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RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

I doubt most people even think to look at the expiration date on their cylinders when getting them filled. and I know personally I have never had the guy tell me that I only had a yer or so left before expiration. What i have found most often when refilling tanks is if the tank is clean and not rusty the guy never even looks the the date and just fills it. I have never had anybody look at the date when exchanging tanks, but never had them fill a tank without checking the date. Of course, if somebody did not check I would worry about what other safety measures where missed.
JRscooby 12/10/19 08:41am Travel Trailers

Change oil on millions of vehicles, likely to have thousands of mistakes. Change oil on 1 vehicle a month or less, easy to do it right, and the mistakes made will be fixed, not reported.
JRscooby 12/10/19 05:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

It's not trivial if the dealer is ripping people off whether intentionally or unintentionally. If he wants to hold the dealer accountable he has every right to do it. He's just going to have a hard time proving it. No reason to call him a d bag whether you meant dirt or douche. Nobody said it was trivial for the person buying the RV. But for the dealer? The cost difference between the cost of new, and the cost of used that would not glare at buyer would not amount to a pinch of snot. If the OP had gone straight to fill the tank, and found them nearly out of date he might convince the dealer to look into maybe a employee wanted to make pocket money. But a year later? To many chances for something to happen after it left the dealer. And I don't think I called anybody names...
JRscooby 12/10/19 05:26am Travel Trailers
RE: All battery/electric bus fleet

I would thing school buses would be a good fit. Charge overnight, then if needed, some charge in the daytime between runs. Maybe solar on the roof of bus to do a little daytime charge?
JRscooby 12/10/19 04:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaking door on house-thoughts?

I'll see if I can get (and post!) some pictures. Problem is I no longer have a hosting website since Photobucket wants me to pay and I won't. Anyplace the ground does not slope away from foundation It's only that one spot and the patio does slope away, therefore the puzzlement. Try to explain better. The picture in my head is the door out the basement is the lowest place on the foundation, is that right? If the ground slopes down toward the the front of the house, (walk out basement normally built on a hillside) any runoff water will flow down the top of the ground, until it gets to the front of the foundation, then down face of the concrete. Once it gets to the footing, flows on top of it. At the doorway, the floor is no higher than the footing.
JRscooby 12/09/19 04:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: All battery/electric bus fleet

Would it have to be inductive charging? Could a buss bar make contact to the bus? If at a stop there was a large battery as large as the battery of the bus, and when fully charged had a voltage say 10% higher than the bus battery, and a pair of large bars made contact. I know good jumper cables can add voltage to a mostly discharged 12V battery pretty fast. The stationary battery could be recharged while the bus is gone.
JRscooby 12/09/19 03:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lights on Toad Veh when Dolly Has 'em (wiring options)......

I've towed across the country, Va to Ca and back and lots of places in between, as well as New England States and back, without extra lights on the toad, the lights on the dolly have always been enough, never been pulled over. And I have run thousands of miles thousands of pounds over legal limits without getting stopped. Does that mean it is legal to run fat? If the toad was to get hit, and the driver complained he did not see it, what would you defense be?
JRscooby 12/09/19 12:22pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Leaking door on house-thoughts?

Often water will run down the foundation wall, to the level that dirt was not disturbed, or to the footing. Then move at that level and if may show at that level. Walk around the house. Anyplace the ground does not slope away from foundation, remove the vegetation, and build the ground level with dirt, preferably clay, and compact it. Make sure no water can run towards the foundation.
JRscooby 12/09/19 12:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lights on Toad Veh when Dolly Has 'em (wiring options)......

I don't think it would be real hard to solder the 4 pairs of like colors on 2 pigtails together, then stuff all 8 wires into the 7 blade plug, hook to the right 4 terminals. Seal out water to make it last. A piece of chicken
JRscooby 12/09/19 10:36am Dinghy Towing
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Who said I sold trucks? I was an assistant fleet management on the consumer side and as an account manager to fleet managers/owners on the dealership side. I was mainly power generation and filtration on the manufacturing side. Now I am a product manager for our 50+ PACCAR dealers. In my world dealers, no matter how big, sell trucks to, and repair trucks for the people that work trucks, pay fuel tax, and HVUT. I stand by my statement that when it comes to CMVs the road taxes will be paid no matter what power source moves the load.
JRscooby 12/09/19 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Yes, over two decades. First on the consumer side for a fleet, then on the manufacturer for both engine and vehicle, and now on the dealership side for the largest class 4-8 truck dealership group in the world(140+ dealerships) I used to work at on the dealership level but currently at the corporate offices. We are also the largest customer of Peterbilt(PACCAR), Navistar, Hino, Isuzu, Ford medium/heavy duty and various other makes. So selling trucks makes you expert on what taxes the owner and operators of the trucks pay? If I had the money I paid in HVUT, I would be able to buy a new RV.
JRscooby 12/09/19 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Class A and Taco Bell Drive Thru

