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RE: Water saver for shower.

You might find that this device makes very little difference. For my RV the hot water supply line to the shower is about 5' from the hot water tank and that line holds approximately 0.03 gallons. There are two procedures I have found to really cut back on water use for a shower. I only use the HW heater when taking a shower so before taking a shower I run the heater the correct amount for the temperature of hot water I want. I can usually tell within a couple of minutes how long to run the heater and I can check the temperature at my sink faucet which is only about 2-3' from the HW tank. Next, of course, is to take a Navy style shower. Wet down with a trickle of water, soap up and then rinse with a gentle spray. After years of doing this, I can take a shower with a total of very close to exactly 1 gallon. My wife needs an additional third or half gallon to be sure her hair is well rinsed.
JimK-NY 03/23/23 09:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How long should a battery last?

A few things: 1) where would I get the information needed to know how much the fridge would draw? 2)I have 2 other deep cell batteries that are good. Would that likely get me through a weekend with the information I have already spoke of? 3) If I boondock more often, I will be getting a generator.This is more of a one off situation. 1. Online or from refrigerator manufacturer. 2. You killed one battery in 24 hours, do you want to drain 2 batteries in 2 days? 3. If this is a one off situation and you are only looking to camp for 2 days, maybe you should just go with an ice chest.
JimK-NY 03/22/23 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: How long should a battery last?

If you want to know how long your battery should last you need to provide information on the refrigerator, make and model and/or operating amperage. Without that information, I can confirm your experience as being typical for even a small 12v refrigerator. I have a very efficient, small (4 cuft) refrigerator. It pulls a bit over 3 amps and runs about 1/3 of the time in low/moderate temperatures. In the summer and if the door is opened frequently or warm drinks/food is put into it, the refrigerator will run almost constantly. So it will pull about about 25-70 AH/day. For even my small unit and with no other use of electricity, I would need 2 or 3 of your batteries to make it through a long weekend. You really don't have a lot of good options. The most obvious would be to camp exclusively with electric hookups. Without hookups even an extra battery or two would not buy you more than a short camping trip. Your next cheapest option would be to buy a generator. Unfortunately you will need to run it several hours a day to keep your batteries charged and in good condition. If you want to avoid that daily generator use, you will need to consider solar. You will still need the generator when days are short, you are camped in the woods, it is cloudy, etc. Regardless of your choices you might want to scrap your existing battery. If you have run it down to 11.5 volts several times its life expectancy is short. Buy at least 2 good sized replacement batteries. Here is a tale that might help you understand the mistake you made:
JimK-NY 03/22/23 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: What glue to reattach pleated blinds to frame??

hot glue
JimK-NY 03/20/23 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: part three of the broken frame saga.

ya it's a SWD right now. the one we are looking at, which will be close to maxing me out when I am loaded up, the 3rd heaviest one I am looking at is the Adventure 910DB the slide gives just that extra bit of floor space so when the Golden Lab is with me he has space to lay down with ut being in the way, and the storage under the dinette that is accessible from outside will fit 4 lawn chairs easy along with axes and other things. Plus give us a north south bed and a bunk bed that can be raised out of the way for when the grand kids come with us. that's a season or two off yet, so hopefully prices come back down to reasonable levels by then. I noticed they are already starting to drop up here. You plans show how easy it is to be grossly overweight. That Adventure 910b has a dry weight of 3450, wet takes that to about 3850#. That does not include common accessories such as A/C, awnings, generator, solar panels, microwave, etc. Those could easily take you to 4500#. Then there are those chairs, kitchen stuff, food, tools, etc, etc. Plus don't forget any tiedowns, tiedown frame mounts, truck bed mats, suspension upgrades or similar. Then there is the weight of passengers and the dog. You can easily end up over 6000# and still have the impression that you are traveling light.
JimK-NY 03/20/23 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: Dicor and 303

I am curious about the concerns about the life expectancy of Dicor or Sikaflex. My RV is just shy of 20 years old. It has spent many summers in the desert southwest and winters outdoor in snow country. The original Dicor and Geoflex sealants are doing just fine.
JimK-NY 03/19/23 04:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Dicor and 303

I would not try this for a couple of reasons. First the 303 might damage instead of help extend the life of the dicor. Dicor lasts for a long, long time. If the Dicor fails the reason is most likely due to flexing and cracks opening in the RV itself. Finally, 303 has a very short life outdoors. Any positive benefit vanishes within a few weeks as the 303 washes and weathers away. Of course, since you live in a dry climate, your experience might be different. My experience in a wetter climate means I just don't bother to use it on any external surfaces.
JimK-NY 03/19/23 11:34am Truck Campers
RE: New to truck camping ...

