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RE: Members who have had by-pass surgery.

After years of watching my weakening aortic valve, I went ahead with open heart surgery in april 2011. Had a mechanical aortic valve installed along with 1 bypass and repair of the aorta. Not quite what you will have but the open heart part should be the same. I won't really try to spell out details but you already know there will be discomfort, etc. The worst part for me was lots of coughing(lungs) and some glitches which extended my hospital stay and required readmission; I think not terribly unusual. Once I was fit for rehab then improvement was good. We cancelled a planned seasonal job at Glacier NP because it would have been early for lifting. But we still visited the Park and hiked at 6000 ft. in mid-summer. Also have a pacemaker and everything works extremely well. I do anything I want including hiking, biking and walking. My 77 years is starting to slow me down now more than anything heart related.
Jayco-noslide 08/21/20 01:32pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

I doubt there is a definitive answer. RVing with 5 is tough. A MH owner once said "I don't care how big a MH is, it's really just for 2". Sleeping might be the easiest part. It's meals and being all in during bad weather, etc. But no doubt you're determined to make it work. We've had pop-up, trailer, small 5th wheel and now a 30 ft. MH towing a small hatchback. I prefer the MH and having the car to run around in. We have a queen bed and would sleep 3 kids. Not saying easily.
Jayco-noslide 07/03/20 12:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: Yellowstone and cold temps

If hooked to water, unhook at night. Possibly your tank drain valves could freeze but no worry until it hits mid 20s or lower for several hours. Most of the Park is around 8000 feet.
Jayco-noslide 06/14/20 02:00pm Class C Motorhomes
Brake working?

We have a Blue Ox Patriate 2 brake for the Ford Focus we are towing. Recently had some problems and nothing on the in cab monitor screen. I think we have the problem resolved but my question is how do you know if your auxillary brake is working? Probably the monitor will tell you but discovered our monitor wasn't working. And some systems don't even have an in cab monitor. The toad has to be moving because its inertia based so you can't sit still and watch the pedal. And you can't really feel the brake work either. Ours has worked and not worked and I can't tell the difference.
Jayco-noslide 06/13/20 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: Buying a Motorhome not a mechanic

New or used? Size? Class? Used is recommended because they depreciate huge. We bought an Itasca, Made by Winnebago, 7 years ago and it is now 17 years old for $24000. It's a 30 ft. Class C. We think the quality is about as good as it gets yet we have spent thousands to repair and upgrade which is just what you do with a MH. If I replace we will stick with used Winnebago.
Jayco-noslide 06/13/20 10:54am Beginning RVing

Just got back to Illinois from 2 months in FL. interrupted by campground closings. Haven't been on the forum for a long time. Just wondering how you are coping and responding to the Corona Virus? We decided about a week ago to get the heck home not knowing what measures would be taken. We did OK but just a step ahead of closings and the Illinois lockdown.
Jayco-noslide 03/23/20 11:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

The crucial spec you didn't mention is- what does the Van's owners manual say Re: towing capacity.
Jayco-noslide 01/25/20 01:00pm Towing
RE: Dinghy Towing guide

I think Honda CRVs are flat towable with an auto trans only certain older years. Some vehicles towable aren't now if they have switched to a CVT(continuously variable transmission). In fact I doubt any CVTs are towable and mamy conventional auto trans vehicles aren't either. A real problem since it's getting harder and harder to find manuals even if they make them. I believe that the owner's manual is the final authority. If it doesn't specify a "towing behind a motor home" section in the manual it probably isn't towable even if some other sources say it is. Not to say you couldn't but it would be risky and uncovered by warranty.
Jayco-noslide 01/25/20 12:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: asking for suggestions/opinions

Every RV from a pop-up to a 40 ft. MH has pluses and minuses. We've had pop-ups, a 17 ft. hybrid trailer, 25 ft. 5th wheel(towed by a half-ton Chevy which was our only vehicle) and now a 30 ft. Class C MH. Personally if starting now I would go right to a used small MH and tow a car but that's very personal. I don't think the ease of towing and manuverability of a 5er would be worth the change. In fact a 5er is not easier to back but you can turn sharper. but then you have to have a truck(very expensive). I can understand "just wanting one". If you go used, the price difference is irrelevant.
Jayco-noslide 01/20/20 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

$$$$$ for the sellers
Jayco-noslide 01/20/20 12:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

In our senior years, we really try to avoid not having elec. if really hot and humid or well below freezing.
Jayco-noslide 01/18/20 10:30am General RVing Issues
Full Hook-ups or no?

