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RE: Back up camera

Thanks Fred
JOERVDREAM 12/30/19 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Back up camera

We spliced in a new camera. using a Kenwood CMOS - 130 and the wires in coach I have an older setup tube type monitor and rear camera in my 05 that is in black and white. If I install a new camera and flat screen monitor that’s in color will the existing wiring work in color?
JOERVDREAM 12/29/19 07:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Level best jacks

So disconnect all but one at a time and power it up and see if one of them is causing the problem? Come to think of it,When I had the issue it was the front jacks. So I should try the rear jacks first off and see what happens. Ok thanks. I will work on this next week after I retire and get out of this frozen town.
JOERVDREAM 12/28/19 05:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Level best jacks

Ok tested the alternator today. Battery with engine off at 13.23 volts. With engine running 14.34 volts. No noticeable difference when I added a load. Looks like the alternator is working fine. So at least I know I shouldn’t have a problem getting down south to get the jacks checked.
JOERVDREAM 12/28/19 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Level best jacks

I did check the battery when This happened it was at 13. Something. I will check it and the alternator tomorrow morning. The battery is maintenance free and it’s the starting battery and the reason it’s new is when I had been parked for a few weeks I had run the slides and jacks quite a few times without starting the engine. One day I smelled the rotten egg smell. I checked the battery’s and the chassis battery was really hot. It took hours to cool down after I pulled it out so I bought a new one and have been starting the engine from then on whenever running the jacks or slides. The mystery to me is it was working just fine then it wasn’t. I had an alternator go out on my truck once. First electronic stuff started shutting down and eventually the engine died. I haven’t had that issue with this. But I will test it. It’s just like going to the doctor, I’m the only one who ever has the problem.
JOERVDREAM 12/27/19 10:15pm Class A Motorhomes
Level best jacks

I have a 05 Winnebago sightseer. The last time I used the jacks maybe a month ago. When I was lowering them all of a sudden the engine died. I tried to start it and it clicked like the battery was dead no dashboard lights nothing. Tried again and not even the clicking. Then I noticed that the lights on the jacks control panel was all lit up but still the battery was acting like it was dead. So I disconnected the power to the jacks and tried starting the engine and it started right up. I hooked the power back to the jacks and was able to retract them back up they had traveled down a little before the engine died. So I tried again to lower them and again the engine died but this time not even the jacks panel was lit up and again the battery acted like it was dead and wouldn’t start. I tried a few more times and about 45 minutes later the engine started. I raised the jacks back up disconnected the power to them and haven’t tried since. The jacks,slide outs and stairs all run off the starting battery, why? I don’t know but I always run the engine when I run them. The battery is only a few months old and starts no problem other than the issue with the jacks. Any ideas? I’m planning to find a dealership mechanic when I get to Arizona at the end of January. Has anyone had this issue ?
JOERVDREAM 12/27/19 07:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: mystery switch

Yes it does say winegard on it. As far as the black outlet plates go they are 120 looking. There is also one in the compartment with the outside stereo radio. It is next to a cig lighter type 12 volt outlet and also a white 120 plate is right above it? None of the manuals I have say anything about them. Thanks Old-Biscuit for the wiring diagram.
JOERVDREAM 10/23/19 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
mystery switch

I have a 2005 Winnebago sightseer 29r. In the cabinet on the right of the tv in the cab area is a button that when you push down a green light comes on and when you push it again the light goes off? Also the outlet plates in the cabinets next to the tv and also in the cabinet in the bedroom where that tv would be are black? There's one across from the refrigerator also? All the rest of the outlet covers are white and are in everyday use areas? An inverter was an option that the previous owner did not get. are these outlets pre-wired for a inverter? Thanks
JOERVDREAM 10/23/19 09:07am Class A Motorhomes
Booth dinette set

I’m taking out the booth dinette set It’s still in great condition so I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to sell? Any ideas?
JOERVDREAM 10/10/19 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Emergency roadside assistance

I think I will just keep them both for now. Progressive is only 40 a year. Im not sure what GS is because I received the "free" upgrade to platinum so we'll see when its due again. Im only bummed about not getting a GS sticker. Spent a good part of my life watching RVs going down the road with those and now when I finally own one I don't get a sticker. Whats up with that?
JOERVDREAM 10/08/19 09:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Emergency roadside assistance

