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RE: Anyone awitch to new Visible Plans?

Ticks my daughter off because she has an S22 and they will require that she buy the same model of phone yet again. No 5G anywhere near us nor will we go to Mexico or Canada. So we can't see paying for things we won't use. Guess I'm not following. Why buy again? You can bring your own Samsung S22 on Visible. I have been corrected. Her less than 2yo phone is an Samsumg A13 5G. She WANTS the S22. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8. It's a few years old. Both phones are unlocked. Both phones were bought outright. We input her IMEI number. The website says it is not eligible to bring. Neither is my phone. So we will buy new phones YET again. The Visible Midnight that I bought seemed to be a decent enough phone and that will probably be what I get for myself. My daughter wants one that takes good pictures because she is an artist and tends to upload her art.
LMHS 01/31/23 10:37am Technology Corner
RE: Generator question

May I make a suggestion? When you are looking at the fuel use of the generators, many manufacturers list it XX hours at XX gallons. What they often do not mention is that those figures are for operating at 50% of running watts. When I sized for my bus, I added up what I wanted to operate. Upped the starting watts for all the compressors (I doubled running watts to get my compressor start ups). I only figured one AC unit since I would only run AC in the bedroom overnight. Then I doubled all that. That's how I came up with the running watts I needed. Another thing you have to be very careful about, or ignore it completely, is the decibel ratings. Seems like no two manufacturers use the same distance. I have a cheap open frame contractor LP generator. I can stand at the from of my 40 ft bus and I can carry on a normal conversation with the generator running at the rear of the bus. For that my suggestion is to find youtube videos and listen to the generators. Since I operate my generator in parking lots, normally next to a semi-truck that is idling all night long, I don't really care a whole lot about the decibel rating.
LMHS 01/30/23 10:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone awitch to new Visible Plans?

$30 plan for a hotspot. Got the cheapest phone they had at the time ($100 Visible Midnight). No phone we own will qualify to transfer. Never does. Ticks my daughter off because she has an S22 and they will require that she buy the same model of phone yet again. No 5G anywhere near us nor will we go to Mexico or Canada. So we can't see paying for things we won't use.
LMHS 01/30/23 10:50am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon Grandfathered Unlimited Plan

I use Visible. Where I live is "rural".
LMHS 01/26/23 06:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

I think that how much using a camper costs vs flying has far too many variables to just make a blanket statement. Sounds more like some are trying to validate having a camper while others are trying to validate the decision to get rid of it. So you people are flying with your dogs? I've never tried that. I don't think the dog would tolerate that. I'm not sure a planeload of people would enjoy listening to her sing the ancient dirges of her people (aka "rooing"). She has a lovely singing voice that carries well... just ask her. "Paid for" used (cheap) slide in truck camper + "paid for" used pickup truck + a few fairly cheap modifications (to allow parking overnight in parking lots) = cost of fuel to travel. Also it's 3 hours to a major airport on one end of the flight and 1 hour on the other end to visit family (requires a car rental on the destination end) + hotel room + eating every meal out. I know what it costs for the same trip taken in the truck camper (2022). In Feb, I'll find out what it will cost to make the same trip in a plane (both my daughters cooped up in a plane together, then cooped up together in a rental, for 3 days). And there's also the 3 hours worth of gas in my Jeep to and from the major city with the major airport. I'm losing my jeep for 5 days because it's 4WD and the roads in winter are unpredictable. I'm the lucky one, I get to stay home with a dog that will be freaked out because her "mummy" is gone. Basically the cost of allowing the dog to go traveling in comfort is priceless.
LMHS 01/25/23 11:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

This was on another RV forum.
LMHS 01/23/23 11:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVIA Certificate?

I would just take a pic with my cellphone of any RVIA sticker on any trailer. The RVIA Standards are a joke. The manufacturers dream up "standards" that they don't even need to follow. It says so right in the front of the RVIA's NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles. I know because I bought one of the books back when I converted my bus.
LMHS 01/18/23 12:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: What part of Unsubscribe don't you understand?

