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RE: Hurricanes and traffic jams

Just heard piece of report of 10 mile long traffic jam to get into Georgia. First thought was WTF! then heard enough to understand leaving Russia
JRscooby 09/28/22 07:11am Roads and Routes
RE: How to rotate dually tires

If the tires age out without rotation, why even think about rotation? True enough . But then how much useful tread life ( $ ) are you sacrificing if your tires are timing out . One other point I noticed in your scenarios is in A you will need tires in 2037 , in B you will have a complete new set by 2036 , again , apples to apples . The scenarios are not mine. But do you suggest somebody do something to wear the tires faster so the tread is gone at the same time the tires age out? Maybe find somebody that drives hard or lots of miles, sell your tires at about half lifespan for the value of tread?
JRscooby 09/27/22 06:43pm Truck Campers
RE: How to rotate dually tires

Unless all 6 tires are wearing at same rate, scenario B will wear all tires faster, and likely wear the differential more than scenario A. At first rotation, the only 4 tires that are matched well enough to prevent axles spinning at different rates are the 4 that have been on the drive axle. If you split the pairs that have been running side by each, you will chew the tread off the more worn tire in very few miles, and that excess wear will speed up as it happens. Maybe this is true but the difference is so minute as to not even be worth considering. Especially when you have six 10-year-old, barely worn tires. If the tires age out without rotation, why even think about rotation? If your fronts are wearing faster or slower than rears, or not at the same rate as each other most any way you put them on the back will speed tire ware, and/or differential wear.
JRscooby 09/27/22 06:17am Truck Campers
RE: How to rotate dually tires

It seems you have switched from a 10 year cycle in Scenario A to a 7 year cycle in Scenario B . Not exactly apples to apples . Scenario A leaves the drive tires alone, and therefore does NOT expose the drive tires to any of the accelerated wear cycle of periodic tours of duty on a front axle. Instead, the rear tires are shielded from that exposure, and remain true to the rear. Remember, both Scenarios assume a problematic alignment issue, or a spirited and assertive driving style, or bad front shocks... something that causes front tires to wear out quickly enough to want to undertake a tire rotation regimen. Also, the spare tire is ignored in both scenarios. Scenario A rotates only the steer tires, and assumes that in 5 years, the steer tires are done, requiring replacement. This Scenario was prescribed by the earlier respondent who assumed that I had purchased "8 or 10 tires" in the 10 year period that my drive tires lasted unrotated, because he assumed that I had replaced the steer tires "two or three times" during that same interval. I hadn't, but it was still worth recreating the scenario he assumed, so as to explore his idea. Scenario B rotates all 6 operating tires, spreading the known tire wear issue over all 6 tires in rotation. In this scenario the rear tires are in fact exposed to all the cornering, steering, and scrub stresses typical of a front tire, as well as any alignment issues, bad shocks, and driving style characteristics. Since Scenario B uses all 6 tires in rotation, the tire life before replacement is extended by 2 years, from 5 years to 7 years. That extension is afforded by the fact that the wear is distributed over more tires. But since it is being distributed over the rear tires, the 10 year life of the rear tires is reduced by 3 years. Hence the seven year life cycle for all tires in Scenario B. Both Scenarios are hypothetical. A lot of folks burn through tires far more frequently. The more frequently one churns through sets of tires, and the longer one keeps a truck, the more savings one can realize by not rotating in the four dually pairs on the drive axle. However, an entire other group of folks change trucks every 3 to 5 years, so for them, none of this matters. For me, it matters, because in the past I have kept trucks for 20 years, but now that truck prices have climbed so high, I will likely keep this truck for 40 years, having already clocked 22 years into it, with only that one tire change 10 years ago. As I shop for the next set of tires, I consider the entire life cycle of tire ownership, and share those considerations here, in one of the best threads I have found covering a variety of tangents on the topic. Unless all 6 tires are wearing at same rate, scenario B will wear all tires faster, and likely wear the differential more than scenario A. At first rotation, the only 4 tires that are matched well enough to prevent axles spinning at different rates are the 4 that have been on the drive axle. If you split the pairs that have been running side by each, you will chew the tread off the more worn tire in very few miles, and that excess wear will speed up as it happens.
JRscooby 09/27/22 04:37am Truck Campers
RE: How to rotate dually tires

How many sets of fronts did you go through with the same set of rears, though? Two? Three? Now you've got four tires with tons of wear left in them, but have aged out and need to be replaced! So instead of rotating and only needing 6 tires, you've bought 8, or possibly 10 tires total, AND had to discard four tires with tons of tread on them. The whole premise of your argument is that tire rotation is only to compensate for alignment issues, but it isn't. You yourself have admitted that the fronts wear more quickly than the rears. Doesn't it make sense to spread the wear across all six tires and replace them all with fresh rubber at once? The only way to make front tires on a dually last same as rears would be move front to rear. And if you put fronts side by each on rear axle, the smaller tire put more stress on the differential gears. If front tires are wearing even a little faster than the rear, and you rotate so that tire is mounted dual next to a less worn tire, which will be a slight bit taller will cause the more worn tire to wear much, much faster.
JRscooby 09/26/22 03:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Do Some Travel Trailers Have Levelling Jacks?

