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RE: Alarming spalling failures on 7.3 Godzilla

From my understanding this supposedly a relatively small problem, but nothing really firm. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a metallurgy problem and I would be surprised if the lifters or the raw materials come from China. "I would be surprised if the lifters or the raw materials come from China." "would" or "wouldn't"? This kind of statement always makes me scratch my head. For 1 thing, any reply to contrary will likely be deleted as political, but try anyway. What possible reason would Ford have to use material or parts from China?
JRscooby 02/08/23 04:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Alarming spalling failures on 7.3 Godzilla

Interesting that it's cheaper to replace the whole engine rather than repair it. Not surprising or interesting at all to me. Machine shops don't work for free. Labor costs add up quick, and quickly exceed what it costs to build the engine in the factory, ESPECIALLY considering that they're only paying their own cost for the engine, vs. full retail for the machine shop's work. 1968, 455 Olds with 200 miles on it. Valve spring keeper came off. Bent valve, and broken piston. GM paid to replace the engine, then factory rep forced me to use sludge hammer to bust crank, block, heads, basically change the engine I hoped to put in GMC pickup into scrap metal. When asked why, to be sure only had to pay for once. That was for sure error by factory worker. If can't be sure why failure, more tests need to be made.
JRscooby 02/08/23 08:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Calc. Turn Radius w/Truck + 35' 5er

Hello. I am designing a new driveway to accommodate a GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab and a not-yet purchased 35' 5th wheel. What is the best way to approximately calculate the necessary turning radius for this combo? I've scoured the internet and spoken to several RV dealers and no one can offer any help. Anyone hear have any advice? Thank you! I guess someone should have asked this by now. Are you looking at a pull through driveway or a back in driveway? As that would be two totally different designs. Good question. I have been assuming he wanted to know how small he could build something like a traffic circle. Someplace to drive around a circle without backing up.
JRscooby 02/08/23 06:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 25% better mpg from current diesels? Too good to be true?

Not trying to stir any pots but some folks here are playing fast and loose with the math... "If" diesels get 10 to 15 percent better mileage and diesel fuel costs 25+ percent more than gas then once you add in the cost of these wonder pistons {I doubt they are free to buy much less install} there doesn't appear to me much of net savings {assuming they actually work as represented here}. I like the power and reliability of a diesel, had one in my last boat {a 40' trawler} for 5 years but now, like many I simply have no use for that motor. There are three kinds of people on this planet... those that can do math and those that can't. :B And many people that can point out errors in arithmetic, but can't grasp the logic. If a engine is getting 16 MPG on diesel, is modified, now gets 20 MPG on diesel the price of gasoline does not amount to a pinch of snot. I have been saying for decade and half the diesel engine industry should be working to clean the combustion instead of cleaning the exhaust.
JRscooby 02/07/23 10:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Maaco

Many years back a friend owned a body shop. Also did a lot of color change for re-sell of fleet vehicles. He would have his shop do all the prep work, and paint the jams. Just leave holes in paper over windows so could drive. Maaco could mask over the holes, have a couple inches to be sloppy with tape. He could pay them to shoot the paint, and dry cheaper than could tie up his booth. When I was changing some tractors into trucks, I sent doors and hood loaded on a trailer, so could paint without unloading. We called it 30 MPH paint job; Looked pretty good rolling by, but if light turned red a body man could see problems before the green.
JRscooby 02/07/23 05:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Aluminum vs Steel flatbed

I don’t think so. A TC should only be loading the bed floor and bed mounts. Tailgate on or off wouldn’t help or hurt that. Big camper and a nice new truck, I’d definitely run plywood under it the next time. Our 4000lb camper did a nice job of denting the bed floor. I wonder if sheets of Styrofoam would not work better? Back when driving screws in plywood by hand we would sometimes find a hard spot. I could see a chance of damage to bed or camper floor. And when wood gets wet, can be slick. Styrofoam will not absorb water.
JRscooby 02/04/23 04:24pm Truck Campers
RE: How to keep a TC from being stolen when not on the truck?

