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RE: Just curious

Like everything else, the cost of a filter might not be related to the quality or function. The filter you chose depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are filtration systems designed to remove sediments, organic molecules, and even iron. Ion exchange filters can remove heavy metals and other ions and replace them with sodium and chloride ions. I have gotten by without any filtration for 2 years of full time use and many years of extended use of my RV. I only had an issue one time with water full of sediment. I had checked in advance and avoided using that water even though it meant moving on a bit sooner than I had planned. If you do want to have a filtration system, consider a main filter to remove sediment. I would make sure it does not remove chlorine which would put your water system at risk of bacterial contamination. For drinking water I use a Brita partly because the cartridges are readily available. There are several other final filters that are probably better but it can be difficult to find cartridges while traveling.
JimK-NY 04/24/23 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Tire covers?

Way2roll has already mentioned that a major factor is using the tires. Tires age quickly if not run frequently. I gave up worrying about sunlight after I tried to put my 4 year old spare tire into rotation. It seemed ok until it was on the truck for a week or two and the cracks appeared virtually overnight. That tire had been under the truck bed and of course never saw direct sunlight or excessive heat.
JimK-NY 04/22/23 03:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I would not want to argue with anyone who wants to use their camper without sanitizing the tank. But the OP asked for instructions on how to do the sanitizing using minimal amount of water. The recommended procedure is to use 1/4 cup of household bleach for each 15 gallons of water. Pump the solution through the supply lines and faucets. Some people bypass the hot water tank. I do not. There have been numerous studies showing that Legionella bacteria can thrive in RV hot water tanks. Fortunately most of us tolerate exposure fairly well. I had a friend who got really sick and was hospitalized with it for several weeks. I also do not scrimp and I completely fill the FW tank. There are all sorts of conflicting instructions regarding the soak time. The original studies showed one hour was sufficient, but it seems that it is common to recommend longer soak times including even overnight. Rinsing out the bleach solution will require a considerable amount of additional water. I completely drain the FW tank and pull the plug to also drain the HW tank. Typically I fill the tanks with fresh water and then drain again. You could probably get rid of the excess bleach by only filling the tanks about a third full and then drain again. Once you have the tanks flushed out the bleach in the supply lines can be quickly pumped out.
JimK-NY 04/20/23 02:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Best Sealant to re-seal RV side hatch covers etc.

Then you should have no problem using either. BTW, I gave up on Geocel. Twice I had tubes that were probably too old and the geocel would not adhere or set up properly. I had ordered those tubes from two different vendors over a year apart.
JimK-NY 04/14/23 06:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Best Sealant to re-seal RV side hatch covers etc.

I would check with Northwood tech support. If they used silicone, Dicor and other similar and more permanent sealants will not stick if any trace of the silicone remains. Hopefully they did not use silicone. They might have used clear Geocel.
JimK-NY 04/14/23 04:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

For many of us, our RV tires age out and dry rot before we wear them out. I wish I could find a way to protect them so dry rot is not a concern. If anyone has any reliable data, it would help us all. I did some research years ago without any success. Some RVers use tire covers. I doubt they do anything. The tire under the bed of my truck was obviously never exposed to sunlight but dry rotted anyway. Where I park, the drivers side tires are in the sun and the passenger side is always in shade. I see no difference in dry rotting based on the position of the tire and the exposure to sunlight. I found no data to indicate any tire treatments help. Most are designed to achieve a dark shine and the treatment may actually be detrimental to the life of the tires. I once tried 303 but without any success. There might be some benefit to the UV protection offered but again sunlight does not appear to be a major culprit. 303 also washing off and needs to be reapplied frequently.
JimK-NY 04/14/23 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: Best Sealant to re-seal RV side hatch covers etc.

Do not use silicone caulking from the local hardware or home center store. Dicor is one of the best and most available caulks although you will probably not find it in local stores. For vertical application you need the non-sag formulation. If you do a decent job of surface prep including removal of the old dried up caulk, the dicor should last for decades of use and often for the life of the RV.
JimK-NY 04/14/23 05:15am Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

I don't subscribe to paranoia. Spring water is just a better option than purified water, IF a person insists on drinking bottled water. Just sayin' Yup, just sayin'. Got any proof? Trust those who sell it even tho there is little or no regulation and enforcement?
JimK-NY 04/13/23 05:19am Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

Do your pocketbook and the environment a favor and stop using bottled water when traveling and when at home. Use a Brita or similar filter. You can find suitable filters for use with water pitchers, as a screw on faucet adapter or an inline. The world has more than enough plastic waste and very little of it is recycled.
JimK-NY 04/13/23 04:38am Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

Personally I am concerned about tire "rot". I have had a couple of experiences to reinforce those concerns. I had a spare tire stored under the truck bed for 4 years. It seemed like a good idea to pair it up with a new tire of the same make. It appeared to be in good shape but within a few weeks and only a few miles of use, it showed signs of deterioration with cracks developing on the side walls. I have a 2015 Honda Accord with low mileage. I just had to replace the tires to severe dry rot which I was not visible a few months ago. Now I am watching the dry rotting of my Ram 3500 tires. They are low mileage and exactly 6 years old. A few weeks ago I noticed minor cracking in the area around the tread. I did not seem like a big deal. Now, almost daily, I can watch the cracks developing on the sidewalls. Due to medical issues I will not be using the truck for a couple of months. I am going to continue to watch these cracks deepen and become more visible. I have concluded that there can be no signs of dry rot and then a rapid progression. BTW, it is not just age but lack of use that contributes to dry rot.
JimK-NY 04/12/23 09:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