Just curious. Some RVers won't consider sites without FHUs, some prefer the flexability of staying in wilder places without worrying about hook-ups and some are in between, wanting at least electricity. We started around 1970 with a pop-up and didn't even think about the issue and never had hook-ups. Then with an RV for many years we sought out campgrounds often without hook-ups. But now, we really prefer electric but will use a national park campground without. We've never felt sewer to be too important. Even this winter we will be at a national forest site without so we will just drive to the dump once a week. Water hook-up is preferred but no mandatory. I feel that absolutely requiring FHUs causes one to miss out on many beautiful campgrounds.
Jayco-noslide 01/14/20 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Warranty coverage

I think I wouldn't count on a warranty leading to no worry. How good will the factory warranty be? Well, it could take them weeks to do the work or you may not be near someone authorized to do the work. Or they might say the item isn't covered. I never buy an extended warranty for any product. You're better off saving up some repair cash. If a warranty is reasonable then it's not going to cover much and vice-versa. RVs are expensive; new or used.
Jayco-noslide 01/14/20 08:56am Full-time RVing
RE: Substancial deposit required

We've experienced all variations from no upfront fee to full amount charged to your card when you reserve(Florida state parks I think). Georgia requires a down payment and balance upon arrival.
Jayco-noslide 01/14/20 08:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pets and National Parks

Usually not allowed on trails. Unless you hire a sitter I don't think many options besides leaving the pet in the RV. That can be problematic if real hot or cold. We lived by a couple workamping at Glacier NP and they never enjoyed the Park because they didn't want to leave the dogs. That's crazy to us.
Jayco-noslide 01/10/20 12:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Mail Service? What's available?

What's the best, best value mail service for when you will be away for 2 months or more? One that you can direct where and when to send your mail and don't have to join something for a year or more.
Jayco-noslide 01/10/20 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: How much 5th Wheel can I tow with my truck

Are you all sure the sticker on the door area is specific for a 5th wheel?
Jayco-noslide 01/10/20 11:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How much 5th Wheel can I tow with my truck

I know that tow capacities can be hard to nail down in the owner's manual but that's where your answer lies. Get help from the truck dealer or manufacturer, not an RV business. Off course nailing down the actual total weight you will be towing is crucial. Find a scales or at least estimate the weight of each item; passengers, fluids, food; the whole works. Then, don't tow 100% of the rating. Allow for error; maybe stick to 80%.
Jayco-noslide 01/09/20 09:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: It could have went bad!

I've lost count. Entered an exit ramp and saw the towed car in my left outside mirror. That's not right I thought. One side of the tow bar had disconnected allowing the car to run right up behind the MH. Bent the tow bar. Officer helped disconnect and wife followed in car the rest of the way home. New $900 tow bar with some insurance help. I'll never know how or why the safety pin was not in the tow bar connection. Was it my error, vandalism at a stop or did it break. Obviously could have been worse.
Jayco-noslide 01/09/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Missoula, MT to Columbia Falls and W Glacier

From IL. we've done probably all of those routes both with a 25 ft. 5th wheel and a 30 ft. MH towing a car. Don't remember any issues. We worked at West Glacier 4 summers and lived in our RV. It's our favorite place in the country. Although that part of MT. is very mountainous and scenic, there are not too many steep grades or even high altitude. Also have taken US 2 many times from Duluth all the way. Great route. No steep grades east of Glacier NP and just enough towns to get services. Way more interesting than interstate.
Jayco-noslide 01/09/20 09:26am Roads and Routes
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