I can't see "stuck". Does that model not come with reverse? Years ago I stopped using Taco Bell. I guess if I took my bathroom with I could go back...
JRscooby 12/09/19 07:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Just about everything you use in life comes by truck. How do you propose to pay for roads once everyone is using EV's and no longer paying fuel taxes? Right now EV's owners are getting a free ride. That can't continue forever. When the price of fuel goes up, freight rates go up, but a smaller percentage of the rate goes to the truck. Higher fuel cost are a tax on everybody. Of course most of the increase in the cost of fuel has been driven by oil companies, not fuel tax. That means the "freight rate tax equivalents" have not gone to the government, to benefit the taxpayers, but to oil companies. As for "fuel" tax on EVs. Could they not use the mileage of like sized cars to set the per mile rate? Every year, when filling out taxes report how many miles you put on your EV, and pay the fuel tax on the gas for a like sized car. I know in my state the odometer reading is reported to the state every time ownership changes, and every couple of years for safety inspection. Compare to the miles reported, tax paid. Make the penalty real stiff for under reporting.
JRscooby 12/09/19 05:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

As a person who has been in the medium/heavy duty industry for over two decades, I will say that most of this is false. Over 2 decades? I don't know what positions you have been in, a lot of them have little, if anything to do with taxes. I bought, and put to work, my first truck in '71. '73 I was running 3 trucks, 2 trailers and 2 service trucks. At one time I owned and was working 7, but most stayed between 1 and 3. Sold my last truck in '11. I only speakn English. The defense dept. sees to it that I do not have to learn another language. I like our defense dept. You should too. Sometime, just for snots and grins, print out a list of conflicts the US military has been involved in since you where born. Next, print a list of countries that have invaded US. I have said for years we aught to move highway maintenance to the defense budget. That would give us unlimited money for highways.
JRscooby 12/09/19 04:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can my truck tow this?

But we are still back to...if you are within ratings, you shouldn't expect "bang! truck won't go". They already addressed durability when setting the ratings. You are right, a RVer is very unlikely to get over ratings far enough to hear the bang. But that does not change the fact that higher speed rear ends put more side force in the rear end. That friction must be overcome.
JRscooby 12/09/19 04:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

There was an article in the Semi thread a couple months back about the Hyundai future truck. The VP of Engineering made a statement regarding the Tesla Semi will be in violation of Fed bridge limits regarding weight versus wheelbase he said they forgot to allow for this. There was also a Euro reg regarding front overhang that apparently it and the Nikola are out of spec. So they can’t go into city areas. Anybody else pick up on that? Would have to check into that bridge law thing. A normal tractor/semi-trailer is only allowed 46,000 on the front 3. (34 on drives, 12 on steer) And it only takes 13 feet between the first and last axle of the tractor to bridge that 46. That 13 feet would be a real short tractor. Normally when you have problems with bridge law is short trailer or permit loads. To gross 80 on 5 axles you need 51 feet first to last. Most freight boxes are 53 overall
JRscooby 12/08/19 04:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

This is one of the challenges that the Tesla semi and other BEV semis will have to face. Since their batteries are so heavy, they will have to carry less in order to stay within legal limits which means more vehicles(and more road degradation) to carry the same load a ICE semi could. Weight is one of the main reasons why fuel cell semi's are being taken more seriously in the heavy duty truck market than BEV's. Many, if not most loads cube out before hit GVW restriction. And many of those loads move plant to plant/terminal to terminal. This is the place for E trucks. Most folks don't understand that to register a truck for weights over 27 tons IIRC, the owner must pay a extra HVUT. Also, CMVs must keep track of miles driven in each state, the gallons of fuel bought/fuel tax paid. If enough fuel not bought in a state, mail money. It will not be the semis that get away from fuel taxes
JRscooby 12/08/19 08:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

And short-sellers have been severely burned. Not so many of them left. Hold and buy some more here with recent upgrades to price target of $450 to $500 with market and car industry optimism on Cybertruck. Not looking a Tesla, would like to point out that another can make a statement, the market go up. Next day another statement, market drop. Repeat often. If people think somebody is making false statements to change the value of his company many start squealing like a pig stuck under a gate, begging he pay big fine. The other? Don't you even look to see if that fist is only to wrist or shoulder.
JRscooby 12/08/19 06:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

My daughter's Tesla X would even get notifications for upgrades to her unit. My Ram does the same. This is one issue that would absolutely terrify me if I had a new vehicle. Maybe if it would give me a notification, telling me what issue they wanted to fix, what the planned to pay if the fix did not work, maybe. But if it is like Microsoft, where computer working fine, I turn off, and it says "Updating" Next morning, nobody can steal the pictures I took of the timing marks when dismantling that old Spicier 10 speed. I can't get them, but nobody can steal. Because they are taxing me to fund a rebate for you to buy want to buy one, fine...if the company survives, great...but when you make me pay for it, I get say. LOL! How much of the government budget goes to military? And how much of what the military does is to protect oil? Why do the oil companies still get tax breaks? Cheap access to oil under the peoples land?
JRscooby 12/08/19 06:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

Where was the trailer parked between dealer and propane store? No more than tanks cost retail I can not imagine a dealer messing with used.
JRscooby 12/08/19 04:58am Travel Trailers
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