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RE: AGM Batteries for Travel Trailer

First AGM batteries can indeed drop to 50% or so but I would not say that does not "hurt" them. The battery life expectancy is related to the depth of discharge and the number of discharge cycles. Less than 50% discharge would be recommended for a long life with many cycles. Next don't count on AGM batteries charging very quickly. When my Lifeline AGMs are run down to even 70-80% of full charge, recharging takes hours, about 4 hours at 14.4 volts.
JimK-NY 10/22/20 04:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Long term storage

I would be concerned about two issues. First, the batteries. I hope you used a disconnect. If not, the propane detectors and other devices may have drained the batteries. I would check the voltage. If it is less than about 12.0 volts, I would replace the batteries. Second, I would be concerned about the tires. If stored under weight they can develop flat spots that may not work themselves out. Dry rot is another serious concern. Direct sun will degrade tires but tires stored unused also degrade rapidly due to oxidation and shade or covers do not prevent this. A tire in regular use can last up to about 7 years depending on wear. An unused tire should be replaced after storage of about half that time. When tires are used they flex and heat up. Chemicals inside the tire work to the surface to help prevent oxidation. Covers or tire black do not help. There is some speculation that Aerospace 303 might help if reapplied a few times a year. It is still best to use the tires under load several times a year. If the tires are over 5 years old, I would replace them. If they are younger, inspect carefully for signs of cracking. Drive the RV and check again.
JimK-NY 10/20/20 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Feel free to add your list of the top 5 advantages of a TC. Here are mine. 1. Able to pull a significant trailer. 2. Can park in many parking lots, so it travels well. 3. Have my kitchen/bed/bathroom/bed with me. 4. Easy to get campground spaces due to short length. 5. Good for winter since it is on my 4 wheel drive truck No for me. I have no interest in pulling a trailer and a trailer would seriously reduce mobility. It would certainly rule out #2, being able to park in a typical parking lot, and #3, being able to get into small campground spaces, and #4, being able to drive in the winter.
JimK-NY 10/19/20 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Advice on inverter size

The bigger the inverter, the more loss of power. Inverters lose about 15% of their output in heat. Inverters lose power even if they are just turned on and not in use. If you have a big battery bank and a large solar system perhaps the losses mean nothing to you. I travel in a smaller rig and try to be efficient. I rarely need an inverter. My TV has never been used but it is 12volt. My laptops charge with 12 volts. My wife's CPAP is 12 volts. Cellphones charge with 12 volts. If I could not figure out a way of easily making perfect coffee without an inverter, I should probably just stay home or visit an RV park with hook ups.
JimK-NY 10/18/20 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I live on LI, NY so to go anywhere you have to deal with it. Once I'm done with the Long Island and Cross Bronx Expressways everything else is a piece of cake. I also live on LI. Most of my trips are to the Western US. Half of the stress and effort in driving is the first 100 miles getting off LI and through most of Jersey. I have learned to be very careful about the timing of leaving and returning. I time it so I leave or return mid day. Ideally I would leave mid day on a Sunday and return mid day on a Saturday.
JimK-NY 10/17/20 05:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I have not been driving much since the start of Covid. When I do I am amazed. There are way more aggressive drivers and speeds have increased. Today roads were slick with a heavy rainstorm and the traffic was moving about 70 mph in a 55 zone.
JimK-NY 10/16/20 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: HappiJac 4500

Perhaps the 4800 I bought is no longer available. I do agree it can be hard to find items online with Tweety's. I have called them several times and always received an immediate expert opinion. Prices on many items seem to be fixed by the manufacturer. That could be the case with Lippert. That happened when I bought Timbrens and also Torqlift tiedowns from them. They were able to give me information on the correct part numbers and also shipped immediately so I had the items within a couple of days. There could be equivalent or better choices than Tweety's. I do know they are much, much better than the big guy.
JimK-NY 10/14/20 01:47pm Truck Campers
RE: HappiJac 4500

I had the same thing happen 2 years ago when I was about to load the camper for a long trip. I ordered a replacement from Tweety's. The correct replacement was a Happijak 4800. It seems identical except slightly longer to compensate for the higher sides on many new pickup trucks. The cost was $313 including tax/shipping. They shipped the day I ordered and it came on the second day after I ordered. I have had several good experiences with Tweety's and suggest you give them a try next time. Sometimes there is no price difference but they seem to be very technically knowledgeable and orders are shipped and received very quickly.
JimK-NY 10/14/20 09:04am Truck Campers
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

My camper has about a 4" diameter tube of fabric covered foam so that the bottom of the back cushion is held out from the wall to create a slope. I added a strip made of several layers of foam carpet backing under the front of the bottom cushion so it also slopes backwards.
JimK-NY 10/12/20 10:14pm Truck Campers
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