If I dropped it off out in the boonies for whatever reason and somebody attempted to heist it I always carry a firearm and I always carry a shovel. Do the math. I would love to hear how the tools would work. If you have left the camper, with some kind of trap set...
JRscooby 02/04/23 06:13am Truck Campers
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

No gasser goes down a step mountain with a heavy load like a diesel with an exhaust brake. I will never forget my shock the first day I took my 855 CID diesel to work to replace the 427 GMC spark plug motor. Everybody I worked with was running diesel, so I expected to climb hills faster. What surprised me was the lack of compression braking. I would still like to see side by each comparison, equal weights, displacement, gears, and wind resistance, diesel with exhaust brake to closed throttle on gas engine.
JRscooby 02/01/23 04:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel to Gas Power Observation

Another factor to think about is the fact the emission control systems on the diesels lack of dependability. This means the diesel has lost a major sales point. Then I think many that if their gas engine will last as long as most other components of the truck where is the advantage in a engine that will last 2-3 times longer? Still no glider kits for light duty trucks.
JRscooby 01/31/23 04:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: New here! 1986 Holiday Rambler Alternator

I can agree you want a replacement equal or higher output than original. When it comes to alternators I have had much better luck marking mine, and taking it in for rebuild instead of part store factory rebuild.
JRscooby 01/30/23 06:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Frame Stiffing to reduce Porpoising?

Well now that the weight issue is settled, and we have inspected the frame for signs of movement, I have thought of a way to see how much movement you are seeing. Using strong tape, mount a pointer at front of bed, near cab. Then attach a scale, (Grid work best, to check motion in all directions) to back of cad. Then use a mounted camera like the You-tubers use to record as you drive. Then you could slow the video, watch pointer in relation to grid. Now it would take somebody with more gee-I'm-a-tree than me to know how much frame is flexing.
JRscooby 01/30/23 04:43am Truck Campers
RE: Dipping my fuel tank

Never on a MH, but have dropped more than a few tanks. Can't imagine the need for 4 jacks on tank, but I have a plate I can replace the load pad on floor jack. Once I get a large tank (over about 50 gallons) down I pump it MT, just to ease control going back in. (Really prefer tank be near MT coming out, put often the neck will not allow) One thing you need to watch is be sure you have vehicle high enough to get tank out, or that you can do what you need under the vehicle.
JRscooby 01/29/23 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Defroster workaround

Back in the day it was normal to have fan mounted to blow on windshield. I have seen small electric heaters that would work if you could run gen-set or inverter while driving.
JRscooby 01/28/23 12:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Frame Stiffing to reduce Porpoising?

I'm betting facebook guy thought nothing of his 2" of flex too... I have to wonder about box frames. For 1 thing, C channel is used in heavy trucks. If the C can't be stiff enough, and fit in required space, double the C. Plus, if need to add a bracket to mount something, drill thru the vertical part, use bolt to fill hole, and torque tight with nut and flat washer. Loose very little strength unless big hole. Box section, drill and tap. But you can only get threads for the thickness of 1 side of box. A bolt thru hole drilled in both sides, then nut on other side, can distort both sides, and both flanges. This would weaken the frame a bunch.
JRscooby 01/27/23 06:49am Truck Campers
RE: DISCUSSION: 8 ft + crew cab vs. SUV