Florida in the winter months gets crowded. You are going to have to preplan your trip and make reservations. Depending on the area you need to act immediately. For example, some of the most popular camping areas are in the Keys. People often book for the next year as they complete their stay. I suggest starting your plans by deciding on the areas you want to visit such as the Everglades, Keys, inland lakes, etc. Searching Google maps for campgrounds in those areas would be my next step. If you are having trouble getting started, contact tourism departments for the State and local communities. Kids, 4 bikes, 1 or more kyacks and a small truck camper... you are taking on a lot to start your TC experiences. I hope you are not also trying to take dogs or other pets.
JimK-NY 03/18/23 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: New to truck camping ...

You mentioned avoiding busy areas but also wanting to be near water. I avoid staying around water because I don't boat and water attracts people making for crowded campgrounds. Loving state parks really doesn't give much of an idea of what you are looking for when you camp. How do you want to spend your time when camping? Are you looking for scenic areas? Enjoy hiking? Looking for photo ops? Enjoy relaxing at the campground (and watching water)? What do you plan to do when the weather turns bad? Dress appropriately and venture forth or stay in the RV or under the awning? Do you want to visit urban areas, museums, attractions, restaurants? Do you want/need hookups? Shower facilities? Do you want to travel with reservations or be more spontaneous and flexible? Do you need cellphone/internet access? Do you want to camp in one area for an extended time or do lots of traveling? Before asking campground advice you probably need to be more specific. You also need to have agreement with your spouse as to what you are looking for when you go camping. If not in total agreeement there needs to be some compromise.
JimK-NY 03/17/23 05:42am Truck Campers
RE: part three of the broken frame saga.

ya I go for weeks and longer at a time, but I only carry a weeks worth of food at best as I know my tanks will fill up by then and I'll have to dump and I can get food when I go to do that but I do take my camera and my go pro stuff. and like you said it realy depends how you camp as to what you need You are right for sure we all travel differently. I often travel for many weeks and months at a time. Typically I am in remote areas where driving back and forth to a decent grocery store can take half a day. Food shopping can even be a problem in National Parks. One year I spent a month in Death Valley NP. No grocery store for a great many miles. I spent weeks in Capitol Reef NP. The grocery store is about a 60 mile round trip so I did not want to go every week or so. Great Basin NP is about 150 miles round trip for groceries. I also do not limit myself needing to visit dump stations. I have a cassette toilet that I can dump in any toilet or outhouse. We also differ a bit on camera gear. My travel includes enjoyment of photography. I have a DSLR with several lenses, speedlite, accessories, tripod, etc. I need a computer and a pair of portable hard drives for backing up my files. My wife also has the same interests and gear. My point in all of this is not to decide the gear others should carry but to point out how rapidly the weight can grow.
JimK-NY 03/16/23 09:36am Truck Campers
RE: part three of the broken frame saga.

It is obvious all us camp differently. Some are happy wiith 500 lbs of gear while other campers are pushing 7000 lbs. I have a 10.5 foot camper that weighs 2600lbs wet, and loard for camping I am right at 3000lbs.. I have a hard time understanding what people take to make it weight that much haha.. now my 5th wheel I probably do have 1500lbs of "stuff" but where would you put all that in a truck camper. I can give you a list. Heaviest would be food. I travel usually for several weeks or months in remote areas and try to keep at least 2 weeks of food on hand. My foam mattress probably added 50# over the cheap OEM mattress. Next would be a generator and fuel, air compressor, tools, extension cords, bedding/blankets, pots/pans/plates/etc, camera gear, computer, travel guides and reading materials, 3 seasons worth of clothing, cleaning/laundry supplies, lawn chairs, folding table, water and sewer hoses, extra blankets, water pitcher with filters, toiletries, towels, small electric heater, 12v fan, cpap and DI water jug, black water chemicals, flashlights/lantern/batteries, day pack and hydration pack, water bottles, medications and emergency first aid kit, rope/cord/duct tape, levelling blocks..... I am sure there is a lot more but those are what I could think of quickly as I typed. There are also a couple of heavy items I added as accessories including 2 solar panels and 2 very oversized AGM batteries. I would guess those added 300# by themselves. You also need to be sure that the accessories that came with the RV are also included in the wet weight specs from manufacturer. Mine left off some important items such as awning, A/C, microwave and several hundred more pounds for the "extended" over cab option to accommodate a north south mattress. With all of that the two thousand plus wet weigh spec from the manufacturer topped out at over 4000# when loaded for travel and that does not include passengers.
JimK-NY 03/15/23 08:17am Truck Campers
RE: part three of the broken frame saga.