This conversation is moving into territory beyond the scope of this forum, but if you are interested the regulation of bottled water is a sad, sad story. Officially bottled water falls under the oversight of the FDA. There seems to be little in the way of actual regulation, requirements, inspections or enforcement. As in many areas, the FDA has been crippled by political pressures. After Flint, there is justifiable concerns about municipal water. The situation with bottled water is much worse. I have more trust for water through a Brita or similar device than I do for bottled water.
JimK-NY 04/12/23 09:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

I agree, except for the source of bottled water. "Purified" water might come from a source exactly as you describe, but "spring" water does not, and can not, come from a source other than a natural spring. For those who insist on bottled water, there should be no option other than spring water. The fact that it came from a spring does not mean it is pure. Was the spring from deep, underground water or surface water that percolated through the soil recently? What minerals does it contain? Who tested it and how often and for what contaminants? Even if it starts out pure, there is the issue of the plastic bottle and often extremely long contact between the water and the plastic. In 2018, a study examined 259 bottled waters and 93% of them contained micro plastic synthetic polymer particles, according to Frontiers in Chemistry.
JimK-NY 04/12/23 04:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Just curious

I am careful about sanitizing my tank and even re-santize when the tank has not been in use for a month or so. I am also careful to only use potable water from reliable sources. Even though the water is potable, it may not be entirely palatable. I use a final Brita or other device for drinking water. Personally I find it to be a real nuisance to carry bottled water when camping. Especially in Summer months, I am likely to go through a gallon of drinking water a day. That would really add up over a few weeks. If you really think bottled water is somehow better, you might want to do some additional research. Typically the source of bottled water is municipal water that has perhaps been filtered. Then there is the issue of water in contact with plastic containers for weeks, months or even years. No thanks.
JimK-NY 04/12/23 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

I have always wondered about having tires "professionally inspected". Exactly what sort of trained professional are we talking about? Is that the salesguy at the tire shop? Or perhaps the guy with just enough training and experience to change tires? Then exactly what are these professionals looking for and what are the exact criteria which would show the need to change tires?
JimK-NY 04/12/23 05:52am Truck Campers
RE: Would you get new tires ?

I have tires just hitting 6 years old and 16K miles. I have been watching cracks appear on the edges of the tread. Now I am starting to see very faint sidewall cracks. I don't trust them anymore so decision will cost close to $2K.
JimK-NY 04/11/23 02:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Missing orange cover on marker light; Water leakage concerns

Most of these running lights are extremely cheap made in China fixtures. You might get lucky and find a replacement lens or just buy a new fixture and use the lens on the older unit if it fits. Personally I would just replace the whole fixture. Yours seems to have a tungsten bulb that will eventually need to be replaced. The newer ones are LED and should last indefinitely. You can buy a replacement for roughly $3-7. And yes be sure to seal with new unit and do not rely on the rubber gasket.
JimK-NY 04/11/23 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: “Separate” sink in a wet bath?

I am not sure I understand the concern. Design of bathroom sinks can vary. With larger RVs the sink is likely to be built in and look similar to a household unit. In a smaller RV the bathroom sink is typically going to be a folding unit that allows more space when not in use. RVs also differ in the plumbing configuration. All will have common hot and cold water supply lines. The split between the shower and sink could be behind the wall as in a home bath. In some units there will be a single faucet with a diverter to direct water to the shower or to the sink.
JimK-NY 04/11/23 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: I Bought A Travel Trailer I Had Never Seen (in person)

I know the Jayco name so I wasn't too worried about value in that respect. There are a lot of cheap build items in the trailer and I'm not happy with a lot of the storage in the kitchen, the bed sucks, and the front door doesn't close very well. I didn't get burned, but it could be a risky approach to take. Maybe very risky. I am not sure I understand the reason for this post. Are you trying to justify taking a chance on buying a used RV without inspecting it? I would agree that could be "very risky". If it is a late model then perhaps the risk would be acceptable. There is no way I would buy an older model without a thorough inspection. Even if buying a new RV with a manufacturer's warranty, I would recommend a very slow, careful walk through. With even minimal internet searches, you will quickly find that RVs are very poorly built and are often released with a substantial number of serious issues. Jayco is a middle of the road builder with middle of the road value and quality. You could be lucky if the only issue is a door that does not work well. Even then I would be concerned. It may not work well due to a major structural issue.
JimK-NY 04/11/23 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Tree Pruning

If you need to ask, that means you have no experience using a chainsaw. Be aware that a chainsaw is a very dangerous tool. Nor is it designed for "pruning". The worst case would be climbing on a ladder to prune a tree. Use a manual saw as mentioned or get a landscaper to do the pruning.
JimK-NY 04/11/23 06:11am Truck Campers
RE: Rodent repellant

I don't understand. If you can find the openings that let in mice, why use steel wool to plug the holes. I would think a permanent seal would be better.
JimK-NY 04/09/23 06:26pm General RVing Issues
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