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RE: 2005 Arctic fox 1150 boat loader

Is there height restriction on chicles I have never heard of that I guess I could strap them to the back of it Well you go ahead and throw them kayaks up there and then wonder why you're dragging someone's fibre/phone/electric wire, OR wonder where your kayaks went, when you get to the campground. And if you are over 13 6 you (or insurance. And insurance will not defend you for hit and run) can be held liable for the wires and damage done when they pull loose from house.
JRscooby 01/11/23 03:54pm Truck Campers
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal had an article about what it presently takes for renewables to supply power 24/7. Apparently it has been done on a small scale in several locations. The common theme was that it takes 3 times the capacity of a conventional power plant AND an incredible amount of batteries to achieve the level of reliability we are used to. They flat out concluded that it cannot be done with todays technology.. It would take too much real estate and cost way too much. So we are going headlong down a road that presently has a bad ending. Will a better way be developed?..... Maybe and maybe not. One thing is certain. Companies will only continue down this road if makes financial sense. Presently Governments are providing enough incentives to make it so. But even they cannot afford to do this at the level it will take to be green. One thing is certain. Buisinesses will not shoulder the cost alone, as long as they know it is not the ultimate solution. As they would be loath to pay for all the stranded costs of a failed experiment IF a better way forward is found.I assume there is an agenda or bias within the reporting. Post the article at length so we can have real comments. It wasn't a factual, in-depth article, it was on the "Opinions" page. BYW, this article is subscription/password based, but it's someone's opinion, same as anyone posting here. And something to consider when judging how valid the opinion published in WSJ is that WSJ is owned by the same people that started a network with "News" in the name that according to the auto-biography of a co-founder. Profit is more important than truth, and Tell them something to make them mad, and who to be mad at, they will never change channels
JRscooby 01/10/23 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

We should be able to agree about somethings. As RVers we want good roads, and as consumers we need good roads to get products we want/need. And the only practical way to have good roads is public funding. And because of the shape the roads are in, with millions of dollars of unfunded repairs needed, the current fuel tax method is not sufficient. And with more vehicles using alternative sources of power, the situation will get worse. Now one major assumption I make, would be willing to change if somebody could show it invalid. That is a 5000 lb vehicle driven 1000 miles on highways will do a given amount of damage to the roadway. The road doesn't know or care if that vehicle uses 100 gal of diesel, 50 gal of diesel, 65 gal of gasoline, 30 gal of gas, or a cord of hardwood in a steam boiler. I think most of use would have a hard time explaining to a first grader why they should pay different amounts for the same road. IMHO, the most fair way would be a per mile tax, with some increase that goes up with the weight of vehicle. But that leaves some major questions. How much per mile would be needed to replace the fuel tax to repair the roads? I don't know, but I'm sure it must be higher than the average fuel tax paid. (Remember we aren't now paying enough to have good roads) Then how do we know how many miles each vehicle drives. Monitor in real time would be a real invasion of privacy. Self reporting by itself would not work. Self reporting, with a certainty that cheating would be caught, sever punishment when caught? Like check mileage on vehicle at every plate renew, no renew and fine if miles not reported. This would not eliminate the issue of people that live near a state line, live/register car in one state, do a lot of driving in another. (Like fill your tanks in the state that has the low fuel tax/pump price) But much of highway funding is at Federal level, so not take much adjustment to correct.
JRscooby 01/10/23 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

