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RE: What good are low point drains?

Do you really think the other 1000's of RV's also need to get rid of their low point drains? Every type of RV has a low point drains. Do you think you just discovered a flaw:h. Winterize as normal they won't freeze. Cracks/breaks happen due to expansion. That little nub of pipe has room to expand if it drop to below 32ยบ briefly overnight. It's really nothing to worry about
Lantley 10/10/19 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

I feel your pain. But I always hear many say buy used. Let someone else take the depreciation. However buying used is not foolproof either. You now have a 15 year old vehicle that you have owned for 7 years. You may have missed the depreciation hit but now you are caught in the age and wear trap. An older vehicle will require more maintenance and will become more unreliable as time passes. For the record I bought new but it has not been a "walk in the Park either" My early years were very good, but I took a major hit on a frame issue. At the end of the day Rv'ing is not a cheap past time. It beats owning a boat but it does come with it's own unique set of expenses.
Lantley 10/10/19 07:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: After thirty years of purchasing and five RVs later!!

When buying from a distance the main benefit is price. I don't expect stellar service from a large wholesale dealer like RV wholesalers. I'm not sure what transpired but for me the big gamble / trade off with taking the savings is don't expect good service after the sale
Lantley 10/07/19 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

" If you tailor your pressures for your actual load, you are running your tires at their maximum because that is what those tables mean. They are not recommended pressures, they are the maximum load the tire can handle at that pressure." If you contact GY Tech they will tell you it's fine to use those numbers but to also add 5psi to what the chart dictates. Again I agree with you to a point. I keep my tires at max. pressure at all times. I'm not going to through the trouble of airing down. But I do believe max. pressure give me maximum performance. Whenn Im going down I-81 in PA or I 95 through SC. I want a solid tire that can withstand the impact of the potholes and moon craters on these roads. Before upgrading to a better tire I suffered blowouts on the RV due to these rugged roads. The charts work in an ideal world,unfortunately I have yet to find that ideal world.
Lantley 10/07/19 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

All of my vehicle tires are aired up to the max = Mini Van, K3500 Suburban and Frontier crew Performance is on my have to have list and ride quality isn't....ride quality is at the bottom of my nice to have list All personal choice topic and how/where/etc you drive...there isn't a one size fits all on this it is with most topics... Also remind folks of what Ford did solely for ride quality (not for performance) on the Explorer and the subsequent federally mandated dash & tire PSI monitor/warning lite...have to maim/kill folks before it sinks in... I hope you never have to make a emergency stop in a low traction situation with a pickup with with 80 PSI with no load in the bed. In talking with Michelin about inflation a couple of times they stated that beside low traction issues, and over inflated tire for the load in more likely to receive impact damage when over inflated for the load. I do know having owned my 2001 RAM 2500 std cab lb for 14 years that with 80 psi in the rear empty it handle a bit squirrely. But to each their own. And please do not tailgate me if you are ever behind me. I agree with you. It depends on what your primary "performance" trait you are trying to maximize. Because everything is a compromise. Ben's definition of performance is load capacity. Where others may be traction, ride quality, tread life or some combination thereof. There is never any one perfect answer when dealing with multiple mutually exclusive (to some degree) options. The way I see it this is a towing forum. Max. pressure is generally what's needed for towing. Towing is what we all have in common. Once we stray away from towing and the discussion turns to groceries,driving across a sandy beach low traction or doing anything else our needs and perspectives will change drastically.
Lantley 10/05/19 07:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question about winterizing