This whole topic moves beyond my understanding and preferences. To me a truck camper is about ease of use, mobility including being able to go into the backcountry. I got a relatively large truck camper so my wife and I along with 2 cats could live in it full time. My TC has no slides but is 9.5' and hits 4000# loaded for full time use. IMO, my TC is already pushing the limits. With a 12000# total weight, it is not going very far in the backcountry. No rutted dirt roads, no soft ground, no narrow trails with overhangs. When much more is desired or needed, it seems that it is time to switch to a 5th wheeler or trailer. At least you can drag it to semi remote areas, unhook and have a truck to explore in. I just cannot imagine trying to deal with the size, weight and limitations of a truck camper weighing 6000, 7000 or even 8000# or more.
JimK-NY 03/14/23 06:40am Truck Campers
RE: Smoke Detectors

Many manufacturers make smoke detectors specifically for use in kitchen areas. They are less prone to false alarms when cooking and they are also a good choice for confined RV spaces which include cooking. I have not seen them advertised for RV use, but they are advertised for kitchen use.
JimK-NY 03/12/23 10:08am Tech Issues
RE: Rv loan rates!

Operating on leverage works great until it doesn't...then it multiplies the losses. The ones talking about being savey, always gloss over this part and it would never happen to them...until it does. The trick is to get ahead of the game. Once you have no loan payments, it's easy to save up for big ticket items. You are certainly correct. It is possible to lose money when investing leveraged money. At the current borrowing rates and current investment returns that is highly likely. Sadly very few people have any financial knowledge. I find it appalling that our schools do not teach anything regarding household finances. It is no surprise since the teachers are not educated in that regard. When I took out car loans and a mortgage, the rates were low and historical analysis predicted my 60:40 conservative portfolio would double my money with less than a 2% risk of falling short. Note that is falling short, not losing anything but a very small fraction of what I borrowed. That type of information is readily available with free online calculators. Years ago I even bought a $40K truck totally with credit cards. It took a couple of cards and calls to up my borrowing limits. We paid our daughter's $30K tuition with credit cards. We paid off the cards immediately and had points for trips to Hawaii and to visit relatives on the other side of the country. As someone else pointed out, even taking a high cost RV loan can make sense it you get substantial incentives and there is no pre-payment penalty. This is probably the wrong place to discuss financial matters including financing an RV, but if you blindly avoid all debt and pay off debts as soon as possible, it might be a good idea to gain some financial knowledge.
JimK-NY 03/12/23 09:53am Truck Campers
RE: Season soon to end - putting RV into storage

Most batteries will lose about 5% of their charge every month. Storing disconnected for 7 months should not be an issue and the batteries should still be well above 50% charge. IMO that would be safer than trying to trickle charge them without checking on water and charge levels.
JimK-NY 03/11/23 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv loan rates!

I have never financed discretionary purchases. It takes me a while to save up, but I do not have the overhead of loans slowing my saving. Paying off our home was the real factor in being able to pre save for purchases rather than financing them into the future at a higher cost. That is out of date thinking that came from our grandparents era or earlier. I financed my last car and my pickup truck even though I had the cash. First dealerships typically get a substantial rebates when they write up financing. Hence we have been able to save money over the initial dealer negotiations. Second it past years rates were so low it made no sense to give them the cash. I financed my car and truck at about 3% and invested that money making over 7%. My mortgage did even better. The mortgage was at 3.2% for $300K. Within a the first 5 years I made over $100K on the money I mortgaged. That was with a conservative, diversified portfolio. In addition, I took a nice tax deduction and I had the money in hand if needed for any sort of emergency. With rising interest rates borrowing to invest is not likely to make sense for a while but there are still other reasons not to pay with cash.
JimK-NY 03/11/23 04:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Rv loan rates!

Here's the current rates for a credit union I use in Washington: APR* Loan Amount** Max Term (months) Vehicle Age 6.99% No Minimum 60 2019+ 7.74% No Minimum 84 2019+ 8.24% $25,000+ 120 2019+ 8.49% $50,000+ 180 2019+ THere's NO WAY I'd finance an RV purchase at today's HIGH RV prices combined with the high interest rates. I understand the feeling, BUT For the past decade and more interest rates (an inflation) have been very low. Now that they are going up interest rates are still at or below the historical averages. If you don't have the money and want that car, RV or house, then there is little choice but to pay the rates. On the plus side, we are seeing lots of inflation so the amount we finance and spend to buy something now is likely to be much less than if we wait.
JimK-NY 03/11/23 08:34am Truck Campers
RE: Back in the Game!

Google maps
JimK-NY 03/10/23 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: memory foam mattress freezing

I have foam mattresses both at home and in the RV. Both are over 10 years old and showing no signs of deterioration. Mine are multilayered foam mattresses, but not memory foam. Are you sure you want memory foam? If so, I cannot comment on the longevity or any issues with freezing over the winter months.
JimK-NY 03/10/23 05:52am Truck Campers
RE: Did I damage my house batteries?

What is about AGM battery charging? Mine charge at 14.3 and float at 13.3.
JimK-NY 03/09/23 12:37pm General RVing Issues
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