Another reason to use 'throw away email addresses" and save your real very personal email address for close friends and family and such. I have several "extra" email addresses in addition to my "real" one. I have four "junk" ones (gmail and yahoo) and use one for service billing, one for exclusively forums like this one, etc and one for the "need an email" websites and places I'm pretty sure will sell my email. I just bulk delete about once a month. I do find it interesting how many "banks" and other companies that I supposedly have, use my junk addresses that they shouldn't be using to tell me I need to log into my account. An indicator that those are fakes.
LMHS 01/18/23 12:14pm Good Sam Club
RE: Another heated water hose question

This is how I did my (outside) water filters when we lived in an RV thru a few TN winters (Chattanooga & Elizabethton with single digit temps) as well as NM winters (negative temps).Or as long as the electric is on. I put my two water filters (a spin down sediment filter plus a standard 2"x10" filter housing) inside a 5 gallon bucket and used two water hoses: First, I built two heated water hoses from a single long potable water safe garden hose (garden hoses have thicker walls than the crappy RV drinking water hoses and can handle the heat from heat tape for years). The hoses were cut into shorter lengths and had plastic hose mender/quick connects on each of the ends. I used two (residential) heat tapes that were a few feet longer than the cut hoses. Each hose had heat tape that extended at least 18" past each end of the hose. The heat tape was secured to the garden hose with electrical tape every foot in a straight line (do not spiral wrap) to hold it in place. Then I insulated each of the hoses with (residential) foam pipe insulation (needs to be the next pipe size up from the garden hose outside diameter). The foam pipe insulation is wrapped with black Gorilla Tape to protect the insulation and keep it closed. This is really a two person job and requires the hose to be laid out on the ground in a straight line. Wrapping it is a PITA. Luckily the tape doesn't have to be one single continuous piece but does need to overlap by at least 1/4 of the tape's width. I used a hole saw to cut the holes needed to thread the water hose (plus insulation) into the bucket. Hole position is determined by the water filter configuration. Because I used two filters connected in a "U" shape, both in in and out water hoses were on the same side of the bucket. Some 1/4" holes are drilled into the bottom of the bucket to allow any water leakage to drain out.Then a piece of reflectix is cut to lay in the bottom of the bucket. A piece is cut to wrap around the interior sides of the bucket. The holes for the water hoses is cut thru the reflectix. Both hoses attach to the filters with plastic quick connects. Plastic doesn't freeze as fast as metal does. The 18" excess on the non-plug end on each of the hoses gets wrapped around each of the filters (just laid loosely, no need to tape it down or wrap tightly - the reflectix will keep the heat in). The plug end on the camper side gets plugged into an electrical outlet near the "city" water connection. The thermometer disc is NOT secured to the hose or anything else. It will sense ambient temps. The extra 18" of heat tape is used to wrap around the "city" water connection before insulating it with some reflectix. On the park's pipe stand, the excess 18" gets wrapped around the hose bibb and plugged into the nearby(?) power post (in the 15/20 amp duplex outlet). If you need to use an extension cord, use one of the thick heavy duty short cords and make sure the connection is waterproofed. I make an "envelope" from reflectix that is big enough to fit over the pipe stand and reach all the way to the ground even after the envelope is tied onto the pipe stand so it is closed at the ground level. I do not use tape for this, I use bungie cords, rope or old ratchet straps. The envelope needs to be removable but not blow off in a winter storm. It might be a good idea to use a screw-in-the-ground dog tie-out and attach the bucket to the tie-out so the winter winds don't blow it away.
LMHS 01/15/23 07:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

The dog is happier in "her" camper than in a hotel/motel room.
LMHS 01/13/23 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Free Kindle Cookbook - Available for a limited time Camping Cookbook Beyond Marshmallows and Hot Dogs: Foil Packet – Grilling – Campfire Cooking – Dutch Oven (Camp Cooking) Kindle Edition
LMHS 01/13/23 09:32am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Free Kindle Cookbook - Available for a limited time Dutch Oven Cooking: More Easy Dutch Oven One-Pot Meal Recipes (Dutch Oven Cookbook) Kindle Edition This is part of a two book set. The second book is linked to below. They seem to both have good reviews. The second book is NOT free. Dutch Oven Cooking: Easy One-Pot Meal Recipes (Dutch Oven Cookbook) Kindle Edition $0.99
LMHS 01/13/23 09:19am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Free Kindle Cookbook - Available for a limited time Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook for Beginners : 1500-Days of Quick & Easy Recipes + Two Meal Plans for Newly Diagnosed. Don’t Give Up Taste! (Love Cooking 4) Kindle Edition Please note that this recipe book uses grams so you will need to convert into cups, etc. It has a high amount of 5 star reviews. This would be a good book for those with Type 2 diabetes or those watching their sugar intake. I just bought this and have not looked at it or made any recipes. I do not know how long this will be free. I am finding these freebies thru
LMHS 01/11/23 11:35am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: cheap solar panels