New at owning a motorhome. 24 ft. Itasca Spirit Ford. We just got it on Labor Day. It's a 1997 and it was winterized 2 years ago. It had been parked. Only driven a few times in the 2 years but not used. Is it safe to store in this condition or should we re-winterize it? Thanks in advance. Have you used the plumbing system recently? Do you have plans to use the RV? If its just been stored and you are continuing to just store it than just leave it alone. If you desire to have it checked out and ready to go for next season than I would take it on a shake down trip now and winterize it when you are done. THat assume you have the time to take on a project.
Lantley 10/05/19 10:35am Beginning RVing
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Still enjoying this thread and making me realize that I actually like variation. My first response was based around a standard camping trip in which I prefer the state park "Tent camping" type experience but with hookups. While this is true when we are doing a typical family camping trip, a lot of the posts following mine complaining about noise and music got me thinking that it really all depends. We used to be seasonal and loved partying at the campground. Myself and a few others had guitars going, big fires, it was a blast. Some folks reading this I'm sure are rolling their eyes, but while we are not seasonal now I still love a campground party when it's the right atmosphere at a campground. Also love music festivals, specifically Bluegrass where we jam and play music until 3am where the rules are flipped on their head. You want to sleep, go somewhere else. Ha! Then we head to a state park and want to enjoy some quiet. So in general I have enjoyed this thread, and while I attempted an answer a few pages ago, I quickly realized that I / we like many different types of campground all based around the expectation and why we are there. Sometimes we like it quiet, sometimes loud, sometimes lots of music, sometimes none, sometimes its just a place to sleep, and sometimes it a place we dont leave... It's the beauty of camping / RV'ing to me... ^^^^Well Said^^^
Lantley 10/05/19 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

Blindly running at full inflation can give rough ride, longer stopping distance and poor tire wear. Weight/inflation tables are there for a reason!!! I think your right. But logistically I'm not inflating /deflating tires after every trip. I can't imagine everyone else goes through an air up air down ritual each trip:h
Lantley 10/05/19 08:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tankless Water Heater Compatibility?

Tankless is not a better/foolproof idea for an RV. I don't follow your logic, there is also no guarantee the tankless unit will last any longer than what you have:h
Lantley 10/03/19 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: What do you want in a campground?

For basics I want a clean , safe site with mostly transient people. I don't want a CG with lots of seasonal or permanent residents. Those places become too territorial. I also want easy access to the site. I don't need an obstacle course within the CG or on the roads leading to the CG. That means in some cases trees need to be pruned and obstacles (rocks, stumps whatever) removed. I also need enough space to park my vehicle on my site without having to shimy or do the limbo to get around the site. I don't want my awning touching my neighbors RV.Sites need to be reasonably level. I can enjoy private CG's with manicured lawns and lots of amenities. I can also enjoy a more primitive state park setting with large wooded sites. I don't mind electric only sites. Or sites with no sewer assuming there is a convenient easily accessible dump station. I also want the rules enforced. I don't mind a little noise, or people letting their hair down somewhat, but I don't want a free for all atmosphere.
Lantley 10/02/19 05:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grand Design Imagine

THis is not a Gran Design issue but simply an issue where all RV manufacturers are failing the consumer. They engineer and assemble to minimal standards and suffer lots of failures across all brands. I do like Gran Design but this is simply an area where GD is no better than anyone else. They are all building/assembling the same junk using the same questionable components and techniques. You will have to step up to a Mor Ryde independent suspension if you are really looking for something more substantial than the basic run of the mill stuff.
Lantley 10/02/19 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding a second tank sensor display near the tank valves

Never tried it but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I'll bet you can use the same sensors and just add the second set of wires to them. Another idea would be next time you use the Tornado to fill the tank have your wife time how long it takes. Then subtract a minuter two from that time and set a timer on your phone. As long as you have a decent charge in the phone and you remember to start the timer things will be good. The timer won't get distracted and when it goes off you just pull the dump valve. This^^^^^ I use the timer method!
Lantley 10/02/19 06:05am Tech Issues
RE: Blackstone Griddle

If you like to cook on a griddle it is a fantastik unit. Way more efficient, holds the heat better than using Weber Q with griddle surface. Can't beat it for breakfast food. Keep in mind it's a griddle not a grill. With that in mind I enjoy the 17" Blackstone, but I'm not ready to get rid of my Weber Q. I consider them 2 different devices. Yes both are used for cooking outside. But the end results are different. There are foods meant to be grilled and foods that are better on the griddle. Choose your weapon, I enjoy using both. The Blackstone is a great unit if you like to griddle, but I don't consider it a substitute for the grill (Weber Q )
Lantley 09/30/19 09:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: GM Strike

Another day of BS on this page. Bottom line still is .... if you are not an autoworker then you have no horse in the race... period. I think if you are taxpayer then you have every right to an opinion. Not only because public sector unions do over 3,400,000 hours of union work on taxpayer dime, but also because taxpayers had to bail out two auto companies due to their union obligations made the go bankrupt. So if anyone pays taxes here, they are entitle to an opinion regardless if you like it otle not.Yeah, it was the unions, and not inept management, that caused the bankruptcy. From the taxpayer prospective it was both of them. They both would have suffered if GM was allowed to fail. They both benefited from the bail out.
Lantley 09/28/19 02:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: February Camping From Long Island?