How hard is it to toss a board under the trailer wheels and pull onto the board? Answer, pretty easy. How hard to toss boards under two or more wheels of a motor home? Answer, not as easy as a trailer. MH, you need to check 2 levels. 1 side to, the other front/rear. Then add what need to lift for the lowest corner. Then place the stacks so 3 wheels top at same time. They do make levels with markings in 1 inch increments that takes most of the guess work out of leveling a trailer. I use plastic blocks, and have my bubbles marked so each mark is another layer in the stack When you get to your site, check the side to side level before unhitching, place your wood or plastic leveling blocks in front or behind the trailer wheels then pull on to the blocks. Now you have side to side done. This is where many people have problems. Put board in front of left tire, when the right drops in a hole as you pull forward, too much board. Best idea is stack your boards centered on axle, move the trailer until can slide stack in line with wheel, put trailer back where it was, just higher.
JRscooby 09/25/22 05:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I assume you like Runaway inflation, gas prices going up again fast, Electric and natural gas bills almost doubling, quickly increasing interest rates, and markets dropping like a rock. I'm over 70 YO. Over my lifetime I have seen many cycles of what you are witching about. You know what they all had in common? They where all temporary, and all ended without violence. OTOH, I also remember the turmoil of the '60s when many people work working to change society. Then we often disagreed about ideals and causes, but there was no disagreement about facts.
JRscooby 09/24/22 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I would be OK if the OPEC+ was made mostly irrelevant. My take is I don't much care if the men that have power to destroy our economy call themselves "OPEC" or "Shell oil" About a hundred years ago elected officials decided the oil company (and other large companies) had too much power. They forced the breakup of Standard Oil into many companies that would compete with each other. Over the years after OPEC, the oil companies have merged to the point they can control price and supply. One feature of the Green New Deal that is rarely discussed is there would be many more places to buy the power we need. Some people get very upset when they hear it (Likely Mods will delete this) Communism is often corrupted to the point where most of the means of production, and benefit of production, lands in the hands of few people. And this is the reason we are told to hate Communism. OTOH, Capitalism, if it operates just like it is expected, is not constrained by strong unions or strong democratic (note the small 'D'. Not talking about the political party) government, most of the means of production, and benefit of production, lands in the hands of few people.
JRscooby 09/23/22 04:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Power voltage to brakes??

You have a bad connection somewhere. Does the other magnets show close to battery voltage? If so the area of problem is pretty limited.
JRscooby 09/21/22 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaking fresh water tank

I dropped the tank cut a hand-sized hole in the top so could use glue on the inside of crack. Then patched the hole on the top well enough that nothing could fall in.
JRscooby 09/20/22 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

As much as you would hope Creepy Joe and the rest of the govt is able to monitor and control your life, fortunately it hasn't come to that yet... But I'm sure as a truck driver and self proclaimed mechanic, you've "never" turned up the pump on a mechanical diesel, or in any way modified anything you've ever driven that would make it 1 bit less "safe" for the environment or anything else. As for turning up the pump, Yes, I have done that, and going back decades. But does replacing the 55 injectors with 70s, adding turbos to the buzzin dozen add more pollution? (Got about half MPG better running meat from Ks to east coast, so I doubt it) When I bought my last truck, the 3406E was factory set at 475, but was do for overhaul. When I took it in, I handed the Cat shop the EMC off the wrecked 1, that was factory set to 600. The shop warned me about the transmission not rated for that much torque so cut back to 575. (Still had to watch trans temp if approach WFO in overdrive.) Plus I set NTC Cummins to the most I could depending on turbo/intercooler. But 1 major difference IMHO; The production dates where between '67 and '95. They complied with all emission regulations at the time! BTW, I did retrofit PCV to a '56 Old, '57 Caddy, and several pre-'63 Fords and Chevys, which I'm sure did reduce pollution compared to the factory installed road draft tube.
JRscooby 09/20/22 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

How do you know it's not something you're interested in unless you open it and read it? Once you do that it's too late. The damage is done. Really though all this EV posturing and pontificating is OT for this forum and does not belong here. This is our RV electric future. It's the future man! tells me what topic likely is.
JRscooby 09/20/22 07:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I think it would be nice to have a separate subforum for EV and solar so the fans can talk smack and sing to each other constantly. Being a person of common sense I find all the EV stuff boring but occasionally entertaining with with BS smack. Nothing has changed as there are still 300 million gassers versus 3 million EVs on the road and most EV owners still own a gasser hidden behind the house. Cheers. I don't understand. My eyes send info to brain, decision made, the hand acts. If the subject line is something I'm not interested in the hand moves the screen to another topic, or site. I don't understand in a country where we claim to value freedom so many want to restrict things that they can avoid.
JRscooby 09/20/22 04:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