One reason given for fuel tax revenues not keeping up with road building/maintenance is better MPG means more miles driven per dollar of tax collected. 1 fair and easy way to fix this problem would be zero out the per gallon tax, replace with per mile tax. Stands to reason you’d be in favor of more government oversight and personal tracking… WA is talking aboot this. It’s another ridiculous logistical and human rights cluster fark. Not unlike the WA state bill to eliminate credit rating from insurance premium calculations. So egregious that even a liberal Supreme Court judge issued a stay of implementation on it. Well, how many threads about the condition of highways we want to use while enjoying our RVs. Should they raise the fuel tax so only fuel burners pay for the roads? But a per year tax on the alternative fuel vehicles? That would mean people that don't drive much pay a higher rate than people that drive a lot. Probably the best idea would be put the highway system under control of DOD. That department always has unlimited funds. Fact is, the only way to have a functioning road system is public finance. Points on the tracking. Because some members on this site live across the borders, congress/courts have granted security departments right to monitor us. Plus most of use use loyalty cards, stores know when/what we buy. Credit Card companies track all we buy, including when/where we buy fuel*. Cell phone must track our location to know when to hand off signal. Then most states require some kind of inspection when ownership of car transfers, and at regular intervals in the life of it. I bet part of the report is mileage. Just like 1099 workers are expected to report their income, pay the tax on that income every quarter, a car owner could report miles driven. Then when next inspection due, state compare odometer readings. If owner has not reported/paid tax on all miles, no license plates, permission to use our roads, will be granted. Maybe I not paranoid enough to see where state is getting any more info than do now. *That CC info collected at pump can give a much more detailed description of when and where you go than any self report of the miles driven in 3 months
JRscooby 01/09/23 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Then what?

Bet the first guy that tied a sharp rock to a stick was upset at his son for throwing the combination at food instead of getting close enough to poke it. Every advance in technology has encountered pushback. And every change is not a advance. So where do you get your groceries from seeing as you want to ensure everything is safe? And your prescriptions? And your drinking water? Can't trust government or corporations. Need I go on? You're digging in the weeds way off in the forest... We're talking about natural gas and why it isn't more popular. It's because the natural gas business has chosen to use cheap methods of extraction that destroy our planet. If they, and the governments, could be trusted to use safer and more environmentally sound techniques, then it'd be different. But they have CHOSEN to go with the cheap unsafe unsound techniques knowing they are unsafe and unsound in the name of profits - and by doing such, they are no longer a viable solution for environmentally sound energy. The next few lines are often looked at like something floating in a swimming pool. I hope that as part of discussion it can be looked at long enough to see it's a Tootsie Roll. When Communism is corrupted (Every case I know of), the benefits, and means of production end up in few hands, everybody else gets little or nothing. OTOH, Capitalism, when working as designed, unless constrained by strong unions and or strong government, the benefits, and means of production end up in few hands, everybody else gets little or nothing. Going back at least 100 years, the power Capital has over government has been increasing (and increasing at increasing rate) and for about 3 decades the power of unions has been eroded. (Recently gaining, but a long way to go to peak) Going back to start of industrial revolution, (Or even before. Beaver trade was hard on environment. Buffalo hunting destroyed a away of life) the owners of extractive business have kept the profits, but passed much of the cost on to society. For natural gas this means You own the ground your house sits on, but somebody else can profit from pumping from below your house. And what is worse, IMHO, is if in the process of getting that gas out, some gets in your well water, or even the ground gets unstable enough to damage the house, most times you are out of luck. You think there is any chance the capitalist will take responsibility for the carbon released by burning that "clean gas"?
JRscooby 01/08/23 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Then what?

Without getting political the good old Pres said the Military would be all electric by 2035, I believe that was the date. No mention how they were going to fly Jets or move our Aircraft Carriers. Guess I didn't see that. Hmmm. Don't think that will happen. Can't see what ain't there. President stated would strive to be "carbon neutral" which is not the same. OTOH, the judgement of DOD is climate change is now, and will increase as a threat to our security. But the if canine barked in those words, the would not be giving a "other" to kick down at. Without that other, their rage machine might start punching up, toward the reason for the problem.
JRscooby 01/07/23 03:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

