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RE: Pet Boarding when visiting Disneyland

Don't know about that area, but we carry shot records. Have when wanted to leave dog safe for few hours looked into groomers. Tell them what you want to do, they often have room. I prefer to pay small business.
JRscooby 02/22/23 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: How much of rise on front of truck acceptable when hitched?

RVing is not totally unique but it’s sort of unique in that most people consider it a right to go RVing when there are no requirements or training necessary to operate something that would otherwise require training or certification in the commercial world. Thus there is an abnormally large % of consumers who are blissfully ignorant about some or many aspects of operating or controlling a heavy vehicle or combo. When one observes the relatively large % of people who are challenged by simply operating the smallest of passenger vehicles combined with the fact that all it takes is a credit card, cash or a line of credit to instantly be the operator of a heavy vehicle. And not the typical commercial application where there is a greater chance of skill, training or experience or knowledge being gained or passed down then you get information published like this to help people save themselves from themselves. Reading this statement by somebody that generally knows what he is talking about should scare rational people. Three Pass Scale Method (Ron Gratz, back in 2010) All passengers aboard every time. Full fresh water & propane. Both vehicles loaded for a camping trip. 1). First weigh with hitch tensioned. 2). Second weigh with bars fully slack 3) Third weigh is TV only. I have never understood what useful information is gained with the second pass. TW, the only number for TW that affects handling is TW when ready to hit the road. Can get that by adding S + D together, subtracting gross from third pass. Know if rear axle is overweight before bars are hooked up? Normal hookup, do you get tongue jack off ground before hooking up bars? Also, need to differentiate front rise from change in frame angle. When empty, pickups typically sit a bit high in the back, so squatting a bit without taking any weight off the front axle can make it appear the front is lifting if just doing a visual check. Can you explain how the "squat without taking weight off"? Look at a lever on fulcrum. Add weight to 1 end, weight comes off the other end. The fact the fulcrum moves (rear suspension compression) does not change that.
JRscooby 02/22/23 05:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Scooby, Some stars have chosen to not update to most recent FBL regs. Louisiana is another. On member used to pull thru multiple states to west going east at 120k lbs. Hit Louisiana, promptly get a $360 overweight ticket. Pull out company CC, then had a ility to drive the 15-20 miles to dock. Return to Az or NM for another load next week. The ticket was cheaper than separating the dual trailers with two tractors. Many more readers on here are realizing, that being over the manufactures ratings are not a death sentence. Weight ratings? are based on engineers design rating for the roads, not the manufactures warranty ratings. Marty Ratings? I think here you mean legal limits. And I don't think all legal limits are based on "design rating" for the roads. There is many places where a imaginary line changes the weight limit, and not always state lines. Once I was stopped, after weighing my truck, LEO told me "Scooby Doo, you know better than this. If you had come out (Named 4 roads that date back at least to the '40s, that I normally used) you would be so close would not get a ticket. But because you used I70 you are 29,900 lbs overweight. Another US highway in the state allows 5500 lbs more gross weight, if hauling hogs, compared to anything else. But if a weight watcher stops you, the 1 rating they will look at is on the sidewall of tire. The issue, IMHO, of the manufactures reducing ratings after the truck is sold ends when warranty runs out. Manufacturer can call loading above ratings abuse, and deny coverage if repair is needed
JRscooby 02/21/23 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

The last part of your statement always makes me chuckle. This forum is Chuck full of Chuckleheads always adding or buying some gadget or device under the auspices of safety or driving experience. And those same folks have surely passed a bunch of RV haulers, just like the rest of us have. And the one thing I’ve NEVER seen on a bp trailer haulers hitch is a wdh. Never. If it was a law or necessary I’d think that the guys who tow all sorts of trailers day in day out would certainly have them. Few years back, I was waiting for wife, and couple hot-shot drivers where waiting to unload. We where sharing shade-tree, so I could hear them witching. Apparently 1 of their regular customers was wanting longer load decks (45ft IIRC), and the first trip thru Iowa the driver had been ticketed for over length.* I had to laugh, because I battled with Iowa over length back in late '70s. I guess Iowa has/had a exemption to their law that allowed tractor/semi trailer combinations that does not apply to truck combinations. *Shortly after the conversation I posted about it, wondering if RVers had any issue in that state, but I guess the idea was too political for the gods.
JRscooby 02/21/23 05:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

