is something wrong.
LoudRam 08/19/19 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is this normal for a 30 amp breaker

As per NEC you are only allowed to load a breaker to 80% of it's rated capacity that way you have room for start up current. My AC is only on a 15a breaker and draws 10 to 11 amps. A 20a breaker should be more than enough. And as it was stated earlier warm is normal but hot is a problem. However it never hurts to check the connections.
LoudRam 08/19/19 07:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Are these stickers needed??

The Secret of the Seal Revealed! Manufacturers self certify their product. Well, that explains a lot, though I saw no reference to quality of what they build. That certainly does explain a lot. It also tells me that those RVIA stickers are only for show and they don't mean squat.
LoudRam 08/12/19 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30 amp plug question

After looking at the pictures I would buy a new 30 amp cord and wire it into the junction box. Someone mentioned earlier about buying an RV extension cord and cuting off the female end and using that. That's a good idea if you can't find a ready made cord and plug.
LoudRam 08/09/19 04:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are these stickers needed??

Is there an easy way of getting rid of the "ghosting" after removing decals? I removed the name of our dealer they stuck on our TT. 4+ years later I can still see the outline of the letters. Only reason to leave them on would be if you ever wanted to sell it into Canada which I would guess unlikely... Are you thinking of removing the graphics too? Ours are starting to deteriorate slightly in a few spots at the edges due to shrinkage of the vinyl. I've seen a few RVs with graphics removed but it doesn't seem to look right without them. I wish I could remove ours because I know they're just going to get worse over time. We could have ordered painted on graphics when we ordered our TT at the dealer but we didn't want to spend the $$ at the time. Kinda wish we did now. When I debadged my old truck I used some mild auto compound to get rid of the ghosting. Maybe try a good cleaner wax first. Might be a bit less aggressive than the compound.
LoudRam 08/07/19 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Fridge help

This might seem like a dumb question but did you purge the air out of the lines before you tried to start it?
LoudRam 08/07/19 06:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Hanging outdoor fan

This should do it.
LoudRam 08/02/19 04:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: My set up and TT length

This is my second 33' trailer. Both trailers I towed with a 1500 Ram. I use an Equalizer 4pt sway control and weight distribution hitch and never had any sway issues.
LoudRam 08/02/19 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs that dont bark at people

Here's our camping buddy at home. She doesn't bark now that we've trained her - but at only around 8 lbs. we have to be real watchful when camping that a bird of prey doesn't come down and swoop her up: Is she a Havanese? Yes she is. She's about 2 1/2 years old, she loves to camp, and she is no foo foo dog. She loves the outdoors and can spend a long time (if we let her) looking and sniffing around ... but always on a leash. If we let her off the leash, she'd chase a deer into the next county and the whole outdoors would wind up stuck in her double coat!! We have a Havanese too. And ours would do the same to a dear, a chipmunk, a rabbit, a squirrel, a groundhog, or anything that runs. Ours is 9 and is still full of energy. They really are great dogs. Very smart to. Almost to smart for their own good. Pics are in this thread
LoudRam 07/31/19 09:49pm General RVing Issues

I'll bring this back to life with a pick of our Havanese, Ruffles. No I didn't pick the name, she came with that name from the rescue where we got her. Here she is chilling in our trailer.
LoudRam 07/29/19 01:34pm RV Pet Stop
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