It is interesting to see everyone's preferences. We tried a U shape and hated the narrow leg room do to the seating on the back side. It just just forced us to keep our knees clamped together. ... With just the two of us the U shaped dinette works great. Typically my wife sits on one end and I sit on the other. We have a long table between us for our computers or dinner plates, etc. We use the back side when watching movies on the computer. The dinette is cramped for 4 adults but it works for eating. The few times we have had 4 adults sitting in the camper for the evening, we had 3 sitting at the dinette and the 4th using a folding chair. A Lagun table has made a huge difference. The tables rotates completely out of the way when seating people on the back bench. When there is just the 2 of us, we push the table back parallel to the rear seat and that opens us lots of aisle space.
JimK-NY 10/12/20 12:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

The video on replacing springs should be enough to convince anyone that this is not a driveway project for a novice and especially for a novice without specialized tools. By comparison Supersprings can be bolted on without even removing the wheels. The only trick seems to be adjusting the springs which is something that can be easily done and changed, if needed.
JimK-NY 10/12/20 07:05am Truck Campers
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

Before this I had the BF 9.6 with the aft wet bath. I was Ok with it, the wife was not. The dinette was larger, but not much more comfortable - still flat seat bottoms and upright backs. The 10.4 also has a lot more storage. I've gotten used to the nice stall shower and the extra storage. I certainly would not want to argue about this. You are happy with a dry bath but not the size of the dinette. I am happy with a smaller wet bath and glad to have have some of that extra space go to a dinette that is U shaped with the back area over 6.5' long. There is plenty of leg room and also room for a large table on a Lagun support. Each of us has a vested interest and cannot undo the choices. Perhaps someone reading this and trying to make a decision on a camper will be able to make a decision that matches their needs.
JimK-NY 10/12/20 05:52am Truck Campers
RE: Washing RV while traveling

First I waxed my camper with ZEP acrylic floor wax. It sheds dirt and water remarkably well. In fact so well I never get those black streaks that used to occur in numerous locations on the camper. My last trip was 4 months and 15000 miles so ZEP or not, the camper could use a wash at least once or twice during that period. I have never had any problem finding a coin op car/truck wash with sufficient height to accommodate my camper.
JimK-NY 10/11/20 04:03pm RV Lifestyle
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

I would not survive without decent table space, at least enough so that both my wife and I could use our 17" laptops. It did not make sense how a 10.4 camper could have such a cramped dinette. I checked the floor plan and it only took an instant to see the issue. It is that massive dry bath. I am very glad I went for the wet bath and a much longer U shaped dinette. Of course there is a downside. After the showers it takes an extra minute to squeegee dry the walls and floor.
JimK-NY 10/11/20 03:55pm Truck Campers
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

Nicely done. Do you have any sort of table space for a computer or for eating?
JimK-NY 10/11/20 06:18am Truck Campers
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

CO detectors are inexpensive. My camper came with a combination propane/CO detector. In addition I bought a battery operated unit. I replace my CO, weather station, clock, and kitchen timer batteries at the start of every camping season. My generator is in a compartment made for a generator with two cabinet doors and good ventilation. The compartment is metal lined and totally sealed from the camper interior. I did have a CO alarm go off once. The generator was running and the back entry door is nearby and was open. Now I make sure to close the door when the generator is running. There is very minimal risk with a proper installation and good detectors.
JimK-NY 10/10/20 04:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Wood question

I would not use them. At a minimum they are likely to contain heavy metals such as copper and possibly arsenic.
JimK-NY 10/10/20 02:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Carrying your camping chairs.

I guess if you don't mind your chairs getting covered in road grime or dust or whatever, they'd be ok. It's quite easy for us to just put the chairs inside the TC and pull them out first thing. Or put them in the back seat of the double cab. Geewhiz, the last thing I want are chairs rattling on the back seat. I already use that area for my archery target, luggage and some other bulky items. Putting them in the camper is also not acceptable. Next trip I will be driving several days and 2500 miles to my first destination. I want to be able to pull over, use the rest room, cook meals and even take a mid day nap. At night I do not want to put the chairs in a Walmart, truck stop or rest area parking lot. When I do reach my destination, I will be hiking and sight seeing most of the day and I will probably only use a chair maybe once a week. Thanks, but chairs belong outside and the brackets make that easy.
JimK-NY 10/09/20 01:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying your camping chairs.

Since I use web chairs I do not bother fiddling with a cover. Most of the dust just falls off and I occasionally hose them down, at least when water is available.
JimK-NY 10/09/20 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: storage door lock

I have had the same issue for years. One of the locks seems to jam and I need to push on the door and wiggle the lock and eventually it opens. It has been getting worse and a couple of weeks ago it seemed it was never going to open. Oiling did not help. Finally I replaced the lock. I should have done that years ago.
JimK-NY 10/09/20 06:20am Truck Campers
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