So you actually believe when enough EVs replace ICE vehicles for it to show up on the revenue balance sheets in brackets, they're not going to be sticking their hands in the EV owners pockets to make it back up? Come on man. Where are they going to get those funds? One reason given for fuel tax revenues not keeping up with road building/maintenance is better MPG means more miles driven per dollar of tax collected. 1 fair and easy way to fix this problem would be zero out the per gallon tax, replace with per mile tax.
JRscooby 01/07/23 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

Private property means you can pretty much do what you want. OTOH how many would check into a campground posted rules like "Keep your kids out of street, there are no speed limits!", "Owners of small dogs beware, no training is required, all dogs are free to bark and roam free!" or "Play your music as loud/long as you want!" I'm sure there would be a few, but I bet much of that crowd would destroy all your infrastructure, and maybe cause transfer of ownership of the very ground the CG sets on. If there is no enforcement, it does not matter what rules are posted.
JRscooby 01/07/23 08:46am General RVing Issues
RE: leveling blocks

We use an awning hook, such as . . . height=200 width=400 I have no experience with exactly what OP is doing but I have to think that if he once got the blocks positioned could mark the rod, so could push in same distance each time? And maybe small mark on the body, so that distance in was in the right spot?
JRscooby 01/06/23 04:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bearings packed

Scooby, you’re basically arguing with yourself at this point…. Amazing the lengths some here go to, to disagree with about everything. Oh well…if it makes you happy that’s the important part. You suggest the use of common sense, but then mention things that common sense tells me ain't happening. Nobody should take what I say as 100% true, with no other thought. But that should apply to you, and any other expert.
JRscooby 01/05/23 04:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken Frame on a RAM 3500

IDK, I would suspect the frame to be the last thing to fail when over loaded. Tires/wheels first, then axle followed by springs etc. Had my 03 GMC 2500 overloaded with my Bigfoot camper and boat for many years with no failures. More RAM frame failures Broken frames Several times (3 Fords, 1 Dodge, and 2 GM) overloaded class 3 trucks, the failure that stops use has been rear lug studs. Few times, the wheels where damaged, but can't swear it was not because studs where braking, putting extra stress around holes still holding.
JRscooby 01/05/23 03:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping off the truck

Plywood will not split. Stacked up couple inches high, much stronger than 2X. Larger footprint. If lot of rain, or long time, think the glue might let go? Cut a plastic tote to cover them.
JRscooby 01/05/23 01:55pm Truck Campers
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

So if Asphalt is such a horrible material, why is it that around 80% of paved road miles are asphalt. Cost. If the city/states would spend the money to use better materials for roads, the people that scream about leaving kids public debt would come more unhinged than normal. The idea of leaving kids roads that can be used for decades can't fit between the ears. Keep in mind Portland Cement Concrete requires burning a lot of fuel to make the cement...leaving behind more asphalt cement from the left overs of a barrel of crude oil to let's not pretend it's a "greener" alternative. Yes, it takes a lot of fire to make Portland. More than what it takes to heat asphalt to pave the same distance? IDK. But I know all that burning is in 1 location, then the product hauled out to be mixed near where used. 1 stack emissions can be monitored better than when the burning is happening anyplace want to set a portable plant. Late '90s the local Portland was bought out, and up graded. It burns a lot of utility supplied NG, I'm sure. Also burns over 300 tons a week of ground up tires. Dozens of vans of plastic unloaded for fuel every day. And the old quarry across the highway, turned into a sanitary landfill has a 8 inch line to feed the methane most landfills vent into the burner. Can you source these tests that show oil leaches out from asphalt? Cars leaking oil onto the pavement can do that but particularly for old asphalt concrete, the vast majority of light oils that would be subject to leaching out are long gone. That's the biggest problem with old asphalt...all that remains after 30yrs are the solids, so it doesn't make a very effective binder. First I heard of asphalt leaching, a local construction company bought a big chunk of ground, with the idea of using as a waste fill until up above water level of '93. For about 10 years, dumped a lot of concrete buildings, dirt, tear out from utility repairs, even a few crossover in there. City found oil in the public well, traced back to that field. Spent a bunch of money with a couple of excavators working under city supervision, digging down to virgin ground, sorting asphalt out, and refilling the trench. For the last decade I worked asphalt was added to brush, lumber trash leaves sign of what can't be dumped. The other problem is you have far less control over the quality of the aggregate (sand & gravel). With asphalt concrete, the aggregate is typically more important than the binder. This is true about Portland as well.
JRscooby 01/05/23 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bearings packed