^^^ I think the BC law pertaining to pickup trucks pulling rvs is: If a police officer sees that a pickup is obviously overloaded he can have the overloaded truck weighed and ticketed based on the GVWR of the truck. But, I’d be very surprised if a BC cop would ever ticket a new 2500 series diesel pickup, leveled with air bags, towing an 18000 lb fiver. Pretty vague. If the BC cop can just "see" it's overloaded and decide to have you weighed. What if the cop was a Ford hater and missed his morning donut? My question is LEO thinks vehicle is fat, stops and weighs it, and all is good, what happens? In Mo, if the weight watcher sees a rig that is likely over the weight licensed he can stop and weigh it. I was in court one day, (For my overload) watched several guys forced to pay because of heavy boat/pickup rigs. But the only rating LEO will worry about is tires and if CDL is needed.
JRscooby 02/21/23 04:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle and tire?

I have a 2006 Montana Mountaineer that has GVWR of 12275lbs but has 6lug 5200lb axles. This doesn't seem right to me but I guess they deduct some for pin weight. It came with Load E tires but I've had blowouts and thinking of going up to load F or G. I'm tired of tire issues and damage. I'm fanatic about tire condition and psi, I'm always on top of it. Last blowout tire was less than 2 years old. I've also had a new set all roll the belts and have to be replaced within a year, probably one trip on them, they bulged out in middle tread. Yes, manufacturer expects some of the weight to be on 5th wheel. (People say pin, but that is nonsense) Now do you understand when it comes to parts, even tires failing the weight ratings does not mean more than a pinch of snot unless you can compare to the actual weight? Put it on scale, then can have a rational discussion.
JRscooby 02/20/23 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Never thought about it before, but where are full timers counted on the censes?
JRscooby 02/20/23 06:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