5 hours puts you in Ocean City, MD or Washington, DC. Neither place will have much going on in February. Better bet would be a cruise out of NYC. Funny - I was going to make those two Suggestions - maybe add Rehoboth Beach - all are Fun and Have a LOT GOING ON. DC is never boring - in a lifetime of living near and visiting often we still go and still enjoy and Discover. The Beach has become a year round destination - lot fewer people but you will still likely need reservations to get a Campsite - I'd look at Indian River Inlet in Delaware - right across from the Beach and close to both Rehobothe and OC - :) We all see things differently - if you want to go go go DC might work if you want to sit back relax and maybe catch a good meal the Beach would work. Best of luck, let us know what you decide. I don't think you'll need a reservation in February. February is still very much winter in the Delmarva. Going to the Delmarva beaches is not my idea of fun in Feb. lots of attractions are closed The DC attractions still go on but most of those are indoors anyway. Spend a few more hours driving and the OP can make it to luke warm temps.
Lantley 09/27/19 09:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: GM Strike

I'd like to think that the days of needing unions have passed us by . However I'm simply not naive enough to believe big corporations will do the right thing. We have start ups that can't decide that people who work for them everyday are employees. We have GM that thinks it's OK to have an employee work as a temp for multiple years with no real policy in place to become a full employee. Unfortunately I believe unions still have their place. Just as unfortunate, unions bring their own bureaucracy,greed and corruption to the table.
Lantley 09/26/19 08:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Strike

Lantley wrote: I have no dog in this fight. But the amount of money that unions spend politically, generally to one party, is staggering. tens of millions, There is something terribly wrong with the system if the unions are donating huge sums of money to causes its members do not support. Unions do spend a lot of money to rent politicians. But the amount shrinks a lot when you compare to the amount spent by corporations. One of the things one party wants to do is pass the "right to freeload" laws that require the unions to represent all workers, even if the workers do not pay dues. If a worker must have the protections without paying, this will reduce the amount of donations to the other party. The only solution I can see is some kind of public finance of campaigns. Besides the need for term limits, all this spending just corrupts are political process and overshadows the desires of the people. Ultimately you get as many votes as you can afford....which is not the way our voting system was designed to work.
Lantley 09/26/19 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Onboard genset

Not really thinking about A/C. More like 3 hrs or so in the morning for making breakfast and charging batteries, and then 3 or so in the evening. The majority of our dry camping is beach camping on Padre Island. We are usually only there for 4-5 days before moving to an RV park with full hookups. I currently have a Yamaha 2800 I use for this purpose, but am considering a residential fridge and 6 golf cart batteries. If there is no A/C involved think solar vs. gas cans
Lantley 09/25/19 07:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: GM Strike

Yeah this is a issue in all unions as unions are smart enough to know which party will support unions/members and which party and their supporters want to do away with them. Reading this thread is a good example of that. How does it help US jobs of we have open borders for workers from foreign countries, more free trade agreements, and lower tariffs on countries we already have huge trade discrepancies with? These are policies of certain political party that most unions support and will have a negative impact on US jobs. It may seem that they look like they support unions by what they say, but some of their actions and policies prove otherwise. Unfortunately, people often conflate how union members may vote or feel with how the top up administrators spend the unions cash to push a candidate or party. These are not mutually exclusive. Just because you belong to a union does not mean you are required to have a specific political view or social/economic priority. This is one way a union can fail their constituents as they unilaterally utilize their dues in a way that may not conform with a specific members desires. I have no dog in this fight. But the amount of money that unions spend politically, generally to one party, is staggering. tens of millions, There is something terribly wrong with the system if the unions are donating huge sums of money to causes its members do not support.
Lantley 09/25/19 05:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Onboard genset

I have an on board 5500 Onan LP genset. It works great however I am a convenience user. I do not go off grid often or run genset for extended periods. I may do an overnighter here and there but in general I only run the genset for a few hours at a time. What you are proposing is a feasible idea. But it really depends on how often you plan to use your genset If you are looking to run genset all day for days at a time. You will need to haul lots of gas to remain off grid. I think solar has become a better solution for those looking to remain off grid for extended periods.
Lantley 09/25/19 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
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