I looked at this. I noticed that nowhere does it say these are new. I would guess they are "used & renewed" panels.
LMHS 01/10/23 11:17am Tech Issues
Free Kindle Cookbook - Available for a limited time Five Ingredient Cookbook: Easy Recipes in 5 Ingredients or Less (Five Ingredient Cookbooks Book 1) Kindle Edition by Hannah Abedikichi I don't know how long this will be free. It may be one of those Kindle books that is always free. There is a free offer in the book but you need to sign up for a mailing list to get the in book freebie. But if you already have the Kindle app or a Kindle, it's not going to cost you a penny to just get the book. You may find a recipe or two you like.
LMHS 01/10/23 11:13am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Iowa to Mesa,AZ- I40 or the "southern route" with 5th wheel

I-40 west of ABQ tends to get a little iffy in the winter. It may be clear and dry or it may be a ice rink. And it changes in a matter of hours. And of course there is Clines Corners (NM) I-40 Ex 218. Their weather is subject to change drastically in very short order at any time of the year. Last years pile up was limited to only a few miles in either direction but it made national news. In winter, I tend to staying well south of I-40. But that's me.
LMHS 01/03/23 10:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

My pet peeve is the people who beat the **** out of their significant or insignificant other (this happened at an upscale snowbird resort). The screaming arguments (same resort). The people who leave their pets out all day and/or night. The dogs that bark followed by the owner screaming "shut up" which does no good at all (seems like everywhere). The pet owners who do not pick up after their pets because they are either "special" or they are overnighters and therefore do not have to follow the park rules. The people who open their vehicle doors and let junk fall out (paper and stuff) but don't pick it up. And those nosy people who want to look inside my rig (why?) or talk to me. Then they get upset when I don't want to talk to them. Not RV Park but.... the people who can't push a shopping cart into a cart corral! And people wonder why I prefer to stay overnight in parking lots when I travel.
LMHS 12/29/22 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: CB radios - Do you use one?

Yep. My daughter and I travel together in separate vehicles sometimes. We simply find a channel that is quiet (there's lots of them) and sit on that channel. We don't use "handles" or anything like that. Our vehicles have names and those are the names we use. I don't use the Ten codes (and I still remember many of them from the years when my dad was big into the CB and REACT clubs) and I don't talk like they did in the movies. There is rarely anyone on the channel with us, even traveling long distances. We let each other know if a problem is coming up from behind or in the opposite direction. Unscheduled stops. Exit is coming up. That sort of thing. Also if we need the other to "make a hole" so we can get into the lane. We flip over to 19 or 21 for traffic sometimes. Not very often as it seems we're all in the dark. I believe that channel 9 is still monitored for emergencies. Cellphones don't work everywhere. They got rid of licenses for the CB and it was over used/abused for a while. Now hardly no one on it except for certain channels. Those little "family" radios have too short of a distance unless you get an expensive one. We know we are on a public channel. We are careful as to what we say. If we get someone who harasses, we change channels to a pre-designated channel that we decide on ahead of time. If I were to get another CB (which I may have to do soon as mine is getting really old), I would get one of the handheld ones. It's much easier to move it from vehicle to vehicle. The local storm chasers use the handheld ones BECAUSE they can be used in any vehicle. Plus they "get out".
LMHS 12/29/22 11:19am Technology Corner
RE: Levelling blocks for camper on driveway with 2 degree grade

I have a 3 jack Stabile Lift on the old Lance. Works great. The camper has been leveled both still sitting in the truck bed and free standing in a campsite. Haven't used any blocks except to support the steps that I relocated to the rear deck that I added on to the camper.
LMHS 12/26/22 02:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Fresh bread and other loves

King Arthur Flour has a website with a huge amount of bread recipes from around the world. What I like about them is they tend to have both manual and bread machine instructions included with the recipe, even when the recipe only calls for the dough cycle to be used with the machine. The site also has recipes for pretty much any baked good, including main dishes
LMHS 12/25/22 10:56am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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