I know! A lawnmower repair place are professionals.
JOERVDREAM 10/06/19 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
Emergency roadside assistance

Progressive says Towing to nearest “Qualified” repair facility. Good Sam says Towing to nearest “Professional” repair facility. I have both. I’m going to drop one just not sure which one. By the way Camping World should tell people that the standard Good Sam roadside service doesn’t cover motor homes. When I called Good Sam I received the free upgrade but I feel like it’s some sort of gimmick.
JOERVDREAM 10/06/19 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: So Dakota Domicile

I just purchased a pre owned RV in Oregon. I live in California. I just sent all the paperwork into Clay County South Dakota. I am paying them the sales tax of 4% plus 10 dollar title fee and 220 registration. Clay County Treasurer has a web site. Being from Ca. I almost went into shock when they answered the phone and are very friendly and will answer all your questions. I have called a couple times always a pleasurable experience. The best part is they will mail your plates to anywhere you don't need an address there. Now I just have to stay one step in front of the revenue collectors (CHP) till I retire in December and head south.
JOERVDREAM 10/02/19 10:09am Full-time RVing
RE: Leveling Jack Lights Staying on When Parked

Kwikee is now Lippert. They have a web site you may get more info from. I had an issue with my jacks and called the Kwikee phone number from the operating instructions and got nothing but telemarketing advertising. Good Luck
JOERVDREAM 09/30/19 03:11pm Class A Motorhomes
cabinet making

Im one month into my first and new to me RV. Im going south to one of the LTVAs in Arizona when I retire in December. I want to make some changes like getting rid of the booth and table dining area. I am going to put a recliner and some floor cabinets in. I had planned on looking around home depot to see what I can find to work. First I thought I would ask around about the LTVAs and if their was any cabinet makers roaming around that area? Any ideas?
JOERVDREAM 09/23/19 10:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Fried battery

Thanks for all the input. I have a new to me 05 Winnebago sightseer 29R. The battery was a maintenance free battery. Low miles but things have timed out and I imagine long periods of being idle. I will be changing out the coach batteries next. The generator only had 30 hours but Im going to get it serviced as well. Last week was kinda crazy seems like everything I touched broke. But I wouldn't change a thing Im really all around happy with my new world.
JOERVDREAM 09/23/19 09:00am Class A Motorhomes
Fried battery

I started to smell this rotten egg smell and after a lot of crawling around I traced it to the chassis battery. It was really hot and giving off that terrible smell. I disconnected it and took it out side and it took about 3 hours to cool off. I put a new one in the next day. I talked to someone later that told me to keep the aux battery switch off while Im connected to shore power because it over charged the battery? Or was there some other reason this happened and why only the chassis battery? The book says always keep the switch on unless your going to be hooked up to shore power for a long time while in storage. I have had the switch off since I put the new battery in for about a week now. Any ideas?
JOERVDREAM 09/22/19 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: shower wall

Thanks the washer idea sounds good. What I like about this forum is the reply’s get me to think outside the box. Thanks
JOERVDREAM 09/14/19 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
shower wall

The shower wall is all one piece covering the 3 walls made of a flexible plastic in the 04 Winnebago sightseer I just purchased. All along the top is no longer attached to the wall. I ran my fingers along the inside/back of it and it feels like maybe there's double sided tape that just gave up? If that's the case any ideas on best way to repair that?
JOERVDREAM 09/13/19 01:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel nozzle gets stuck

Yeah the none of the stations where truck stop type. The California nozzle is a shorter type than the Oregon nozzles are. When the kid in Oregon filled it I wasn't paying a lot of attention till he hurt his thumb so I don't know for sure how he had the nozzle in the fill pipe. When I used the pump in California the vapor return type wont work unless the spring loaded part that seals the pipe is pushed back. on top of that the fill pipe has the little flap that the nozzle has to go in the kind that was used in the 70s to prevent putting leaded fuel in an unleaded type car. So that's why I cant just hold it back and pump the gas because the nozzle wont reach in far enough. I guess I should invest in a good funnel?
JOERVDREAM 09/05/19 11:31pm Class A Motorhomes
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