We are also a constitutional republic, not a democracy. I have always wanted somebody to explain this statement in a way I, with less than 8th grade education, can understand. If I look at a list of UN member countries the word "republic" appears in names of countries we normally refer to as Russia, China, Iran, and N Korea. With the clowns, crooks, and liars in office at all levels we may just as well have a dart throwing election. I have to ask. Is this the fault of the clowns, crooks, and liars or the people that don't vote, or don't educate themselves before voting? Democracy is not a spectator sport. I have been voting absentee for a few years now and would never go back to in person. I get my ballot a few weeks in a advance and take the time to research everyone on the ballot and others items that I may be voting on. It allows me the opportunity to truly be an INFORMED voter. In the past I would know who/what I was going to vote for on the major things but now I can really research down the the school board level. I can check to see when my ballot was mailed to, see when they get it back and see when it is actually counted. I think this is the way all should vote. If not by mail, at least get the sample ballot in time to do the research, make a "cheat-sheet" if you need to, be ready to mark the ballot when show up. I have a idea that if more people did this political advertising, (both paid, and much of what is called 'news') would be less effective. For example reporter puts mic in congresscritter's face to broadcast him bragging about how much good will come from whatever project is in background, but never asking the real question; If this is so good for the people of district, why did you vote against it? I think in order to vote in local and state elections (including Senator/Congressmen), then one should have a stick and brick residence in the state and community. Why should someone who only cares about not paying state income tax and pay for cheap motor vehicle registration get to help decide local and state issues and vote for representatives? As retired military, I agree military members should always have the opportunity to vote absentee. I also feel there are probably other legitimate reasons for someone to need to vote absentee. If you're a full timer, Im fairly certain you can plan ahead to return to your state of residence and cast a vote every couple of years. But if someone is too lazy to vote in person every two years, then they are probably too lazy to research the issues. There's also no real rationale in my opinion, for not being able to have a state issued license. Sorry, but a state college ID is issued by the college, not the state. And maybe Im wrong, but I don't think there's a citizenship check to issue a college ID. At least my granddaughter never had to prove citizenship to get her state college issued ID. It's really not too much to ask that we have provisions to ensure only US citizens get to vote in our elections. I also love how, when there is a case of voter fraud, dead people voting etc, one of the first comments that are always uttered is "it wasn't enough to change the election". That's not the point. The only way to protect against voter fraud is to publicize it when it happens, punish those who commit it, and take steps to help keep it from happening again. Mike First, does SD only vote once every 2 years? I think way to many people vote on only info from ads. And I agree non-citizens should not vote. (Not just US, but even non citizens of city/state should not vote in that city/state.) But we do not have national elections, so not sure where full timer should vote. Of course a ballot marked for president in SD counts more than 1 in many other states. As for the ID requirements; Late 1955, I had to show my birth certificate to prove I was old enough to get DL. (No picture BTW) Many moves, home fire, life in general that piece of paper disappeared (Social Security card fell apart in basic training. But that number was used as name, so not issue for decades) After 9-11, I had to prove I was a citizen to keep my Hazmat endorsement. The money cost was not a big deal to me, but would probably paid for few days of what I ate. Likely a week or more food for some families. (My accountant let the cost go thru as deduction) And there was hours of time involved in getting it. And I had no issues with transportation. I can understand how somebody living on my SS check would have trouble keeping the right paper. As for the few cases of fraud, votes that should not be cast. Yes I agree, stop each and punish them. But with the understanding of how many votes can be influenced by a ad, shouldn't we spend as much time/money making sure the money that buys the ads only comes from people that have a right to vote in that election?
JRscooby 02/19/23 08:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Make Election Day a national holiday, only day to vote, only mail ins are military. Do away with all the other BS. Vote at your REAL home. Full timers show up where you “call” home to vote register your vehicles, get drivers license, etc like I do. Whenever I see Make Election Day a National Holiday my first thought is somebody does not pay attention to local elections, or how national elections work. Where I live, the next election is April 4, 2023. (Last year I worked 4 elections). How can you have primary election on the same day as general? Then there is the issue of "holiday". How many people would take off Monday, so could have a 4 day weekend? "only mail ins are military." Implies you either don't know that a lot of other important jobs are done by people that can't get home, or you prefer working class don't vote. (Once I had to stand in a unexpected line to vote early. Bunch of power company workers had been called to head south, responding to a hurricane. Should their voices not count?) Last election I worked, there where several issues on the ballot, plus the mid-terms. We had a limited number of places for people to mark ballot, so I kind of watched the time each voter was taking between check in, and dropping ballot in box. Could tell, some knew who where going to vote for, had studied the issues on sample ballot, would mark the whole thing in less than 10 minutes. Others, where surprised by the issues, and local candidates that had not been called evil by ads (no party affiliation on ballot in local races) The ones that take citizenship duties seriously might take over 45 minutes reading, researching with phone, and marking. Then there was a 3rd group; Ads had told them who was evil, so they could mark that part quickly, but the rest of the ballot? More than once we heard THEY EXPECT US TO READ ALL THIS SNOT? (Insert more health word) I feel the third group would rather be ruled than represented, if required any work on their part. But don't think the other 2 groups would vote much different if where mailing it in.
JRscooby 02/18/23 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

A great deal of 2nd or 3rd generation folks on the public dole may also not be home on a day near the middle of week. They might be busy with hobbies such as Physical Fitness or buying seafood and Ribeyes with SNAP cards, or possibly even out looking for a job but I doubt it. Mail in voting is the best way for them to vote also. If you would spend a little bit of time looking at any news media, other than Fox, you would know that when put under oath, where a lie could land them in jail all the talking heads knew they where lying about a pretty important news story. Maybe you believe the lies they are telling you about other things?
JRscooby 02/18/23 07:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Can the grid keep up with EV use?

