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RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

NVM signature gives the info
LittleBill 05/27/22 02:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading converter

"The PD might do 14.4 at first depending on what it "sees" but you can use the Charge Wizard to make it kick up to the 14.4 and it stays there for four hours. That works too but you can't pick other voltages." You absolutely can change to whatever stage you want on the PD with a wizard.
LittleBill 05/15/22 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading converter

I apologize for hijacking this thread. I am interested in a possible converter upgrade as well. First, I have a WFCO WF-8935 - 30AMP, not 55AMP. Trying to decide if I have a battery charging problem or battery problem. I have 2 2year old 6V Duracell batteries. When I put them on an external charger, they charge right up, but aren't holding the charge for long. Using the installed WFCO charger, they never seem to get to full charge status. This is a new problem as I just installed the batteries after winter storage a couple weeks ago. We are getting ready for memorial day weekend and turns out I booked the wrong site with no power or water, not sure how I missed that. But, we have a generator and can top off the batteries, just don't want to do that every day or even try to get away without using the gen if I can. Question 1. How do I test to see if the converter is working correctly and charging the batteries? I feel like I'm not putting my leads in the right place, only ever getting a little over 12v DC. Question 2 if I replace the converter, what is a good substitute? Will the PD 4635WV slide right in? Is there a case to go larger? 45 or 55 AMP? If so, what else do you need to change? Any other suggestions? Not a newby to RV's but have never had to mess with the electrical system other than switching to 6v and finding a disconnected ground which caused my electrical system to not work... Thanks in advance for any advice. Just an FYI, not switching to LiIon, Not adding solar... etc. What I have works when it's working. We only boondock 3-4 times a year and the gen works fine to recharge the batteries when it works. We try to camp away from other people when we can. Make a new thread, hijacking helps no one including you.
LittleBill 05/14/22 03:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Extending Wifi Range???

had good results with this for low bandwidth uses Extender
LittleBill 05/12/22 09:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Tripping solar panel breaker

how do u find out how many bypass diodes are in a panel? I don't think I have ever seen that listed?
LittleBill 05/12/22 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

I still have not figured out the right way to reset the AH counter once I get the batts to known Full. I would like to push whatever buttons and then drop the charger to Float voltage and walk away. The video says hit the Up button? At the moment, I have the battery picture on the left showing 200AH as Full (but 199 as soon as I drop to Float for some reason). Not sure how I got that to show 200 after some random button pushing. Anyway after a few up and downs it does hit 200 going up, but I would like to know how to make it do that every time I want it to--namely right after I get the batts to Full. Thanks for any help. you hold the ok button down to set parameters. the AH resets once it reaches high voltage, which is adjustable.
LittleBill 05/12/22 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Is there an Air Conditioner using Inverter Compressor
LittleBill 05/12/22 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

you can turn off the led backlight. not sure why wattage or time left is useless to you, but to each their own.
LittleBill 05/12/22 05:34pm Tech Issues
RE: no charge at batteries

it sounds more like your battery's are disconnected from the charger. even if the batteries are dead. which they aren't you should see the voltage climb with the converter connected. if the voltage is not increasing you have a disconnect or a bad wire inline
LittleBill 05/12/22 03:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Residential refrigerator door shelf failures

have a picture?
LittleBill 05/11/22 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Power drain

engine battery's will die without being disconnected or hooked to a trickle charger. the computer will run it down over a month.
LittleBill 05/08/22 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice on Best Type of Internet

. For 'normal' use I run my cell connection in a backup configuration. If Starlink has an issue my router will almost instantly changeover so a Teams call might hang for a few seconds then it's back online. For 'important' calls (i.e. presenting to a large audience) I can set the router to run Starlink and cell in tandem. The data is split across both connections and if one drops packets you don't notice because the other path was still intact. Sorry bud, I don't want get deep on this, but this doesn't work this way, backup works, (failover is not instant, it takes time for a connection to be determined to not be working) tandem also does not work remotely that way. what your trying to describe is called bonding, which is required on both sides of the connection, data is not split for a single connection, its more of a round robin setup, where each connection gets a different path. i would be surprised if your cell is barely being used at all. i just don't want people to think your doing some kind of miracles with your router. your simply doing load balancing.
LittleBill 05/08/22 11:30am Technology Corner
RE: 12v cig lighter socket to the controller load terminal?

Aren't cigarette lighter sockets limited to 150 watts? So 52 watts is way under max. no. its generally a wire size issue that causes that lower wattage.
LittleBill 05/06/22 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

The R manual suggests you can "zero" (as I call it) the AH counter by either draining the batt to zero or doing it when the batt is full. How stupid is that???? :) This is another example of "advantage Victron". A "Zero Current" calibration is as easy as disconnecting the negative cable from frame or negative bus then using zero current cal feature on App or meter itself. Between adjusting Peukert Factor battery capacity in setup I've found my Victron to be extremely accurate when comparing the Ah use shown on meter (or app) after a set time with a known load. for having a 500 amp shunt on it, its pretty darn accurate, like less then 1 amp accurate. and it zero's out when i hit the disconnect at the end of the day, all care about is ah in and out, and the meter does it. today ironically was my first real day using it (been on power the last 3 trips) and it did a nice job. i re adjusted high v to 14.4 and its close enough on the % for me. also has run time's at the current amperage, which is also useful. for the cost vs the victron, it was worth it to me. yes i know i can tailor the victron, but i am not trying to squeeze the last 3% out of my battery, so for now it seems to work fine.
LittleBill 05/05/22 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: 2022 F-150 Can Not install aftermarket brake controller!!!!!

not really sure who told you, you can't get a harness, but etrailer sure seems to think there is one...... p3 in a 2022. Here is the wiring harness.. 2 pages and its a 3 second google search.
LittleBill 05/04/22 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

Does the AH counter not work right to say how many amps down or back up it is wrt zero ( as zero was at the last reset) ? Ah counter works fine, and is accurate, but the larger 100% is deceiving, which appears to be based on voltage alone. there is no setting for amperage. only ah high and low voltage. should have been trivial to add it in, but its a miss.
LittleBill 05/04/22 07:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Renting out your RV

do a search, its not a good idea if you go in knowing its going to get broken and destroyed, then you will do fine.
LittleBill 05/04/22 07:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Renogy Battery Monitor vs Trimetric UPDATE- Camping Test

i have the renogy (well a variant of it), biggest issue I have is the percent full, its simply based on voltage, not amperage. so if you have it set to 14.4 and your charger is still putting 20+ amps into it, the meter shows 100% full. That's my only issue with it.
LittleBill 05/04/22 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Temperature sender/sensor... 7.3L

sounds more like the wiring is chaffed and causing issues with the sensor
LittleBill 04/28/22 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: 3d printed water fill adaptor

Seems like a lot of work for something that can be had and do the same thing for $6.50? But hobbies are hobbies. FUNNEL I am not a fan of flexible funnels for this, they sometimes require 2 hands, pop out, or are just a hassle. That funnel is also huge, my setup is about the size of my hand and can store on the rv. Pro's and Con's to everything.
LittleBill 04/28/22 06:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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