Centrifugal force while spinning combined with the grease heating up and becoming less viscous is the actual reason that bearings don’t run out of grease until there is just not enough left or it gets so old and crusty it quits working (like decades old stuff we’ve all seen it where the grease is actually cracked) I think I disagree with this. Spin a cylinder, centrifugal force would the grease inside would spread evenly on the walls of cylinder. For spinning to force grease towards the bearing, a hub would need to be cast with smaller diameter at center compared to ends where bearings are. And that force pushing grease in would have to push the grease out of bearing to replace it. If seal holds, nothing moves. If seal doesn't hold... And to the point about grease warming, flowing into bearing; How hot does your grease need to be before it starts to flow? And what is the heat source to flow the grease? IMHO, by the time my quality grease starts to flow, it is to late for grease to save the bearing. Either system can be used easily to freshen up the grease in a hub and add a little more for necessity or peace of mind. But to do that requires one to have a little common sense and it helps to know about how much grease is already in there. Let's use a little of that common sense, see if it should increase "peace of mind", especially if adding grease is necessary. 1 system pushes grease thru outer bearing, hub, (if full) into inner bearing. The other, pushes grease thru inner bearing, full hub, and into the outer bearing. And if you add a ounce of contaminated grease to 3 oz of clean grease, mix, you have a quarter pound of contaminated grease. So, even if the system pushes all the grease that has been in the bearing out, (A Harry Potter idea IMHO) there is contaminated grease on the way to other bearing. I don’t believe “full” hubs burn up bearings. But they do tend to push grease past the back seal and create more heat and friction. On this we agree. Plus the work of cleaning all the contaminated grease that has never lubed a bearing out of hub when bearings are properly serviced.
JRscooby 01/05/23 05:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Bearings packed

Ever quote a price to do something, start the job and discover other problems? I can imagine telling somebody I would pack bearings for so much, then find a bad race. (Bad race is first thing I find, because I clean it first. If race is bad, why waste time cleaning the bearing?) Now if the owner has no slack in budget to pay for races and bearings, plus the extra work of changing the race, there is a problem. BTW, I keep seal, bearings and races for at least 1 wheel in camper. Most times, there is enough new seals to do job in garage. This way, I know I can finish the wheel I start, if not the job, without a parts run.
JRscooby 01/04/23 03:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV wind deflectors do they work we will see

Okay, that makes a bit more sense since the Imperial gallon is about 20% larger than the US gallon. That translates to around 11 mpg. I can believe that. Nope. An imperial gallon is equal to 1.20095 U.S gallons so it is smaller. I don't know snot about imperial gallons. I did not spend much time in school, and it has been a long time. But if you think 1+ .2 is bigger than 1+0, there is a problem with education system.
JRscooby 01/04/23 03:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flying J / Pilot to install megachargers for med/heavy trks