I wear thermal underwear and parka in winter and was never cold even at minus 30 ,sugest you do the same. LOL. Summer, I store the jacket I wear most of winter in pickup. If need to get out in rain for short time, it more comfortable than the rain gear stored with it. Winter, I keep plenty of coats, and insulated coveralls in car. But if going to be driving more than across town I will start off cold, or stop after about 15 minutes of driving, take off jacket. Unless the temps get below 0F, there is enough waste heat off my engine to keep pickup cab as warm as my living room. I have wondered how much the MPG on a IC is effected by the weight and power demands of all the FREDs the modern motorist thinks they need.
JRscooby 02/18/23 05:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Cure for depresion

If I had a way to prove it I would bet most people that suffer from depression also eat meat. And as tow people in the past mostly eat meat? Doubtful. Sure, pre-historic pictures show successful hunts. But if you lived in the times when you had to carry camera, buy film, take pictures, send film in wait, you will remember most times pictures where taken was special occasion. I would think Kodak was much easier then using rock to carve on wall. Without refrigeration it takes a whole lot more work to store meat than grain. I have heard a theory that most of European exploration of the world was to find spices needed to stand the taste of meat that has been dead for week.
JRscooby 02/18/23 05:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Looks like Ford is guilty of towing gate as well. Link Thanks FISH for the truth in lending post!!! All discussion for last 3 days started when I posted about watching this video
JRscooby 02/17/23 08:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Find something constructive to do rather than sit around and gripe about politics. It’s a sign that you’re old and feeble. If you think it is only the "old and feeble" who "sit around and gripe about politics," then you haven't been following the news reports about the social media crowd. Sounds like you’re mKing excuses for being one of them! Lol At age 18, when got my draft notice, I figured out that politics and politicians could drastically change my life. Served my time, was discharged before I was old enough to vote. I have never understood how somebody that could tell me who got homeruns in the last 3 super bowls but can tell me who represents then in congress, and how they voted on any issue. Gee, I can’t imagine how dead people and their imaginary friends could be disenfranchised. That’s all anyone is trying to stop from voting. If that was the case, sounds good. But I have worked as Election Judge since I retired. For in person voting, a concealed carry permit is a valid ID, but ID issued by the state collage is not. Both are alive. A student, and workers on many jobs may not be home on a day near the middle of week. Mail in is best way for them to vote. Do you think US could respond to a threat if all troops went home first part of Nov? BTW, many years of my life, I could not be sure where I would be on election day. And now I don't work at the polling place my address must vote, so I still vote early
JRscooby 02/17/23 04:37am General RVing Issues
RE: pocket knife

Put me in the camp that I have always carried a pocket knife as long as I can remember. I switched to a Leatherman when I started working nights. My question, how to conveniently carry it and a mini-flashlight now that I switched to suspenders? I tried the belt and suspenders route but didn't like. I now just put one in each front pocked but I really miss them on a belt. When I changed to suspenders it was bib overhauls. (Stopped smoking cigarettes, never found work jeans that butt and wallet fit in at same time LOL) Belt knife sheath moved to tool pocket on leg. The company wife worked for planed to pass out little lights for key chain. When I was parking equipment in a mine, I clipped one to zipper pull of jacket. Still there. Another is attached to the little knife in my pocket. Not the best flashlight, but for a quick look, fine. And works to find a flashlight.
JRscooby 02/16/23 05:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Is there really a noticeable difference between 17,790 and 20,000? I don't think you're going to be any happier at 17.790 than you were at 20,000. At either weight you're blissfully ignorant, or hating life if you have to tow very far. This is not a "decrease in capability" as they keep repeating in the video. The truck never had the capability in the first place. But the truck was advertised and sold as having that capacity. To me it sounds a lot like getting casino built, declaring bankruptcy before the workers are paid, flying away on you private plane. No. It wasn't advertised or sold as having that capacity. WHAT?!?! This number is something the end user has to actively seek out and look up. Clearly whoever wrote the logic that comes up with the numbers made a mistake and it has been corrected. Where does a prospective buyer look for the info? Bet it is found in chart published by manufacture to increase sales. What is your definition of advertising? Then there is the sticker the government demands be put on vehicle. That was designed so buyer could compare capability of trucks. If mistake was made, the buyer should not be the one to pay. When you put in the VIN for a 2500 truck and it comes back telling you that your tow capacity is 20,000+lbs, you should be saying "Hey, wait a minute!" because it's not realistic. Let's see. Somebody that maybe has never owned a pickup, at most buys 1 every few years should see the numbers, and know they are 11% over real?
JRscooby 02/15/23 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