We have a Ram 4x6 (why do they say 4x4 when there are 6 tires on the ground?) crew cab, 8' bed. My ONLY complaint is we can't take it thru a drive thru car wash. So you have a 4-wheeled vehicle where 6 wheels are driven? That breaks the laws of physics, but I suspect you never studied law. ;) Technically it would be a 6x6, but in everyday language each set of dual wheels on a dually pickup is counted as a single wheel. At least with regards to being driven. So, a 4x4. It's funny because a tandem axle OshKosh snow plow truck is considered a 6x6 even though it has 10 wheels, but a typical tractor-trailer combination is called an "18 wheeler." The Oshkosh referred to likely has 3 axles, all driven, so 6X6. The "18 wheeler" (never heard before became CB slang) is most often 6X4 tractor pulling a trailer. Back in my youth ('60s and early '70s) the local GMC dealer sold a lot of 6X2 trucks. A guy I worked with has a couple of Macks set up 10X6 straight trucks.
JRscooby 01/26/23 08:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Frame Stiffing to reduce Porpoising?

Perhaps my use of the word porpoising was just the wrong terminology and that set you off. What you are describing is what I am observing. The camper overhead rocking slightly up and down on rough roads. When that happens, I can look in the side view mirror and what I observe is these lines flexing ever so slightly. Now, I don't have a way to measure it, I guesstimated 1 to 2" but probably more likely in the less than 1" range now that I think about it again. So, everyone else, while you are driving down the road and come across a bumpy section and see the overhead portion moving up and down, take a look in your side view mirror down this sight line and I am betting you will observe some movement as well. A early indication you have too much weight in a El Camino is the doors won't open. There is always a gap between cab/bed to allow for flex. Early in this thread I told what I look for with regards to frame flex. Pick a good day, put your shoulders on the ground, look the frame over. If you see no signs, worry more about the sex lives of M&Ms, less about the frame.
JRscooby 01/25/23 05:02am Truck Campers
RE: Roadside Assistance

Quote: They pay the providers, the guy with the truck you depend on, a discounted rate. Here's one I hope they pay a discounted rate. $35,000 tow is crazy HP would not allow him to call his contract provider, so he would pay for what can't use, plus tow bill?
JRscooby 01/24/23 11:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Frame Stiffing to reduce Porpoising?

Interesting abet comical thread - frame flexing. If one were to do some Youtube searches you'll likely find videos where trucks from "the big three" are all driven on/over grossly uneven terrain and the frame flexing/twisting (or NOT!) of each OEM was shown and documented. Generally speaking some OEM's are worse than others and some years are better (and worse!) than others. - Mark0. Yes, frames will flex but big difference between a low speed off road once in a while vs repeated 2inch flex for hundreds/thousands of miles cruising down the freeway Look up fatigue loading failures on google to get an understanding. In a fatigue failure, the item typically looks and operates perfectly fine...until it doesn't. Most of the damage is microscopic and internal to the metal until it finally gives way. Do you think we should be a little more accurate about how much the frame is actually flexing. How far from the frame is the cabover section of camper? Guess 4 feet or more. 1/8 inch of frame flex would make for 6 inches of movement. And that does not include any flex in the camper itself.
JRscooby 01/24/23 05:10am Truck Campers
RE: Roadside Assistance

I have never had any kind of roadside service insurance. Now for years, I have had tow/service reimbursement as part of my auto insurance. Also, for short times early '70s and again early '80s I worked with/for companies that had contracts with AAA. So my ideas may be distorted. For the insurance company to make money they must charge more than pay out. This happens 2 ways; First, most people pay in for years, don't need service. And 2nd, and something the customer should look at; They pay the providers, the guy with truck you depend on, a discounted rate. This means if I have a choice of 2 calls, 1 where I will be paid full price as soon as I'm done, or the 1 where I get less money, and need to wait until sometime next month to get it. I know it is hard for many, but if instead of paying premiums for a separate policy, save that money pay for service as needed. Check for the tow part of comprehensive insurance.
JRscooby 01/24/23 04:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DISCUSSION: 8 ft + crew cab vs. SUV

Back when my great-grandfather first saw a 4-door, long bed pickup. "Man! You can get this stuck in both ditches at the same time!" Of course his last pickup was half ton '51 Chevy.
JRscooby 01/23/23 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
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