Slavery has existed for thousands of years (and sadly exists to day), yet people still go to see the pyramids, and the other “wonders of the world”. We buy trillions of dollars worth of goods from our enemy China much of it built with slave labor, yet we still buy their stuff. I’m ok with folks not buying a product or component there of on moral grounds, but be consistent. Check the labels and don’t buy from countries that use slave labor, or are our enemies. Kind of hard for me to take a stand against slavery in another country when there are many people in this one that work for profitable companies, but can't afford a decent standard of living. Also, how do we determine who is "Enemy"? All my life Russia has topped the list. Now we have congress critters and other talking heads supporting Russia against democracy. And we sell weapons to the last country that attacked US, killed on US soil, to use against counties that have never attacked US. As one of, if not the largest fuel company in the USA, I expect Pilot to aggressively provide support for electric trucks and cars. It matters not how many chargers they install, it won’t be enough unless charging times come way down. Yes, will take a lot of chargers. But shortly after I retired some truckstops started taking reservations for overnight parking. By law, a solo driver must be parked for 10 hours. If could do that while hooked to charger you had a reservation for, not much reduction in productivity.
JRscooby 01/04/23 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Actually, mandates haven't had a lot of impact. Most of the big jumps in efficiency happened when fuel prices spiked and the customers chose to buy higher MPG vehicles. Mandates without a fuel price spike have typically resulted in circumvention of the rules...Example: the proliferation of the mighty SUV "truck" that is for all practical purposes just a station wagon rebranded. Mandates don't make a difference? Then why do auto companies fight so hard against them? Now mandates don't always work as planed. When smog started to get bad, Cali started, other states then Feds followed with mandates to clean things up. (Remember the "road draft tube"? When I saw a explanation of PCV, I put that system on my '54 GMC I6 running in my '58 Chevy Engine bay much easier to keep clean) But when mandate said must clean what came out tailpipe, the technology was either not available or too expensive, so MPG went way down. (Personal example; My wife, in 327 small block powered '67 Nova would get about 16-17 MPG driving to/from work. Replaced with new '73 350 small block, 8 MPG. At same time my '72 half ton, 350 small block ran 16.) And like you say manufactures/buyers changed vehicles offered. Before the station wagon/SUV thing, pickups changed into sedans without deck lids on the trunk. But when high gas price/competition from foreign and more efficient cars caused advances in engine efficiency on smaller models the "fleet average" mandate forced that tech to spread up the line. Working in the industry, recycled asphalt is very limited on roadway projects and that's where the vast majority is used. The problem is as the asphalt ages, it "dries out" and becomes less effective as a binder in the asphalt concrete. When it's used, it's typically more for political reasons as opposed to engineering and capped at 5-10%, so as not to impact the quality of the pavement too much. Reducing the amount of virgin asphalt used by 50% but having to repave twice as often, doesn't provide much benefit. Ground up it does make a nice gravel for driveways. Fact is asphalt has never been a great road surface. If dumped in a fill, tests have shown the oil will leach out, contaminate water. And even if the road is unused the surface will break down, allow water into subgrade. Over the last couple of decades, in this area, recycling concrete has increased. In the past, a early step in repairing a interstate highway bridge was asphalt crossovers to get traffic off bridge. Now they are using concrete. About that "nice gravel for driveways". 1 summer I worked my truck and trailer for months, loading millings where suburbs where repaving, hauling into small towns, stopping at the grain elevator to weigh, then tailgating out on the oiled dirt/chipped roads. Little work with skid-steer, blade, and roller, call the streets "improved"
JRscooby 01/04/23 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

I had Shih Tzu that lived with me at home and in truck. More than once somebody that knew us would find me in truckstop, "Where's Sadie?" In the truck. "No. I knocked on the door, she did not bark!" Somebody walking by? Nothing. Me not in truck, you hit door? Nothing. OTOH if I was in there, you touch the truck, she would go apesnot. I said she was a alarm system, not a watch dog.
JRscooby 01/03/23 03:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bearings packed

Agreed, one can doo harm to seals with either device. Well sort of. The biggest issue is getting grease on brakes unless you totally over grease and pack the whole hub plumb full. Actually for that system to work as designed, one MUST fill the hub plumb full. Plus all the old grease, which may be contaminated, must be pushed out by new grease without mixing. I sometimes lay money down to watch the galloping dominos, but won't make that bet.
JRscooby 01/03/23 02:25pm Travel Trailers
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