2. Go sell it somewhere else. (great option considering how much deleted diesels go for...) Bet (would hope) that VIN is in a data base, would be flagged if somebody registered it in US. Do you think he could get thousands of people to send him millions of $ to keep him out of jail?
JRscooby 09/19/22 04:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Compressor refrigerator opinons

A friend had a Truckmate installed when he bought his brand new '99 Pete. Truck and fridge 12 YO, and well over a million miles on it when he parked in a Dallas area truckstop, in Aug. He had to catch the bird home. The truck had been there for 4 days when I got there to deliver the load. I knew he only had the same starting batteries I had, so I was planning on jumpstart. When the Cat fired up, I knew the fridge must of shut down. Grabbed a trash bag to clean it out. Opened it up, stole a fudge bar, and pulled out. I don't know much about the power demands, but there is no shade in a truckstop, if the fridge can work on starting batteries under that condition I can't see where RV with solar would have problems.
JRscooby 09/19/22 07:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing oil.

Must be a 15,000+ mile trip? Please don’t tell us you go 15k miles on your V-10/ V8 gas oil changes?!!!! It's his, he can do what he wants. Take issue with him advising others.
JRscooby 09/19/22 04:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

I thought this was America!? Yes it is. And to me the idea and ideals of Government of the people, by the people, for the people should mean we vote for people to pass regulations that will do the most good for the most people. The fact is clean air regulations have improved the life for a large majority of the population. And US regulations have helped worldwide. IMHO, you should have a right to run the dirty exhaust you want, as long as that exhaust stays in your house.
JRscooby 09/18/22 03:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hamilton, Missouri restaurants

There used to be a great hamburger place, but it died of Covid. The Chamber of Commerce appears to be MSQ. In the '60s Hamilton was still a thriving town that supplied the small farms of the area. Now she controls most of the storefronts that lined the 2-3 blocks of what was the retail district. They advertise 1 of the shops (Barber shop IIRC) is a waiting room. When wife "needs" to go, if she can't get a friend to go with, we park and start up 1 side of street, I move bench to bench outside. When she is done we go up to Jamesport to eat.
JRscooby 09/18/22 01:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

I'll go ahead with my 2 cents' worth: 1. I don't think EVs are there yet for heavy towing. Going to have to continue with ICE vehicles for a while longer. 2. One concern I have in particular is locating a lightweight EV auto that can be towed four-down. I don't know that it exists yet, but I could be wrong. (For the interim, one can have a four-down towable lightweight auto converted to EV. I've been toying with the idea for my MGB.) :) Lynn A reasonable post with real concerns. :) Yes, they're not yet great at heavy towing. They could be, but would be horrendously expensive right now. It'll take some time yet. No, there are no BEVs that are 4-down towable. There are a number of FWD models that can be towed on a dolly, including the reasonably priced Chevy Bolt, the upcoming FWD Equinox, the FWD Nissan Ariya, and others. There are some hybrids and PHEVs that are 4-down towable though. My thoughts; If a family is well off enough to have a RV it is near sure bet they have more than 1 vehicle. And this also true for most families in this country. Now if you have 2 cars, do they both need to tow heavy? Do they both need to be able to travel long distance without taking breaks to charge? 4 down towing; My understanding is EV does not have a transmission, so that is less problem than ICE. If can't disconnect wheels from motor, so what? You can spin a motor at max RPM, with no power to it with no harm. And will have less friction than spinning axles, gears and driveshafts in the 4X4s everybody uses now. If a manufacturer wanted to step into that market would likely sell many.
JRscooby 09/18/22 06:23am Around the Campfire
RE: My Coach Net experience tonight.

It’s interesting that when a semi is involved, the police manage to get a wrecker capable of towing 80,000# almost immediately. Hmmm One major difference; LEO calls for a tow does not reduce their profit. The services contract with tow companies for a cut-rate price. But the customer, who is having a bad day already, feels like he has been paying for premium service. Then often when the tow driver shows up, he knows he is working cheaper than normal, he has to deal with rectums that feel their not getting what they deserve. He may face less grief if he reports truck trouble, lets the call go to another. Only time my TV broke down I managed to get off the shoulder. We looked up, and called a non-emergency number for the Highway Patrol, asked them what was the best tow service in the area. Then we called them, used some of our emergency fund for tow. I would bet, if I could prove, that if most people that maintain their vehicles, put monthly service payment into a emergency fund they could pay for tow, and get better service.
JRscooby 09/17/22 04:46am General RVing Issues
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