But if I had bought a truck just because it was rated to tow what I wanted to tow, then they cut the rating, I would be mad, think I would be looking for a class to take action Roflmao To the last sentence. You don't think there will not be a class action suit behind selling trucks known to be less capable than advertised? And not just advertised, but certified with government mandated stickers? Guess IMHO it's a good thing manufactures ratings are not the legal amount many of us have to follow per say from a true legal LEO standpoint. But as many CVEO/KEO's have told me. Manufactures ratings are a performance warranty rating. In other words, it meets a certain set of specs. They may not meet what you feel a truck should be able to do! I don't know if too many trucks today that meet what I want them to do. But they are closer than when I started buying trucks in the late 70's. Marty I spent some money for my lawyer to have a judge tell Barany Fife the state, let alone the town, does not enforce manufactures rating. But one place the change in ratings might have legal ramifications; Warranty. Now I don't think the slight overload would harm the truck in the time/mile period, but be hard to prove the load did not cause breakdown. And that could hurt some buyers bad.
JRscooby 02/15/23 05:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Is there really a noticeable difference between 17,790 and 20,000? I don't think you're going to be any happier at 17.790 than you were at 20,000. At either weight you're blissfully ignorant, or hating life if you have to tow very far. This is not a "decrease in capability" as they keep repeating in the video. The truck never had the capability in the first place. But the truck was advertised and sold as having that capacity. To me it sounds a lot like getting casino built, declaring bankruptcy before the workers are paid, flying away on you private plane.
JRscooby 02/14/23 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Reduces Max Tow Ratings

Hope the better half gets better soon, Grit. The last time I bought a truck, as I've done for 20 years, I looked at my expected tow/ carry requirements and bought a truck where the requirements fit within that truck's XXWR numbers. Now that it's been nearly 4 years on that truck, when I have a load to carry or pull, I like to get a sense of what the load weighs, but, as I've done since the 70's, I decide to carry or pull based on experience, conditions, distance, terrain, time of year, and, yes, XXWR numbers...but those numbers are one of only 6-7 factors and certainly not the dispositive factor. While I admit to factoring the ratings in to a purchase decision, nevertheless, it's always intriguing to me the degree of hyperventilating that occurs over ratings. As Grit said, anyone that buys a new 2500 truck to pull 20,000#'s needs to feel some pain. My buddy in La Plata county pulls incredible loads with his 80's vintage F350...probably close to or over 20k...but not far, not fast, and certainly not as a dedicated new truck / load combo. Most my life I have preferred GM cars and Ford pickups. Last time I needed to replace my 20 YO, rusted F150 I walked into Ford dealer, told the salesman what I was going to tow. He handed me a stack of sales brochures, walked away from me. Went next door to Chevy dealer. Same question, same results, except he added a DVD. Just down the street, Dodge dealer, asked a kid in suit the same question. "I don't know, but I will find out" Took a couple days, but I bought the first Dodge in my life. 6 months later, took less than hour to buy the 2nd new Dodge. Now it does not happen often, but I will hook onto a trailer that puts me well over the ratings, but if I had bought a truck just because it was rated to tow what I wanted to tow, then they cut the rating, I would be mad, think I would be looking for a class to take action
JRscooby 02/14/23 11:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: New 1500 series pickups and Hensley Arrow

. She has no experience towing.? Get the Arrow -- no white knuckles when an 18 wheeler passes her. My wife would not drive until we got the Arrow because of the 18 wheeler bow wave. Now she want to do ALL the driving. That is OK with me. Statements like this trip my bullsnot meter. Why? Because thousands of times I have seen trucks with 20 foot van bodies have to move back to center of lane because they where pushed by my truck's wind blast. I can not see any way any hitch between 2 vehicles can make the pair more stable than mounting both to same frame.
JRscooby 02/14/23 08:32am Tow Vehicles
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